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Founders School for Boys

By hoo

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I am a little ADD so it is hard for me to sit down and write. I will not do it if I do not get feedback. Nifty give us an outlet to write things that we cannot talk about in the real world, so donate fty/donate.html  and be sure to give the authors feedback on what you think after you read their stories..






We all sat down to an awesome dinner that I had not expected. Mom really outdid himself with a vial of parmesan, spaghetti, and garlic bread. When we were finished, most of us could barely move. Me, Jarod, and Art cleared the table and wrapped up the leftovers. Then me and Jarod put all the dishes in the dishwasher while Art wiped off the table. Mom told us not to worry about the pots and pans, he said that he would get that.

We slipped on our Crocks and went for a walk to settle our dinner. When we came back Mom finished up the kitchen, and the kids got to choose a movie. We found one about a dog called Old Yeller. Great movie, but bad choice, we were all grabbing for the tissue box at the end. I love movies like that but having to kill the dog was a lot. Art was in Mom”s arms crying hard.

When the movie was over, we all said goodnight to Art, and Mom took him upstairs to read him a story and put him to bed. Dad said that if we were good, we could stay up as long as we wanted. He kissed us goodnight and went upstairs. We found a movie called Field of Dreams, which was about baseball, and looked like a good movie.

It was another great movie, but by the time it was over, Jarod and I were beat. We went upstairs to my room. I read a comic book while Jarod was taking a shower and brushing his teeth. When he came back, I went and did the same thing. I was feeling pretty good until I walked back into my room and saw Jarod already in bed. He was all the way in against the wall and reading the same comic I was when I left.

I guess I zoned out, because the next thing I knew, I was sitting on my desk chair with Jarod snapping his fingers in front of my face, “Rob, what”s wrong?”

Once I realized that he was talking to me, I said, “Nothing is wrong, why?”

“Rob, we have been friends forever, and I know something is wrong, so tell me what it is.”

“Why do you think something is wrong?”

“Because you came into the room, saw me, sat down in your chair, stared off into space, and started biting your nails. As I said, I have known you forever and the only time you ever do that is just before a test you haven”t studied for. Since I know that there are no tests to worry about, it has to be something else. What is it?”

“I can”t tell you.”

“Why not?”

“Because you will just make fun of me.”

“Ok, I get this is serious, so you have my word that I will not make fun of you. What”s going on?”

“I don”t want you to hate me is all, but sometimes I wake up and my dick is all hard. I don”t what you to think that I am gay or anything.” Jarod just stared at me for a few seconds and then broke out laughing. Now I was mad, “You jerk, I knew you would make fun of me.” I grabbed my pillow and said, “Don”t worry about it, I will just go sleep in Art”s room.”

He caught me, and I could tell he was trying to stop laughing, “No, don”t go. I am not laughing at you. I was worried about the same thing. While you were in the bathroom, I must have put my underwear on and taken them off like five times.”

I was shocked by this, “You mean you were worried about getting hard too?”

“I found out that I was going to spend the weekend here on Wednesday. I knew we would be naked, and most likely sleeping in the same bed. I started freaking out, I was so worried that you would hate me if I got hard while we were in bed together. I even told my Dad about it and how my dick keeps getting hard all the time.”

He stopped talking and looked like he was lost in thought. I hit him on the shoulder, “Don”t stop there jerk, what happened?”

“Well, he just laughed, took me into his office, and said,” Making his voice deep, so he would sound like his Dad, “Son, you are on your way into puberty, the worst and most exciting time in a boy”s life. Some amazing things will happen with your body. Some will be lots of fun to learn about, however, things like your dick getting hard at the worst times possible are something that you just have to deal with. Son at your age, your dick will get hard when the wind blows.”

We both started laughing, “Wow, I just can”t picture your Dad saying that stuff.”

“It was a really weird talk, but I don”t feel, so stressed about sleeping with you. Now looking back on it, it seems, so stupid. We have been friends for so long, that nothing should be able to tear us apart. Even with as big a jerk as I was last weekend, you are my brother, and I will always love you.”

“Same here.”

Once we both got control of ourselves, we climbed into bed, this time with me against the wall, and talked for a little bit. It must not have been too long, because I think we fell asleep soon after.

I woke up to laughing and the sound of a phone taking pictures. When I opened my eyes, there was Mom and Dad smiling and I was right, they were taking pictures of us, “What”s going on?”

I heard Jarod yawn as Mom said, “You three are so cute.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked as I turned to see Art next to me and Jarod on the other side of him. “When did Art get here?”

Jarod laughed and said, “I got up to pee, and when I came back there he was. I was going to tell him to go back to bed, but he was already asleep, so I just climbed back in.”

I thought Art was still asleep until he said, “I was lonely, so I came in here. You”re not mad at me are ya Rob?”

I rolled over had wrapped him in a hug, “No my brother, I love you too much to be mad at you.”

“Come on Rob, I am drowning in mushy stuff.” Art broke free of my hug and climbed on top of Jarod and started kissing him all over his face, saying I love you brother with each kiss. I could not let Art have all the fun, so I started kissing him too, “Ok, I give up, stop kissing me.”

Laughing Dad said, “Ok boys, get up, and let”s get breakfast.”

The three of us ran out the door in a race to the bathroom. I was last, which is how I planned it. When they crossed the hall to our bathroom, I took a quick left and went into Mom and Dad”s bathroom. I peed, washed my face and hands, and beat them both to the kitchen.

Art came around the corner and stopped short, “Hey how did you beat us, you never even came into the bathroom?”

Laughing, I said, “I used Mom and Dad”s.”

Jarod came around the corner, “That”s not fair. You left me alone in the bathroom with stinky.” Jarod said, holding his nose and looking cross-eyed at my little brother.

Art just smiled, “You should be used to that, you are in the bathroom with him every morning.”

This set off a giggle-fest in Art. Even before Jarod grabbed him and started tickling him, “Oh you think you are funny do you, little guy?”

Art squealed and said, “Help me, Rob, I am your little brother, you are supposed to protect me.”

Shrugging my shoulders, “Yeah, but he is your brother too.”

“Ok, that”s enough. Sit down and behave Arturo.” Dad said with a smile.

Art got mad, “That”s not fair, he was…” That is when Art saw all of us smiling, “Oh, I get it, pick on the littlest one.”

Everyone was laughing including Art. We ate breakfast and talked out all kinds of stuff. The school was the main topic for Jarod, “What”s it like going to a boarding school? I am kinda nervous about living away from my Mom and Dad.”

Dad asked, “Did your parents decide you could go?”

“It was back and forth for a while, but they called the number you gave them and set up a day for testing.”

“When did they schedule it for, do you know?” Mom asked.

“Yes, it is not this next Friday, but the one after that.”

Dad scratched his chin, “Interesting.”

I asked, “Why is that interesting?”

“Because that is the same day you guys are going for your test?”

This started a bunch more questions from all of us. This whole thing was new and scary for the three of us. After we asked all of our questions, we cleared the table, washed up, brushed our teeth, and made our beds. I helped Art, while Jarod made our bed.

Once Dad checked everything out, we all headed to the Rec Center. Jarod kept looking around as we walked over, “What is wrong with you?”

“Sorry, I am not used to walking around the neighborhood naked.”

I couldn”t help but laugh, “But you took a walk with us last night and you were naked.”

“I know, but we were all talking, and I guess I wasn”t thinking about it.”

“You will get used to it Jarod, afyon escort going nakey is the best.” Art said with a giggle.

We got to the Rec Center, and I would have given anything to have had a camera to take a picture of Jarod”s face. He stopped at the door and just looked around. When he saw all the naked kids of both sexes and all ages, I thought he was going to faint. Even Art was laughing at his total shock. I leaned into him and said, “Quit staring it is rude.”

Art ran off to be with his friends. That is when Jarod turned and looked at me, “I have to get out of here.”


He looked down, and I followed his gaze. When I did I noticed that he was working hard to cover a very hard dick. His face was beat red, and I could not help but laugh. I tried so hard not to, but I couldn”t help it. He started to back out the door, “You are such a jerk.”

I caught him just outside the door, “Jarod, I was not laughing at your hard dick, I was laughing because you think anyone in there cares. If anyone is even looking at you, it would be because you have hair over it, not because it”s hard.”

He stopped, “You just don”t know how embarrassing this is.”

“Are you kidding me? I spent my first weeks here hard as a rock. It took me a bit to realize that no one was looking at my hardon, they were looking at the hair and the fact that I was uncut. At least you are already cut, so you are not the freak show I was.

It took him a few minutes of walking around to calm down. Mikey came through the doors, “There you are Rob, I saw the little guy and looked all over for you. We are just about to play Monopoly, you in?”

“Sounds fun. Mikey, this is my best friend in the entire world, Jarod. Jarod, this is my friend Mikey.”

Mikey looked at Jarod, “Nice to meet you.” Jarod just nodded, still covering his dick, “Are you ok?”

“He is fine, this is all just new to him. He has a hardon and is worried about everyone staring at him.”

Mikey laughed, “Dude, don”t worry about it. There are a lot of guys in there with a hardon. Heck, Rob had his pointing all over the place when he first got here. Especially when he saw Suzie.” He laughed as he dragged Suzie”s name out.

“No, I wasn”t.”

“Then why is your face so red?”

Jarod looked at me, “You never told me you had a girlfriend.”

“She is not my girlfriend.”

“She wants to be, but your friend here doesn”t have the guts to say hi to her.”

As we talked, I noticed that Jarod was relaxing a bit, “I want to see the girl that has my friend all tied up in knots.

“Come on, I will introduce you.”

We all went inside and walked over to a group of kids gathered around a table playing a card game. Mikey said, “Hey everyone this is Rob”s friend from his old neighborhood Jarod.” Everyone said hi and Mikey continued, “This is Lewis, James, Tabitha, Adam, Jennifer, and this beautiful sight right here is Suzie.”

I saw Jarod”s eyes get real big as he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and she was naked. The thing about Suzie is that she doesn”t understand how beautiful she really is. It is just something that has never entered her mind. I know though, and my dick goes hard every time I see her. I guess that is when Jarod realized that now he was the center of attention.

His hands were still covering his dick when one of the girls ask, “Jarod, is something wrong with your dick? I am not trying to embarrass you, but if it is disfigured or something, I promise we will not make fun of you.”

Jarod tried to speak but mumbled. I jumped in, “No there is nothing wrong with his dick, it is hard, and he is embarrassed about it.”

Jennifer laughed, “So are you.”

“Yeah, but I am not embarrassed about it.”

I looked over at Jarod, and if looks could kill I would have been six feet under. James came to my rescue, “Hi Jarod, I”m James. Please don”t worry about it, all the boys have been hard in here, or they are liars. Since we are all Crossman, we know that is not happening. I get that you are uncomfortable, but just sit down and relax. You are more than welcome to join us, or any of the other games going on. There is also the pool you can go to.”

This caught Jarod”s attention. He looked at me, “There is a pool here?”

I pointed out the window where you could see the pool on the other side, “I thought I told you about it. Do you want to go swimming? I know you have never done it naked before.”

He got so excited that he forgot to cover his dick. I saw a few of the girls and even a few boys looking at it. He does have a nice one… Oh man, did I just think that about my best friend”s dick? Maybe I am gay. That is when he said, “That would be so cool… Oh never mind, you were going to play a game with Mikey. I can do it another time.”

Mikey said, “Naw dude you are the guest, let”s all go swimming, and we can play the games later.”

Jarod was surprised when everyone picked up the games and followed us to the shower room. He was just as surprised when the girls followed us into the same bath/shower room. He leaned into me and whispered, “The girls are following us into the locker room.”

I laughed, “Of course, they are. It”s not like we have anything to hide. They have seen it all already.”

Over the rest of the day, we swam, played games, ate the lunch that was waiting for us in the main room, went for a walk in the park, and just hung out with a small group of people just talking. Jarod lost his hardon and didn”t think much about it until we were all at the park. One of the girls asked him if she could feel his pubic hair. That got him hard and embarrassed again, but in the end, he let her feel it. However, I put a stop to it when I thought Jarod might have an orgasm. That would have been the end of our fun for the day. Once he calmed down, we all just started talking.

We were just sitting around telling each other about our schools. Jarod and I told them about ours, and they told us about theirs. I never really put it together that the girls were not going to be going to our school. Over the last few months, we did everything with the girls, so I just thought they would be with us. Then everyone reminded me that FSB was a school for boys only. The girls went to one called FSG, and although most of their classes were the same as ours, the girl”s school had a lot more focus on taking care of the home and the man that they would marry.

This was strange to Jarod, and he asked the girls all kinds of questions. They answered what they could, without giving too much away. It was when someone blew the whistle, that we realized how late it was.

Over the rest of the weekend, he got used to being naked and even got a nice all-over tan. I think hanging out with Mikey and Lewis made him feel less threatened. Dad and I took him home on Sunday. I liked having him stay over with me for the weekend, it was like old times. I didn”t realize how much I missed him.

The rest of the week was mostly just hanging out at the Rec Center. I got to suck a lot of different men”s cocks. I decided that I liked it. Some of the cum tasted bitter, but most was great.

On the following Monday Dad took me and Art back to the Doctors office to have our dick”s checked. He told Dad that both were healing fine and that there was no reason I could not be caged on Wednesday.

I had a tough time getting to sleep on Tuesday night. I guess Mom and Dad knew I would because they let me sleep in on Wednesday morning. Art went over to Ben”s house and would come over to the park when it was time. Dad and I took a shower and did my morning cunt washing. Dad called me into the living room after I ate some breakfast. “This is a big day for you Roberto, how are you feeling?”

“I guess I am a little nervous. My stomach is kinda tied up in knots.”

“I get it, but there is really nothing to be nervous about. You saw Mikey”s, and it was not a big deal for him.”

“I only saw a little bit from where I was sitting. It seemed to take forever. What is scaring me is that I still have to get up on that stage and stand there in front of everyone. They will all be watching me.”

“You are one of the strongest boys I have ever met. With everything that you have gone through this year, I never expected you to be to this point this quick. I know that you have been asked this question many times, but I am going to ask you for the last time. Are you sure you want to go through with this? You understand that once you have been caged, your mounting on Saturday will be automatic.”

“I don”t understand.”

“Right now, you have the option of saying no and stopping everything else from happening. No one will be mad at you, and I will still love you just the same. However, once the caging ceremony is complete, you will truly be a Crossman. That means you will be mounted on Saturday, with no option for changing your mind.”

“I guess I am agrı escort more afraid of the mounting than the caging, but I will do both, and happily be a Crossman forever.”

Dad pulled me into a hug, “I am so proud of you son. I know this may sound wired to you, but I am sure that your Dad is watching and is also proud. I bet he is talking to God full of pride and saying, “That is my son down there.””

I pulled back and looked at Dad through watering eyes, “Do you really think he is proud of me, even doing all this sex stuff?”

“Roberto, it is not the sex stuff he is looking at. It is the strong, open-minded, caring, and intelligent boy you are, that is making him puff out his chest in pride.”

I hugged Dad again, “Thanks Dad, I needed to hear that. I was worried that he might not approve of the sex stuff.”

“As I told you before Roberto, I hid nothing from your Dad. He knew what being a Crossman meant, and what you would be required to do to become one. He believed that what the Crossman had to offer, far outweighed the sex part. He did make me promise that I would not force you into the sex. I told him that we would leave the Crossman before that happened. I am comfortable in saying that I kept all of my promises to him.”

“Yes, you did. You have always let it be my decision, and always gave me a way out. I think that may have been why I have made the decisions I have.”

“OK, enough of this sappy stuff. I have something to show you.” He pulled this box out from under the pillow and put it on the table, “This is what you asked for.”

I took the box and opened it up. There was the PCU that I choose, “Can I touch it?”

“Of course you can. This will be part of your body until you outgrow it in a few years.”

I picked it up, expecting it to feel a lot heavier than it did. I ran my fingers all through it and over it. I looked at Dad, “It is a lot different than I thought it was going to be.”

Dad looked a little concerned, “It is what you asked for, right?”

“Yes, it is what I asked for, but it is different than I expected.”

“How so?”

“Well, for one thing, it is a lot lighter than I thought it was going to be. In the picture, it looked really heavy. It is smooth all over, I guess I thought that since it was metal, it would be a little rougher.”

“As I said, you will be wearing this for the next few years. It will only come off once every three weeks for cleaning. It has to be smooth so that it feels like a part of you.”

“Oh, that makes sense.” I ran my finger along the ring that my balls would go through. I was amazed at how cool it looked. It really did look like a tail. I noticed the ring-spun around a pin, “Dad, how does it go on?”

Dad walked over to the thing he and Mom hang their keys on. He grabbed this metal thing that I thought was a key chain and came back over to me. He rubbed it over the area where the tail meets the body, and the tail came off. “So, you see, your balls will go through here.” He said pointing at the ring that looked like a tail, “This will be the hard part because the hole is just big enough to hold your sack comfortably but small enough that your balls will have to be pushed through. This may be uncomfortable while it is being done, but I will be as gentle as possible. Once that is done, I will push your dick into the tube and then it will lock back into the ring, I mean the tail.” He said with a smile as he locked the ring to the tube.

He then went and hung the fob back up on the hook and came back and sat down next to me. I was confused, “Dad, I don”t understand something.”

“What has got you confused my boy?”

“Well,” I said looking at the PCU, “You said that it is a strict rule that all the boys have to wear one of these until they are eighteen or married. You said that I would only be allowed to take it off once every three weeks for cleaning, right?”

“That”s correct.”

“But you hung the key thing over there.” I said pointing, “If the key is over there, what is to stop me from taking it off any time I want?”



“As a Crossman, your word is your bond. In other words, you want me to trust you, and what you tell me, correct?”

I nodded, “Of course I do.”

“Therefore, when you sit back and allow me to put this on you, you are giving me your word that you will follow the rule and keep it on. I trust you and removing the PCU without permission would break that trust. If you did that, how would I be able to trust you in the future.”

I thought about that for a minute, “Ok, but what if for some reason it is causing me a bunch of pain?”

“Good question. The answer to that is why the key is hanging there. If your Mother nor I am home and you start feeling pain then you have my permission to remove it. However, when I return and there is nothing wrong, our trust is broken. Roberto, the PCU is not a punishment, it is a tradition we as Crossman value. It is also just one step closer to you becoming the responsible person I know you are.”

Many things flashed through my head, but the one I hated the most was the look I could imagine on Dad”s face if I broke his trust. I looked him in the eye and said, “Yes Dad, my word is my bond. I won”t let you down.”

“I never thought for a second that you would.”

I climbed into his lap and gave him a big hug, which turned into a make-out session. In the end, I had a mouth full of his cum and a very big smile. Once we were cleaned up, we just talked about all kinds of things. It was nice, and I loved the one-on-one time I had with him.

At one o”clock he and I headed to the park. I was surprised to see that it was as full as it was when Mikey had his caging. I looked at Dad, “All of these people came to see my caging?”

“Of course they did, Roberto. We are a community here, and this is a big day in your life. It is a day you will never forget, and they all want to celebrate it with you.”

A man was up on the stage making announcements about upcoming events. One of the events he mentioned was my mounting on Saturday.

After he was done he called Dad up, “Hello everyone, and thank you for coming here today to celebrate my son”s caging. Roberto,  come on up here.” I could not believe how much my legs were shaking. It was hard to get up, but Mikey and Lewis helped me, and I managed to make it on stage without falling over, stopping only long enough to get a hug and kiss from my little brother.

Art was sitting right in front of the stage, “I love you, Rob.”

“I love you too little bro.”

I climbed onto the stage and took my place next to Dad “As most of you know, I lost my best friend earlier this year. However, he honored me, by allowing me to raise his two amazing boys. His passing tore my heart into a million pieces, but I knew I had to hold it together for these guys. Now that heart is filled with love for these boys, and I am, so thankful to him every morning when I see their faces. Roberto made it clear to me from the first day he was here, that he would never be a Crossman. He felt at first that Drew and I brought him and his brother here just to have sex with them. It took time, but with lots of love and some encouragement from his friends, the boys learned the ways of the Crossman and took the steps forward that led him here today. Roberto, do you want to tell everyone what you have learned?”

Not having prepared anything, and not one to speak in front of a crowd, I took the microphone. After taking some deep breaths to calm me, “Well… I guess I have learned that sex is just a small part of what the Crossman is. I learned that family is everything and that even though Mom, Dad, and Art are my family, I also have a bigger family as a Crossman. When I first got here I was kinda angry. I was mostly angry with my Dad for leaving me and Art. I know it was not his choice, and if he had a choice he would still be here.” I wiped the water from my eyes, took a deep breath, and continued, “So anyway, I was kind of a jerk when we got here, but that did not stop Mikey and Lewis from making me their friend whether I liked it or not. Everyone has been so nice to me and my brother Art, that I knew, that no matter where I went, I would never find a family like this. Once I realized that the decision was easy.”

The crowd all clapped as I gave the microphone back to Dad, “Roberto, I love you and I am so proud of you. Now I guess we should move on to the main event. Just st…”

Before Dad could finish his sentence Art jumped up on the stage, “No, not yet. I want to talk too.”

Dad smiled, “I am sure you do, but this is Roberto”s day, not yours.”

A few people from the crowd yelled, “Let the boy speak.”

Dad looked at me for my ok. I gave it to him by taking the mic and kneeling down next to my brother. As I was handing him the mic I said, “You go ahead and say what you got to say, little brother.”

“Rob, I akdere escort love you so much, and I am sorry to be talking on your day, but I want everyone to know you.”

“I love you too, what do you want to say?”

He turned to the crowd, “You don”t know us, but before we came here was the worst year in our lives. We couldn”t do anything but watch our Dad die of that stupid cancer. We watched him be in pain all the time, but he kept smiling at us telling us he was ok, even though we knew he wasn”t. I cried all the time, but Rob was always there to hold me and make me feel safe. He didn”t cry too much around me, but I could hear him crying when he was in the shower, or alone in his room. He didn”t know it, but sometimes I would sit outside his door and listen to him cry. I just wanted to hold him like he held me, but knew he need to do it on his own.”

I never knew this and had to work hard not to cry now. Now Art was crying as he spoke, and Ben came on stage with a paper towel that his Dad gave him. He hugged his friend and went back to his Dad. He saw how his friend was suffering as he told his story, and when he sat down, his Dad gave him a paper towel to dry his own eyes.

“Art, if you want to stop now, it is ok.”

He shook his head, “I”m not done yet.”

“Ok brother, you go on when you are ready.” While we were waiting for Art to catch his breath I looked at the crowd. Let”s just say there were a lot of paper towels being used.

Art put the mic back up to his face, “We knew our dad was gonna die and I was scared of what would happen to us when he did. We didn”t know that Drew and Roger were going to take us. I mean we liked them and all, but we didn”t know them that well. As Dad got worse, Drew and Roger took care of us. They helped with homework and took us to school. Drew made us dinner and helped us with showers and stuff. Roger helped Dad with his and took him to the doctor. Rob would get really sad sometimes and lock himself in his room. His best friend Jarod would fill in for him sometimes, but if I really needed him he was always there to hold me.”

Art started crying too hard to talk, so I wrapped him in a hug. I took the mic and said, “What I think Art was trying to do was tell you our story. I know this may not be the time or place, but it is important to Art, so if it is ok I would like to go on with it.”

The crowd started clapping and Dad nodded his head. I sat in a chair and pulled Art on my lap, “We didn”t talk about it, but we were both very scared that we would be alone when Dad died. We had no idea what would happen to us. I never thought of living with Roger and Drew. I mean, let”s face it they saw me at my worst. I yelled at them all the time, not because they did anything wrong, I was mad at everyone but Art and my friend Jarod. They were having to come to the school to bail me out of one problem or another. I never thanked them, just treated them bad. I had a beating coming, and I knew it, but they never got mad at me. Sometimes that made me madder.”

Art took back the mic, “He was a jerk to everyone, but he was never mad at me. He also never let me go to bed without a kiss and a hug. He also never got mad at me for coming into his room in the middle of the night.”

He handed the mic back to me, “the last thing Dad told me a few days before he died was that we would be loved, cared for, and safe. He also said that he would watch over us. Then he fell asleep and never woke up again. It wasn”t until after our Dad was dead and buried that we found out that we were coming to live with them. I think they were surprised that we didn”t realize we would be living with them. I also think that is when they realized that they had never told us. We had never been to their home, so we had no idea what a Crossman was.”

Art took over, “I had to work on Rob, but he came around.” That got a laugh from the crowd. Then Art stood up and turned to me, “Rob, you are the best big brother ever. I love you so much.” He threw his arms around my neck and hugged me so tight I could barely breathe. Then he let go of me, gave the mic back to Dad, jumped off the stage, and sat back down in the chair he was sharing with Ben.

Dad cleared his throat, “Arturo, this is Roberto”s day. It is the day I get to stand up on this stage and say, this is my son, and I am proud that he has allowed me to become his Dad. However, with what you did here today, I get to say to this crowd, these friends, my family, that these are my sons, and I am such a lucky man to be called Dad by them. I doubt that I will ever be the great Dad that they lost way too soon, but I will spend the rest of my life trying. I will do everything in my power to live up to my promise to him. To love them and keep them safe.

They all started clapping and even stood up. It was loud and I saw Art covering his ears. Mr. McKay saw me looking at Art with concern and turned his head to see what I was looking at. When he saw him, he picked him up and put Art on his shoulders, so he would be above the crowd.

When everyone was seated and Art was back in his chair Dad said, “Thank you, my friends. Now let”s get this boy caged, shall we?”

The crowd clapped again, but not as loud this time. Dad helped me to stand up on the chair that I was sitting in a few moments ago, “Roberto, the caging of a boy”s penis is not a punishment, on the contrary, it is a rite of passage. By accepting the attachment of this PCU to your body, you are accepting the ways of the Crossman. Roberto Martinez, do you accept the ways of the Crossman?”

I puffed out my chest, “Yes Sir.”

“Roberto Martinez, do you accept this PCU of your own free will?”

“Yes, I do.”

“With your commitment, I will now place you in your PCU.”

He opened the box and showed everyone the two pieces of my super cool PCU. He put the box on the chair and left the main tube with it. Then he took some lube and spread it over my sack. He picked up the circle and pushed one ball through. That was only a little uncomfortable until he started pulling the sack through. That hurt, but it took everything I had not to scream out when he forced the other ball through.

“Hey, stop that. You”re hurting him, Daddy. Stop it.” Art yelled. I looked over in time to see my little brother trying to climb on stage to get to me. Mr. McKay grabbed him and hauled him back to where they were sitting, “Let me go, he is hurting my brother!” He screamed.

I took a deep breath and looked at my little brother, “Art, calm down I am alright. It just hurt a little, and now it is fine.”

He looked up at me and I could see tears in his eyes, “Are you sure you”re ok?”

“I swear it.”

Just then, Mom came and sat down, pulling Art into his lap, “He is ok baby, it is almost over.” He wrapped him in a hug, pull his phone back out, and started recording again. Mom had been further back recording the whole thing until he saw how upset Art was.

Now that both my balls were through the ring and Dad got finished adjusting it, he wrapped a weird-looking string around the head of my dick. I was a little hard by then, so he was handed a bowl and he pushed my dick and balls into it. I almost jumped out of my skin, “Hey, that”s cold!”

Everyone laughed. When I looked down, my dick and balls were covered with icy water. Dad picked up the end of the string he tied around my dick and fed it through the PCU tube. When he saw that I was not hard anymore, he put the bowl down. He then pulled the string tight and slid the tube over my dick, until I heard it click. He took a pair of scissors out of his pocket and snipped the end of the string.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present Roberto Martinez Goldberg. My son.”

The crowd went crazy with clapping and cheering. Art jumped up on the stage and ran over to me. I got on my knees, I knew he needed a hug, and so did I, “Rob are you really ok? What did he mean Roberto Martinez Goldberg?”

“I don”t know.” When Dad saw us looking at him he knelt down, “What did you mean when you called me Roberto Martinez Goldberg?”

“Sorry boys, I just got carried away. Don”t worry about it, today is your day Roberto. Have fun, everything else can wait.”

Authors Note:

I am sorry it took, so long to get this chapter out. I received a promotion at work. I am not sure this was a good thing, because I am now putting in 60 hrs. a week. This greatly interferes with my ability to write.

By the time you get to this point, I will already be working on the next chapter of the story. In this chapter we will be taken through the preparations for Roberto”s mounting, and the mounting itself.

Now dear readers, this is where I put the story in your hands. I was planning to make chapter 43 the last chapter of the Rob & Art story. Chapter 44 will pick up with Brian taking in the story that Rob has spent about and hour and a half telling him. However, many of you want to hear about the testing, and how the boys handle going to the school.

I will now put the future of this story in your hands. Send me a message to hoo and tell me where you want me to take the story. I look forward to hearing from you.

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