Free Use Ch. 04: Standing Out from the Crowd

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This story is purely a work of fiction and based in an alternate setting where laws have been created that allow the “Free Use” of females sexually (all over 18) by males of the society. All characters and situations are purely fictional.


Ch 4: Standing out from the crowd

The sounds of little whimpers echo in the room with yours, as you push up and drop yourself down on the stiff cock impaling you from below. From his seated and reclined position below you, David watches his pole emerge from your body, only to be swallowed whole as you slide right back down his shaft. The trainers have a slang term for the training session you’re in right now: cockdancing. The trainers have started off with you doing a striptease, in ridiculously tall high heels, stockings of various types, the tiniest g-string you can remember seeing in your life, and a see through tank top. Each time the respective trainer has had you dance for no less than 10 minutes, before being allowed to suck him the rest of the way hard. This time was nothing different, with the exception being that David ordered you to rim him as well. His explanation simple: “whoever leases you may require it, so you better learn to do it”. His compliments on your skills brought a smile to your face, even though you’ve been practicing with one of the other girls, as well as with your favorite trainer Evan for the past week.

For the past half hour now, you’ve found yourself bouncing up and down on David’s rock hard shaft, both facing him and now facing away. If not for the now dull ache in your calves, this would be pure pleasure for you. The reason this is a training event, and not just a blissful day of riding cock is the chair David is sitting on while enjoying your tight little pussy. Barely wide enough for him to sit comfortably, forcing you to stand the entire time while you slide up and down his glistening shaft. The height of the chair just high enough to keep you from being comfortable while riding, but not enough to keep you from cumming on David’s cock twice so far. Each time when your orgasm hit, you collapsed fully onto his lap, losing your balance on your ‘stripper clogs’ in the process, impaling yourself completely on his 7″ pole…further intensifying your orgasm.

Now having lost track of time, you pull up and drop yourself down instinctively, ignoring the dull ache in your calves. Looking to your left, you see the same scene playing out on another trainer’s lap. The small Asian girl that spent an inordinately long amount of time pole dancing as her trainer instructed and corrected her, teaching her the finer points of showing herself off the right way. Having arrived for your training as she was finishing her dance, you’re surprised her legs haven’t given out yet, as you hear a high pitched whimper grow into a squeal, as the girl reaches another orgasm. Her legs giving out just as yours do, barely catching herself with her hands on her trainer’s knees as she falls forward. She whimpers her way through another orgasm before her trainer grabs hold of her ass cheeks, bouncing her up and down on his lap, as a signal for her to get moving again.

You momentarily wish you were in her place, with Evan’s hands on your little butt, squeezing and manipulating you up and down on his magnificent cock. Your thoughts return to his cock, and how it feels sliding in and out of your body, causing you to speed up your ‘dancing’ efforts on the trainer enjoying your pussy. Your eyes close as you drift into a state that you’ve found once coming here, mind blank about everything but the cock inside you, body on auto-pilot. It doesn’t take long before your trance like state is broken up by the grunts and warning from the man you’re riding.

He continues breathing heavier until he finally issues a command for you as his hands push you up and completely off his cock

“Suck it! Suck my load out!” as you whip yourself around, momentarily off balance as you spin to face his glistening shaft. Your mouth instinctively surrounds his pole, your velvety lips moving up and down as fast as you can manage, until you feel the first jet of cum fire from his velvety head. Engulfing him fully, you swallow what he gives you, the pulsing of your mouth around him coaxing out the rest of his load.

As soon as he finishes cumming, he pulls you away with a light, yet no nonsense grip of your hair. Twisting his hand lightly to manipulate you, he turns your head to watch the two to your side, just as Evan unloads inside the tight little Asian that has been dancing on Evan’s cock. Watching him hold her in place only halfway down his shaft, you see him pulsing with each jet that’s fire into her. Your gaze fixed firmly on him and his “beautiful” pole, as you’ve come to think of it. Just watching it pulse inside another girl triggers you to want to feel him again.

“Go clean them up” you hear your trainer order you, as you watch Evan grab his girl and yank her down on top of almanbahis him, her legs flailing upward as she loses her balance, spreading herself open lewdly in the process. Making your way to the both of them, you kneel in front of his chair, before dipping your upper body to take his still glistening cock in your mouth. Your reward is a few drops of his cum that weren’t coaxed into Jezy’s body. Savoring his flavor momentarily, you hear Evan’s voice

“Clean Jezy first, please.” Simple, matter of fact.

You move up to where Evan still has her legs spread lewdly open in front of you. Only now her heeled feet are in contact with the floor, steadying her. Either way, you still see the cunt that your favorite trainer just enjoyed for the last half hour glistening and beginning to leak their juices. Your training kicking in, you dive forward into her slit with your tongue, lapping at their juices, before driving your tongue inside her, coaxing more…tasting her and him at once. You taste more and more of his cum as you drive your tongue further into her, your thumbs now hooked inside her lips, holding her open for better access. Her body jolts each time your tongue goes deeper, but you find your reward as you taste more of his cum, mixed with her juices. Finally he reaches down to give you a light tap on the cheek, signaling for you to look up, as he pushes her upward and to her feet. With a simple wave, he motions her over to David, the trainer you were pleasing just a few moments before.

As she walks away, he gives you a simple one word command “Continue”, before you guide your mouth back down to the velvety head of his shaft.

‘Back to my favorite cock’ you think to yourself as your lips glide down his softening shaft, until they meet the base. You swirl your tongue around the shaft as it fills your mouth, even pushing it out momentarily to tease his balls, before sliding your lips back up the entire length to his head. This process repeats for the next few minutes, with short breaks to lick and kiss his shaft and lick and suckle at his balls. You’re not phased in any way over tasting another girl’s juices on him, instead savoring each second you get to worship his beautiful cock and balls. The training over the last 3 weeks has molded you well enough that even if it wasn’t Evan’s cock you were cleaning, you would still do so as well as you could. The fact that it belongs to Evan makes you do it with just that little bit extra loving attention. A small part of you even enjoys ‘claiming’ his cock after another he’s used it on another girl in training…sucking it clean, even beginning to enjoy rimming him…hoping he remembers you more than any other girl in the class.

As if on cue, he lifts his legs and pulls them back…cueing you to lick your way down the underside of his shaft, stopping at his balls to lick and suck each lovingly, before trailing down further to his ring. Your tongue darts and swirls, intentionally leaving as much spit and saliva as possible, knowing he enjoys a bit of a ‘sloppy’ twist to his oral pleasures. Your eyes close, thinking just of giving pleasure. Your other sense tune in as you hear the light licking and sucking sounds coming from your left, as Jezy cleans your trainer, and the humming sound coming from Evan, signaling his enjoyment.

Your tongue swirls and darts back again over his tight little entrance, collecting the spit you left, before your tongue goes up to the back of his balls, nuzzling them with your nose in the process. As his legs make their way back down, you trail back up to beautiful shaft, holding it in your hand, admiring it even in its half hard state. Your almost trancelike state is interrupted by his voice, having checked his watch to see that the training session should be about completed by now

“Ok girls, go retrieve your outfits, but do NOT put them on.”

With that directive, both Jezy and yourself go to the other side of the room, finding the pieces of the outfit you wore in. Thinking to yourself ‘might as well not put them on…not like they’re hiding much anyway’ you grab your garments and hold them between your right arm and your body, waiting for your next directive. In the time it took you two to find your clothes, your trainers have slipped their shorts on and retrieved the collars and leashes that the two of you were led into the room with.

Getting your temporary wish, Evan slips the collar around your neck, before clipping it in place, giving your leash a light tug to pull you behind him and out the door, into the hallway. You hear the other pair falling into place behind you, as you make your way to a room that you haven’t been in before, simply marked “103 Viewing Room”. Pushing the door open, you notice nothing out of the ordinary. No devices of any kind that would make you wonder about its use…simply a rectangular room with a few cushioned stands that you’ve become accustomed to being bent over, and a long rectangular table, almanbahis yeni giriş with what appear to be barstools about 6 feet behind the row of stands. Already inside the room are Jay and Dante (one of the ‘Hammer brothers’…so named because of their massive cocks) perched on barstools at the long table. In front of them respectively are Nisha and Anna, standing nude just behind a pair of the stands, facing a darkened window in front of the entire group.

Just as you stop, Evan unsnaps the leash from your collar, motioning to the row of stands, before giving you’re a quick slap on the butt

“Choose a spot please” before turning away and making his way to a barstool. He is joined almost immediately by David, leaving 4 lease girls standing nude, facing away from 4 trainers, seated behind them. The trainers engage in a bit of chit chat as one of them, you can’t tell who, fetches bottles of water out of a mini-fridge at the back of the room.

“Girls, any of you need a water?” comes the cordial voice of the trainer Dante.

None of you take the offer, so he grabs one each for the cadre and takes his seat.

You hear pieces of the conversation behind you, one part standing out as you hear it

“How deep did you get her?”

“She took it all, man! Might as well call it now…new nickname for her, guys: Anal Anna. Felt like I was between her lungs.” The last statement getting a round of laughter from the other trainers.

“Keep that bat away from me, man. I don’t trust ya!” Leading off the rounds of jokes that last for the next few minutes, barely noticing the rear views of you and your fellow girls in front of them.

For your part, from your ‘viewing stand’ right beside Anna, you whisper to her, just to confirm what they’ve joked about.

“You took the…that? Isn’t it supposed to be reall…”

Anna’s answer cuts you off “It’s fucking massive!” comes the excited tone, but in a whisper. “I didn’t even know he’d bottomed out…I was so zoned out after the first couple minutes.” The wide eyed look betrays just what you’re thinking.

“So…when did you…or when did it..”

Seeing that you’re still trying to comprehend, even while asking more, she answers halfway in

“Just this morning. Spent two hours getting that monster everywhere!”

“So are you still…sore?” comes your quick question

“Girl, I feel like I had a truck driven up my ass. Of course I’m still sore!” sending you both laughing, even as she winces from a light pain.

Just as you two finish laughing, you hear Jay’s voice, now familiar from your training sessions together

“Girls, if you would be so kind as to bend over your respective benches, we’re about to begin here.”

As soon as he finishes speaking, the window in front of you switches from darkened to clear, showing the next room over. The 4 of you survey the sight in front of you, as 3 girls from the class in front of you walk into the room, led by another woman, you assume must be one of the staff, from the fact that she’s dressed differently. By ‘dressed differently’, you mean that she’s dressed at all, as the 3 lease girls come in wearing just a collar and a pair of heels. You note that these girls are just as diverse as your group, with an Asian girl in front, followed by both a white and black lease girls to-be. The girls take their places in front of viewing stands of the same type and size as yours, although theirs have stainless steel tops. You wonder for a moment ‘why aren’t they padded’, before you hear a male voice introducing them by name.

“Gentleman, we have Melissa, Shanta and Danielle here. They are all fully trained and ready for lease immediately. As you can see, their measurements are..” as you stop focusing on the details of the conversation, and start focusing more on the girls proudly flaunting themselves to a man or men that would be possible lessors for the next 2 years. Turning your attention to the far side of their room, you see two men well dressed, simply taking in the view.

One man half points toward the Asian girl in the room before speaking “I was thinking about an exotic this time around. Heard great things from Matt.”

You hear Mr Eyler rattling off stats about each girl, before they are ‘inspected’ by the two men here to possibly make a purchase. Each girl starts off facing the men, before turning away, letting them see that view of her. Next step is for her to bend over her viewing stand, spreading herself open, showing her most useful parts. The men seemed to have a few questions for each girl, as well as Mr Eyler as each girl showed herself off.

You hear a familiar voice from behind as you watch the scene unfold in front of you

“I hope you’re taking mental notes. Your lease window opens next week, so you’ll all more than likely be doing exactly what these lucky girls are doing, here in a little over a week’s time. We’ll put each of you through a mock almanbahis giriş lease session, so you don’t freeze up in front of new guys.”

Hearing the voice, you’re reminded that there are 4 men behind you, visually sampling your ‘wares’ as you take in the scene in front of you. In just the time it took for a trainer to address you, both the Asian and black girl have dropped to their knees and begun sucking the cocks of the perspective new leasing men in the room. Watching them servicing these men has your mind racing again. Your thoughts go almost instinctively, to a feeling that you ‘need’ to service a cock. You look to your left and right, noticing that you’re not the only one with this reaction. Anna, to your left, visibly licking her lips while she watches the show in the next room. Looking right, you see Jezy fidgeting nervously on her stand, moving her weight from foot to foot, while she sees what she’ll be doing for a complete stranger soon.

While you continue watching, the petite black girl is led to her viewing stand again, bent over for the potential lessor to enjoy her cunt. In the time it took for you to look back to Anna, locking eyes long enough to see just how much in need she is, the other girl’s ‘potential’ has slid inside her and started rocking back and forth, feeling her from the inside. You hear her sigh almost instantaneous as he slides in her. Her sighs continue as he moves his hips fore and aft, using her for his own pleasure, before looking back over his shoulder to Mr Eyler and simply saying “I’ll take her”.

That’s when you notice that your right hand has moved back over your body, with your fingertips landing on your clit…almost as if possessed. A quick look to your left shows you that you’re not the only one in need enough to do this, as you see Anna’s arm tensing and relaxing…presumably working her fingers into her slit. Both of you fix your gaze back into the leasing room, as now the Asian lease girl also finds herself bent over her viewing stand, although she makes more noise than her counterpart. Her squeals show her to be getting rougher treatment, as the man’s hips saw into her. Your position makes it difficult to tell, but it appears to you that he’s using her ass…reinforcing what your trainers have told you about what lay in front of you.

While engrossed by the display in front of you, you failed to hear the trainers leave their seats and make their way to the 4 of you. You feel the hands on your ass before you hear anything, instantly shuffling your feet a bit wider to spread yourself for the pending penetration. You peek back over your shoulder to see Evan lining up behind you, bringing a smile to your face as you grab hold of your stand and prepare yourself.

The soft, velvety head of Evan’s cock slips between your lips, before pushing inside you, causing an instant hum to escape your lips. He saws back and forth a few times before he reaches the halfway point. Pulling completely out, he notes your reaction, pushing back, searching for the cock that just pulled free. Satisfied with your response, he shoves back inside you, this time sheathing you completely on his cock. You feel his “magnificent” cock stretching you, as his balls make contact with your sensitive nub. Each time you feel him, you think of his cock more lovingly. Just the sight of it makes you high with excitement. Feeling it makes your knees weaken, before you catch yourself. Your eyes close as he slides long and firm into your tight grip. You feel yourself clenching along his entire shaft, enjoying every little detail of his beautiful shaft. His hips saw into you long and slow, coating his rod in your juices, as you hum lightly with your eyes closed…your head hanging over the edge of your stand, in pure bliss for your trainer. Your mind goes to its trancelike state as you concentrate on nothing but the cock wedging itself deep inside you with each thrust. You hear the other girls doing the same, mixed with sighs, yelps and light moans as they feel the cocks of their trainers exploring their bodies.

All too soon you feel the cock inside you slide completely free of your body, causing you to push backwards in a vain attempt to retrieve it, and feel him push back inside you. He has other plans. You feel the velvety tip press against your backdoor, knowing he wants access to your tightest hole.

You prepare yourself mentally and force yourself to relax, as he drives himself forward, through your tight little ring. You feel his shaft start to push inside your tight passage, wedging himself inside. The feeling of being ‘spread’ open by his magnificent cock washes through your mind, as jolts of pain mixed with pleasure spread through your body. Short yet powerful strokes inch their way further into you, before you feel him buried to the hilt…the sense of accomplishment the only thought in your mind outside of what his cock is doing to you. You dimly hear the squeals, yelps, and moans of other girls in the room as he saws his hips forward and back into your tight little ass. Thinking to your training, you flex and contract your muscles, hoping he feels you gripping the length of his cock…hoping to impress him as much as you possibly can.

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