From Chat to Reality (with a Twist)

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The following story is completely true, with just the names changed to protect the not-so-innocent. There is a bit of exposition to the beginning of the story, but I think it is necessary to get a full appreciation of the later events. If you’re looking for a quick story to stroke to, this is probably not for you.

*her: i’m imagining you behind me, your arms wrapped around me

*me: mmmmmm. where are my hands?

*her: one is caressing my breast, the other is rubbing my clit

*me: omg — you are so fucking hot! i want you so bad!

*her: i know

I should back up to the beginning of our story. I had met her a few weeks ago in the Married & Frustrated chat room on Literotica. Maybe it was the Big Breasts room — it doesn’t really matter. She belonged in both. And she was the most amazing thing to happen to me in a very long time.

I was fairly new to chatting, but there was a reason I tended to hang out in the Married & Frustrated chat room. I love my wife completely. She is my best friend and excellent mother, and she is a much better wife than I ever expected or deserve. Well, there is one thing I expected to be better — the sex. Julie is a very sexy, loving wife with a very (VERY) vanilla attitude about sex. To her, sex is only for making babies or for a loving couple to feel an emotional bond. She never has a burning need for it. In fact, if I wouldn’t push the issue, I wonder how many months would go by before she even noticed that we hadn’t had sex.

I’m not saying that she doesn’t enjoy what we do, but after 25 years of marriage (and each of us being virgins when we married young), our sex routine is exactly that: routine. About once a week, she’d lay back while I use a vibrator on her (that was a toy that she didn’t think she wanted until I first used it on her) and bring her to several orgasms, then she’d curl up next to me and give me a quick hand job. Maybe once a month we’d have quick sex, usually just in the missionary position. I knew that she did it to keep me happy, and she thought she was doing that. No matter how much I’d discuss my fantasies and desires, she never strayed from our comfortable pattern. And, she liked sex to be done quickly, not lingering and enjoying all of the sensations.

What she didn’t know was that I was masturbating a few times a week. I needed more activity than I was getting, so porn became my relief system. My frequent insomnia gave me opportunity after my wife was asleep to enjoy sexual fantasies of what I wanted my sex life to be like. She would have been shocked and disgusted — masturbation didn’t even make sense to her, and the few times I’d gotten her to watch a bit of porn simply led to commentary about bad acting, ugly guys, gross blow jobs, and disgusting cum everywhere.

And now, I had semi-accidentally wandered into the world of chat rooms, of which Lit quickly became my favorite. I am someone who would never (could never, even) cheat on my wife in real life. Through chat, though, I could live out my fantasies of being with women who actually wanted to have sex to please both themselves and their partners. I had encountered a wide variety of women, from the one-night-cyber-stands to the simply platonic discussions. (As a very shy person in real life, I also found chat to free me to be bold and make new friendships.) Some of the women were downright freaky, which simultaneously frightened and intrigued me. I met one amazing lady who was a bundle of sexual energy and playfulness, yet also became one of my best friends though continued daily chats. I started to feel like I had found the right balance in my life of being faithful to my wife, yet not allowing sexual resentment build to the point where I might do something I would regret.

Then, one night, I met a woman who sent my virtual world spinning.

*her: so, your screen name is like the scientist in Ghostbusters?

*me: yes. not everyone gets the reference. I like your sexy screen name — it makes you seem very confident!

*her: well, once you get to know me, you’ll understand my confidence

I was already floored. I wasn’t very used to a woman contacting me for a personal chat. I was usually the one doing the chasing and hoping to avoid rejection. Here was a woman who contacted me (because of a nerdy screen name of all things) who oozed sexuality and confidence. We quickly exchanged some basic information. I was surprised that she seemed to like the fact that I was a nerdy science teacher, and she didn’t mind that I was 14 years older than her. Her marriage was also a happy one, but she wasn’t getting all of the sexual attention that she wanted, either. I was even more delighted when she described herself as an exhibitionist, enjoying sharing pictures of herself in sexy poses when she feels comfortable that the guy she’s chatting with is the right type of guy for her. I quickly vowed to myself to try to find out more about this sexy lady and keep the chat going.

We hit it off well, enjoying each canlı bahis other’s personalities and flirting with increasing heat. I’m not normally one to cyber-kiss and tell (this current story being a major exception), but after more than an hour of being delighted by her personality, things suddenly became outrageously hot. Suffice it to say that we both slept well that night, having found a great release with someone that we felt a real connection and attraction to. I hated to go to bed, not wanting our chat to end and risking never contacting her again. Fortunately, she felt the same way and we exchanged contact information and our real first names. Ashley had just become my new guilty pleasure.

Days of frequent chatting led to exchanges of pictures (proving that she had the body to justify her confidence that I had found so attractive). She had a knack for amazing selfies of her body in revealing clothing, with very erotic poses and hand positioning. Every picture shared with me sent me into new fantasies of what it would be like to be with this amazing woman. My reactions to the pictures delighted her, which kept new pictures coming my way. Ashley was an extremely sexual woman, and I soon realized that it was probably a good thing that she lived a thousand miles away from me, or this might be the woman that would cause me to cheat.

Skipping ahead a few weeks, Ashley was part of my daily life. I would look for any time when our spouses weren’t too close by to give us some time to chat. The positive energy that she brought to my life was spilling over into my marriage, even. I am always a very positive person who lets those around me know how much they mean to me, but I was feeling even closer and happier in my marriage than ever.

Our chats often were simply about our daily lives: chores, issues, and problems. But there was also an underlying heat and attraction. We made each other feel good, and the heat would often intensify. My mind was filled with images of her scantily-clad body as I went through my day, and she had found someone who made her feel appreciated and desired on a daily basis.

That was how we found ourselves exchanging ever-hotter quips one afternoon. My brain was recalling details of two pictures of her in a barely-there French maid costume, and she was fueling my passion with descriptions of what she wanted us doing.

*her: damn, i want you

*me: i wanna cyber-fuck your brains out right now!! this would be a good time for our families to leave us alone for a while

*her: agreed!

I took a moment to take in the emojis that she sent with that last one: an eggplant, spraying liquid, and a face. I just about fainted from the thought of giving Ashley a facial (or was it from a lack of blood reaching my brain?)

*me: i can’t get time alone for more than a minute right now. cyber-cock blockers!!

*her: you’re making me lol!

*me: tell you what: my wife is going to get attacked tonight! i’ve got to get some relief, you’ve gotten me so horny

*her: and let’s hope i can get some too

At that point, Ashley reminded me of a promise I had made to her a week before. We had been playing Truth or Dare in a chat, and she dared me to carry out a future activity: the next time I had sexy time with my wife, Ashley wanted me to use my tongue to spell out her name on my wife’s nipple or clit. (I knew that her clit was an almost guaranteed no-go. My wife was not a fan of any type of oral sex, giving or receiving. She found it all unpleasant, and would only VERY rarely and reluctantly allow brief bits of oral.) I told Ashley that her name wasn’t long enough, and that I would use her middle name, “Marie”, also.

*me: i’ll have to make sure that i spell out your name somewhere. i bet you could convince your hubby to let you blow him without too much effort. will he return any favors?

*her: it’s actually my favorite thing: to go down on him then immediately get on top cowgirl style, so that’s likely how it’ll play out, assuming he doesn’t fall asleep first

*me: OH MY GOD!! that is exactly what i would want to do with you if i could have you!! how can i get my wife to think like you???

*her: marry me

Ashley sent that last message with a crazy-face emoji, but it brought such an amazing warmth over me, reminding me not only how much I was desiring this sexy woman, but also how much I truly love my actual wife. If only there were a way to merge them into one!

*me: perfect answer!! I want to take in every inch of your body — with my eyes, my fingers, and my tongue

*her: damn, you’re charming

*me: i want to charm those panties right off of you. i want to feel how wet you are, and i want to make you wetter

*her: oh, you most definitely are. i am so wet for you

*me: i wish i could be there to make sure you’re telling the truth

*her: damn, you can trust me, but now i am even wetter

*me: i know your hubby is in for a great time tonight! ride bahis siteleri him so good! make it extra hot!! (but think of me!!)

*her: done and done 😉 and don’t forget about honoring your dare

*me: i’m pulling out all of the stops here to seduce my wife

That was one of the amazing parts of my chats with Ashley: she understood my relationship with my wife. We both were committed to a spouse that we love, and we both were hopeful that our chat-friend could work past the frustrating parts of our marriages.

Speaking of marriage, after 25 years, I knew how to push my wife’s buttons. Immediately after we got home from work, I started working on getting Julie in the mood. Spontaneous hugs, kisses on her neck, little backrubs as I talked through the rest of our day; I continued to do all of the little things that connected us and made us feel close to each other. And with each touch, smile, or flirtatious look, I could see that she wasn’t saying “no” to later intimacy.

When bedtime rolled around, I took Julie’s hand and guided her to our bedside. As I gently kissed her, I slowly peeled off her clothing, caressing and complimenting each bit of new exposed flesh. I was putting everything I could into making sure that she would at least consider sexual play of some sort, maybe even letting me really give her a good fucking. As I guided her into bed, she said, “Rob, you have been so amazing tonight. I feel so connected to you. Get my toy so we can play.”

I stripped naked as quickly as I could, grabbing her slim, pink vibrator. As I climbed into bed, she slid close to me and said, “I’m chilly. Warm me up first.” I took that both ways, running my warm hands over her body under the covers, while at the same time kissing her mouth and neck passionately. In no time, she rolled onto her back, and I knew she was ready to play. It looked like we were in for our standard routine, but after all of the fantastically intense chatting with Ashley all afternoon, I was more than ready for any relief.

Her body language told me that she was ready to be touched, and I knew from past experience that if I moved too slowly, she might decide that sleep was a better option. I let my hand slide down between her thighs, and I found her to be wet and quite swollen. As I continued kissing her, Julie’s thighs spread apart a bit and a low moan came from deep within her. I then found the vibrator, turned it to its lowest setting, and moved it gently to her ready clit, just where she likes its focus. As the vibe just touched her sensitive bud, Julie’s mouth gaped open as she gasped in pleasure. When her mouth opened up, all I could picture was how much I wanted my cock in there, and how Ashley’s husband was probably enjoying her mouth at that very moment. Evidently I gasped also as I took in the lovely, inviting sight. She looked at me to see what was going on.

“Your mouth looks amazing,” I said as I watched her lick her upper lip.

“Really? Why?” was her response. My brain knew that I couldn’t tell her the truth about wanting her mouth on me. She only rarely goes down on me, and only then as a very special treat since all of the pleasure there is for me. Not that I keep a calendar of these things, but I knew that it was almost two years since the last time she had done anything more than just planting a quick kiss on my cockhead. I knew that mentioning a blowjob could bring this whole night crashing down, as she would likely become immediately turned off. I knew that, but I couldn’t help myself:

“I was picturing my cock in that lovely mouth. You just looked ready to take it in.”

For just a second, I panicked. What had I said? She half sat up, the vibrator no longer touching her. I expected the worst.

She put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me down onto my back. Then, with a devilish smile that I don’t see from her often, she grabbed my cock in her hand and almost dove on it to take it in her mouth. For the second time that day, I almost fainted!

I quickly recovered enough to try to reach her pussy with the vibrator so that her arousal level wouldn’t drop. She pushed it away and said, “Just lay back and enjoy this. It sounded like a great idea, and you taste really good.” Knowing better than to argue with my wife, I lay back and took in the sensations of her lips and tongue moving up and down my cock while her hand grasped the base firmly. As she began bobbing a bit faster, her hand then began to stroke in sync with her mouth. I knew I would never be able to hold back for long. I think she sensed that too, because she then stopped to look up at me.

“What do you want now?” Was I so stupid as to get too greedy here? Would I listen to my cock instead of my brain? Of course! When would I get this chance again?

“I want you to climb on and ride me,” I said, remembering the exact plan that Ashley had for her hubby tonight. Ashley’s moves were exactly what I wanted to experience, and here was my wife offering me whatever I wanted.

Julie bahis şirketleri smiled even bigger and said, “I guess I’m going to do all of the work tonight! Sure, but I need to come first.” Even I’m not such an idiot as to argue with that. I flipped her back into position and quickly began rubbing her very swollen clit, making her moan in the most delicious ways. Soon, I moved the vibrator onto her clit on low speed, watching her mouth as it touched her. This time, as it made contact with her folds, a smile spread across her face. As she began to enjoy the hum of the vibe on her, I moved my mouth to her breast, quickly finding her very hard nipple.

I had a dare to fulfill, so as my lips wrapped around her hardened tip, my tongue slowly and carefully drew an A across the sensitive skin. Julie has very responsive nipples, and as I licked the S, H, and L across her bud, the skin tightened and became even more prominent between my lips.

When I use the vibe on my wife, I also use one finger to first tease her opening lightly, then very slowly push into her. This is a foolproof way to tease the first of many orgasms out of Julie. My mind was swirling as I thought of how amazing my beautiful wife was (especially in the heat of this moment) and the illicit Ashley of my online relationship. I felt like the luckiest man on earth (well, maybe tied with Ashley’s husband). I finished spelling her first name, then began to spell “Marie.” I was on the R when Julie’s body convulsed with a huge wave of pleasure. I had to stop spelling as her body writhed in extreme pleasure and her pussy clenched on my finger.

Often after her first orgasm, Julie wants a short break before trying for a second. But when she’s really turned on, her body just rides wave after wave of bliss. She didn’t want me to stop, so I went back to spelling (I had to complete my dare!) as she began to climb to her second crest. I didn’t even finish a second time through “Ashley Marie,” when Julie’s third orgasm rocked her body. She then had me stop. When she is in the right mood, Julie has been able to cum in the double digits, with our record being 14 in one evening. I thought we might be going for the record, but she said, “Those were so huge, I don’t think I can handle another. Your turn.”

I had such a huge smile both on my face and on the inside as I rolled onto my back. I was about to live out my fantasy of what I wanted to do with my long-distance, never-to-happen fantasy woman. I was going to enjoy the blowjob/cowgirl combo that Ashley had planned for her hubby. My wife said, “Are you ready?” Silly question! Then she added, “Unless … Sorry, Rob, I want this tonight.” And, with that, she pounced face-first back onto my rock hard cock.

I was in absolute heaven. She may not have a lot of experience using her mouth on a cock, but she has always been very good at reading my pleasure and figuring out what to do or not do to push me higher. Her lips and tongue were driving me wild, and all-too-soon, I knew that this was going to be reaching its conclusion. “Honey, I’m going to cum,” I moaned.

She acknowledged my warning by increasing her intensity. I knew that she planned on having me cum in her mouth. Julie may not like giving blowjobs, but when she has done them, she wants me to cum in her mouth to complete the experience. Unfortunately, I then hear for a few days afterward about how she hates the taste. I repeated to her, “I’m going to cum. Pull it out of your mouth. Finish me by hand.”

She pulled her face back, and three strokes later I exploded all over my chest and her arm, with some splashing her chest. The orgasm was so intense after all of the build up for hours beforehand. I was thankful that none hit her face, because she has let me know before that she REALLY doesn’t ever want me to cum on her face. I grabbed her some tissues so that she could clean herself up, while she smiled very proudly at me.

“Thank you for telling me that you didn’t need to cum in my mouth. Doesn’t it feel better to you when you do that?”

I said, “The thought of it is hot, I’ll admit. But the feeling is no different at the very end. You can tell how close I am, and I would never mind if you have me in your hand at the very end. Plus, I know that you don’t want that taste in your mouth.”

She hugged me and said that it meant so much that I understood that part of it. I have told her before that she didn’t need to finish me like that, but she hadn’t believed me. She told me that, knowing that she could finish me by hand, I could expect more oral fun in the future. She also said that she was just so turned on by all of the touching and flirting all evening long that she wanted to do something more than our usual.

Julie has always been a very sexy, very flirty woman. We just tend to miss out on the follow-through. Maybe this will just end up being another tease, and I won’t get another extra-hot experience for five years. Somehow, though, this seemed a bit different. I’ve always been a very supportive, attentive husband, and I love to tell her how beautiful she is. This time, though, I was so extremely turned on by the hot chatting that I worked for hours to get Julie’s arousal caught up to mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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