Frozen Treat

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A Devilish smile crossed my face as she asked me what was behind my back.

“A surprise. I think you’ll really like it.”

“Ooh, what is it”

“You’ll see”

Kay, my current lover lounged across the bed. “My roommate won’t be back till tomorrow, we can have all the fun we want.”

I brought out my surprise: a blue plastic freezy-pop.

” I saw it and thought of your favorite vibrator.”

“But what is it?”

“A frozen treat”

I climbed on the bed taking off the last of my clothes.

I started by rubbing it around her left nipple, immediately it stood to attention from the cold and new sensation.


Shortly, I switched to rubbing it around her other nipple, and started licking her frozen one.

She lay back breathing heavy, as I alternated my hot wet mouth and the icy cold sensation. Her nipples were soon in a perpetual erect state. Her breathing was faster now. The time was right. Slowly, I traced a line of cold down her chest and across her belly, flinching from the cold sensation.

“You’re giving me goosebumps”

Lower. Lower. Her legs open invitingly I rub the pop down the outside of her panties, the black ones she knows I like. A gasp Escort Bahçelievler and a bit of a yelp escape her lips.

This will be an interesting summer afternoon.

A few more rubs and the scent of her arousal fills the room. I set the new toy down both to warm my hand and remove her panties. What a sight, her there waiting and open for my touch and tongue. I can’t help myself and take a few licks, savoring her flavor.

“The freezy” she gasps.

Got to love a woman who knows what she wants.

I add a coat of glide to the pop. I trace lines from one thigh to the other, playing with her, watching the muscles quiver from the sensation.

Hot and cold meet.

I rub it on the outside of her lips, up and down, letting her breathing and gasps guide me. I replace it with my mouth; I have hungers to be satisfied too. The pop goes north to get re-aquatinted with her breasts again.

Odd sensations her pussy is both ice cold and burning hot and very wet.


I trace her breasts a little longer, anticipation growing, but soon it returns south again. This time, a quick time outside and then deep into her. ” AAAH YES “, she shouts.

In Bahçeşehir escort and out sometimes fast sometimes slow. She is panting now playing with her left breast. I switch hands, My fingers are going cold, and I warm that hand on her other breast.

She is gripping a pillow in a death grip.

I start licking again.

First down below. “Mmmmm frozen pussy, next time must bring whipped cream”

Then trailing up her body, stomach… breast… biting the nipple, all the while in and out. When I reach her breasts I bring the pop up to her nipples again. She always had such sensitive breasts. I switch hands and start fingering her with my frozen fingers. We kiss; she gives me her tongue but is breathing too hard for it to last long.

“Almost there” she cries.

I rub the toy across her clit but she pushes it lower. In and out it goes. Faster and faster meeting her thrusts. I grab her breast with my free hand. Her movements knock my hand free of the pop, but she doesn’t notice she is in a different world, lying there panting with it twitching sticking out of her.

” Now you” she says.

“Work, work, work” I reply laughing.

I remove Bakırköy escort bayan the toy and climb between her legs. It feels like I’ve been hard for hours, but time has lost meaning.

I slip on a love glove and enter her. ” Your dick feels like its on fire, so hot. “

Thought the cold made her hotter than I’d ever seen her, a cold had the opposite effect on me. A few strokes, and I was half the man I was, 😮

But the desire and a few more strokes heated things up again. With each stroke she got hotter and hotter both literally and figuratively. Our mouths lock, for what feels like forever. Harder and hotter, we entwine, thrusting again and again.

We rolled over. When she’s on top I can play with her breasts, so large so full. “Ahhgh” I yell as my body arches. Lifting her from the bed.

“Ooooh, yeah”

Rolling over on my frozen friend was quite the surprise, but quite the incentive. I arch again this time loosing myself.

Rolling to our side, breathing hard in the afterglow. I reach back to find our broken friend leaking blue sugar water. Just what we needed then a cold drink. She licks the blue droplets off my chest and side.

She says, “That was amazing but next time need more lube and my other blue friend”

“And a glove for me, my fingers are still frozen “

“Well, I think we can fix that” She places my hand in a warm wet place, we both start warming up again.

“Work, work, work” I laugh. “Did you like your birthday surprise”

Her mouth told me, but not in words.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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