Fun on the Class Trip Ch. 3

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I picked up my key at the front desk before climbing into the elevator and heading up to my room on the third floor. Being 18, I had been allowed to pay for my own room and had not needed to share with two other people like most of my classmates who were only 17. The room was nice. It had a big king size bed, a small kitchenette with a mini fridge and microwave and dishwasher, and a nice bathroom with dark grey tile walls and floors. A flat screen TV was mounted on the wall across from the bed. I threw my bags on the floor next to the bed and started unpacking. I didn’t have much of anything to unpack but I did put my soda and beer in the mini fridge so they would be cold later tonight.

Finished checking out the room, I stepped into the hallway to see which rooms my friends were in. I was walking down the hall when one of my friends, Kyle, from the football team passed me going towards the elevator followed by a large group of students.

“Hey man, where are you all headed?” I said, stopping him in the hall.

“We’re all going swimming before bed. There’s a pool downstairs.” He replied before continuing on his way.

I considered going swimming and thought it might be fun, especially if Emma was already down there. I grabbed my swimsuit and went down to the small locker room next to the pool to change. I changed quickly and entered the hotel pool area, a large room with a 10 ft. deep pool and a hot tub off to the side. I saw a few of my friends in the pool playing with a football someone had brought and a few others in the hot tub along with a few girls. I scanned the area and noticed Emma’s blonde hair in the hot tub and so I chose to go there.

The water was hot and felt great on my sore muscles. I found an empty spot along the wall bench and began to talk idle talk about the day and various sports with my friends. I could tell Emma was eyeing me from my peripheral vision. She was watching me closely to see if I would try anything similar to earlier that day. This almost made me smile. I loved the thought of her afraid that I would try to fuck her in front of her friends and all our other classmates. Just to make her more anxious, I said nothing to her the entire time we were there and didn’t even really acknowledge her being there.

After about 30 minutes, Mr. Brady opened the door to the pool area and shouted, “Everyone dry off and get to your rooms. Nobody goes out of their rooms by 10:30.”

People grumbled but started to exit the pool, grabbing their towels and whatever else they brought. As Emma passed me on the way to the hot tub stairs, I pulled one of the side tie strings on izmir escort bayan her pink bikini, untying the string. She yelped as she felt her bikini bottoms begin to fall down and her hand immediately went to her side to hold them up. Luckily for her, it was too loud from the splashing and talking to hear her yelp and that I was the only one besides her left in the hot tub to see her wardrobe malfunction. She glared at me as she quickly wrapped herself in her towel and went to the lounge chair that her shoes and clothes were on and got her stuff.

As she was about to leave, I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the locker room before anyone could notice. Being 18, she had also paid for her own room so I knew nobody would be checking on her room. I pulled the towel from her hands and she dropped her clothes in the process of trying to keep it from falling. I gently pushed her down over the bench in the middle of the room and bent her forward so she was straddling the bench. Using one hand on her back to hold her down, I grabbed my belt from the pile of clothes I had left in here earlier. I pushed her arms to her sides and wrapped the belt under the bench and around her body, pinning her arms to her sides, before locking the buckle behind her back.

Emma struggled some, but the thick leather kept her firmly in place. I dropped my swimming shorts and sat on the bench in front of her face, my throbbing cock almost touching her lips. Her big breasts acted almost like a pillow, propping her head up so her mouth was perfectly level with my hard dick. She looked up at me nervously and shook her head while simultaneously trying to escape her bonds. However I could tell by the look in her eyes she was turned on by all of this. I gently pulled her hair back into a ponytail, giving me complete control of her head. I scooted forward on the bench, the head of my penis parting her lips and slipping into her mouth. She let out a surprised sound at the sudden intrusion and her eyes got wide. I slowly pushed further and further in her mouth until I hit the entrance to her throat, making her gag. I pushed further, feeling her squeeze around my cock head as it forced its way down her tight, wet throat. She gagged and looked up at me, her bright eyes tearing a bit as I forced the last bit of my shaft into her warm, velvety mouth, her nose pressed into my crotch and my balls resting on my chin.

I held her there like that, bottomed out in her throat, her cute full lips stretched around the base of my shaft. I enjoyed another few seconds of pleasure before I pulled out to let her breath. She gasped for breath as soon as her windpipe buca escort was cleared, choking and coughing. I allowed her a few seconds to recover before I re-entered her mouth and pushed back fully into her throat, my thick cock lodged in her esophagus. Her bright eyes looked up at me as her cute face silently pleaded with me. I placed my hand on the back of her head and began to lightly fuck her face, stretching out her throat every time my cock filled it. I pulled out completely to let her breath for a moment and then pushed back in until her lips were once again stretched around my base and her nose was pressed into my crotch. I sat there for a while in a state of pure bliss as her throat contracted around my cock, massaging it and making me shiver with pleasure.

I pulled out and stood up as she coughed and gasped for air, her throat sore from the intense fucking. I stood straddling the bench behind her and pulled her bikini bottoms down, uncovering her big, perfect ass and pretty pussy. I could tell she was into all of this from how wet she was. She gasped at the feel of my cock head pressing into her pussy lips.

“Please be gentle.” She said softly, still breathing heavy.

I knew from talking with her previous boyfriends that she had had sex twice before, but even still her pussy was incredibly tight, almost as tight as her throat had been. I entered swiftly causing her to yelp from the sudden intrusive force that was stretching her pussy and filing her to the max. Not wanting to bring any attention to us, I pulled her bikini top up over her tits and put it in her mouth, re-tying the strings behind her head and effectively gagging her. I began to fuck her, slowly and sensually. I pushed in and out of her tight pussy, rhythmically filling her until I bottomed out at her cervix, and then pulling out until only the head of my penis remained in her. She moaned in pleasure uncontrollably through the make-shift gag as her pussy was stretched and fucked like never before. Her moans of lust became more and more frantic until she finally came, her pussy clamping down on my cock as she writhed in her bonds. When she was finished cumming, her head slumped forward, exhausted and I pulled my still-hard dick from her soaked pussy.

Intent on making her cum again, I placed the head of my penis against the entrance to her ass. She straightened immediately and began to struggle against her bonds but to no avail.

“Shhhhh,” I whispered in her ear. “Just trust me, you will be fine. I won’t hurt you”

She looked back at me, her eyes wide with fear. I grabbed my pants of the floor and took out the lotion from earlier izmir escort that day. I spread some on my penis and on her asshole, not wanting to hurt her. After lubing up, I pressed my cock against her tight asshole and pushed until the head of my cock popped into her ass, emitting a squeal from Emma. I slowly pushed further in as Emma yelped in pain until I was balls deep in her tight ass. I pulled back and began slowly thrusting in and out of her tight ass. Soon, her moans of pain turned into moans of pleasure and craving as her asshole slowly loosened to accommodate my large girth. I picked up speed a bit, thrusting in and out faster and faster as she wiggled around slightly beneath me, in pain but also in extreme pleasure. It was even better than the last time, my cock exploring every inch of her tight ass. I slapped her ass cheek and she cried out through the gag. I could feel her trembling beneath me and knew she was close. I started fucking her faster now, grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling it gently as I stretched her ass. She began breathing heavily and moaning more frantically now until, for the second time, she came hard. She screamed through the gag as I pushed in and out of her ass and she came, her pussy flowing and the pleasure almost causing her to black out.

About ready to cum, I pushed in one more time all the way to the balls and exploded in her, filling her ass with gallons of cum. My orgasm flowed into her, her cute tight butt milking me dry, as her orgasm subsided. Finally finished cumming, I pulled my softening cock from her gaping asshole and untied the belt pinning her to the bench. I took the bikini top gag from her mouth and put it in with my clothes and her bottoms in the pile on the floor of the locker room. I wrapped her gorgeous body in a towel from the stack by the door and gathered our few items of clothing. She was so weak from her orgasms that she could barely stand. I picked up her light frame in my arms and carried her back to my room.

It was late so nobody was out which was good because they would have found a naked guy carrying a passed out naked girl in his arms with a bikini and some clothes tucked under his arm. That would have been hard to explain. I got into my room and placed her cute form on the king-size bed in the middle of the room. Half-asleep, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me before lying back down again. I put one of my T-shirts on her and pulled the sheet over her before climbing in the bed next to her. She rolled over towards me and wrapped her small arms around my chest before falling asleep. After a few minutes, I fell asleep too, drained from the intense fucking.


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