Fun with Roger

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Joyce and Roger were best friends of my parents and lived a couple houses down the street from the house where I grew up. At some point, I had become an oral servant to Roger, a short balding guy that sported a hairy beer belly and an equally hairy thick five inch cock.

Shortly after my 18th birthday, Roger began requesting “help around the house” on a more frequent basis and my parents always offered me up as the “helper”. Little did they know!

Joyce worked on the weekends at a local shopping mall and Roger would invite several of his friends to come over, work on a project car in his garage, or watch football in the afternoon. It was on one of these Saturdays that my “servitude” to Roger increased in scope, and in time, if fun, as I began to enjoy myself as I indulged in my secret lifestyle. This was the early 1970’s and in our conservative suburb, there was no outward showing of gay or bi activities or lifestyle. To this day, my bi-ness is known only by my brother and a select few friends (not even my wife knows my passion for cock).

I remember the first time for my expanded duties came in the early autumn. It was the ABC College Game of the Week. When I arrived at Rogers house, the noon game was about to begin. Roger met me at the door and told me to strip right there. He took my clothes and put them in a closet before leading me by the hand into the TV room which was in the back of the house. I was horrified when he introduced me to three friends as his “Cock Sucking Bitch”. I saw three hairy fat guys sitting on the couches that faced the TV. All three were looking at me like I was a juicy piece of meat and I was asked to stand in front of them to display my skinny, nearly hairless body.

My cock had started to rise when Roger opened the front door. I thought that I was there to perform my normal Saturday duties, which included blowing him once or twice, letting him finger my hole as he gave me a hand-job, before cumming all over my stomach, which he would then feed me with his fat little fingers. Today would be different.

My izmit escort cock was (is) not large by any standard. It’s 6″ but pretty thick. It stood pointing toward the ceiling as I displayed myself to the group.

“Let me show you boys how well I’ve trained this bitch to suck cock” pined Roger as he dropped his jeans and underwear and sat in his lounger.

Obediently, I walked over to him, dropped to my knees and began rubbing his cock and balls with both hands. He scooted his ass to the edge of the chair allowing me to kneel before him and begin worshipping his package. As I leaned in to lick the head of his soft cock, he lifted his beer belly to let me in and then let it lay back down on my forehead.

His cock was now growing and as it did, I alternated licking his sack and running my tongue all along the underside of his cock, stopping just below the crown. He had taught me well, and I knew just how to bring him to a throbbing erection before ever allowing him to enter my mouth. As I continued to ready him for his ultimate pleasure, I heard zippers, buttons and the sounds of three guys stripping naked and resuming their places on the couch. Although I didn’t look, I knew that they were all sitting there rubbing their cocks. By the time I got to each of them, I knew that it would not take long to provide their satisfaction.

By now, Roger was feeding me a steady stream of pre-cum. I lapped it up as it dripped down the belly of his fully erect cock. Now, I took him into my wet mouth and let him slowly fuck my lips for a few seconds. Then he surprised me by telling me to stand up.

As I did, my cock was dripping. Roger rubbed his thumb up my shaft, collected my pre-cum and then had me suck it off of his thumb. He then made a general announcement to the boys, who were all sitting on the couches stroking their hard-on’s. “This bitch will swallow your loads, no need to tell him that it’s coming…believe me, he knows”.

With that, he made me get back down on my hands and knees to crawl toward the first couch, yahya kaptan escort where two fat guys, Ray and Gerry, were stroking themselves. I was surprised to see Gerry pinch Ray’s nipple as I settled between Ray’s thighs to begin my work.

Ray was a medium large guy with a big belly. He wasn’t really hairy like Roger. His cock, usually hidden in his heavy frame was about the same size as mine, but much thinner. The head was wider than the stalk, which was different from what I was used to with Roger. As soon as I started licking his shaft, pre-cum began pouring from the slit. I lapped it all up and worked my way up to the crown, which I sucked into my warm mouth. He was ready so I just began slowly sucking him, while tonguing the underside. After only a minute or two, I felt his head expanding and I knew he was ready to cum. I softly pinched the skin on his sack and he grabbed my head in both hands and held it down. He blew three or four times providing a decent sized load to swallow and he then quickly broke free of my lip-lock, fearing that I would torture his sensitive cock. My first load was down, and I knew it was going to be a long, but satisfying afternoon!

Gerry was next. He was a huge guy, well over 300 lbs. His cock, normally hidden somewhere inside that fat was the longest I’d ever seen. I’m sure he was over seven inches long when hard and about as thick as me. He pulled me over from Ray by the arm and told me to “suck that dick, bitch”.

About the same time, Roger reached under me and rubbed my cock and balls a bit. Then, I felt him pour something cool and wet down my crack. Although he had fingered me in the past, it never went beyond that stage…I wasn’t sure I wanted it to!

I began working on Gerry and he seemed to enjoy shoving all seven inches into my throat until I gasped for air. I wasn’t a deep-throater at that time, so I was struggling to make him cum without gagging to death on his meat. Soon, he relaxed and just let me work my magic on his cock. All during this time, Roger gebze escort was massaging the liquid into my ass with is fingers. After awhile, I loosened up and just let him play. Every now and then, he would touch something in there that nearly made me cum. I continued working on Gerry. It took about 10 minutes, both hands, and my well trained mouth, but he grunted and exploded down my throat. He seemed to like me rubbing his sack and continuing my sucking motion after he came. When it was finished, I jacked him slowly with both hands making a large glob of cum appear at the top and licked it away like some $5 whore.

The last guy was Larry. He was another hairy guy like roger with a package that was just a bit larger. Before I could crawl over to him, Roger stopped fingering my hole and told me it was time to make him cum. He laid on the carpet in front of me and his cock pointed toward the ceiling. I made my way over to him and leaned down to allow him to fuck my face. I guess my ass was pointing toward the ceiling and I felt Larry nudge between my feet and lay his hard cock against my crack. It was going to happen!

I concentrated on Roger and soon had him sucking the carpet into his crack. At the same time, Larry slid into my ass. There was just a moment of pain, then it was gone. After making sure I was well lubed inside, he began fucking me. When my body began getting shoved forward and back in the universal getting fucked from behind fashion, Roger unloaded in my mouth. I swallowed, but was getting a feeling that I’d never had before and I lost my ability to concentrate. While Larry pistoned in and out of my hole, Roger slid sideways under me and began jacking my cock. Larry hit that spot and I exploded in pleasure, shooting a load all over Roger’s chest and nipple. I must have tensed up when this happened because Larry chose that time to slump his weight on my back and spurt inside of me.

When it was over, Larry plopped himself out of me and Roger, in a stern voice said “Well bitch, lick my chest clean!”

Everyone cleaned off from the adventure and I was “asked” to blow all four cocks again before Roger led me to the shower and helped me clean all of the afternoon’s proceedings off of me. He then sent me home and told me that he’d have another assignment next Saturday.

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