Getting Fucked By Santa and Krampus

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18 year old Tommy Cho was being a spoiled brat. It was Christmas morning and he was severely pissed about his presents. “Pliers?! Why the fuck would you think I’d want that? And The Hobbit on Blu-ray? Everyone knows those movies were lazy and dragged out to cash in on the LOTR franchise. And socks? I have enough fucking socks. You two knew I wanted an XBox One. I even got all A’s like I promised I would.”

His father James shot a warning glare. “Watch your tone, young man. Your mother and I work hard to provide for you and you should be grateful for anything you get. If you want that XBox thing so bad, get a damn part-time job.”

His mother Susan tried for a gentler tone. “Tommy, we wanted to get you the XBox One, but your brother’s college is so expensive and more important than video games. Also, it is the thought that counts.”

“So I got fucked over just because Ryan had to go to Stanford. No thought went into these presents. Giving your gay son pliers? You can go over to Grandma’s without me. Fuck y’all!” The 5’11” Asian teen stormed up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door shut. He got out his phone to angrily tweet about the injustice of getting socks when you were expecting an XBox One.

A few minutes later, he heard his parents leave the house. “Those assholes can go eat Grandma’s dry ass turkey. I’ve got Cheetos.” As he started to open the bag, he heard a noise downstairs. He put the Cheetos down and decided to investigate. “Mom? Dad? I’m not going with you, so you might as well leave,” Tommy said while descending the stairs.

It wasn’t his parents there. There was a 6’2″ man with dark hair in a Santa suit with horns on his head who kind of looked like Adam Driver. The man beside him was 6’3″ with longish red hair and was just wearing red Santa pants and boots and the Santa hat. Tommy looked at that ripped chest and large biceps and licked his lips.

“I haven’t done any drugs. Am I dreaming?” Tommy asked bewildered.

“Nope! I’m Santa. And this is Krampus,” the red haired man said.

“We’re here to punish you for being an ungrateful little shit. Take off your pants,” Krampus ordered.

Tommy shrugged figuring this was a weird sex dream and he’d go along with it. He took his jeans off and threw them towards the door. He was free balling, so he didn’t have to worry about underwear.

Santa admired Tommy’s 7 inch erection. “Very nice, Tommy.”

“Thanks, Santa. Why do you look like you should be starring in Outlander? Shouldn’t you be fat and old and look like John Goodman?” Tommy queried.

“Tommy, the fat and old look is for when I’m supposed to be non-threatening looking. This is how I look when I’m talking to handsome men like yourself,” Santa said giving Tommy a wink.

Krampus sat down on the couch nişantaşı escort and patted his lap. “Get over here, brat,” Krampus barked.

Tommy walked over to Krampus wearing nothing but his Christmas sweater. He draped himself over the lap of the horned man.

“This is for being an asshole to your parents who do nothing but love and support your ungrateful ass,” Krampus yelled bringing his right hand down hard on Tommy ‘s right ass cheek.

“Ow! You bitch,” Tommy yelled. He suddenly realized this wasn’t a dream. He was really getting spanked by Krampus.

“You’re the bitch. Christmas is about family, not some overpriced game console,” Krampus said giving a slightly gentler smack to Tommy’s left ass cheek.

Tommy’s eyes stung with tears. Not just from the spanking. He knew he had been unfair to his parents. They did work really hard. They had a mortage, Ryan’s college and putting away money in Tommy’s college fund. If they had the money to spare for the XBox One, they’d have bought it.

“This is for maligning The Hobbit movies. They had a lot of problems, but Lee Pace was great in them,” Krampus said while spreading Tommy’s cheeks and teasing his hole with one finger. The finger suddenly felt wet with lube. He worked the finger in and started gently thrusting in and out of Tommy’s ass. “Do you have something you want to say?”

“I’m sorry for being an grateful asshole! Ohhh. You have long fingers!” Tommy moaned as Krampus worked another finger in and found his prostate.

“Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to your parents when they get home.” Krampus eased his fingers out of Tommy. “Now get off my lap. You’ve been ignoring Santa.”

Tommy got up and noticed Santa was now just wearing boots and no pants. He was bent slightly forward presenting his bubble butt to Tommy. Mistletoe was magically floating above it.

“Kiss my ass, Tommy,” Santa said laughing.

Tommy eagerly walked over and got on his knees before the beautiful ass. The mistletoe disappeared as Tommy gave Santa’s left cheek a wet kiss. He spread the cheeks and stared at Santa’s puckered hole. He spit on it and worked the saliva over the hole. He then leaned into taste it. As he licked Santa’s asshole, he realized it kind of tasted like Christmas cookies.

“You are such a good boy, Tommy. Isn’t this better than some silly video game that will be obsolete in a few years?” Santa as his butt swayed in Tommy’s face.

Tommy moaned in agreement as he worked his tongue into Santa’s ass. Now it tasted like candy canes. He reached around to grip Santa’s thick dick and started jerking it as he darted his tongue in and out of Santa’s ass.

“The rusty trombone? If you keep that up, I’m going to make a mess all over your carpet,” Santa moaned as precum fell onto the şişli escort carpet below.

“Enough of the rimjob. I’m ready to fuck,” Krampus yelled from behind Tommy.

Tommy reluctantly pulled away from Santa’s delicious ass and stood up. Krampus was now naked and sporting an erection that looked to be 9 inches. Tommy gulped. “Um, I don’t think that will fit in me.”

Krampus just smiled. “It will fit.” He snapped his fingers and suddenly Tommy felt his ass being magically stretched and lubed. “Now get on your back on the carpet.”

Tommy got on his back and Krampus moved to mount him. “Don’t worry. You’ll enjoy it,” Krampus said in a gentle tone. He positioned Tommy’s legs around his waist. He then pushed the head of his monster dick in. He paused for a few seconds and then worked a few inches in.

Tommy moaned. “Ohhh. Give me more, Krampus,” Tommy begged.

“Yeah, you like it, don’t you, brat?” Krampus asked as he skewered more of his cock into Tommy’s asshole.

Santa just stood there jerking off his 8 inch cock and watching the show. This was almost as hot as the time he and Krampus had visited a frat house.

“Sit on my face, Santa. I want more of that ass,” Tommy said pleadingly.

“Okay, Tommy. Since you’re being such a good boy right now, I’ll oblige,” Santa said straddling Tommy and facing Krampus. He lowered his butt to Tommy’s mouth.

Tommy eagerly dove in and started attacking that hole with his tongue. This time it tasted like gingerbread. He could rim Santa all day. He moaned into Santa’s ass as Krampus hit his prostate.

Krampus leaned forward and gave Santa a kiss. “How is that tongue, baby?”

Santa panted. “So good. All that time Tommy spent practicing on his friend Spencer paid off. Want to switch?”

“Hell, yeah.” Krampus pulled out of Tommy and Santa got up from Tommy’s face. Tommy whined a bit at the loss of dick and ass, but that was short lived as Krampus sat on his face and Santa entered his ass.

Tommy gave the ass in his face a long lick. Krampus didn’t taste like anything unexpected like Santa did, but Tommy didn’t mind. He truly enjoyed eating ass. He sucked on the hot hole in his face.

Santa thrust into Tommy’s ass hard. “Such a tight ass. Fuck yeah. If you’re a good boy, we’ll come back. If you’re bad, you get nothing. Do you understand?”

Tommy moaned his agreement. He wanted Santa and Krampus to visit him often.

Krampus jerked his cock and stared into Santa’s eyes. “I’m going to nut! His tongue is too good! Fuck!” Ropes of cum shot out and landed on Tommy’s Christmas sweater. The little Santa on it now could be barely seen under the jizz.

Tommy’s ass clenched down on Santa’s cock. “Uuhhhh. Fuck. Here cums Santa Claus!” Santa’s ass flexed as he started drenching mecidiyeköy escort Tommy’s tight hole in cum.

Krampus and Santa got up and sat naked on the couch. Santa took Krampus into his arms and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

Tommy got up, staring down at his jizz drenched sweater and his 7 inch hard on. Santa’s cum was leaking from his ass. “Uh, what about me?” Tommy asked pointing to his boner.

“Oh, you’re hard? That sounds like a personal problem. Sorry,” Krampus said.

Santa sighed. “Tommy, do you promise to be good?” Tommy nodded. Santa got on all fours on the carpet. “Then be a good boy and fuck Santa in the ass. And don’t be nice about it.”

Tommy rushed to get behind such a beautiful butt. His friend Spencer had a pretty ass and liked to bottom, but it couldn’t compare to the glory of Santa’s big round ass. He pushed in and started thrusting.

Sounds of moaning and Tommy’s pelvis hitting Santa’s ass filled the living room. He gave Santa’s right cheek a slap. “Like it, Santa?” Tommy said grinning down at the sight of his cock pounding that tight hole.

“Ohhh. I love it. Take your present, Tommy,” Santa said pushing his ass back into Tommy’s next thrust.

Tommy figured he permission to be a bit rough, so he started humping like a jackrabbit. “Ohhh, fuck.” He pulled out. “Turn around and swallow my load, Santa.”

Santa quickly moved around and took the head into his mouth. He started jerking it with both hands while giving Tommy direct eye contact.

This was too much for Tommy. The fact that it was Santa had him nutting ten seconds later. It was the hardest he had ever cum in his life.

Santa opened up his mouth and showed Tommy his big load. He then closed and swallowed. He then opened up to show an empty mouth. “Nice load, Tommy. If you continue down the right path, I’ll swallow it again sometime.”

“We’ll be watching. Don’t be an asshat. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go visit someone who voted for Jill Stein in Michigan,” Krampus said as he and Santa disappeared.

Tommy looked down at himself and the fluids on the carpet. “Shit. I better clean up.”


An hour later, James and Susan unlocked the front door to find Tommy waiting for them.

“Mom! Dad! I’m so sorry for how I acted earlier. I was being an ungrateful brat. I’m going to get a part-time job to help you guys out and pay for any fun stuff I want.”

James pulled his son into a hug. “That’s great, son.”

Susan noticed Tommy was just wearing a plain black shirt. “What happened to your Christmas sweater?”

“I got a stain on it. It’s in the washer right now,” Tommy said nervously.

Susan sniffed the air. “It smells like air freshener in here. Did your ‘friend’ Spencer come by?” Susan said narrowing her eyes.

“I can promise you that Spencer didn’t come, Mom,” Tommy said. “I’ve got cookies in the oven. Let’s just enjoy the rest of Christmas. I’m even wearing the socks you guys bought me!”

The End

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