Getting Married

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Female Ejaculation

It is such a romantic day. Just right for some me time.

I am getting married to myself today.

I needed to shower. I had a terrible week at work. My boss was her typical self; bitchy, paranoid and touchy-feely. She actively questioned my manhood, my cock size and whether I had what it took. I would quit but for the fact that I am paid so much.

I got home and closed the curtains. I set up a nice arm chair plus several still and video cameras.

I took off my clothes and stepped into the shower.

Desperate to feel clean, I pushed my soap up my ass to get clean. I had taken an enema and laxative, so I was clean inside. Now with the soap, I felt clean outside. I also washed my cock and my balls very well.

Getting out of the shower, I shaved my legs and cock. I am already beginning to anticipate romance and lust. Rubbing on the soothing cream on my legs and cock, I feel the lust surging. My cock is enlarging. The cream was supposed to make me harder, more virile and increase my semen output. It has been working. The Viagra has helped too.

I am getting ready to self-marry. I have waited so long for this day. I have endured long days of dripping. Long days of being so hard that I hurt are ready to be forgotten. Long days of exploding into my dresses before I am ready will be just a memory. I have been getting ready for this day for so long.

I am now ready. I have saved myself for marriage to myself.

I sit on the chair and I find a pair of white stockings. Virginal white to enhance the mood, I slide them on my legs. The have elastic tops, so they stay up. I never got the hang of a garter belt. I slip on pair of white high heels that I had made in my size. I teeter very uneasily. How do girls do it? As I walk across the room, my still growing cock sways and waves.

I then find a very large and very stiff white petticoat and step into it. It forms a nice bell around my waist. They hide my many figure flaws. The tulle rubs against my still cock, or should I call it my clitty. I don’t want to explode now. Last time I put this petticoat on I came so forcefully that it took a week to clean. I barely manage to restrain myself this time.

Finally I slip on the dress. White with a full skirt to cover the petticoats and a demure top with long gloves and a high halter top neck line, the dress gives the impression that a pure, shy virgin is wearing it. That is why I love it. It is a copy of a dress my mother has in her closet, but mersin escort in my size. I am a shy, inexperienced virgin, dreaming of being ravished by my dream lover. I would love one day to have a session with her wearing this dress. But that will have to wait.

Looking in the mirror, I see my fantasy girl. My lust is fully grown and I need to release it.

I put a pair of small ear buds in my ears. I then pick up a wedding bouquet and slowly walk to the strains of the wedding march to a spot in front of one of the cameras.

A female voice starts to recite, “We are gathered here today to witness this marriage of this sissy to herself. Sissy, do you take yourself to be your wife?”

“I do.” As I speak this, I hear a female voice saying this.

“Do you promise to be faithful, fucking only yourself?”

“I do.” The female voice is more insistent.

“Sissy, since you have demonstrated that you are ready, I pronounce you Sissy-wife. You may show your devotion to yourself.”

I totter over to a waiting arm chair and sit down.

Arranging the dress up over my waist and draping my legs over each arm, I am fully exposed.

I turn on an erotic movie on my TV. A captive husband wearing a nice dress is spread eagled over a railing and the wife who is wearing a strap on is vigorously fucking him. “I told you, petticoats not panties. Even though your balls are very valuable, if I catch you wearing panties again, I am going to cut them off and feed them to you while broadcasting it, like I am doing now. He starts cumming. I want to but I do not yet. My clitty is straining and ready to explode. I do not touch it.

I touch the bodice of my dress. “I am so in lust with me. I make my clitty so hard.” The female voice manages to pant. The next movie comes up. The husband in the last movie is now dressed in petticoats, stockings and high heels. His cock is even harder than the movie before. He moans, “I am so hard, please may I cum.” His wife says, “No, not until you meet my friend.

She them lifts her dress and she is wearing a 12 inch dildo. “It even cums,” she said. “I knew that’s what you wanted.” The look on his face was priceless. His eyes widened as he was bent over the chair

My lust was throbbing. ‘I love me. I want me so…..hard….HARD!!! I love my cock. It is so big and strong!” I could barely keep my love in my cock. I hold the dress and petticoats to my waist and frame my kocaeli escort now quivering rod. I spread my stockinged legs as far apart as I can. I imagined that if I were a girl, my vagina would be in full view, hopefully wide open.

I then pick up a large dildo. It is an exact replica of my swollen cock down to the bumps and creases in my shaft and balls. It feels the same and is the same color. I spent nine sessions with a female technician, who stimulated me to the point of orgasm with invasive prostate massages, then stopped. She said that it was so my largest firmest size could be attained. Eventually, she permitted me to spurt. I start sucking on it and then I lube it and slowly push it in my clean virgin ass. It is a funny feeling. I feel violated but excited. Is this how a girl feels when she is fucked?

My cock slides all the way in my ass to the balls. It feels like it is thrusting

The movie continues. The sounds of the man, moaning helplessly while being penetrated by the dildo and his wife grunting, ‘You slut, you want a cock.”

My legs are as wide open I can get them, I am completely exposed . My clitty is swollen and hard. My dildo is thrusting in my ass. I am moaning, “Ohh, ohh, I love me. I want to fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me….FUCK ME!!!! The voice I hear is a female.

I did not need to touch my clitty. I start to moan, “I love me. I want to feel me inside. I am so hot.”

Then ribbon after ribbon of hot creamy semen began to pulsate out of me.

My balls are producing loads of hot love cream. I keep cumming and cumming. I am imagining my lover ravishing me. Just then the cock in my ass starts cumming! (The voice tells me that I am being filled with my semen and sperm from our dildo sessions.) I am truly fucking myself! I am consummating my self-marriage! I can’t stop cumming and can’t stop moaning and begging!

There I am dressed like a virgin bride, cumming and moaning.

“Oh fuck, fuck, I am so hot for me! My cock is only for me! I am so full of fucking love. I love me1 I am full of lust for me! I want me! Fuck me!”

One last long spurt comes out of my clitty and I am done. So much has been done. I am so tired……

What a wedding! I am so happy that I am married. I had already packed my trousseau for the honeymoon. I went into my bedroom. It had already been outfitted with all the cameras to capture my wedding night.

I prepare for the big night samsun escort by removing my wedding dress. Piece by piece, they are off. I am now naked. I bathe in the bath tub. Flowers petals are strewn about. Soft music is playing.

I am clean. I am naked. I shave again and apply the special cream. I again put in the ear buds and I hear a voice telling me how lovely I am.

Walking into the bedroom, I open the case with my wedding night outfit.

There are white stockings and high heeled marabou slippers. The night gown is white nylon. It is a baby doll. There is a small bodice then the rest flares out in yards of filmy white chiffon. It is like wearing a hundred yard petticoat around my chest. The fluff finishes about eight inches above my waist. I am fully aroused again.. Seeing me in the full length mirror and hearing the female voice telling me how pretty I am has done its job.

On the bed is a small case.

The voice tells me to lie down on the bed and then open the case. Inside is a lifelike condom attached to an exact replica of my cock. “Slip on your cock,” the voice said.

The condom slid on easily the full length of my cock. It looked like my own cock with a small tube connected to the dildo

The voice came on. ‘Lie down and open your legs. I want to fuck me. ‘

I laid down on the pillows and spread myself wide open. “Oh, I want to fuck me! I want me. I want to suck my cock and feel me.” My voice sounded very feminine. My cock began to be caressed like it was being sucked. A tongue was caressing my cock head. I am becoming very hot,

“I want to suck me! I want to be fucked by me!” I am moaning in frenzied lust.

A very feminine voice says, “You have two dildos. Be sure to suck one and fuck the other.”

I get one dildo. It looks just like my cock. I slide it in my ass. I am so excited! I get the other dildo. It looks like my cock too. I start to suck on it.

Suddenly both dildos feel like they are thrusting and the condom feels like it is inside a very tight pussy. I am fucking and sucking myself on my wedding night! I feel like I am being ravished by three people. My hands are grabbing my nipples while I try to moan. A deep guttural moan comes out as I am being fucked and sucked. My legs are as far apart as I can get them and I am trying to stay open and hard.

I start to cum. I hear a voice, “I am so hard. I am cumming. I am fucking and sucking my virgin cock and ass on my wedding night!

I start cumming hard. My cock is spurting. The dildos start cumming too. I then realize that I am sucking and swallowing my own cum. I am being fucked with my own cum. I am truly fucking myself!

I have consummated my marriage to me on my marriage bed!

I am so hopeful that there will be many more times like this!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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