Goddess and Her Pig Ch. 01

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How did I end up, on all fours, holding a plate of her food as her heel was in my ass? How did I end up a piece of property? As she was finishing eating, she dug her heel into my ass more causing a whimper to escape my lips. How did I end up here?

A few days earlier.

I was standing a stage, my hands cuffed together as people stared at me. My mind couldn’t comprehend what just happened.

“Smile cunt. This is for your slave profile. Your new life starts when you are bought. So, smile pretty,” the guy behind the camera laughed. I tried to smile but I was too scared to.

“I said smile cunt. People will more likely buy a worthless cunt like you if you smile,” I faked a smile as the camera flashed. I was pushed to another spot. They had put a barcode on my foot, and made me a profile. I happened to look and saw they put my name as Slave 69332201. They left the owner line blank as they pushed me forward. I was hearing a gavel on wood as we in a line kept moving.

“Next,” someone said as they drug me out. I was standing there, my hands cuffed together, as eyes of males and females were staring at me.

“Next up is Slave number 69332201. It is 22 years old. This slave has a tight virgin cunt, tight ass and triple d tits. It isn’t very obedient and we here would love to sell her to very sadistic female or male,” the auctioneer said as I saw hands fly up.

“Bend over Cunt. Let’s see your ass,” a guy yelled as I was forced to bend over. My heart was beating out of my chest.

“Lovely. Is she clean?”

“Obviously. She is virgin,” the auctioneer said in annoyance. I heard a pair of heels coming towards the stage.

“Stand up straight cunt. I will start the bidding at 6,000,” she said her pink lips pulled into a smirk. Her face was striking. Her grey eyes scanning my body. She had high cheek bones that could cut anyone who came closer to her. Her hair was blonde and curly it looked like she tossed it into a ponytail.

“Do I hear any other bids?”

I heard amounts being yelled when I heard sold. I saw the striking female from before come up to me, attach a chain to the cuffs and she walked me out to a cage. She pushed me in and shut it.

“Stay cunt. Time to finish this sale,” she said as she walked away. She pulled someone over by me. They had papers in their hand and a computer. They scanned the barcode on my foot.

“The worst, meanest and most sadistic dominant bought the virgin, our newest kidnap victim. Oh, look at that you are four years older than she is. Okay, insert your name and mistress number on here,” They motioned to the computer. She leant her ass on the cage, as she typed.

“Okay now sign here and when you’re done hand it to me,” she signed and I saw them hand me a pen.

“Sign away your rights. Sign under her name and they are gone. Sign ‘cunt 69332201’,” I nodded, tears forming in my eyes as I signed. She smiled at me and pulled the chain.

“I am very glad I bought a virgin little slut. By the way, they faked your death, cunt. No one will ever want to come find you, since they think you are dead to them now.” She smiled as the person looked to her.

“Shall we haul her to your car Miss,” they asked as she put a lock on the cage.

“Yes. The backseat would be lovely. First I need to grab a few items,” she smirked.

“If you make us a list we will grab it for you, Miss. We will even bring them out for you,” She handed them money and a card with where her car is as I felt the cage lift. I saw her walking in front of me, my body cramped in this tight cage.

“Backseat is perfect. I want to tell this bitch what her new life is,” she said sitting down. They put me in the car roughly and I could see looking at me in the mirror.

“So clearly we aren’t leaving yet. Not until I get the items I paid for. But your life, is mine. All your possessions, mine. You are an object, piece of fuck meat, property, slave, pig and whatever else I want you to be,” She smirked, “You will obey no matter what I ask. Punishments, humiliations, degradations and all that fun stuff is an everyday thing from here on out. You are to be branded tattooed and pierced. Plus, you will be given a surgery, it is a new one that only slaves can get. Everything you do is for my pleasure and amusement not yours. You will sign your lease over to me, and you will live in both places. You are to address me as Goddess, Mistress, Queen or Empress. Anything like that will do. I read that you were straight, well poor little cunt. You won’t be seeing a real cock unless I tell you, and if I do, it will be a massive one. I own you. You do as I say,” she smiled as she considered my eyes.

“Y-y-yes Goddess,” I stammered out between tears. I heard the doors open and close and felt things being put in the car. She drove away with an evil smile.

“Also, you will only wear clothing when I say. You are to stay nude all day everyday unless told. You will also serve anything or anyone I tell you too.”

Tears were now full Ankara escort blown running down my cheek, “Y-ye-yes goddess.” The cage was shaking as she drove. A little bit later I saw the garage open and she pulled in. I felt the car stop as she opened and closed doors, leaving me her newest inquiry until last. I felt the cage lift as I saw her carry me in. She slammed the cage to the ground and unlocked it. I felt her hand grip my hair as she drags me out.

“Welcome home, cunt. Let me show you around,” She said pulling me, “This is where you will eat food out of, or my hands if I want to feed you scraps. But no hands. I may even put you on a cum and piss diet. Furniture is for humans and this bowl is for a cunt like you. You will only ever be on the floor, even sleeping do you understand, cunt?”

“Yes your highness,” I said as she drags me more.

“Here is the bathroom which you will not use unless for torture or cleaning of your body by me if I feel nice. Otherwise you will be hosed down outside. You will be cleaning this room however. Normally the toilets you will use will be are newspapers, outside or the buckets you see,” She said smirking. I felt myself go pink. I saw a big room in front of me.

“This is my room. You will never be on the bed, unless told. This cage you will sleep in along with some other places,”

We walked across the hall and I saw a door labelled cunt.

“This is my office and this room here you will sleep as well,” she said opening a door that said cunt across it. The room was no bigger than a closet. My heart was racing.

“Yes Mistress,”

“Time to see the dungeon, bitch,” She smirked as she pulled me down the steps. As we went downstairs my heart sank. I saw chains, whips, dildos, torture devices that I couldn’t make out, other toys and cameras. She yanked me to a spot and I saw a dog looking collar. It said ‘Cunt 69332201’

“You are to wear this 24/7 no matter what. The lock is going to be impossible to unlock, because it is a special one so don’t fucking try” she said as I heard my collar click. I let out a gulp as she pulled me to another spot. I saw an evil smirk come across her face.

“You will also sleep down here. Basically, dog cages and closets will be your bed, slut,” she said as she grabbed what looked to be an ashtray. She pulled me upstairs, every step my ass and legs were getting hit. She pulled me into her office and pushed me to my knees. She attached the ashtray gag to my mouth and chuckled.

“Stay like this until I am done answering my emails. It is easy. Just breathe the smoke in, and stay,” she said as she lit a cigarette. I let out a nod as she put the tip of the cigarette on my collar bone, causing a burn.

“I forgot to mention I will also be burning you,” she smirked and laughed slightly. I nodded and did what I was told. I felt a burn on my thigh and another on my neck. I let out muffled screams as I was breathing in the smoke and ashes from the ashtray. After about thirty minutes and a bunch of smoke later she got up, pulled me up by my hair.

“Come cunt. Time for inspection of my newest purchase,” I nodded and took a few steps forward. She spun around and slapped me.

“Animals like you cunt, crawl. So, get down and crawl. We will be taking an elevator so this stupid sow doesn’t damage my goods,” she hissed as I got down and followed her to an elevator. My tits were swinging and my ass was up. My tits were in pain. Once in I saw her pull out her phone and laughed.

“Look at those udders or punching bags. They are huge and I bet they are hurting without support,” She laughed as she was taping me. I whimpered and she led me to a thing on the ground. It was a rising table.

“Get on, stay on all fours,” I nodded as she unhooked the ashtray.

“Thank you Goddess,” I said as she raised the table to the height of her hips, put cuffs on my ankles, pushed my legs far apart and cuffed my ankles as well.

“I don’t want you to move, bitch,” she said as pulled a chair in front of me.

“Yes Mistress,” I said as she sat down and looked at me.

“Open your mouth, wide,” I opened it up as wide as it could go. She took a flashlight and was considering it.

“Look at those pearly whites and the size of cunt’s mouth is huge. Let me see your tongue,” She said pulling it out hard.

“Great length. We may need to get lip fillers so it can have better lips. Close your mouth, pig,”

I shut my mouth as she looked to my tits. Her eyes lighting and her mouth pulled into a smirk.

“I will obviously look at them again, but they’re nice, round and big udders. They look like they can take a lot of torture and the nipples,” she twisted them, “I will enjoy these as well,”

My heart was racing as tears were forming, “Yes Goddess.”

She circled my body, as she squeezed the little fat I had and my thighs. She smiled and continued to make remarks. This time she pulled out a camera and was snapping photos.

“Skinny with big udders and a Ankara escort bayan big rump. That is the most perfect thing. Now, I am going to un-cuff those hands so they can be useful. Spread that ass, Pig,” She walked behind me as I felt her hands on my ass.

“Mmmm what a nice big rump on this pig. Does it bounce?” She smacked it, I yelped and it bounced.

“Sow, spread the cheeks,” she ordered as my shaky hands pulled apart my ass cheeks. I had a tear falling as I felt her breath on my ear.

“Wider, dumb cunt. Spread them until they can’t go farther,” she said as I did, slowly. She pulled my wrists further as I felt my ass start to hurt.

“There cunt. Now look at that nice asshole. It is very puckered and like a flower bud. This ass will be fun to torture,” she said pressing a finger over the hole.

“Let go. Time to inspect my cunt. Not yours, mine,” she said as I let go of my ass cheeks. Tears were now falling as I felt her eyes staring at me.

“Yes Queen,” I said as I put my hands back by the cuffs. She re did the cuffs and smacked me.

“Stop your crying, pig,” She walked back behind me, “Time to look at this gorgeous cunt. It is so wet and juicy. They said it was virgin so let’s see,” she said jamming a finger in my cunt as I whimpered.

“Oh yes nice and tight and the clit, so nice and small. This was worth the amount I paid alone. Getting to take your virginity, that is worth the money,” She un-cuffed my ankles and wrists, removed her fingers and walked to my face.

“Bitch, I read that you are straight. Its body says otherwise. Plus, slut will never see another cock again unless I say otherwise. Now cunt, suck or lick your juices off my fingers,”

“Yes Mistress,” I sucked off my juices and she flipped me over. I was now on my back as she smiled.

“Your face will be great for fucking. Now, time for the thing I have been waiting for. Let me see those udders,” She grabbed them and pulled at my nipples. I let out a whimper as she smirked.

“Good girl,” She smacked them and pulled the nipples again.

“Inspections are over. You are getting surgeries. I won’t tell you them until you get them but it will involve the udders, cunt and ass. You will be getting lip fillers. I will wax your legs, pubic area, under arms, mustache and arm hair and then I will burn the skin and make sure the hair doesn’t grow back. Also, you will be branded, tattooed, pierced. Again, you will find those out later as well,” she said as I nodded.

“Yes Goddess, whatever makes you happy Goddess,” I said as she spat on me multiple times and she slapped my face a few times.

“However, before any of the branding, tattoos and piercings, you will make dinner cunt. If it is not made in a half an hour, punishments will ensue. I mean they will anyways but you will get more. You are to make it, pour me champagne, call me out and serve me all within a half an hour,” she said pulling me off the table by my hair. I went to crawl when she grabbed my arms tightly.

“Wait, you will be wearing this,” She said pulling out a device that I assumed let out electric charges based on the remote. She put it on my cunt lips and clit, tightly.

“It will go off, whenever I tell it too. I think I will do every two minutes, and if you go over the half an hour time limit, the shocks will become non-stop,” she smirked as it turned on. I let out a squeal and started to crawl upstairs and started cooking.

Forty-five minutes later, I was sitting on all fours by your feet, as I ate small pieces of food from your hands. It was the fat or hard parts of the meat and peas. My cunt wouldn’t stop throbbing. I felt you pull at my hair and you drug me to my food bowl.

“Cunt, dinner was subpar. Plus, it was late. I was going to let you have food but instead you are going to only be allowed to have some piss to eat right now. Understand Sow?” She said stepping on me with her heels.

“Y-y-yes Goddess. This sow is sorry,” I said as she pulled out some dog food looking stuff.

“Do not eat this yet. You are only allowed my piss, shit and cum right now. But this is for later, maybe. Now, let’s go feed you,” She said pulling me in the bathroom. She put my head over the bath as her thighs were around the sides of my head. I felt a hot stream of piss in my mouth as I swallowed. I heard her grunt as she said she had to shit. I gulped a bit as she shit on my face. She fed me her shit as I gagged. She kept her hand over my mouth until I swallowed the shit.

“Thirsty?” she asked as I nodded. She pissed again and then I felt her get up and she pulled me by my ankles to the office. She pulled me up by my hair and pushed me against the wall.

“Now, that meal will be given to you whenever I want. Maybe I will make you eat that for a month. You still get cum later but right now; we must clean out your colon. It is enema time,” she said kicking me. I saw her pull a chair over to the corner of the room.

“Sow, come now,” she said as I crawled Escort Ankara over. I stood up and she bent me over a chair attaching my hands to the legs of the chair. I got a glimpse of a hose and a bag it was connected to. She roughly inserted the tube into my ass as she laughed. I felt a cold liquid rush into my ass and start to fill me up.

“You will be here for 30ish minutes. I have a few more emails to reply too and some stuff to do. I may keep you there longer, for making dinner late and making it subpar,”

“Yes Goddess,” I said as she walked to the desk. I saw there were some mirrors around me. I started to squirm in uncomfort.

“Stay still cunt,” She said getting it up and pushing it in further. She walked back to her desk as I felt fuller and stayed still. Tears starting to fall from my eyes.

45 minutes later

I saw her walk over a smile on her face. She had a butt plug in her hand and shoved it in my mouth.

“You are to hold this in for another forty-five minutes. I will plug you for now, but after twenty or twenty-five minutes you will get it taken out and must hold it in yourself. If any leaks you will be in for some pain later tonight. Understand,” She said taking the plug out of my mouth.

“Yes Queen,” I said as she pulled the tube out and pushed the plug in hard. I let out a yelp and she spanked me. I could feel the liquid sloshing in my stomach.

“Shut up. Is it painful?” she asked as she un-hooked me.

“Yes Empress, thank you Empress,” I said as I stood there. I got down on my knees and hands as she smiled.

“Good. Now, follow me pig,” She said as I crawled behind her. She was by the back door and she grabbed me as I crawled. Her hand squeezing around my neck slightly as she looked to me.

“You will crawl faster. Do you understand. I am taking you outside to show you something and to feed you cum and a little more shit. So, keep up, sow,” she said as she opened the door and waited for me to crawl out. She had led me to a patch of grass and she had me drink her piss again and instead of shitting right on me she shit on the grass and looked to me.

“Eat it. I don’t care if you gag or feel sick. Eat it,” she said pushing my face into it. I started to eat it and as I finished it, she shoved my face into her ass.

“Lick it clean, cunt,” she said as I started to lick it clean. After a little bit, she pulled me away and then pulled my face to her pussy.

“Now, you will lick my pussy. I get you have never done that, but you will do that now and make me close and then I will cum in the little shed over there. Get started cunt,” She said as I started to lap and swirl my tongue in there. She grabbed my head and started to fuck it. She got off me, and shoved my head to the ground.

“I will continue this in there. Let’s go slut,” She said as I crawled. My mind was racing and my hands were shaking. How? How is this my life? Once at this shed thing she had me go in first and she had me sitting on the floor.

“I am going to fuck your face until I cum. You will leave your mouth open when I tell you and you will swallow my load,” I nodded and after ten minutes she said to open my mouth. I did and felt her cum in my mouth. It filled my mouth more than once. On the last time, she put her pussy on my forehead and the cum ran down my face. She finished up and then she pulled me up.

“Perfect. Now, what I brought you in here for. This,” She said as I saw screens of her house and in here. There were many different screens and a website. My heart sank.

“You are constantly being filmed so I see everything. Also, you will be abused in front of thousands. Those cameras go to an app on my phone and the website. I will also fuck you in front of people live on camera,” She smirked evilly as I looked down.

“Yes Mistress,” I said as my face went red.

“They pay a lot to watch,” She added, “You will be told what to do or what I should to you. It is once or twice a week. Trust me, your new life, is just beginning,” She said as she pulled me out of the shed again. This time she didn’t move and she pulled out the plug.

“Keep your ass clenched. You have twenty minutes which should be the amount of time it will take you to crawl from here to the front door and back to the back. You won’t be allowed in, until then,” She said shoving the plug in my mouth. She put her underwear that she was wearing in my mouth along with the plug and she took tape out of her pocket and taped my mouth close. I let out whimpers as she skipped back to the house as I hung my head low and crawled. After twenty-five minutes, I was at the back door again and she let me in. She took off the gag and told me to stand. I did and as I did the enema liquid leaked onto the ground.

“Mistress I can’t hold it anymore,” I whined as she laughed.

“A little bit longer pig,” she spat on me as it leaked more. She sighed and brought me a bucket. She set it down, angrily.

“Whatever doesn’t make it in here you will lick up. I don’t care if you don’t want too. You make a mess, you clean it up,” She said as I squatted down. I saw her pull out her phone and camera again. She was filming me on a camera. I pushed the liquid out as she told me to look at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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