Good Girls Get Good Things

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It’s starting to get dark but there’s enough light to see your vehicle parked on the side of an abandoned dirt road.

As I park my truck I know that you have already visioned what you want. Multiple times. You’re ready. Ready for a spontaneous, but very well thought about fuck.

You climb in. You know that I have also anticipated your cock inside me. In. Every. Single. Hole.

I’m filled with adrenaline and excitement.

You rip my leggings off, tearing them like a wild animal and use them to tie my wrists together. You feel my pussy, it’s wet and ready for anything. This gets you hard.

You pin me down and thrust your hard cock into my mouth….you can feel how much I want you deep inside me. Teasing me at first you fuck my mouth slow. Really slow. Then deeper and deeper.

Saliva starts to drip all over. The more cock you fill my mouth with, and the harder and faster you treat me like your little whore – the wetter my mouth is and the better it gets.

You inform me that I now get a reward for being a very, very good girl.

You flip me over, grab my waist and pull me so my ass is up and my face is down.

You caress my cheeks and bite…. I don’t make a sound. You bite again. I don’t make a whimper, not even a moan. Nothing. I tell you that I didn’t feel anything. I mock you. Giggling at first, then laughing hysterically at you, I somehow manage to spurt out “You could have done better than that!”

You don’t welcome that at all. You slap my ass cheek so hard it sounds like thunder. Intentionally leaving a handprint to remind me that you own that ass. You make it clear to me that I have been very naughty. A very, very bad girl.

You fumble around and find zap straps in the back of the truck….you pull my already tied wrists and zap strap them to the door. Tight. I cannot move. This isn’t enough. You find my shirt and rip it, then tie around my mouth.

This gets me excited, and you also. The fact I have to be quiet turns me on. I don’t want to be but I have to. You spit on my stomach bursa eskort and rub your saliva all over me. Feeling how excited my pussy is. Dripping. Juices. Everywhere. You stick your fingers up there, gliding in and out very easily. You know I’m ready for anything now

You spit on my pussy, and rub my clit. I’m moaning. Louder. Louder. Louder. The shirt around my mouth didn’t stop me from vocalizing my pleasure. My pussy gets wetter and wetter. Pussy juice all over. You spread me and just make me sit there, tied up while you observe and plan what you want to do to me.

I’m quivering, wanting to climax again and again. You’re teasing me. It makes me want it even more

You come close, whisper in my ear ‘you have been good…..not a very good girl, but satisfactory. So I’m going to do what I feel is satisfactory treatment’

You nibble on my neck and breathing heavy. Dripping sweat on me. It turns me on. I fucking love it. You’re a wild animal. You start biting harder and harder. It hurts a little but it makes me want orhangazi escort it more. You clench on my breasts, my nipples are hard and my titties are soft. Grabbing my ankles, you force my legs up in the air. I moan with pleasure. Your hard cock is fully inside me. You stay inside me without moving. You want me to feel your cock fully in me. You tell me that I am not to move. Good girls listen to what you say.

I don’t move. Don’t make a sound. You pull out. I can feel you slowly slide into my ass. It’s overwhelming at first, but it feels so fucking good. Harder and faster your cock thrusts in and out.

It feels incredible. You pound my pussy with one hard thrust, then my ass with one slow deep thrust, then my pussy with one hard thrust, then my ass with one slow deep thrust. This makes me climax. You pull out and finger fuck my already wet and excited pussy slow for a moment, then hard and fast. You can feel my pussy filling up. As you thrust harder and deeper, the sound of my juices drives you crazy. We can both feel what is going to happen in moments. You have succeeded. I squirt on your face, stomach, cock and thighs with my pussy juice. You shove your cock in me. You fuck me hard and pull out just before you come inside me. You spray it all over my face and rub it in my mouth, over my titties, stomach and thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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