Good Grades Get Rewards Ch. 01

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Jerry Masters is not and never has been a very good student. All through high school he had put off homework, failed many exams, and somehow managed to scrape by with the minimum passing grade. His senior year was turning out to be no different and was simply doing what he had to do in order to graduate with his class.

Jerry spends most of his time riding around in his full remodeled “Boomerang” van and checking out girls. A few girls that met his liking had gotten a good look at the inside of his van.

Now, the second the semester has just started and the end of the year is in sight. Jerry had celebrated his 18th birthday over Christmas break and viewed that as his rite of passage into the post-high school world. He knew he could scrape by in pretty much all his classes, all except one.

Ms. Klein’s Algebra class is the only one that stands in the way of any easy coast to the finish. She doesn’t give free passes and Jerry knows he has to figure something out as he barely snuck by the first semester. He probably could have done better if he hadn’t been absolutely distracted by his teacher’s hot body.

Ms. Klein is in her mid-thirties, long blonde hair, and a wonderfully curvy body. He had studied her more than his Algebra, and is quite sure her fabulous breasts have to be D cups. She has a narrow little waist but some decent hips, the perfect body for fucking. This fantasy of his caused him to barely catch anything in class, and now he is fighting to simply get out of the hole he calls High School.

The semester had begun and the first Algebra test of the semester was yesterday. Ms Klein hands out the graded tests, face down on each desk. Jerry nervously waits to see what he got, knowing it could set the tone for the entire semester. Ms Klein puts his test on his desk and keep walking along, handing out tests. Jerry stares at her ass for a moment and then snaps back to the paper before him.

Slowly he lifts up the paper and stares at all the red on the first page.

“43 percent?!” he mumbles under his breath. “Shit,” he thinks, knowing that things are looking worse than he imagined. He continues looking at the page and notices that Ms. Klein has added a note to the bottom of the page.

It reads “Jerry, this is unacceptable. Report to my classroom immediately following school today. I want to discuss tutoring options for you.”

A tutor? Jerry cannot imagine getting a tutor for the final semester of his senior year. That would be humiliating for a cool guy like Jerry! He knows he will have to show up for the meeting, but he has got to find a way to get out of this tutoring thing.

Jerry continues through his day, dreading the meeting with Ms Klein. Funny enough, every time he thought about it, he got a little aroused thinking of her. That would quickly fade as the thought of a fifth year of high school stormed into his brain, kinda like having your mom walk in on you while you are spanking it.

Finally the day ends and Jerry reluctantly heads for Ms Klein’s room. She is there, seated at her desk, looking escort ataşehir over some papers.

Without looking up she says, “Have a seat Jerry.”

He slides into a desk in the front row and waits.

“What are we going to do with you Jerry,” she says as she removes her glasses. “You barely made it through the first semester and now it looks like you are gonna be fighting to even have a shot at graduating. I don’t want to see you have to come back for another year, so what should we do?”

“Uh, well, I don’t know.”

“Jerry, there must be something. Perhaps a tutor could help you? I bet Sarah Adams would be glad to help you out.”

Jerry rolls his eyes at the thought of spending time in any fashion with the most homely looking girl in school.

“Sarah Adams? Uh, no.”

“She is my best student, Jerry.”

“That’s great, but I really don’t think I need a tutor.”

“Jerry, look, I think I know why you struggle in my class.”

“Oh yeah? Do tell.”

“I’ve seen you staring at me and I don’t mean in a studious way. Even a few minutes ago you were staring at my chest while I was talking to you.”

“No I wasn’t”

“Jerry, seriously, you are male and 18. I think by now I know how your mind works. It’s human nature, but it is getting in the way of your school work. Maybe it would be best if you took this semester from Mr. Jones instead?”

“No way! I would fall asleep in his class.”

“Something has to change, or you will never get through this class and then you won’t graduate on time.”

Jerry looks down, studying the top of his desk. His brain is in high gear, trying to figure out what he can do to solve this dilemma. He definitely doesn’t want to suffer through a semester with “Lazy Eye Jones”.

“Alright,” Ms Klein says. “Here’s the deal. You meet with Sarah, get over a 60 on your next exam and I’ll figure out a way to not distract you so much.”

“Damn,” he thinks. He likes being distracted by those swaying hips and large tits.

Ms Klein stands up and walks around the desk. She makes her way to Jerry’s desk and leans forward.

“Now, I think I know a way to get you through this class.”

Jerry is locked in on the cleavage he can see through the opening in her blouse.

“Yes, Jerry, I know you like them. Lots of guys stare, and I just get used to it.”

Jerry snaps back to his senses.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I just, you know, well…”

“Look, Jerry,” she continues. “The thing is I enjoy it when a cute guy looks at me in that way. I’m not that old you know and I haven’t had a solid boyfriend in years. So, I guess what I’m saying is… You get through this semester and I’ll let you have your way with me. I want it and I know you do. The catch is, you can’t be my student when it happens.”

Jerry is shocked and can’t manage to say anything.

“Is that a yes?”

“Oh shit… I mean… yeah, oh, yeah that’s the best deal I could ever imagine!”

Ms Klein slowly reaches up and unfastens the top button on her shirt, giving kadıköy escort bayan Jerry an even better look at her large breasts.

“Now, that’s all you get for today. You find Sarah, get studied up and pass that next test!” she tells him. “Well get going!”

Jerry climbs out of his desk, obviously sporting a raging hardon. Ms Klein glances down at the bulge in his pants and then looks back at Jerry with a grin.

“Easy killer, May is four months away still.”

Jerry leaves the room and heads towards the parking lot. Can this really be happening? Now this class not only stands between him and graduation, but between him and the pussy of his dreams! Damn this erection wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. Jerry trots down the stairs and towards his van.

“Hey Jerry,” says a voice to his right.

He looks over and says, “Oh, hey Susan.”

“Whatcha up to?”

“I was just gonna go for a quick ride out to the lake and then home I guess.”

“Well, I got nothing to do, mind if I go along?”

Jerry looks at her for a moment and then thinks of this stiffy in his pants.

“Yeah sure.”

They jump in the boomerang van and head out towards the lake. Jerry finds his favorite spot overlooking the lake and leans back in his seat.

“I think you’re awful cute Jerry”

“Thanks, Susan, you’re pretty hot.” Jerry says, as he continues to look out at the lake.

Susan climbs between the seats and into the back of the van. Jerry turns to look at her and can’t believe his eyes. Susan is already stripping off her blouse. She quickly unbuttons the blouse and throws it to the side. With a quick motion, her skirt hits the floor.

“Well?” she asks.

“Fuck, Susan, I didn’t know…”

“I know, I’m a good little girl huh. Actually, I am just a damn good actress. Now, get back here and stuff that cock in me!”

Jerry’s jaw hits the floor as she takes off her bra and panties, tossing them in the pile with the other clothes.

“Seriously! I saw that lump in your pants when you walked out of school. I figured you must have this van for something. Besides, today is my birthday and my boyfriend broke up with me last night! He missed out because I was gonna free him from his virginity tonight, now you get my attention instead.”

Jerry climbs between the seats, shedding his shirt along the way. His pants follow close behind. He reaches out and takes Susan’s perky B cups in his hands gives them a good squeeze.

“Hell with the foreplay, let’s get on with it!”

Jerry just grins as he lays down on the mattress. Susan yanks off his underwear, allowing his hard cock to feel the cool air. She grabs his cock and gives it a couple good strokes as she steps across his body. Without delay she lowers herself down and places his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Jerry can feel the heat and wetness as the head of his cock presses against the moist folds of her pussy.

Susan presses down, taking Jerry inside her. She slides down slowly, finally pressing her pelvis against his. escort bostancı She then begins to rock back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her at a steady pace. Jerry stares up and Susan, watching her smile as she throws her head back. He finally met a girl who just wanted a cock and didn’t care who it was attached to.

Jerry’s mind begins to fill with hormone induced thoughts and he suddenly pictures Ms Klein riding him.

“Fuck yeah” he says. “Ride me!”

Susan increases her pace, jamming his cock into her at an incredible rate. She begins to shake as her orgasm grips her. She doesn’t break stride though as she continues to milk his cock with her sopping wet pussy.

“I’m on the pill, dump that load of cum in me!”

Jerry had never cum inside a girl before, so he isn’t quite sure if he wants that risk. Susan senses his reluctance and grabs his hands, putting them on her tits.

“Hold on!”

Jerry gladly squeezes her tits as she begins lifting herself up and slamming herself down on his cock. She continues this for a few more strokes and suddenly Jerry feels the familiar sensation in his balls.

“I think you better let me cum on you, not in you,” Jerry says with a sense of urgency.

Susan looks down at him with a sexy grin. “No chance, mister.” With that, she reaches behind her and grabs his balls. She gives them a good squeeze. This must be the trigger with him because he raises his hips as he feels the cum spraying from his body. Susan screams with pleasure and Jerry just tenses, feeling her pussy continue milking him. This is something he has never felt before and can hardly believe how much better it is.

“Fuck…” is all he can manage.

“It was good, wasn’t it,” adds Susan as she climbs off of him, his cum dripping from her pussy.

Susan grabs his shirt and mops her pussy with it.

“Hey,” he says.

“Its your mess, I ain’t using my shirt to clean it up,” she says as she laughs. Jerry just lays there naked, enjoying the feeling. Susan wastes no time getting dressed again.

“Well? Come on! I gotta be home in 20 minutes.”

Jerry just chuckles a little as he pulls himself up and puts his clothes back on, other than his shirt. He grabs a spare t-shirt from a duffle bag behind his seat and throws it on. Susan just smiles at him as he takes his spot in the driver’s seat.

“You do have a great cock, Jerry.”

“That is an amazing pussy.”

“Thanks! I don’t get many complaints.”

“You do this a lot?”

“None of your damn business,” she says with a smile.

“I guess not, just never heard the guys at school talk about you,” he says as he starts to drive back towards town.

“Who said anything about high school guys? Today is my 19th birthday, I’ve been legal for year! No jail bait here buddy.”

Jerry just shakes his head and smiles as he sails back into town.

“Keep my secret to yourself and maybe we can do this again sometime.”

“I can hardly wait,” he responds.

Susan reaches over and squeezes his crotch through his jeans. She smiles and hops out of his van as they stop in front of her house. Jerry watches her walk away, thinking she is shaking her hips a little extra for him. He takes a deep breath and heads for home, thoughts of Algebra and Ms Klein swirling in his head.

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