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Shelby woke up and ran her hand through her shortly cut, brown hair. She smiled as she looked at the naked bodies of her girlfriends next to her. Rachel had small A sized breasts and so did Morgan. Rachel’s hair fell just below the shoulder blades while Morgan’s fell to her shoulders. A ray of sun shone through the window touching Rachel’s hair at just the right angle to make the light brown strands appear to be orange. The sun crept in farther to reflect off of Morgan’s black hair. Shelby was still horny after last nights threesome. She looked down to her size B breasts. Slowly, Shelby ran her fingers around her nipples causing them to stiffen. A small laugh escaped her lips, but it was enough to rouse Morgan from her slumber.

Morgan watched Shelby finger her own nipples. Her own nipples began to harden. She sat up and brought Shelby’s lips to hers and they began to kiss. Morgan placed her hands onto Shelby’s breasts and pushed her onto her back. One of Shelby’s hands moved down to her pussy and started to rub as the other massaged her breasts. Morgan continued to make out with Shelby when she felt Rachel stirring next to them. Rachel was soon flicking her tongue against Morgan’s pussy while she slowly pushed her fingers in and out of her own. Suddenly, they all reached their orgasm at the same time.

The women all collapsed breathing heavily. Shelby sat up after her heart rate slowed to a normal rate. “That was fun, but how can we make it better?” The debate went on for several minutes before they decided to head to the nearest sex shop.

Once inside they looked around. They debated dildos, vibrators, and casino oyna strap-ons. None seemed to be what they needed. The store clerk walked up to them. Her name badge read “Kara”. Kara asked them what they were looking for. The answer came from Rachel who said that their sex needed an upgrade. “I have just the thing. It’s still in the experimental stage, but it’s shown promise. We could give you a trial dosage that’ll last about an hour. Breast growth is guaranteed, but you’ll also get another effect. The effect isn’t controllable, but it has always increased sexual pleasure.” After an extensive discussion of the pros and cons, they decided to do the trial.

The three lesbians were led to the backroom. Kara opened a closet to reveal a hallway to a hidden sex lab. Once they were in the lab, Shelby, Rachel, and Morgan were strapped to a table and given two injections. Both injections went in through the nipples. The straps were removed and Kara left the room after telling them that they had an hour after the effects started before they wore off. It took some time, but eventually, the women felt their breast getting heavier. They expanded at a rate fast enough to be able to watch them grow. Shelby was left with DD breasts, while Morgan and Rachel had D’s.

They waited a little longer before the secondary effect began. Shelby’s breasts started to slide to the side leaving a gap in between them. At first she was shocked thinking it to be a negative effect, but then she saw a nipple forming in the space. After the nipple formed, there was a rapid expansion as Shelby’s third breast sprouted from her chest. Almost instinctively, canlı casino she put the middle nipple into her mouth and sucked while she kneaded the left and right boobs. The pleasure from the center breast was extreme due to the sensitivity of it being newly grown.

Rachel and Morgan watched this happen and their own nipples got harder. Then Rachel started to fell the effects. She looked in shock as her pussy closed up and the skin molded together. It then began to droop forming a sack. Out of the molded pussy, Rachel began to grow a dick. It was six inches long and two inches thick. Just as it had happened with Shelby, Rachel began to play with her new body part. Also like Shelby, it was incredibly sensitive. She had barely pumped it twice before it started to spasm and blow it’s first load. Seeing this made Morgan’s nipples so hard that they started to hurt.

It was Morgan’s turn to fell the secondary effect. Her chest began to feel even heavier than before. She watched as her breasts began to grow again. They grew until they were so large that they hung halfway down her thigh. She used both hands to lift one of her gigantic boobs. They were still natural. She began to lick and suck her massive chest mounds.

Seeing each others enhancements, Shelby and Rachel came to Morgan and laid her down on the ground. Morgan’s humongous breast immediately fell to her sides where Shelby and Rachel both hugged one. They licked them in a way that made Morgan’s pussy wet. Rachel stopped hugging the breast and gently pushed Shelby onto her back. Rachel’s new dick was pushed into Shelby’s pussy almost causing it to fire kaçak casino another load. Morgan lifted her tits and laid down on top of Shelby. Morgan’s breast fell onto the table next to Shelby. The outside boobs were grabbed by Morgan who began to squeeze them in rhythm with Rachel’s pumping. Rachel was squeezing her own tits at the same time. Morgan started to suck on Shelby’s center breast while Shelby was kneading Morgan’s massive boobs.

Just as they had earlier, they reached their orgasms together, but the drug kept them wanting more. Rachel pulled her dick out of Shelby and inserted it into Morgan. Morgan was turned onto her back while Shelby sat on top of her breasts. Shelby shoved her pussy into Morgan’s face and felt the pleasure of her tongue. Rachel leaned forward enough to start kissing Shelby. Again they reached their orgasms, but they still didn’t stop.

Rachel laid down on the table and Morgan impaled herself upon Rachel’s dick while her breasts rested on Rachel’s stomach. Shelby sat by on Rachel’s breasts in a way that would allow her to like Shelby’s pussy. Shelby and Morgan began to kiss. Their tongues rubbed together while Morgan squeezed two of Shelby’s breasts. Shelby grabbed the third and kneaded it for all she was worth. They reached their third orgasm when a strange feeling came over them. Morgan felt Rachel’s dick pulling out of her, yet she was sitting on top of her. Rachel’s dick shrunk and reverted back to being a pussy. Shelby’s middle boob seemed to shrink back into her chest as her outside boobs came back together. Morgan’s massive breasts began to shrink. Once they were back to the first stage of the drug, their breasts all returned to normal size. Kara walked back into the room and asked how the sex was. Shelby, Morgan, and Rachel looked at each other and in unison turned back to Kara. “We’ll take it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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