Having Your Baby

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Larry Gooding was the quintessential nerd, complete with milk bottle bottoms spectacles and plastic pocket protectors at thirty years of age he still lived with his mother.

Gooding worked with me in the mailroom of J.P. Morgan’s a large New York advertising agency. He had shown me the ropes when I landed the job some three months earlier.

I hand landed the job with the help of a friend. I had been on a drinking binge and having sex with numerous partners and was trying to get my life back in shape. I had successfully gone three months without a drink or a cock in me.

Gooding was the last person I expected to hit on me. We were going about our work one afternoon when he asked if I would go to dinner with him.

I was surprised and asked if he wanted to go on a “date” with me. He said he would like to get to know me socially and I accused him of wanting to get into my pants.

He said he did want to have a child but he did want to get to know me. I said it would take more than a dinner to screw me and he asked what I would require. I informed him that nothing less than marriage would I allow for a man to impregnate me.

We arranged to have dinner Friday night.

The Toreador was an upscale steakhouse with waiter dressed in black tuxedos and crisp white linen tablecloths. The Maitre d’ directed us to a table in front of the huge open fireplace.

Gooding had spared no effort in lowering my resistance.

We were seated and my escort ordered a bottle of fine Chardonnay. The wine arrived and our waiter filled our glasses. We toasted the evening and then Gooding popped the question.

“Will you marry me?”

I was flabbergasted.

“Excuse me?” I asked to make sure I heard him right.

“Will you marry me?” he repeated.

“But I don’t know you. You don’t know me. We have only just met!” I laughed.

“So we can date for a year and maybe break up or we can just go for it and get married now,” he argued.

He seemed so sincere. “Can I think about it?”

He comment backlink was very gentlemanly like the rest of the night and said goodnight with a peck on the cheek.

I got very little sleep that night pondering the strange happenings of the evening.

I answered the phone Sunday afternoon; it was Gooding.

“Well did you think about it?’ he asked,

My mind flashed back to Friday night, “Yes,” I said.

“Pardon me.” Gooding asked.

“Yes, the answer is yes. I will marry you.”

It was just a private ceremony in a chapel where Larry and I exchanged our vows then it was off to the Honeymoon capital of the world, Niagara Falls.

We booked into the Brock Hotel overlooking the falls and went directly to out room.

I locked myself in the washroom and changed into my negligee in preparation of offering myself to my new husband. When I came out of the washroom Larry was waiting for me already naked.

As I said I had gone through a period where I had many lovers. I had seen cocks of all sizes and shapes but when my eyes fell on Larry’s I was pleasantly surprised. He had a regular “Louisville Slugger”! He was hung like a stallion, at least 10″ long or more and as thick as my arm.

“Oh my goodness,” I thought, “he is going to put that in me!”

I lay on the bed on my back, my negligee hiked up and my knees wide apart waiting to accept my husband.

His cockhead spread my freshly shaven labia and started into my love tunnel. Due to previous use my channel easily stretched to accommodate his exceptional girth. It was a lengthy journey as he slid much further into me than I had ever experienced. Finally I felt his balls come to rest against my pussy lips indicating he was fully into me, I felt so full of cock, as if it would come out of my mouth if his balls had not stopped him.

“Oh God Larry, I love you!” I moaned.

He fucked me like a wild animal, his cock pounding into me in savage powerful strokes. Each plunge drove me further comment backlink Botu up the bed until my head was against the headboard and still he pounded me.

My head was beginning to hurt when my orgasm took control; I begin cumming the most intense climax I had ever experienced. I cried out before I blacked out.

I guess I was only unconscious a few seconds and when I opened my eyes Larry was grinning and my pussy was flooded with his hot sticky cum.

“Oh my God that was great!” I gasped.

His cock was still hard and he begin fucking me again without even taking it out after his first climax!

Larry fucked me to climax again, and again, I had three orgasms before he took his cock out of my drenched pussy.

We didn’t stop fucking for hours until finally I said I was hungry and need something to eat.

Rather than getting dressed Larry called down to room service and ordered us some burgers and fries.

When the porter knocked on the door with our food Larry was on top of me ramming his cock deep into my sloppy pussy. He got up and wrapped the sheet around himself and went to open the door.

He opened the door and let the porter in with the tray while I sat completely naked on the bed.

The porter looked over at me and must have seen my husband’s cum glistening on the insides of my thighs. I was proud of myself and let his gaze at the mess my husband had created.

We fucked twenty-one hours before we left the room.

Finally I was able to convince Larry to go out and do the sightseeing thing. It was a lovely day as we walked up Clifton Street going in and out the many tourist traps. Tassaud’s Wax Museum, The Elvis Presley Hall of Fame, the display of vintage automobile, we did them all laughing and taking pictures.

It wasn’t long before we both felt the tension and we wanted to fuck again.

We went right up to our room and Larry didn’t even wait for me to undress.

Throwing me across the bed he hiked my skirt up and comment backlink Programı peeled my panties down my legs. My cunt was still wet as he slid into me.

We fucked again and again, orgasm after orgasm, slowly removing out clothing until we were both sweat covered and naked animals in a breeding frenzy.

Eventually Larry stopped long enough to make a phone call.

“Who did you call?” I asked.

“Just wait and see.” He answered.

Soon there was a soft knock on the door. Larry went to answer it and to my surprise he let in one of our room service porters.

I was sitting naked and confused on the bed as he had a short conversation with the stranger.

“My turn to watch.” My husband said as the porter begins to undress.

The young lad walked over to the bed naked with his erection in his hand. Larry was going to have me serviced by this boy!

I opened my legs as he mounted me and offered my soggy pussy to his cock. He slid into me like a hot knife into butter, his cock filling the void left by my husband. I wrapped my legs around his buttocks and drew him into me. We begin to fuck as Larry watched stroking his cock.

I had turned into a whore again! All the fucking had awaken the sleeping nymphomaniac in me. The poor lad didn’t know what had happened when I rolled over on top of him and begin bouncing wildly up and down on his pole.

In minutes he surrendered his sperm. Hot gushes of cum pumped deep inside of my womb augmenting the sea of spermatozoa flooding my ovaries.

I saw Larry pass him a twenty-dollar bill and whisper something into his ear before he left.

I lay on the bed vanquished.

“I asked his to send his buddies up.” Larry said as he approached.

As Larry reached the bed he lowered his face down between my open legs. A shiver went up my back as he begins licking the porter’s mess from around my fuck hole.

“O sweet Jesus!” I moaned as I grabbed the back of his head and pressed his mouth harder against my cum soaked crack.

“Fuck me!” I begged.

Three more of the male staff visited our suite that night. Each depositing their cum in me and my husband’s tongue dutifully cleaning up their messes after they had left.

Three weeks later…

The window on the pregnancy indicator was solid blue; I was pregnant!

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