He Surprises Her at the Door

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You greeted me at the front door as I got home from work, giving me a very sexy kiss and then seductively suggest I go take a shower to relax and freshen up. I know you have something in mind so I teasingly ask if I need to get something to change into. You grabbed my big ass and began squeezing it as you whispered no into my ear then gently bit my earlobe. I kissed you, rubbing your partially erect cock through your shorts then headed in and took my shower. As I was finishing drying off, you came in and stood behind me, then slid a blindfold over my eyes and lead me to the bedroom. I recognized the smell of Cherry Blossom candles as you sat me down on the edge of the bed and kissed me deeply. You help me scoot so I’m lying comfortably in the middle of the bed & then you take both of my arms and place them above my head.

I was expecting to feel your cold, metal, work handcuffs but instead I felt a soft material being wrapped around my wrists. Next they’re tugged gently and secured to a piece of rope on the headboard then you leaned in and put your lips to my ear. You whisper that you are going to take your time and let your hands, mouth and tongue explore every inch of my body. I moaned & my nipples went from semi hard to fully erect instantly as you kissed your way down my neck to my throat. You began kissing and licking the contours of my 48D breasts, getting close to my small nipples but not actually touching them. I was arching my back to try and push them against your lips but you were taking your time and teasing me so well. Finally you took my left breast into your hand and began playing with my hard little nipple as your mouth closed around the right one. I moaned loudly as you began licking and sucking back and forth between both nipples, causing me to arch my back even more.

You spent alot of time working on my nipples, then you finally began running your tongue down the center of my torso. You placed baby kisses & licks over every inch of my of my chest and thick upper torso, then made your way down to my full belly. You used your hands to stretch it and began kissing & licking around my belly button, then down to the top of my pubic area. You spread my legs as wide as you could and crawled between them, running your tongue ataşehir escort over my outer lips and vulva. You began kissing and sucking on my inner thighs and worked your way down my legs, nibbling and sucking inch by inch down one leg to my ankle then to the other ankle & back up. My moans were almost constant, my body so hot and fiery with desire and lust for you. You spent another few minutes just sucking and nibbling on my inner thighs before starting in on my trimmed pussy.

You ran your tongue up and down the outer edges of my slit, not letting your tongue go inside yet, driving me so crazy I was pleading with you to lick my clit. You slowly spread my lips open with your hand then hovered your mouth just over my hard clit, taking the scent in through your nose and breathing hot back onto it. My hips were bucking and writhing in an attempt to get you to touch it and finally you pressed your tongue against it. I cried out loudly as you began swirling your tongue against it and as soon as you sucked it into your mouth, I screamed. I began shaking and calling your name loudly as I started to cum instantly, your hot mouth sucking hungrily on my clit, causing me to see stars. You slid your tongue down and began lapping up all of my juices that were just running out of my tight hole I came so hard. I could hear you moaning as you licked and swallowed every drop you could get as my writhing slowed and my panting became hard breaths again. You lifted your head and called me sexy Bella and said it tasted so good you wanted more then buried your face back in my pussy. I felt your fingers on my clit and your tongue running up and down my slit then slide inside me.

You slid your tongue out and down to my ass, pushing it into my thick crack and then back up to my hole. You continued this for a few minutes, then moved your hand off my clit and replaced it with your tongue then slid your middle finger deep inside my wetness. I started to grind my hips down to push my self against you harder. You continued fingering and licking me until I was just about to have another orgasm, then you slid your finger down and into my ass just as I began to cum again. My body arched hard and I screamed incredibly loud as you sucked my clit and kadıköy escort bayan fingered my ass, causing me to cum even harder than the first time. After licking me clean again, you scooted up and kissed me deeply so I began sucking the cum off your tongue. You told me I sounded as good as I taste when I cum and I told you that you haven’t heard anything yet to wait until you were inside me. You let out a low guttural moan and then gently rolled me over onto my stomach then began gently massaging my neck & shoulders as you straddled my hips.

You started kissing and licking my entire back and shoulders, inching your way down slowly until you reached my ass. You were kneeling between my legs and began slowly running your tongue over my large cheeks, tasting every inch of them. Then you began softly kneading them and running your tongue up and down the crack, dipping your tongue in occasionally. Finally you used your strong hands and spread my ass open wide and began running your tongue deep inside the crack. Your tongue began fluttering over my puckered hole at first but then quickly tonguing it with force, pushing inside a little. I was moaning so loud and telling you how hot it was that you began moving your tongue faster and pressing harder. The next thing I knew your hands were on my hips pulling me up onto my knees causing my ass to stick up in the air. You kissed and smacked it playfully and then positioned yourself so that your cock was pressing against my drenched cunt.

You held my hips firm to control them because I was trying to press them back against you, to force you inside me quickly. You slowly pressed inside, just allowing the head to enter me, causing me to arch my back hard and beg you to enter me all the way. You didn’t move, finally once I had calmed and relaxed, you slammed into me hard and quick. I screamed your name and telling you how good your cock felt inside me as you very slowly started to slide out. You were sliding all the way out then slamming back in to the hilt, I came quickly I was so ready and in need of you filling me up. As I was screaming and shaking you began pumping your thick cock in and out like a piston, making me scream louder as you started smacking my ass. You had to fight escort maltepe to not loose it and cum quickly too as my pussy continued spasming around your cock trying to milk it. After my orgasm subsided and you knew I was totally relaxed and ready, you pulled out and pressed the tip against my tight asshole. You asked me if it was ok and I told you yes, that I wanted you to so you gently began pressing the head inside.

I had to concentrate and just let my body go totally limp so that it wouldn’t hurt me as you began to inch very slowly inside further. Once you were inside me fully, you stayed still to allow me to adjust for your size but telling me how incredible my ass felt around your cock. I started bucking my hips back against you a little to let you know I was ready so you began to gently fuck my ass. You got a solid and steady rhythm going quickly and grabbed my hips tight as you grunted loudly while fucking me deep. You reached around and began rubbing my clit to help me cum again because you knew you weren’t going to last long. After only a few minutes you cried out you were going to cum and then began grunting like an animal in heat as your cock twitched and tightened. You shot a huge load deep inside my ass as your finger & your cock brought me to another orgasm and I tensed hard and just screamed. We both came so intensely that all we could do was moan and grunt as the sweat was now pouring off our bodies and we could barely move.

Once the orgasms finally subsided, you softened some and slid out of my ass, your body laying on my back. I was so spent that I collapsed downward and all I could say was oh my god and thank you as we both laid there panting. After a minute or two, you finally crawled up and released my hands from their restraint and then slid the blindfold off my sweaty head. I pulled you in & kissed you harder and more passionately than I have ever kissed any man and whispered in your ear that you were absolutely fantastic. By far the most passionate lover I have ever known and you whispered back that it was just as much me and my sexy body as it was you. You laid your head on my chest and rested for a couple minutes until I carefully rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom. I came back with a couple very warm washcloths & proceeded to use the soapy one to gently lather you up. Then used the plain water one to clean the soap off and then went to the bathroom to clean myself up and then came back in and curled up with you, both of us passing out completely satisfied and spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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