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The court services building is a small squat older building that used to be a dentists office. It’s gone through a lot of remodeling in the past without ever really getting set with a plan that is perfect. The city judge has an office there along with a secretarial staff to support him. There is also a front counter where the public comes to pay fines and things.

They decided early in the spring that they wanted to remodel yet again. The front counter wasn’t quite right, and they wanted a wall knocked out to open the space up and make things a little less like a maze. While the construction was going on they decided that it would be a good time to upgrade all of their computers, so they called me.

It was Tina on the phone, “Hi Steve”

“Hi Tina, how are you?”

“I’m good, but you haven’t been over here to visit us for a while.”

“Sorry, I guess I shouldn’t fix your computers so well.” I said.

“So you’re saying that the only reason you have to come over here is for our computers?”

I laughed and said that I would be right over.

The court services office has six people working in it, including James, the judge, although he is rarely there when I come by. He’s in court sending all the slime ball criminal types to jail. The others are Tina, Mandy, Andie, and Cynthia.

Tina and Mandy do record keeping and are liaisons between the police and the court. Tina is a flirt, with a very outgoing, friendly personality, while Mandy is quieter, almost to the point of being shy. She is always friendly with me though, and I’ve felt myself get caught in her dark eyes more than once. Tina is short, about 5’3″ with a soft rounded build. She might be a little overweight, but most of it comes out in luscious curves that catch the eye and hold it there, softly. She has short, dark hair and a very fair, almost translucent complexion. Mandy is darker. She must have some Mediterranean blood in her, with thick, dark, wavy hair, olive skin, and dark, dark eyes. I love her eyes. Some women, like Andie who I’ll describe later, have eyes that flit around, never resting long on one thing, and then there are women like Mandy who have still, calm eyes that look deeper and pay more attention to things than others. She is short as well, being only slightly taller than Tina, but with a slimmer build that she likes to show off. She always wears nice business type clothes, but the skirts are tight and usually shorter than they are long, and she wears silky blouses that show lacey bits of clothing underneath or tight, form fitting sweaters. She’s a beauty.

Andie is the receptionist at the front counter and also takes the money from people who come to pay fines. She’s cute and fun, and a little bit like upper class trailer trash. She has bleach blond hair, usually wears too much makeup and has a voice that tends to squeak. Those are her faults, I suppose, but she’s still a great looker and fun to be around. She has crystal blue eyes and a tight, firm body with smaller, pointy breasts that can usually be seen poking from beneath her shirt. I don’t think she wears a bra. Her breasts are small enough that she doesn’t really need one anyway.

And then there’s Cynthia the office manager. She’s older, perhaps in her late forties with hair starting to go gray that she usually keeps in a loose bun at her neck. She is tall, almost my height, with a finely shaped face with high cheekbones and slightly tilted green eyes. She has a slim body with legs that seem to go on and on. She must have taken dancing lessons at some point because she walks with a grace and poise that I find very attractive. I haven’t ever seen much of her body except for her long legs because of the business clothes she wears, but I think it must be very well kept. She is that kind of person. She can even be slightly intimidating to the other girls. Everyone likes her, but sometimes behind her back they call her the dragon lady.

I walked into the front waiting area past some slime ball criminals waiting in line to pay fines and waved too hot to handle latino izle at Andie. She grinned and said, “Hi Steve.” And then buzzed the automatic door lock to let me in.

I found Tina on the phone talking about some case. She grinned, waved, winked at me, and motioned me over to Mandy’s desk.

Mandy looked up from a pile of forms and warrants and said, “Oh, hi Steve.”

“Hi Mandy, how are you?”

She laughed, “Stressed! This remodeling is driving me crazy. Look at all this mess that I’ve got to get packed up by tomorrow.”

I grinned at her. “Well I can help you there. If you’re ready, I can pile all your computer stuff up and take it away and upgrade it for you.”

“That’d be great. Do you need me to be out of the way while you work, or can I keep going through these warrants?”

I told her it would be fine if she stayed and then I got to work. I unplugged everything first and wrapped the cables together and marked them with an M, all except for her network cable. It plugged into the wall somewhere behind her desk and I couldn’t quite reach it. I just left it on the floor for the moment and packed everything else out to the van.

When I came back in, she was back at her desk concentrating on her files. I said, “Do you mind if I crawl under your desk for a second?” She looked up at me with sort of a surprised look on her face and then we made eye contact. It was a long look that ended with her blushing and stammering out, “Um, uh, sure… oh sorry.”

She moved back her chair and sat there watching. I tried moving the desk first, but some genius had bolted the thing to the wall. So I knelt down and crawled under her desk. I reached up and back against the wall trying to find the end of the network cable, but it was pretty dark and there wasn’t much room between the desk and the wall. I finally ended up lying on my back and squeezing my arm up, but when I felt the plug in the jack, I didn’t have enough room to move my fingers and unplug it.

I looked up from under the desk, and was about to ask Mandy if she had a flashlight when I noticed something that just about took my breath away. Mandy was wearing a light gray, tight skirt which had hiked up slightly as she sat and worked. She had what I thought were white nylons on, but now I found that they were in fact stockings. Her legs were slightly parted, and I could see the tops of her stockings up near her crotch, which naturally drew my eyes to her pussy. She wasn’t wearing panties, and through the neatly trimmed fuzz of her pubic hair I could see her beautiful pink lips with the little tip of her clitoris peeking out.

I don’t know how long I stared. It felt like a long time. Long enough for my cock to jump and start hardening between my legs.

And then the moment was broken. She turned to ask Tina a question, and I poked my head out from under the desk and asked them for a flashlight.

Mandy didn’t know where one was, but Tina said she had seen one in Cynthia’s office. She took off to look, which left me sitting on the floor under Mandy’s desk with her sitting on her chair in front of me. She turned back to face me and noticed the split second flicker of my eyes to the softness between her legs. Her eyes widened, and I could tell that she knew what I had seen. I could see her face begin to color, but at the same time she still kept her legs apart.

Her lips parted, she paused, about to say something, and then I could hear her breath, almost panting.

I moved my eyes, slowly this time so she could see what I was doing, down her body till I came to her parted legs again. The stockings were pulled taught and smooth against her skin. The lips of her pussy were slightly pinker than they had been before and I could see a drop of moisture seeping from between them. I was looking at her pussy and she knew it and it was turning her on.

Before things could proceed along any farther we heard Tina coming back. Mandy treason izle turned slightly away from me, and I grinned at Tina to cover the involuntary grin that was forming on my face without me being able to control it.

She handed me the flashlight and went back to her desk. I turned it on and climbed back under Mandy’s desk and tried to get my mind back on work. I pointed the light up behind the desk and stretched as far as I could, but the space between the wall and the desk was too small for my arm to squeeze in. I couldn’t get it in far enough for my fingers to reach the cable.

“Having trouble down there?” asked Mandy. She had her elbows on her knees and was leaning down to look at me.

I looked up and said, “Yeah, my arm won’t fit between the wall and the desk. I can’t reach up high enough to unplug the network cable.”

“My arms are thinner than yours,” she said, “would you like me to try?”

I said, “Sure,” and before I could move out from under the desk, she was down off her chair climbing under the desk with me. I started to get out of her way, but she told me to stay and hold the light for her.

Her hair was against my cheek. I could smell a faint vanilla scent from her. She lay on her back next to me and reached up toward the network cable. She was wearing a tight red sweater that stretched around her breasts which jiggled slightly as she strained for the cable.

She said, “I can reach the end of it, but I’m not sure what to do to get it out. It’s kind of stuck.”

I pulled up the other end of the cable and showed her how the clip needed to be pressed in to release it from the wall. It was dark under the desk, so I was shining the flashlight down at the cable between us. I looked at her and could see her eyes sparkling. She was looking down past the network cable in my hands at the bulge in my pants.

“I think I see now how it works,” she said, her voice low and very soft.

She looked at me with a long, long stare, and I felt my pulse rising.

She reached up again to unplug the network cable, but this time she rested her other hand on my chest. Her head was close to mine as I held the flashlight for her and I could smell her soft vanilla scent again. I couldn’t help staring at her face.

She felt the look and turned her head to me and we found our faces only an inch or two apart. Our eyes connected, and I could feel her soft breath on my neck.

“We’re not alone,” she whispered, reminding me of Tina.

“Do you wish we were?” I asked.

She gave me a frustrated look. “Isn’t that completely obvious to you yet?”

I grinned sheepishly at her. I was not feeling very sheep like though. I think I felt more like a wolf at the moment. I was ready to whip my poor straining member out of my pants and climb on top of her right there on the floor in plain view of everyone.

“Before we do anything,” she said, “we’ve got to get this network cable.”

She reached up one more time, and it was my turn to rest a hand on her chest. I cupped a breast and heard her gasp and felt her jump. She was firm and soft at the same time. I felt the tip of her nipple start to harden beneath my palm, so I caught it between my fingers and pinched softly.

Mandy moaned and her breathing started coming out in ragged gasps.

She turned to me planted a nice wet kiss on my lips and when we parted she held up the end of the network cable that she had finally managed to unplug from the wall. She grinned and then climbed out from under the desk.

I followed her doing my best to hide my raging erection.

She told Tina she was going to help me pack up Cynthia’s office, and then she lead me down the hallway to the back of the building. She opened the door to Cynthia’s office and told me, “Cynthia will be in court helping the Judge for most of the day.” She led me in, closed the door and then attacked me. She was running her over my arms and up through my hair as she pressed her body against mine, smashing true detective izle her breasts against my chest and humping up against my leg. She kissed my neck then reached and pulled my head down a drove her tongue between my lips. I could hear little soft moans and grunts coming from her.

I was rubbing her back and reaching down and squeezing her nice rounded ass. I found the edge of her sweater and reached up her back and unhooked her bra. She reached down and pulled the sweater over her head, with static electricity snapping in her hair. Her bra fell away next and there were the two prettiest breasts jiggling before me waiting to be kissed. I cupped her left breast with my hand, and took the nipple of her right breast into my mouth. She threw her head back and said in a deep, passion filled vice, “Oh my God that feels so good.”

She was getting impatient now. She knelt down and grabbed the front of my pants and quickly had my belt unbuckled. She then pulled everything down just far enough so that my 7 inch cock sprang out and bounced against her forehead.

She giggled, and then breathed, “Oh, it’s so beautiful.”

She grabbed me at the base and then ran her tongue up the underside, and then engulfed me, driving her head down as far as she could go. She backed up till just the head was in her mouth and started twirling her tongue around and around while sucking hard enough that her cheeks hollowed. It was my turn to throw my head back and moan.

“You taste wonderful,” she said, when she came up for air.

“My turn,” I said, and pushed her lightly over to Cynthia’s desk. She sat on it, hiked her skirt up, spread her legs, and waited for me.

I pulled my shirt off and shoved my pants down, then knelt in front of her leaning in to kiss her moist valley between her legs. She tasted sweet with a hint of saltiness. Her clitoris was prominent, peeking up from its hood and asking to be suckled. She writhed under me, squeezing my head with her thighs, crying out with soft breathy moans that she tried to stifle by covering her mouth.

“Oh God, I don’t know how I’m going to do this without announcing it to everyone in the office,” She said.

I grinned up at her, my face sloppy with pussy juice. “We can stop if you like,” I offered.

“If you try stopping now, I think I’ll run out naked and get Tina to hold you down till I’m finished with you,” she said.

I raised an eyebrow and frowned. “Hmm, that might be fun.”

She swatted me in the head and said, “Quit your talking and get yourself inside me. I need you in me.”

I was happy to be of service. She leaned back and watched as I gripped my cock and rubbed it gently against her pussy. I used the head like I would use my tongue, dipping it inside her just enough to cover the head with her juices and then running it up and down her opening, without forgetting to spend time on her clit.

“Oh, wow,” she breathed, “it feels like you’re kissing me with your dick.”

“That’s what I’m doing,” I said.

But impatience got the better of me, and while dipping in to wet my tip, I couldn’t hold back. I thrust into her deeply, feeling our pubic bones meet and grind together. She grunted and threw her head back, gasping for air. Her heat surrounded me, almost burning me. I felt as if I had jumped into a heated pool. She wrapped her arms around me, pressing her breasts against my chest, and buried her face in my neck. I could feel her teeth on my shoulder, and then she bit down, the pain causing me to thrust even more deeply into her.

I drew myself half way out, and then began a rhythmic humping into her as she crushed her body against mine. Her face turned red as she worked to control her voice. Her mouth was open in a wide O, and her eyes were tightly closed. Every time out pubic bones pounded against each other a little grunt would escape from her. The tension was building quickly. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deeper in, and I felt her body convulse in orgasm. This sent me over the top as well, and I spurted my seed up into her.

We stayed as we were briefly, breathing heavily, not wanting to move. With her eyes still closed, she lifted her face to mine, and we kissed softly.

“Thank you,” she said.

“No, thank you,” I replied.

Behind us we heard Tina clear her throat. “Wow, guys, that was pretty intense,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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