Her First Visit Pt. 03

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Light and quick, Claire hops down the stairs for the second time that evening. Glancing in the kitchen, she notices it’s all cleaned up and the lights are turned off, the twilight sky visible through the kitchen door window.

“I’m here, in the living room,”

Jim calls her, hearing her steps.

She peeks through the door opening and smiles as she sees Jim sitting on the sofa, two glasses of wine poured and waiting. She tiptoes with a happy smile and hops on the sofa beside him, giving him a little kiss.

“What are you watching, daddy?”

she asks, glancing at the tv.

“That’s a new episode of doctor Who, the new season started last week.”

Pausing the tv, he turns towards her, handing her a glass and smiles,

“But we can watch it later, now it’s time for a little toast on your wonderful visit.”

Their glasses touch with a little tingle and both sip their wine, their eyes locked on each other.

“Here is to a wonderful and amazing visit of my little girl. It started so good already and I can only imagine what more will follow. I was thinking of taking you on a day trip to Amsterdam tomorrow, sweety, what do you think of that?”

“Oh daddy, that would be wonderful. I always wanted to visit Amsterdam with you.”

She puts her wine down and wraps her arms around his neck giving him a deep passionate kiss. Her arms still around his neck she looks and smiles at him.

“We could use the train trip to relive one of our fantasies,”

she whispers shyly.

His smile fills his face,

“Oh yes, we could. Daddy’s naughty little girl read my mind again.”

“Don’t I always know exactly what daddy wants?”

she says as she slips off the sofa on her knees before him. She opens his robe, finding his cock hard already, pendik escort just like she felt as they kissed before.

“And right now my daddy wants my little mouth on his hard cock, don’t you? It’s time I spoiled my perfect daddy.”

she says looking at him while pointing her finger from his cock to her lips.

And she puts the act to the word, wrapping her fingers around his shaft and taking the head to her mouth, slowly licking it before sucking his big cock gently in her mouth while she strokes slowly. Her eyes look up at him, her pretty face sucking on his thick cock.

With a moan Jim shifts down and spreads his legs, looking back at his babygirl as she pleases him.

“Oh fuck, Claire, you know exactly what I want. You always please daddy so well.”

His hands move over her cheeks and through her hair. All the time his eyes are locked on hers. He never imagined how good her mouth would feel on his cock. His cock twitches as she intensifies her sucking, obviously enjoying what she is doing. With a few movements he gathers her hair at the back of her head and looks down at her face again.

“You like watching my face, daddy, when I play with your thick hard cock?”

she asks with a smile as she takes his cock from her mouth. She flicks the tip of her tongue against his sensitive spot on the head and then licks along his shaft, down and back up, her fingers wrapped tightly around it, stroking in a slow sensual pace.

“Mmhmm, yes, baby,”

Jim nods and groans, the grip on her hair gets tighter. He softly brushes her cheek, and lets Claire nibble on his thumb playfully. Taking his thumb from her lips, he says softly but insistently:

“Take me in deeper down your throat.”

She flashes a naughty grateful smile and places both maltepe escort her hands on his thighs, lifting herself up slighty and taking his jerking cock between her lips. As she lets it slide in, she scrapes along the head with her teeth, glances up at Jim with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. Her jaw opening wider, allowing for the thick shaft and with a gagging gurgle she lets it hit the back of her throat. Her eyes still looking up at her daddy, she tries to relax and pushes herself further down.

“Oh fuck, just like that!”

Jim grunts as he feel the tightness of her throat, looking down at her adoration and dedication to him and his cock. He restrains himself, not to push her head down hard. Instead he wipes the tear from her cheek that runs down her face.

With effort she tries to control her gagging as her throat is filled with this massive cock. Her eyes water, looking up, seeing his face through a blur. She holds her head down on his cock, until she loses her control and starts to gag uncontrollably. Her throat convulsing she pulls back, releasing his cock from her mouth. It slips out and flops back against her face, dragging strains of saliva over her cheeks and nose.

“Oh daddy… It’s so… big,”

she pants as she smiles up at him happily.

“Aren’t you proud of your little girl?”

And without waiting she takes it in her mouth again and pushes herself down hard. Her eyes look up, showing her twinkles of delight to him. Controlling her throat as best she can, she squeezes and massages his cock, making him groan.

“Oh my god, baby, you will make me cum again if you keep that up.”

Jim moans out to her.

“Finger yourself, show me how much you love doing this, baby.”

Her hand moves down between her thighs, pulling kartal escort her tshirt up, allowing Jim to see her hand moving. Her hips start to rock as her hand move up and down. The vibrations of her moans stimulating his cock even more.

His lust rising, he starts to move his hips, bucking against her, deeper in her throat. Her hands push back, fighting the extra pressure and the gagging it causes, but Jim pulls her head down hard by her hair.

“Oh no, don’t fight it, now daddy will want to cum in your throat.”

And with saying that he moves her head up and down, wrapping her hair around his hand for a firmer grip. Fucking her throat faster and deeper, he growls and groans, bucking with his hips.

Her throat is filled again and again by his thick cock. She gags and coughs but keeps her mouth open and around his thick cock. Her hand rubs and fingers her wet slippery cunt, harder and faster, matching the pace of the thrusts in her throat.

Claire groans and vibrates, and her hips jerk as she cums. Her orgasm hitting her hard. Her body shudders as she squirts on the floor.

“Yes, cum for me, cum for daddy.”

Her spasming muscles make her squeeze her throat harder, pushing him over the edge. With a violent thrust he climaxes, spunking his seed in her throat in thick sticky gulps as he bucks and twitches, forcing her head down on his cock.

He shudders, relaxing his grip on her hair and looks at her. Her face red and with teary eyes she looks back, but smiling widely as his cock slips out of her mouth. She coughs and some cum drewls from her lips, but she wipes it with her finger and licks it off.

“Hmm daddy, that’s so yummy,”

she says, and takes her fingers from her wet pussy and licks those as well.

“We made a mess,”

she giggles and starts to lick his cock clean, from his balls up to the tip.

“You are so perfect for me, my little Claire,”

he says with a satisfied sigh and pulls her back up and beside him on the sofa where he cuddles her to his chest.

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