Her Hotel for the Wrestler Pt. 06

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It’s a freezing December Saturday night inside the college gym. Carter (20 yrs.) steps onto the wrestling mat for his heavy weight match at 197 lbs. He stands at 5’10” who has large broad shoulders and muscular thighs. His huge bi-cep muscles are prominent too. He adjusts the head gear as his jet-black hair sticks out.

Sofia (21 yrs.) is a voluptuous (38-24-34) red-head who writes for the local college internet-blog. She’s been taking pictures of all wrestlers and likes Carter’s rugged looks, plus his round buttocks.

She whispers, “My fucking God.”

She’s wearing a tight college t-shirt with a heavy open jacket. Her deep cleavage shows as both legs cross under a long skirt. Carter was told that Sofia wanted to interview him for her blog. He keeps glancing over because of her huge tits.

Carter is declared the winner of his wrestling match. He steps off of the mat and walks toward Sofia.

He breathes hard and says, “Sofia right? Do you want to interview me?”

She answers, “Yes Carter. I do.”

He says, “How about after I take a shower?”

She smiles, “That would be great.”

Her fingers push over the open jacket. She has no bra on and her left nipple shows through the thin t-shirt. That includes the huge areola. Carter’s eyes grow big as she quickly closes the jacket.

He smiles and begins to turn around. Sofia quickly stands up and leans on his left shoulder.

She whispers into his ear, “I have no panties on.”

Carter looks down, but she pushes him away. He shakes his head and jogs toward the locker pendik escort room.

After the wrestling meet. Sofia’s back is pushed against the outside gym wall. Both of her legs are wrapped around Carter’s huge thighs. Her coat is open and so is his college jacket. Her t-shirt is pulled up over her massive tits. His left-hand grope’s her left mammary and his mouth covers her right tit. His large tongue licks her nipple up and down.

Her right hand grabs his left hand and guides it under her skirt. She pushes his hand near her thick-red pussy.

She whispers, “I got a room at the university hotel.”

Inside of room 110. The long curtains are pulled halfway open and fog steams up the window. The heater below is turned on “high.” There is a full moon outside and it shines through the window. The big screen TV plays the “Weather Channel.” The volume is turned down to a whisper.

Clothes, shoes, coats and socks are piled up near the king size bed. Carter’s sport bag is sitting on top of that bed.

Both Carter and Sofia are naked. He is sitting on an arm-chair which stands in front of the window. His muscular thighs are spread open. She kneels in between them on the carpet floor. Her long hair is tied into a ponytail which falls down her back. Both of his hands grip those chair-arms.

Sofia’s mouth covers his 6 and ¼-inch cock. Both of her lips clamp tightly around his shaft. She slowly goes up and down with total control. Her right fingers gently pull on his balls. He watches her work with amazement.

Carter replies, “Ohhh-Shit…. maltepe escort Ohhh-Shit-Yeah…. Shit-That-Feels-Good…. Ohhhhh-Gawd…. Don’t-Stop..!!!”

Her wet lips touch his heavy black crotch as she slides up and down.

He says, “Shit-Sofia…. Ohhh-Shit-Yeah…. Shhh-itt…. Ohhhh…. Ohhhhhh-Shhh-itt.!!”

Her lips go all the way back up and she stops. Her tongue licks his cock-tip aggressively.

Carter flinches, “Uh-Uhhhhh…. Shit…. Trying-To-Hold-It…. Ohhhh-Shhh-itt…. Sofia.!!!”

She starts going up and down quickly while still clamping down around his shaft. Her head bobs.

He screams, “Oh-Shit… Ohhh-Shit… Ohhhhh-Shhh-itt… Here-It-Cums..!!”

His cock slips down her throat as she holds her lips against his crotch and balls.

Carter lift’s up his left muscular thigh and explodes, “Shhh-itt.. Shhhh-itt.. Uh-Uuuuuuuuuhh.. Uuuhh–Uuuhh.. Uuuuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuhh-Shiiiiitt.!!”

He squirts a heavy load down her throat.

Her lips hold his shaft tightly as Carter collapses onto the chair.

He says, “Shhh-itt…. That-Was-Shiiiiiitt.!!”

Sofia slowly moves her lips up and down his shaft.

He replies, “Ohh-Shit… Sofia.. You-Sucked-Me-Good…. That-Shit-Was-Good.!!”

25 minutes later. The curtains are still open and fog continues to cover the window. The moon still shines through from outside. The heater is still purring below. The “Weather Channel” plays on the TV, but the volume is turned off.

The naked bodies of Carter and Sofia are on top of the kartal escort bed. She lays on her back with the ponytail laying above her head. Both of her legs are spread open. He lays on top of her with his heavy chest crushing her big tits. His face is turned over her left shoulder. Both of her hands grip his muscular shoulders.

His cock is buried inside of her red pussy. He’s been thrusting fast as his round butt-cheeks bounce into the air.


She responds, “Unh-Unnh-Unnhh-Unh-Unnhh-Unnnh.”

His mouth is dropped open and eyes are closed. Her cunt is so hot.


Her right hand moves up to grip his lower neck.

She says, “Car-ter-Car-ter-Unnh-Unh-Uh-Unnhh.”

He slows down and begins to thrust deeper and harder. His big buttocks clench.

Thrust…. Thrust…. Thrust…. Thrust.

She replies, “Unnnhh…. Unnh…. Unh-Gawd…. Unnnh.”

He grunts, “Shit… Cumming… Cumming.”

He pushes his shaft inside one more time.

Carter explodes, “Ohhh-Shhh-iitt.. Uuuuhh-Uuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuuuuuhh.. Shhh-itt..!!”

The next morning. The curtains are partly open as snow falls outside. The heater is still on and everything is turned off.

There are several knocks on the door.

Carter quickly wakes up under the bed covers.

He asks, “Yeah..?!!”

The hotel maid answers, “Room cleaner.!!”

He throws off the bed covers and climbs off of the bed naked. He staggers over to the door and opens it a little.

He says, “Give me a few minutes.”

Carter closes the door and turns around to rub his eyes. He looks around and finds that his sport bag and clothes are all gone.

He says, “You got to be shitting me. She took my clothes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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