Hidden Valley Ch. 07

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Part 7: Boy Is It Time

My sisters, Adam and I all turned 18 two months before the big deflowering, so far the only disadvantage of being born first. We pleated, begged, flirted and teased dad and grandpa but nothing would budge them. The same thing Grandpa told Mom and Uncle Sandy when they were 18 first. So if all else fails go to Mom. She remembers that they did a lot of fooling around before and that’s all we wanted. Well it’s not all we wanted but we would settle for that.

Mom met with her brother Sandy for a long lunch. She knew she wouldn’t have a problem getting him to fuck her. She packed a picnic lunch and took him to one of their old places. It was easy to get him fucking after the picnic. While Uncle Sandy was slipping his cock in and out of mom’s pussy mom would remind him of the things they did. By the end she was moaning and panting most of it but bottom line was Sandy, June and Adam came over that night.

There was a nice meal but you could tell there was something in the air. Even as inexperienced as we were we could tell sexual tension. Joe had no idea what was going on. Dad wasn’t there at that first deflowering but was looking forward to this one with three beautiful daughters. He didn’t understand the idea of waiting any more than we did but that’s because he wasn’t part of the first one. To dad, 18 was 18 and that made it ok. Mom was ok with the fooling around but keeping the hymen for the big day.

Once all the parents had agreed this is how it went down. Mom put on some soft music and June asked Adam to dance. Joe (dad) asked Faith to dance. As the music flowed their hands started to stroke each other. Dad’s hands were all over my sister’s body and Faith’s were all over his until they got to his cock. We have seen dad with a hard cock and it was no big deal but this was the first time one of us gave it to him. Faith looked up at dad and he leaned his head down for their first lovers kiss. That’s when Hope cut in.

Hope and Dad started with the kiss and her hand went right to his cock. Adam was now dancing with my mom and Faith had move to Uncle Sandy. I hate being born last. Aunt June came over and put her arm around me and said, “Looks like we are a couple guys short for this party. That gave me an idea. My sisters may have gotten to my father’s cock first but I had an adult woman with me. Sure my sisters and I have played around but this was a woman. We looked at each other and just knew, I got my first adult lovers kiss from another woman. She had her hands on my tits and in my pussy and I did the same to her.

Before we knew it we were on the floor in a 69. I was licking my first pussy and being eaten for the first time. We were so lost in each other we didn’t notice the music had stopped and the other four were watching us. We were the first to actually start any kind of sex. The next thing I knew my mother was by my head saying softly, “I always thought I’d be the first to eat your young pussy.”

I pulled away from June’s pussy and said, “That’s what happens when I always go last. I wanted to be first at something.”

Mom kissed me with June’s juice all over my face. She smiled and said, “Well you certainly started things going. Now there is another first for you.” She pointed at Dad sitting down. I looked around and Faith had Adam’s cock in her mouth. They always did have a thing going. I saw Hope with Uncle Sandy’s cock in her mouth. I looked back at dad waiting for me and heard mom say, “He wanted you to be first.”

I was off June and on my knees in front of my dad before June even knew I left. I held dad’s cock in my hands and just looked at it knowing that it was going to be in my mouth. I took one last look around the room. Mom had taken my place with June. Faith had finished off Adam and was just licking his cock. Hope was just getting Uncle Sandy’s load and I watched as she drank it all down. I turned back to dad and looked up at him. He just smiled and nodded. It was the first cock I ever had in my hand or my mouth. I never knew something could feel so soft and be so hard at the same time.

Dad’s cock was the most wonderful thing I have ever had in my mouth. I have never had anything in my mouth that tasted so good. Dad slid off the chair and soon we were 69ing. Me and my dad are 69ing, he’s eating my pussy and I’m sucking his cock We’re really doing it. I must be doing something right, dad’s cock is twitching in my mouth. I know he is close. It won’t be long now, here it comes……….Oh My God!!!! I drank every drop of daddy’s cum and when he started shooting in my mouth my whole body exploded and I filled his mouth as well. Oh my God that was beautiful. Dad turned around and was laying with me he whispered in my ear, “Welcome to the family baby, you were great.” I pulled his face to mine and we kissed, a long wet sloppy lovers kiss.

When I pulled away from dad everyone was clapping. I had forgotten any one was there. Faith came over and said, “If he is that good mardin escort I want some.” She jumped on Dad and shoved her pussy in his face. Faith has no style. When she wants something she just takes it.

I went over and sat next to mom. She put her arm around me and kissed my lips. She said, “My little girl is a woman.” I was playing with mom’s tit and she was doing the same to me. Hope came and joined us. Hope would play with one tit and I would play with the other. Mom put her arms around both of us and was playing back. We were all giggling like school girls. Mom said, “Maybe we should all take a break and fix some snacks. Sex always makes you hungry. Your father and sister should be done when we get back. So should Adam and his mom.” I looked and sure enough Adam and June were 69ing just like Faith and dad.

As we sat around petting each other and having coffee and cake, I asked dad, “This deflowering that is coming up, isn’t the big thing for all the girls to be deflowered by their father all at the same time. Just one big push so to speak?” Dad nodded. I asked, “How are you going to do that with three girls and one cock. Am I going to have to wait and be last again?”

You could tell Dad didn’t have an answer and didn’t want to hurt any of us. Hope was looking concerned also since he could only do one of us that day. All three sisters come over to dad. Faith is on one side, Hope on the other and I’m on the floor in front of him. Since it is allowed now I was stroking his cock. My sisters reach down and stroke him with me. He looks down at the three hands massaging his cock and looks back at me with this I’m sorry look. That’s when I put my plan into action.

I kiss the head of his cock and batt my eyes and said, “Could I offer a suggestion?” Dad strokes my hair and nods pleading with me for any way out of this situation. I knew I had him and in my little girl voice said, “You know for the brother sister part we will have to have surrogate and I figured that would be JJ, Sam Sam and Adam.” He nodded like ok now what and I continued, “You could ask Chuck, and Rev Rosswalld to fill in for you, since neither has a daughter this time”

Dad got this shocked look and both Faith and Hope jerked away looking at me but I just calmly finished, “That would be for the ceremony only. All three of us want you to be our first. We’ve all thought about it all our lives. We are all here right now. We are all over 18 and we all want you right here, right now.” Now that my sisters knew what I was asking they both jumped in with me.

Mom came over and put her arms around Dad’s neck and whispered in his ear, “I think your baby girl just saved your butt. I was wondering how you were going to do all three girls at the same time with one cock. I would never have thought of this but if the girls are willing to have a surrogate in front of the whole town I think you owe it to them to be the first for each of them.”

Dad was still stunned and the blood had drained from his face. 18 years later he is still considered a newbie. For him to break the tradition that grandpa and the others set would not be liked in the town. The color started coming back to his face and he smiled and said, “We would have to keep this very hush hush.” He looked at Sandy, June and Adam and said, “This can not go out side these walls.

June was holding her son’s cock and her husband’s cock. June said, “If I know my men the only way to keep them silent is that they won’t want to just sit and watch.” Dad looked at us and we all nodded yes, Faith a little to fast. Dad looked back at June and nodded. Then June surprised everyone by saying, “Before my boy fucks anyone he is going to fuck me.” She got up and held Adam’s cock and sat right down on it. The look on Adam’s face was beyond words. As June slid up and down on Adam’s cock while we all watched she said in a panting way, “Now you won’t be the first to break tradition, I did.” No one in the room took their eyes off June and Adam until both got this painful expression and Adam’s eyes popped wide open as her filled his mother’s pussy with his cum for the first time.

When we were finally able to pull our eyes away, Dad had a stern look on his face. He picked me up and said, “Since this was all your idea ………….. You, my treasure will be first.” He looked at June and I followed his eyes and June still had Adam’s cock in her pussy. I think she was going for round two. Dad looked back in my eyes and said, “Well first in our family any way.” He started to lower me down and I felt a hand on my pussy. I looked and Mom was holding my pussy and Dad’s cock.

Mom kissed me as the tip of dad’s cock touched my pussy. She said “some traditions we need to keep” and she guided dad’s cock into my pussy. He was just inside me and at my hymen. He held me there and it was the most exciting thing I have ever felt. Mom kissed me again then dad kissed me as a lover for the first van escort time. His kiss was so thrilling and I kissed him back so hard and right in the middle of the kiss he pushed me down on his cock. I screamed with the pain of my hymen giving way but the sound of my scream went into daddy’s mouth as we continued to kiss. He held me with his cock buried to the hilt in my pussy and continued the kiss until the pain went away and all I could feel was this wonderful cock filling my pussy so completely.

I opened my eyes and saw my two sisters watching every move we made. I was content to just sit there. I had wanted to sit on daddy’s lap like the women do and now I was. I thought this was the greatest thing ever but boy was I wrong. Daddy started sliding in and out of me and my mind went blank of all thought, all that was left was pure feeling. I felt every cell in my body light up. I could feel an orgasm building. I knew what it was I had them before but this one was coming on like a run a way fright train and was about to hit the mountain. It was going faster and faster and I suddenly felt a flood in my pussy. I looked at daddy’s face and thought returned to me and I knew he had just fulled my pussy with his cream. My little fright train not only hit the mountain but exploded on impact. I came so hard I thought I was peeing on daddy’s cock. He held me as wave after wave washed over me. Finally I fell limp on his chest with my head on his shoulder. He kissed my cheek and said softly so only I could hear it, “I think my little baby likes fucking. We’re going to have to do a lot of this.” I just grabbed his face and kissed him so hard. I sucked his tongue as far into my mouth as I could. I wanted his tongue and cock to touch some where in the middle.

He gently lay me down and slowly pulled his cock from my pussy. My pussy was gripping at it not wanting it to go. I lay there totally spent. I looked up and mom was laying with me. She was playing with my tits but I could barely feel her my body was numb. She whispered, “Did you enjoy it?” I just looked at her like, What a dumb question. She softly asked, “May I?” as she nodded her head toward my pussy. I looked down at my well fucked pussy and could just nod. Mom slowly kissed her way down to my pussy and it felt so wonderful to feel her mouth on my pussy but I couldn’t even move. I rolled my head and saw dad fucking Hope doggy style. Being triplets I could feel everything she was feeling as I know she felt everything when dad fucked me. I looked at Faith and she was on the verge of orgasm herself from the two of us. I knew it was going to be even better for her if that was possible.

I started getting feeling back and could feel mom’s tongue on my pussy. I could also feel Hope’s approaching orgasm. The three of us have always been able to feel the other’s pain and joy and now I guess even each other’s orgasms. I suddenly felt my pussy being flooded with daddy’s cum again and knew it must be Hope’s pussy he was filling. It was strong enough to give me another orgasm in my mother’s mouth.

Mom said we should take a break now or else Faith would not get the full effect of her daddy’s cock. So while we were taking a break to let Daddy recharge, Karen walks in. Since everyone is always naked and no body cares who is fucking who there is no need for locks. The first thing she sees is Mom sitting on Adam’s lap with his cock in her pussy, not even trying to cover it up. Then she sees me with Sandy’s cock in me just sitting there, also making no attempt to cover up what we are doing. There is only one cock not being used and it’s her brother’s. Faith is next to him stroking life back into him.

Karen stands there and demands, “What the hell is going on here?” Dad explains that all three of us wanted him to be our first and he couldn’t do all three at the same time on the day of deflowering. He finishes by telling her that all of us became 18 before the rest of the town. Still in a demanding tone Karen says, “Well so is JJ. He turned 18 two days ago but I haven’t …….” In a much softer tone she said, “I’ll be right back. Let me go get John and JJ.” It looks like our party just got bigger and all of us conceived outside of the valley were going to lose our cherry tonight.

Karen returns with her family. It didn’t take long since they live in the same house. All the sexual screaming must have been what brought her there in the first place. John boldly steps into the room saying, “I understand we have a private deflowering going on. I’ll have to suggest to dad that he do both girls before they come to the ceremony, he was having the same problem with his two daughters.”

Now there were two virgins left in the room, JJ and Faith. Karen had JJ stand next to her brother Joe. She then had Faith get on her knees in front of her father while Karen got down in front of JJ. Karen showed Faith how to stroke her father and how to lick his cock by doing it to her son. ankara escort Then Faith would do it to Joe. Karen licked and sucked on JJ’s balls and Faith did the same to her father. Then it was time to take the cock into her mouth. Faith watched her Aunt and did everything she did. Faith was not able to take as much of the standard 8″ cock but did not disappoint her father. He kept telling her how good she was and how wonderful it felt.

Joe started pumping in and out of Faith’s mouth and JJ did the same to his mother. JJ didn’t last long and was soon filling his mother’s mouth with his load. Faith stopped and watched as Karen drank every drop of her son’s love juice. She opened her mouth and let her son shoot into her mouth so Faith could watch. When JJ had nothing left Karen took his cock back in her mouth and sucked it dry. Faith went back to sucking her father with a new excitement wanting the reward that Karen got from her son. Faith didn’t have to wait long and was drinking her father’s love juice as her Aunt had done. She wasn’t able to get it all and when Joe stopped her she thought she had done it wrong. Joe smiled at her and said, “That was perfect but now it is your turn. Now I want to taste you.”

Karen lay on her back and held her legs open. Faith did the same. Now Joe was the teacher and JJ was the student. Joe opened Faith’s pussy showing her swollen lips and her little sex button. Joe licked the slit from one end to the other then ran his tongue around Faith’s sex button. Faith’s hips came up off the floor and she moaned. Joe stopped and told JJ to do the same to his mother. JJ looked at his mother’s open pussy and for a moment just stared at it. With a gentle nudge from Joe he lowered his face to his mother’s pussy. First he kissed it, nice touch Joe thought. Then JJ did as Joe showed him and licked from one end to the other and then all around Karen’s clit. Karen was moaning and humping her hips up to her son’s mouth. Joe smiled knowing he was leaving his sister in good hands he went back to eating his own daughter.

After both girls had at least two orgasms each it was time for the main event. Karen lay on the floor and had JJ get between her legs. She petted her pussy then raised her legs in the air. She reached for JJ’s cock. He inched forward until his cock was in his mother’s hand. They looked into each other’s eyes as she brought the head of his cock to the entrance of her pussy. Just the head opened her pussy lips. They stayed there never taking their eyes away from the other. Still with their eyes locked Karen put her feet on JJ’s butt and slowly pushed him into her. Soon he was balls deep in his mother. She held him in place while everyone watched. She let him go and slowly he pulled his cock almost all the way out then slowly pushed it back in. Karen was moaning and pushing her hips up to start fucking her son. He took the hint and started fucking his mother faster and faster. Being his first time and with his mother he didn’t last long. He gave that last final push and Karen locked her legs around him keeping him deep in her pussy. The whole room cheered as he pumped load after load into his mother’s pussy.

Now the one that always went first was the last one. Faith has always been the center of attention by being first. Now she is even more the center of attention by being last. The only one who wasn’t riveted to the show about to take place was John, he was busy licking his son’s cum from his wife’s pussy. Dad stood in the center of the room and Faith was on her knees in front of him. She was going to get him in her mouth and pussy as I did. Hope is the only one who hasn’t sucked dad off yet but I’m sure she will before the night is over.

All eyes were on Faith but all she could see was her father’s cock right in front of her. Now it was time for her to lose her hymen. Dad lay her back on the floor. Dad kissed her pussy and gave it a few kicks which had Faith’s hips coming up off the floor. Dad came forward pulling Faith’s legs up on his shoulders. His cock was just inches from her pussy. Mom came over and kissed Faith then held her pussy open. Mom took Dad’s cock and brought it to her opening. She rubbed the head of dad’s cock up and down my sister’s pussy lips. Faith’s pussy was already dripping. Mom guided Dad’s cock into her till it came to her hymen then she pulled her hand away. Dad looked into Faith’s eyes and just held his cock in place. Faith nodded and dad pushed his cock into her. Her screams were drowned out by the shouts and cheers in the room.

Dad just stayed balls deep in his daughter until the room was again silent. Faith had closed her eyes from the pain but now opened them. For a moment she just looked up at dad. A big smile came across her face and daddy started slipping in and out of her. Dad started moving faster and faster as the whole room cheered, “Go, Go, Go!” Hope and I were standing next to each other. We were holding each other and playing with the other’s tit. We looked at each other and both felt Faith’s orgasm building. When dad shot off inside her she exploded and so did Hope and I. It was as if we could feel him shoot inside us all over again. Hope and I were fighting over who got her pussy but mom beat us to it. Mom licked her husbands cum from her last daughter’s pussy.

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