Home Alone and Bored

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You are upstairs watching some mind numbing television while quickly checking to see if I am online. Damn I’m not. You wonder what I might be doing. If you can’t talk to me, maybe watching a little porn online will help with the throbbing in your jeans. Tight ass, big tits, blowjobs all hot but not what you wanted today. You hear the dog bark and then the sound of a car pulling in the driveway.

Looking out the window you see it’s me, the throbbing in your jeans gets stronger. You hear me at the door and take your time coming to open it. You open the door and say “hey”. You can see the lust in my eyes and know why I am here. “Come on in,” you say. I follow you into the kitchen looking around thinking of all the places I want you to fuck me. You play coy like you don’t know what I want. I try some small talk “what are you up to?”

“Nothing,” you say. Hmmm this is going to be harder than I had hoped for today. I am already wet because I have been thinking about you since I woke up this morning. You are what I want, licking me, fucking me in person instead of just on the phone. I can’t focus on what you are saying. You ask if I want something to drink, I grin devilishly. You just chuckle and ask me to come up stairs. I follow you up the stairs hoping I will get to touch that hard cock I can see pushing against your jeans. We sit on the couch upstairs and I take in my surroundings. The TV with nothing interesting on it and the computer loaded with porn.

I know what you were thinking about before I got here. The computer is on the other side of you. I decide I want to see what you were watching. I lean over you and take the laptop. Watching porn together could prove to be very exciting. I hold the laptop so we can both see the screen and so my back is slightly turned towards you. You lean in a little closer I can feel your breath on my neck; it sends chills down my spine. I start scrolling through the videos looking for something we will both like. You brush my neck with your lips; a moan escapes from me. I want you so bad but I will be patient.

You shift on the couch so I am between your legs now. You start kissing my neck and gently rubbing my shoulders. I close my eyes leaning my head back moaning. You tell me to keep watching the computer. I have found a video of sex on a couch, how fitting. It’s hard for me to concentrate on the video bursa escort when you are kissing my neck and I can feel your hardness in my back. I shift on the couch; you moan and pull my hair. You slide one hand up my shirt and quickly undo my bra with one movement. You slide both hands in to free my breasts from my loose bra.

I gasp as you touch my already hard nipples. Your warm hands feel so good on me. I start moving my hips against your hard cock and you tell me to stop, “not yet,” you say. You tell me you want to do whatever the couple in the video do. This could be fun. I put the laptop on the table. I stand up and take off my shirt and bra. You unbutton my jeans and slide them down over my hips and to the floor. No panties, now you really know what I came here for. You notice how nicely I have shaved my pussy for you. You lean in and lightly lick my wet lips. My hands instantly go to your head, “please don’t stop,” I whisper.

You look to the computer and point telling me to do what she is doing. She has one leg up on the couch and the guy is eating her nice wet pussy. I step over to the couch and put one leg up. You come to me and slowly start licking. You start with my thighs, just to tease me. You want me very wet because you know how tight I am. As you move from leg to leg you graze my pussy with your mouth. I am breathing so hard right now and my heart is pounding. I hope today is the day you fuck me. We have been waiting for this day for so long, so many days and nights of teasing.

Your tongue flicks my swollen clit and I tremble. You hold on to my ass with both hands as you know my legs are getting weak. You slide your tongue down between my lips tasting my wetness. You moan, I moan. I feel you start to put your tongue inside me. I want to ride your mouth so hard and cum all over your tongue. The couple on the computer has changed positions. We move to match them.

Now you are standing and taking off your jeans. I can’t wait to see your hard cock. Knowing you want me as bad as I want you. Your jeans hit the floor and you lay back on the couch. My turn to put my mouth on you. I slide between your legs and take your cock with one hand. I start to lick the head. You like it when I tease the tip with my tongue. I know if I go too fast this will be over too soon so I go slowly.

You put your hands on the sides of my neck bursa escort bayan your thumbs caressing the front; you know how I like to be choked. I take all of your cock in my mouth now. Your cock is so hard. You start pulling my head I know you want me to suck harder. I want you to cum for me. I look at you and ask if you can cum twice today, you nod your head yes. I suck slowly at first and then start to suck hard and fast as you moan and hold my head so you can fuck my throat. I can feel your cock jerking inside my mouth your hot cum dripping down my throat. I suck every drop of your sweet cum from your cock.

When I look up you know what I want. You tell me to sit on the couch and let you pleasure me now. I sit down and you move to the floor. You kiss me; you know how hot your kissing makes me especially after I just sucked your cock. You move to my breasts. Licking and biting my nipples. I arch my back and grab the couch. While teasing my nipples with your mouth you slide a hand between my legs. You separate my lips with your fingers I moan and push into your hand.

Your finger easily slips inside, I am so wet. You know that you need to stretch my tight wet pussy in order to get your big hard cock inside so you slip in another finger. I can hardly take it. I want to cum so badly right now on your fingers. You move your fingers in and out of my pussy feeling my body rock with the motion of your hand. You know I am getting close; you caress my clit with your thumb. “I am going to cum” I scream. You push your fingers so deep inside me and rub my clit so hard. Oh God it feels so fucking good. I start cumming, you can feel my pussy throbbing and getting wetter.

You stop and tell me that I have to save some of that for your cock. I growl and grab you. I look into your eyes and tell you “FUCK ME NOW!” We stand up together and both notice the video has ended, oh well guess we can make up the rest on our own. When I look back at you I can see that you are hard again. You sit on the couch and pull me onto your lap. I am facing you and I straddle you. You take your cock and tease my lips with the head. I have wanted this for so long I don’t think I can’t wait anymore.

I push down so your cock will go inside me. You guide it making sure to go slow. I can now feel all of your cock inside me. I start to cum again, we aren’t even moving yet. It escort bursa feels so good deep inside me. You grab my ass and start to rock me. The waves of orgasm are flowing through me now. You can feel my pussy gripping your cock with each wave. You want to cum inside me so bad. I tell you not yet. This is my favorite position, me on top so I can feel every inch of you inside me.

You move your hands to my neck and with your thumbs you gently choke me while I ride you. I am cumming so fucking hard now I can’t stop. It feels so good. I try to scream out but I can’t. This feels as good as I imagined. You pull my face to yours and kiss me deep and hard. You whisper in my ear “my turn”. I know what that means. I get up and before I let you up I make you watch me lick all of my cum off your hard cock.

I love it when your cock is this hard I know you want to cum so hard and soon. I don’t tease you too much with my mouth. I want you to cum all over my tits. You lay me down on the couch and straddle my stomach. I push my tits nice and tight around your cock. I know how much you like to watch. You start moving back and forth, your cock sliding in between my nice big tits.

Your hands are on my nipples squeezing and pinching them. Every time the head of your cock comes towards my face you let me lick it. You grab my hands and push my tits even tighter around your cock. You start rocking faster and harder back and forth. I am licking your cock each time it comes forward. You tell me you’re going to cum. You lean back and stroke your cock until your hot cum shoots all over my nice big tits. I am licking every drop I can from my own tits.

You love to watch this. I am licking you off my nipples. What I can’t reach with my tongue I am rubbing in with my hands. You slide your cock in my mouth so I can suck out every last drop of your hot cum. You get up and go get me a towel so I can clean up. I am utterly spent with orgasmic bliss. I clean up and get dressed. You are sitting on the couch naked and pleased. I lean over and kiss you quickly on the lips.

“Thanks for everything” I say on my way down the stairs and out the door. Wow I am thinking as I head out the door to my car. I can still feel my pussy throbbing. You are sitting there wondering if all that really just happened. What a nice surprise, you were only hoping for some phone sex today, but now that we have had the real thing, you’re not sure if we can go back to just phone sex. Next time you will come looking for me. I am in my car driving away from your house smiling and hoping there will be a next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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