Home Alone with Beth Ch. 02

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Anina Silk

“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”


Beth drove me to work the following day, so I could pick up my PC key. I needed my pin number, so I could log in from home and start going through all my e-mails.

As I gimped down the hallway on my crutch, I was pleased to receive several get-well wishes from my friends, despite the fact their eyes were glued on Beth, who was right behind me, carrying my brief case, and smiling ear to ear.

I felt a little uncomfortable about that because you would have had to be an idiot not to think we were an item. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that – the wagging tongues.

Anyway, when I unlocked my office door, Becky suddenly appeared and entered with us. I assumed she wanted to chat with Beth, so I thought nothing more about it.

The walk had tired me. I slumped down on the first available chair, as Beth closed my door and locked it.

I looked up at Beth to thank her, but she had already turned to Becky, advising, “Let’s go… Take off your panties and bend over the desk. We don’t have much time.”

“This is embarrassing,” the instantly red-faced Becky said as looked at me.

“Come on! This is what you wanted!

“Not like this!”

At first, I thought Beth was teasing Becky, but that was not the case. Becky, despite her protests, modestly turned away from me, reached under her dress, and pulled her panties down.

“Now, let’em smell them.”

Becky smiled self-consciously as she gracefully stepped out of her sexy panties and handed them to me. They were warm, white, and moist.

As if in a trance, I passively took them, put them to my nose, and inhaled deeply. Trance or no trance, there is nothing like the smell of fresh, wet pussy!

“Like that?”

“Nice!” I choked out of my suddenly dry throat.

“Time for lunch… Here, let me help you pull up your chair. It’s on Becky!”

My eyes bugged out when Becky bent over my desk and hiked up her skirt. A moment later, my mouth dropped open, when Becky spread her feet, exposing her hairless genitalia and anus.

I immediately noted the contrast between Becky’s light, reddish-brown rectal skin and her pink anus and pussy. Both seemed in desperate need of a tongue.

As I continued to gawk at Becky’s curvy, bare ass, I wondered why we had never connected. Becky was about 5′ 2′, weighed about 125 lbs, and was thin waisted. She was fair-skinned, had ash blonde shoulder length hair, and smiling hazel eyes. Her tits were firm and she certainly had a nice looking ass.

Although I was still somewhat dazed, I cooperated with Beth as she pushed my chair, until I was directly behind Becky’s sexy bottom. My mouth began watering as my face was now only inches away from her puckering anus, which her anal ring wonderfully defined, and juicy pussy.

“Dig in, Honey,” Beth said as stepped back. “She’s always wanted you to eat her out.”


Not needing to be told twice, I leaned forward, and pressed my nose directly against Becky’s puckered anus, so that I could work my tongue deep into her puss. My train of thought was immediately disrupted.

My nose practically slid into Becky’s ass! Her anus was unusually pliable, for a seemingly quickly planned sexual rendezvous.

I pulled back and looked quizzically at Beth. I was a given a what-did-you-expect smile.

Upon my second venture into Becky’s delightful ass, I was careful not to push my nose too hard against her anus. My tongue quickly found her drooling pussy hole and went to work.

I enjoyed pleasuring sweet Becky. Not only had it been awhile, since I had gone down on a woman, but Becky’s delightful pussy tasted good!

Becky may have been thinking something similar because she was continuously wiggling her ass and moaning, “You’re blowing my mind. He’s really blowing my mind.”

A short time later, Becky’s pussy began throbbing and pulsing rapidly against my mouth as she neared orgasm. Fearing she might cry out loudly, I raised my eyes to Beth.

I need not have worried. Becky’s mouth was filled with cock.

My tongue and mouth had not forgotten how to make a woman cum. Becky’s entire body was soon shuddering.

As Becky’s climaxes subsided, I moved my tongue north and began licking, her little, clenching anus. Becky’s muffled shrieks of ecstasy now became erotic groans as my tongue swabbed her anus, over and over.

When my tongue finally entered Becky’s rectum, she responded even more dramatically. Her hips started bucking as her cum was poured out of her pussy like someone had turned on a faucet! Becky was having another orgasm.

“Such a sweet ass,” Beth said as she watched Becky thrash on my desk like a hooked trout.

Seconds later, Beth said, “Check this out.”

Beth reached into her purse, pulled out what looked like an urfa escort inflatable butt plug, and handed it me. She then reached into her purse, again, and pulled out a bottle of lube.

Beth took the plug back from me, asked me for hand, and then squeezed a glob of the lube onto the tip my index finger. I knew what to do.

I carefully smeared the lube around Becky’s anus, before I eased my finger, about an inch, into her clenching anus. I held it still for a few seconds before I began to make gentle circular motions.

Anal foreplay was extremely thrilling and sensual, especially, with a woman whose ass I had not yet explored. It never failed to make my cock ooze precum nonstop. Today was no different.

Becky’s poop tube was a little tight at first. However, when Beth began gently caressing Becky’s silky, inner thighs and soothing her with soft kisses, she noticeably relaxed and did not object, when I eased another finger into her.

As soon as Becky began responding to my fingers with tiny quivers and soft moans, I knew she was ready. I removed my fingers and wiped the tips on her twitching anus.

Becky’s anus had been well stretched. It was not gaping, but it could be opened back up with the smallest effort.

Beth quickly lubed the plug and without hesitation, slid it right into Becky’s loosened anus. The plug went in easily and Becky sighed with satisfaction as sphincter grasped it.

“She’s such an anal slut. Look how easily this big old butt plug slides into her tiny asshole.”

Becky’s bottom started bucking and her muffled groans were non-stop as Beth determinedly began to pump the plug. My rectum quivered, too, as I imagined it in me.

“You love your ass filled. Don’t you?” Beth rhetorically asked.

Beth was certainly enjoying this. Her raging erection was tenting her skirt.

After a minute or so, Beth stopped playing with Becky’s ass, pushed my chair to the side, stepped behind Becky, gripped her waist, and then pulled herself right into Becky’s pussy as if she owned it. The butt plug remained — temptingly jutting out of Becky’s behind.

The slapping sounds of thighs to ass quickly filled my office as Beth began drilling Becky’s cunt. Almost as quickly, low moans began escaping from Becky’s mouth as her horny hole got itched. Adding to Becky’s sexual pleasure, I occasionally and gently stirred the plug in her ass.

Becky came very quickly. In no time, her pussy was making the telltale gurgling and sucking sounds.

When Becky’s entire body began to tremble uncontrollably, Beth quickly deflated the plug and, unceremoniously, pulled it out. The sucking sound was lewd.

Beth left her cock in Becky’s pussy, allowing her to ride out her climax. Most notably, Becky’s gaping asshole continuously winked at us, until she stopped cumming.

“Okay, Becky girl. Now, I’m going to fuck you in the ass…right in front of this man. You’re going to show your appreciation by sucking his cock like you never sucked before. Ready? Here we go little Honey…spread your anus.”

Obediently, Becky inserted her two index fingers and slowly pulled her engorged anus open for our viewing pleasure. It was truly amazing to see the wet, bright red insides of her pristine rectum.

“Looks nice and tight in there,” Beth said as pushed Becky’s fingers aside and placed her cockhead against Becky’s slackening and vertically gaping anus.

“Now, fuck it Ms. Piggy. Impale your gorgeous ass on my cock. I want to feel my hard cock go deep into her your warm guts!”

Becky pushed her ass back a couple of inches, grunted, and then pulled forward as if testing. However, each time she pulled forward, her ass became unplugged and puffy farts escaped out of her dilated asshole.

“Oh! Sorry. Oh my! Sorry!”

I felt sorry for Becky. Yet, I wanted to laugh. She was bowed over, red faced, hands still spreading her ass cheeks, and farting in front of us in my office. You could only see worse at a college frat party.

Nevertheless, with steady, insistent pushing, Beth soon had the thickest two-thirds of her cock sunk between Becky’s wiggling and jiggling ass cheeks. Becky let us know it, too, in no uncertain terms.

“Ow! Ow! Owie! Oh! Oh! God that hurts!” “Quiet! Relax your ass,” Beth whispered as she paused, looked up at me, and rolled her eyes.

“She just popped a huge, big headed baby out and she can’t handle my cock…”

After fucking Becky’s ass for a few minutes, Beth pulled her long, thick cock from her ass, reached down, grabbed her ankles, and flipped her over onto her back, as if she was a rag doll. Beth then grabbed Becky’s ankles, again, hoisted them over her shoulders, and pushed her cock all the way into Becky’s moist, puckered, and ready to play asshole.

With Beth’s cock buried to the hilt in her rectum, Becky looked up at us between her out-stretched arms. There was an undeniable glow on her face. Becky did not only love the anal intruder, but was enjoying us watching her enjoy balıkesir escort it!

“Look at you…” smiled Beth as she began fucking Becky. “Go ahead. Say it. Tell us…”

“I love your big cock…in my ass,” Becky panted. “You…you can butt-fuck me…anytime you want…in front of anybody… I want your cum in my ass”.

“Show me.”

“Yes…I will…”

“Wow! Your cock is about to burst from the looks of it! Becky, are you hungry?”

When Becky reached up and grabbed my hard cock, I barely noticed. I was watching her pussy hole clench open and shut as Beth’s cock subdued her rectum, with deep long strokes.

“Do you want to try her ass out? Watch that little ass squirm at the end of your cock?”

“Becky is a beauty…that’s for sure…”

“She sure is,” Beth said as she leaned forward and kissed Becky fully on the lips.

Becky’s eyes widened when she felt Beth’s tongue dart into her mouth. Her eyes got even bigger when I unexpectedly leaned forward, cock in hand, and began ejaculating semen into her mouth and then all over her pretty face as Beth pulled away. I literally painted Becky’s face with sperm as I spurted out a number of gooey loads.

When I was finished Beth exclaimed, “Boy! You certainly hosed her face… Awww! You’re still hard! Let’s swap. Come on…try her tight ass.”

I hobbled over between Becky’s legs and roughly shoved my cock into her gaping asshole. Becky reacted instantly as I immediately began fucking her hot, snug ass like my life depended on it. She groaned loudly as she tossed her head and kicked my desk with her little feet.

“She likes your cock.”

“She sure is one hot…young lady,” I gasped. Remarkably, I was cumming, again!

“Tighten your ass, Honey! Fuck his load right outta him!”

As Becky’s sphincters tightened around my spasming cock, I fell forward, atop Becky. I moaned loudly in her face as I flooded her grasping ass with cum.

After my last spurt into her ass, I acknowledged I was a little rough with her by tenderly planting kisses on her sperm streaked face. Becky passionately reciprocated.

As Becky and I exchanged kisses, a light bulb must have gone off in Beth’s head. With a look of lust, she pushed Becky’s legs up against her chest and then turned her sideways. Becky’s cum dribbling rump now hung over my desk.

Beth took advantage of the extra lube I had deposited and shoved her hard cock all the way up Becky’s vulnerable, soupy, poop chute in one motion. Becky instantly winced, as Beth’s strong cockhead deeply penetrated her tender intestines.

“Now clean his cock, Becky…and his balls. Lick’em clean. Clean the cock that just sodomized you.”

As Becky opened her mouth, Beth said, “Becky, can we milk you, too?”

I saw Becky blink rapidly and then stammer. “I…I…was going to feed Henry later…”

“The more you’re milked the more milk you make Becky.”

“I guess…” Becky said as she unbuttoned her blouse and freed her small but full, lactating breasts from her bra.

“You’re leaking already, Sweetie! Milk her…”

I didn’t have a clue what to do, so I faked it. I reached down and began to knead and fondle Becky’s swollen breasts as she sucked me.

“You’re quite a sweet little thing plaything, aren’t you Becky?” Beth said with a grin. “I’m sooo glad you talked me into this. Okay. On your knees Becky. Time to feed us.”

I placed my mouth on Becky’s large, erect teat and sucked it. I got nothing. I tried it, again. Nope. Frustrated I stopped.

“You have to put as much of my boob in your mouth…around the whole thing, not just the nipple,” Becky hoarsely whispered. “Suck it and pull. Suck it and pull with your mouth. Not too hard, either!”

Following Becky’s instructions, Beth and I took turns sucking creamy tasting milk from her hard nipples. When I took my second helping, Becky started cumming.

As Becky’s eyes closed and her mouth froze open, Beth re-inserted her cock into Becky’s ass, impaling her on every stroke. Beth fucked Becky right through her climax and then she came, too, moments later.

Beth grabbed Becky’s trembling hips to keep her still and then drove deep as her body stiffened and her cock erupted. Beth grunted in time with each huge spurt.

Just as the girls tidied up, the door to my office unexpectedly opened. Our security officer, ‘Black Betty’ stood in the doorframe.

“You guys, alright?”


“What’s that smell?” Betty asked as she noticeably inhaled.

“I just came in to get my pin, so I can…could work from home.”

“Ooohhh! Somebody heard voices in your office and called. I guess they didn’t know you…ALL of you were in here.”

“We’re fine. As a matter of fact, we were just getting ready to leave.”

Betty stared at us for few more seconds before she decided to leave. As she slowly turned, I saw her glance at my crotch. My khaki pants betrayed my leaking cock. There was an obvious dark spot.

I trabzon escort am sure Betty knew something was going on. With my dark spot and Becky’s flushed face…

Later that night, Beth and I went out for drinks. Beth drove me to her favorite club.

As we entered the club parking lot, we saw at least 50 college cheerleaders, all dressed in red. They were exiting two buses and going into Beth’s club!

The girls were above average height, athletic, long legged, and buxom. Each girl had shoulder length hair, a big, beautiful, nonstop smile, and each was wearing her cheerleader outfit, a traditional A-line cheer skirt with the low-rise waist and halter-top.

As Beth and I entered the club, arm in arm, both women and men stared at us — even with all the half-naked college girls bouncing around us. Beth was wearing an eye-catching, sexy, black, deep V, sequined, party dress.

From the back, it plunged all the down to her ass crack and from the front — well, she was clearly braless. I couldn’t stop looking at her uber, sexy self, either. Beth certainly had taste and, apparently, the money to pursue her tastes.

Later, Beth told that when she was wearing black, she could pretty much carry her cock the way a guy normally would. The cock bulge would be hard to see…

Our barmaid was a cute, slim blonde. If she had been ten years younger and had bigger boobs, she could have easily have been with the cheerleaders, instead of waiting tables. I’m sure she was painfully aware of that. Perhaps, that is what accounted for the somewhat resentful look on her pretty face.

The cheerleaders, despite being eye candy, were really kind of a nuisance. Although you couldn’t help but stare at their long, bare legs as they walked by, their loud giggling and chatter grew tiresome quickly.

“You’ve looked at the little bitch twice now…you really want her?”


“Watch this.”

When the slim blonde returned with our drinks, Beth ‘accidentally’ dropped some bills on the floor. Without hesitating, the slim blonde politely squatted down to pick the bills up.

When she had secured them, she was about to rise when I saw her sneak a quick peek between Beth’s open legs. She abruptly stopped.

I am sure she could not believe what she was seeing. Beth’s long, thick, somewhat limp cock was resting between her thighs on the leather chair seat.

“Okay Hun, don’t stare too long,” Beth lightly admonished her.

When the red-faced blonde rose, she shakily handed the Beth her money. Instead of taking the money, Beth gently grasped her hand, and then placed her long fingers in her palm.

“Did you like what you saw, Hun? Want me to drop my money, again? Just squeeze for yes!”

The second time the blonde squatted down, she stayed down even longer. Cleverly, she pretended to be feeling around the carpet, underneath our table, looking for money, as she looked hard between Beth’s legs.

Beth audaciously encouraged her by spreading her legs even further apart. She wanted to make sure our waitress got a really good look.

When our waitress finally rose, Beth asked, “Well, what do you think? Seen any that big for? Think it’s real?”

Tongue-tied, she awkwardly gave Beth a positive nod. Not letting her off the hook, Beth then leaned toward her and said, “Prove you liked what you saw. Go to the ladies room, remove your panties, walk back here, and hand them to me. Don’t call attention to yourself…”

Beth then added, “Two minutes!

Our blushing waitress didn’t immediately comply. She looked around the crowded bar. When she sensed no one was watching, she headed for the restrooms.

Beth smiled knowingly and turned to me. “The fun is just beginning… This is going to be easy. We’re the only ones giving her attention…”

I raised my glass and we toasted. Beth was something else I thought.

When we saw our waitress exiting the restroom area, Beth raised her hand. Under her breath, she confidently said, “Now that I’ve gotten her attention…interest, she’ll come running…”

Our waitress immediately noticed Beth’s raised hand and quickly came over to our table. When she was about three feet away, Beth motioned with her hand for her to stop and then politely said, “Another round please.”

“Have to keep her guessing,” Beth said underneath her breathe.

I was impressed with Beth’s deft moves. She made it look easy.

When our waitress returned, she neatly placed our drinks on the table and then discretely and slowly reached into her skirt pocket and pulled out her white panties. They were neatly folded.

“Thank you,” Beth graciously announced with a big smile. “You are a little sweetheart! Did you know that? I am going to reward you for your efforts.”

Her eyes lit up when Beth opened her purse and laid three crisp one-hundred bills on the table. However, before the waitress could take them, Beth laid her hand over the money.

“If you want this…tell your boss you need to take the rest of the night off. That your friends are here from out of town and that you want to party with them. Slide your boss two hundred and meet me in the ladies room. Pretend to be washing your hands…”

We both watched our waitress slowly walk away, deep in thought. I’m sure it was taking her awhile to grasp what was happening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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