Hot for Teacher

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He began to get nervous and excited as he got closer to his desk; the anticipation tingled through his limbs. He knew it was wrong to hope his admirer had left another letter, but it was like an addiction. This was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to this 27 year-old teacher.

The top drawer of his desk was slightly ajar and he saw a pastel colored envelope laying there. He debated in his mind, as he always did at this point, should he read it or shouldn’t he? Deep down he knew he would, but he felt better about himself if he struggled with it for a while.

The letters were coming frequently now, every couple of days instead of once a week like before. This was a small school and he was having trouble keeping his composure around each and every woman who passed him in the halls. He was also becoming more aware that these sultry letters were beginning to seem like they could be coming from a student, and even though he knew it was wrong, this excited him even more. The letters always started in the same way:

‘I watched you eat your lunch today. The way your mouth looked when you brought the food to your lips when you ran your tongue along them to catch any drips that had not made it into your mouth was almost more than I could take. The thought of those lips tasting me from head to toe brought me to the edge. My body started to quiver and I had to look away, afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stop. I followed you down the hall and imagined you turning, seeing me, and then pulling me into the nearest empty room, throwing me down on a table, lifting my skirt, and taking me from behind. I got so excited I couldn’t help myself. I ran to the ladies room and pleasured myself with thoughts of you.’

Mike had to put the letter down. He looked around to make sure he was still alone; worried that anyone around him would notice his excited expression. Class was about to begin, and Mike had his advanced art students this hour; juniors mostly, and very talented. They were a good class to have, and he enjoyed his time with them. They would be a good distraction he believed, although in actuality he thought about the letter throughout the class. The next hour was for independent study, and as it was a very quite class, he had an opportunity to read more of the letter.

‘I’ll read for a bit and if I get too much into it, I will put it away,’ he thought, trying to convince himself.

‘Do you ever feel like the life you have been living is a lie?’

This was different; it was more personal then her normal flirting. She didn’t normally ask him questions, other than ‘do you want me?’ Which he did! It continued:

‘Life in this town is the same everyday. People are afraid to be who they really are. They don’t want people to think they might be different. What would others think of the things I want to do with a married art teacher who is just as tired of being something he is not as I am?’ Mike folded the letter and put it in his briefcase. How could someone have the ability to take his mind to the very edge of his limits? This girl was more inside him and his darkest thoughts then anyone else had ever been. He began to worry even more about who could be writing to him and the power they could have if these thoughts were ever exposed. The day’s last bell rang, and he headed home. Getting home as usual at 4:00pm, Mike kissed his wife, Escort bayan had supper as a family as always, read to his kids and then put then to bed. He finished the dishes and then spent much of the evening thinking about the letters. He was still extremely turned-on at the thought of her masturbating in the girls’ restroom.

He headed to bed and called to his wife, “Are you coming up soon?”

“Not for a while,” he heard her respond, “good night.” As he crawled into bed he thought about what he wanted to do to his mystery female. What was she doing? Maybe she was thinking of him, or writing him another letter. What if she was pleasuring herself at this very moment? He slid his hand under the covers to his already hard cock. He imagined her watching him. His hand began to pump at this thought. He closed his eyes and tried to picture what she may look like, but the fact that he had no Idea who she was just seemed to make him hornier. When he came, his orgasm was massively intense. Next morning, Mike entered his classroom in the same controlled manner as always. Today was different though, inside himself he was extremely nervous. He sat at his desk and stared at the drawer which may or may not hold a new letter. He fought his desire to open it and see. The classes came and went.

He ate lunch looking in turn at everyone he could. Who was the mystery writer? The thought of this and a renewed desire to look in the draw caused him to run back to his classroom. He opened the draw. Yes, a letter was there, beaconing to him, as if to say, read me, you know you want to.

‘You wore that shirt today that I love; the one that’s tight in all the right places. You put your hand on my shoulder in class, and as you walked around me to look at my project I let my hand drop to my side. The back of it rubbed against the round of your pants. I had to take my panties off after class they were so wet.’

He dropped the letter. Finally he was certain that she was one of his students. He’d known it was possible, but the reality of it just hit him like a ton of bricks. He picked the letter up and read on.

‘I’ve been thinking of all the letters I have written and the many orgasms I’ve had just thinking about you. Six long months I have been telling you how much I want you and I have decided that my fantasies are no longer enough to satisfy me. I want you inside me. I need to know if you’re ready. Now that you know I am in one of your classes come find me.’

Find her! What the hell kind of a game was she playing? If she was a student, he couldn’t possibly ask the kind of questions needed to be sure who it was. He’d be reported, probably even fired and then his career would be totally finished. He read through the letter again, and then pulled out his class lists. Mike tried desperately to eliminate possibilities, but it was completely useless. A few days passed and he wasn’t getting any closer to figuring out this puzzle. He was driving himself mad. It was affecting his sleep, and work no longer seemed important. His marriage was already in so much trouble that his wife didn’t even notice he was distracted. Mike decided to find a clever way to ask for help in finding her; he was getting tired of playing.

What he did was to give the same talk to all his classes. He explained to his students how important it was to go after what Bayan Escort they wanted; that if their passion for something was intense enough, they must take whatever action was required to achieve their goals. He particularly emphasised that they must never be afraid to ask questions or seek help from others. He hoped she would get the message.

The last bell of the day rang and he sat at his desk, waiting for her to respond. ‘I can’t do this,’ he though to himself. ‘I need to go.’ He grabbed his keys and headed for the door. But, just as he locked his room and started up the stairs he heard a familiar voice.

“Mr. K,” she said. He turned and faced her.

“Dawn?” He replied questioningly.

“Um you got a sec?” she asked. “I have a question about my project.”

He took a deep sigh of relief, and answered “sure,” as he unlocked the door. Dawn was a sophomore and a very beautiful girl. Mike knew her well, her dad was the president of the school board and their family was very well known in the local community. Dawn herself was a hard working student and a fine person. He grabbed her pottery work off the shelf. “What can I help you with?” he asked, setting a vase down on the table.

“No, not that project, I meant my independent study,” she exclaimed, pushing the vase over and laying her sketch book in its place.

“Oh,” he chuckled, “what did you chose as your point of study?’

“Well sir, you have been so preoccupied lately that I haven’t found time to show you,” she said sadly.

“I know Dawn, I’m really sorry, but I am all yours now,” he guiltily responded.

“A self portrait is what I have been working on. I was hoping you could look it over as I am not sure if the proportions are right, and I want it perfect.”

“Well, let me see what we’ve got,” Mike responded.

“I’m a little nervous Mr. K, you know how I am about my work sir.”

“Dawn, this is me, you know you are one of my most talented students.”

She smiled at him, removed her hand, and moved so that she was standing behind him. He was silent as he opened the cover. His heart pounded hard and his palms got wet as he looked over a fully nude portrait of her! His mouth opened wide but no words came.

She leaned close to him and whispered, “Sir, you’re wearing that shirt I love today.”

Mike remained speechless, and his eyes just couldn’t leave the page. It’s her, he realised, she is the one.

“Why?” he asked.

“Why what?” she replied playfully. “Why did I do the drawing or why do I wish you were looking at my actual body the way you are looking at that portrait?”

Dawn moved around from behind him, took the book from his hands and positioned herself so she was directly in front of him. She was sitting on the table with her legs spread just far enough for his hips to be between them.

“Disappointed?” she asked.

“Shocked,” he replied.

“Well sir, you told us to ask if there was something we wanted.” She leant into him, and put her mouth by his ear. “I’m asking,” she whispered seductively.

Mike moved his hips into her; he couldn’t hide the fact that he was excited.

“Please,” she moaned, as she ground herself against his now very erect penis.

“Mmmmm, please sir,” she moaned again.

Mike grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “Dawn I Escort can’t,” he stammered, “It would be wrong for us to do things, so very wrong.”

Dawn once again just moaned and pleaded, “Oh please sir!”

Mike could no longer resist. All those curious months of repressed passion had led him to this very place and now he gave in to his desires. He couldn’t wait one more moment. Mike kissed her mouth hard and fast, almost sloppily. He wanted her so much he almost didn’t know where to start. He felt her take the initiative and fumble with his fly. He told her to relax, and take her time to get it loose. She did, and his big erect cock sprang free, throbbing hard and leaking clear pre-cum. Mike lifted Dawn’s short skirt so that it was up around her hips. He pushed aside her panties and simply thrust himself deep inside her tight pussy. She cried out, but he stifled her by kissing her mouth. He didn’t know how long he could last before he came. Although she was still fully dressed, the vivid memory of the portrait was burned into his mind.

Mike could see her supple breasts through her shirt. Her nipples were hard and with every thrust of his hips he could see her chest move in and out deeply. He longed to simply rip all Dawn’s clothes off, but he was so close to climax there just wasn’t time.

He looked at her face and decided she needed something more. He moved his hand over her breasts and then down until he found her clit, which was hard like a tiny pearl. He worked her, rubbing all around that sweet bud. Dawn’s breathing became very ragged and she lay back, which allowed him the room to pound her harder. Mike then felt Dawn pumping back to meet his thrusts in unison, and her legs wrapped around his back. He couldn’t help but to moan out loud. Mike couldn’t ever remember being so out of control. He could feel her pussy begin to tighten around his cock. She started shaking as she got closer to orgasm and she became loud as her excitement grew. Mike, remembering where they were, cupped one hand firmly over her mouth to muffle her moans once again. She orgasmed powerfully, her whole body shuddered, as she came multiply, literally covering his balls in her juices.

The tight intensity of her contracting pussy brought him to his own climax as waves of his cum filled her, running out of her pussy, down to her ass and onto the edge of the table.

He pulled her up to him and kissed her with passion. They had finally done what she had wanted to do for so long. He pulled his glistening cock out of her wetness, stepped back, looked at her searchingly, then pulled up his pants and walked to the sink to get her a towel.

“So, you liked my portrait?” she asked playfully.

He laughed nervously, slowly coming to the realization of what just happened. “I am not quite sure yet,” he responded in a mock serious tone.

“WHAT?” Dawn exclaimed.

“Well, I haven’t seen the full model yet to check if the proportions are correct,” he said.

“Well, we will have to arrange that soon,” she replied flirtingly, before she got up and walked out of the door.

Mike wanted to run after her, but instead he just watched her leave. The damage was done and even though he was scared to death, he knew he would not change what had just happened for the world.

* * * * *

I wanted to that thank 11_Carlton, a great editor and friend for helping my with this story! With out your help this would still just be a pleasant memory!

This is my first story on Literotica. It is based on my own true events. I hope you enjoy reading the story. All feed back is appreciated, thanks!!

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