Hot Jen in NYC

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This story was written by my then boyfriend after an erotic encounter in NYC. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

Jennifer is a 23 year old sales rep and frequently she is inter-state. She is a very good rep because she is keen to keep her numerous clients well entertained.

One time I met her in NYC for the weekend. She was over there at a conference, schmoozing up to clientele. As you can imagine, she had many men (and women) hanging off her every word. One guy in particular turned her on. He was a fairly handsome fellow, over 55 and a good conversationalist (Jennifer likes older guys sometimes – it gives her a thrill knowing she’s turning them on and that they are lusting after her hot body).

Anyway, most of the night, guys were keen to talk to her. By evening end, she had started paying attention to this one older guy in particular. Seeing how gorgeous she was, he wasn’t going to pass up talking to her (maintain a good working relationship etc). By this time she had had a few drinks as well. Her eyes were rolling back (a little) and her demeanor was definitely flirtatious. We would be sitting on a couch, with Jennifer between us, and she would be touching both of us on the legs as she would turn to talk to us – occasionally throwing her head back and laughing.

It was dark in an area of the bar we had moved to, and I had started to rub her leg up and down a little, even while she was talking to our new friend. Jen was wearing a skin-tight dress with white thong, stockings, no bra. My hand kept ataşehir escort rubbing on her leg, moving her dress up, while she was still talking casually with our friend. He had obviously noticed her dress sliding up, and he placed his hand on her other leg. Still sitting between us both, she acted innocent, making nothing of it. Her hand was rubbing his leg, getting very close to his crotch.

Hardly anyone was left in the area we were in, and we were definitely getting turned on. Our constant rubbing had moved Jennifer’s dress up to the top of her thighs, just displaying the bottom of her white underwear. Suddenly, this guy moved his hand from her leg directly to her crotch, starting to stroke her pussy. At the same time, I pulled one of her legs over mine, spreading them apart. She turned to face our horny friend and he starts kissing her passionately – full tongue and all while his hand stroked her panty-covered crotch. I looked on with lust as she deeply kissed the guy, watching his fingers work.

They stopped kissing and she looked at me with a sexy smile. With one hand still on her inner thigh, I leaned over and kissed her passionately. Our friend’s fingers and mine kept touching different parts of her pussy. He eventually got his fingers inside her thong and started to rub her clit. I held her crotch-band to one side, looking on with lust and fascination as our fingers jointly teased her. After a few more moments of heavy kissing and fingering from both of us, I pulled her to her feet and invited him back avcılar escort to our room.

When we got to the room, Jennifer began a slow strip tease, pulling up her dress, bending over, putting her fingers in her mouth, playing with her tits. Our friend was really turned on, as he had his cock out in no-time, stroking himself, lusting after her hot tight body. She teased us, moving from one guy to another, letting us feel her up. At one point I was behind her and our friend was in front of her – he was sucking on her breasts while she stroked his cock. My cock was rock hard against her ass, as I fingered her pussy from behind. Eventually she lay back in this deep chair, pulled out her vibrator and continued the show. We both stood beside her and played with our cocks – stroking to the rhythm of her vibrator moving in and out of her wet cunt.

The tension was electric, as we both wanted to fuck her really hard right away. As our friend hadn’t had the delight of fucking her before, I let him go first. She pushed him down to her pussy and he began lapping at her cunt, having no doubt never tasted such a sweet pussy. I moved to her face, continually stroking my cock. She turned her head to the side, moaning and taking my cock in her mouth. Our older friend couldn’t half believe his luck, getting to taste this young hot babe, as he continued to stroke his cock while sucking and licking her cunt.

I stood back and watched him place his whole mouth over her pussy – and I watched as she pressed her hands down hard ataşehir escort bayan on the back of his head, pushing his tongue deeper and deeper into her cunt.

I knew I would have to come soon, as would he. Jennifer pulled him up onto her, kissing him passionately. With cock still in hand, he maneuvered himself into position and immediately starting fucking her tight wet cunt. She loved his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy, while he was kissing and sucking on her bouncing tits.

I couldn’t take much more of this frenzied fucking. I knew he was about to come and so was I. I was jerking off really hard by now, teasing her mouth with my cock. Our friend was fucking her hard for all he was worth. They were both moaning really loudly, as his cock flashed in and out of her deep pussy.

Suddenly he erupted in mighty orgasm, his cock hit the bottom of her cunt -sending his load deep inside her. Jennifer was thrashing about, screaming and moaning louder than I had ever seen before. Our friend kept on pumping as well, making sure his cock was well spent. I came, emptying my cock over her luscious tits, enjoying every minute of this spectacular show.

Our friend stayed the rest of the night, and we both took turns fucking her in missionary, her on top, and from behind. I eventually drifted off to sleep some time but by early morning, I awoke again to see our friend on top of her again, Jennifer’s legs spread wide, her fingers in her mouth, enjoying his cock deep inside.

Finally, later that morning, we said we had a plane to catch that day and we said goodbye to our new-found friend. Jennifer told me later that she didn’t get any rest – he kept fucking her all night long. I can’t blame him – she is a tremendous fuck as you can imagine.

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