How? 02 Fetish

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This is part two following the Fetish route, a different track with the same characters from Chapter 1. If you wish, an Incest route can be found from my home page.

All characters are over 18. Please leave feedback, both good and bad, it is only through feedback that we can improve.

That said, I hope you enjoy! Fyrestarter


Lissa couldn’t believe her ears, round two? Her ordeal wasn’t over? She watched in stunned silence as Stacy pulled the memory card from the camera and slotted it into a nearby laptop. She could see that Outlook was open, an email prepared.

“Y…you said you wouldn’t…”

“Once we’re done here, but I need to make sure you stay compliant.” Stacy grinned. Even as she was standing there, power over her former boss she couldn’t help but touch herself, the thrill too exciting not to.

Lissa was starting to squirm, but this time due to another reason. The wine had not only clouded her head, but filled her bladder…

“Please…” she almost whispered, afraid for the response, “Please, I need to go..” and she nodded to what looked like the bathroom door.

Stacy grinned mischievously sending a chill down Lissa’s spine as she walked back to the restrained older woman. “You need to go?” she asked coyly, a finger tracing up and down Lissa’s pussy lips.

Lissa’s body convulsed as Stacy’s finger tip brushed her swollen clit, part from pleasure, part from the additional strain this put on her holding back her complaining bladder.

“Please…” she begged again, but this only made Stacy work her pussy harder, sliding a finger inside her. Lissa’s body reacted to the stimulation and fought her control. Biting her lip, Lissa closed her eyes, begging her body to hold on as long as she could, but then she felt Stacy’s tongue licking her and she almost screamed in frustration.

Then there was a knock at the door and Stacy stopped immediately, leaving Lissa panting, squirming, a mix of being close to orgasm and her urgent need for release.

“He’s here!” squealed Stacy in delight. Lissa barely registered what Stacy had said when in walked a tall man with broad shoulders, followed closely by the small, naked form of Stacy. Her eyes widening, Lissa realised who the man was,

“Brent?! Help me!” Then she watched in horror as the man she knew as Brent, the man from the pictures emailed back and forth turned, lifted Stacy up and kissed her hard on the lips.

“Hey baby, has she been good?”

Stacy grinned at her boyfriend, “She’s ready, and she’s happy to do what we ask…” she finished, nodding to the open laptop.

Lissa couldn’t believe her senses, “You… you’re… Brent?”

Stacy bounded over to the tied up woman’s side, leapt up onto the bed and straddled her chest, her pussy inches from Lissa’s gaping mouth. “This is Brent, my boyfriend. Once he saw a picture of you he said he’d love to help me get my own back. Hell, we’ve been fucking like crazy over the stuff you’ve been doing for us online, why wouldn’t we want to share you in the flesh?”

“You weren’t wrong baby, she looks so much better in person!” Brent rumbled, as he undressed. Lissa struggled to see what he was Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort doing around Stacy, but the young girl’s pussy was blocking her view. Stacy was pinching her nipples in excitement. Feeling Lissa’s breath on her naked sex was getting her hot, that and knowing what she and her boyfriend had in store. Thrusting forward a little, Stacy pressed her wet pussy into her ex-boss’ mouth.

Lissa’s head was spinning, her world crashing down around her, but her tormentor wasn’t going to let her go. When Stacy pushed her young pussy into her mouth she was going to resist, but just at that moment she felt fingers stroking her own pussy once more.

She groaned out in pleasure, sending vibrations through Stacy’s near-dripping cunt and instantly had to catch herself. Her own pussy was sending waves of pain into her head, screaming for release. Stacy felt her ex-boss’ head trying to shake from side to side and got up,

“Oh shit, please!!!” Lissa cried to the tormenting couple, a tear leaking down her cheek. Her legs crossing, trying everything she possibly could to stop herself from peeing.

“Come on baby, let’s let her go…” Brent said, staring at Lissa squirming on the bed. Lissa didn’t even register that he was now naked, she was just focused solely on not pissing herself as Stacy undid her restraints. As fast as she could move, Lissa bolted for the door to the bathroom and almost cried when she got in there.

The toilet seat had been clamped shut, she tried futilely to force it open, but to no avail. Stacy and Brent were both standing in the doorway, totally naked, almost laughing at her panicked state. Lissa felt tears run down her cheek, she literally could not hold on any longer and there was only one option.

She jumped into the shower cubicle and pressed her back against the wall. “Please don’t watch…” she begged her two tormentors, but even as they laughed at her, Stacy bringing the camera up, Lissa could feel it happen.

Her bladder took control for her and released itself. Lissa spread her legs as the hot stream of piss flowed hard from between them, splashing against the clear wall of the cubicle. She was ashamed beyond belief at the thought of pissing herself in front of these two people, but worse than that, having it caught on camera!

Stacy stepped closer, honing the camera in on Lissa’s gushing crotch. Lissa felt like it would never end, looking up she saw that Stacy was not only grinning as she filmed, but was also toying with her own pussy! Then, looking to Brent she gasped, the stream of piss stuttering with her. Brent was watching as intently as Stacy and was stroking his hard cock right there in the doorway!

Even through her humiliation, Lissa could not help but notice just how much bigger Brent’s cock was in real life. It was thicker than she had ever seen even if not as long. The fat, round purple head seemed to be leaking precum as he stroked it, his eyes never leaving her.

As her stream of warm pee subsided Lissa realised that as much as she hated to admit it, her pussy was still tingling slightly, her knees weak. Stacy swooped in and turned the water on. In seconds Lissa was drenched in warm water, frozen to the spot as Brent approached her. Pinning her against the shower wall he ran a hand up her inner thigh and stroked her smooth pussy.

He kissed her neck as two fingers slid deep inside her, Lissa’s head was spinning, overwhelmed by all that was going on. She felt her body on the verge of betraying her again when Brent picked her up and laid her on the floor. Gripping his thick, hard cock he got between her slippery legs.

“Pinch your nipples for me.” He said in a deep resonating voice. It was how Lissa had always imagined it when she had read his orders in the office. “Pinch them for me now…” His demanding tone was conflicting her reasoning. What on earth was she doing? She should be getting out of there, calling the police, but here she was, on the bathroom floor of a stranger, having just cum by his girlfriend and now pissed herself in front of both of them. On the floor, his throbbing penis ready to be pressed inside her, being ordered to pinch her nipples for him…

Her hands drifted to her round breasts and circled her already hard nipples.

“I’m waiting…” Brent rumbled. Lissa’s fingertips gripped her own nipples and she bit her bottom lip as she pinched them, hard, tugging them out. Just as she did so, Brent pressed his dick inside her. Squeezing his girth into her, balls deep, in one swift motion. Lissa cried out as she was stuffed fuller than ever before.

She reached out to stroke Brent, touch her breasts, further her sexual feeling rippling through her at the thrusting of his cock inside her, but she felt her hands pinned above her head. Stacy was there,

“Oh no, missy, he’s my boyfriend. You’re just here for OUR enjoyment.” Saying that, Stacy swung her leg over Lissa’s head and sat on her face. Pinned to the ground, Lissa had Stacy’s wet pussy ground into her mouth while her boyfriend pistoned inside and out. “Suck it! Suck my pussy, make me cum or you won’t!” Stacy ordered.

Lissa was in no situation to refuse, and the continuous use of her leaking pussy was causing her body to respond. Snaking her tongue out she lapped up her tormentor’s pussy lips, dipping it inside and swirling it around. In almost no time she felt a wash of Stacy’s juices splatter out over her face, but she didn’t get up. Stacy was screaming and panting as orgasm after orgasm wracked through her young body, turned on as much by the power over her ex-boss as her tongue on her pussy.

Lissa hated how close she was too, her hips thrusting up as much as she could to meet Brent’s fucking. “Babe, I think she’s gonna cum!” Brent told Stacy.

Stacy slowly got off Lissa’s face and went to her pussy. Lissa screamed louder than ever when she felt Stacy’s tongue on her clit, circling it as Brent fucked her relentlessly. It was all too much and she nearly passed out as she came and for the second time that night squirted.

Her cum splattered out around Brent’s thrusting penis and up over his thighs. Over and over her orgasms roiled through her until she was spent, Brent remaining motionless still buried inside her. She had no energy to resist when Brent wrapped his arms around her and got her to her knees in front of him. She didn’t even realise that Stacy had left until she walked back in,

“See now the only one who hasn’t cum yet is poor Brent here… I think you need to rectify that.”

Lissa went to turn to face Brent, thinking that Stacy meant blowing him,

“Whoa there!” He said, stopping her and turning her back round, her ass facing him, “not that hole.” Lissa didn’t even register what he had said until she felt a pressure at her ass hole. She gasped, eyes wide,

“Oh god no, please not there, anywhere but there!” She felt Brent’s strong hands on her hips holding her in place, her pleas ignored, his soft round head easing into her.

“Tell you what, if you don’t cum in the next two minutes we’ll leave you alone. If you do, Brent cums in your ass.” Stacy grinned.

Lissa knew she didn’t have a choice, but she did have a way out, she just had to stop from cumming. Easier said than done she realised when the reason for Stacy’s disappearance became clear. A familiar hummm emanated from the young girl’s hands and Lissa almost came right there when she felt the vibrator on her clit.

Stacy wasted no time in rubbing it all around her swollen clit, dipping it inside her dripping pussy. All the while Brent still had the very top of his pulsating shaft pressed into her ass. She didn’t know how long it had been, but Lissa felt her body reacting to the stimulation. When Stacy announced that the first minute was up Lissa almost cried. She was desperate to cum.

Eight seconds later and she came hard, all over Stacy’s hand. “You lose.” The girl said just as Brent pushed harder into Lissa’s ass. Stacy slid the vibrator back into her ex-bosses pussy as her boyfriend took her anal virginity.

Lissa groaned out almost as loud as Brent as he bottomed out inside her ass. Brent felt like her ass was going to squeeze his cock right off, but he managed to slide an inch out and back in again. Within minutes he was fucking her, harder and harder, his heavy balls slapping the base of her pussy. Lissa felt them bang against the end of the vibrator with each thrust.

Why oh why was her body nearing another orgasm when she was being violated in such a way?! She managed to look up and see Stacy stroking her pussy as she watched her boyfriend fuck her ass. Watched as Stacy crumpled to the floor as another orgasm took her, just as her own body wanted to.

She held off as long as she could, but when she heard Brent grunt, “Oh fuck, here it comes!” She lost it once again. Her ass was pumped full to the brim with Brent’s hot thick cum. He pulled out and spurted more up her back as the first squirts leaked of of her used ass.

Her own orgasm had her pussy clench so hard that it pushed the vibrator out. And so there she was, her ass full of cum, her pussy leaking more juices, cum splattered all over her back, on the floor panting with pleasure being watched by two strangers. Her nipples were so hard they ached, Lissa collapsed onto the floor.

Brent knelt in front of her, his thick, slick cock in her face. “Clean it.” He said simply. She looked into his eyes, exhausted, fully aware the camera was still rolling she obeyed, sucking it deep down her throat…

All the while one thought was running through her head… What on earth was she going to do?

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