I Confess

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It took about two seconds flat of you walking through the door of the café to know that you were not a local. This was hardly something new; we get Chicago people breezing in all of the time. They seemed to waltz in, size up our country atmosphere, sneer a little and proceed to hold court at a table in the back room. But you were different. Something in the way you swept the room with your gaze. I’m still not sure what it was, but you were too busy looking for something, or someone, to judge the cracked floor tiles and the faded gingham curtains.

I was working the counter when you stepped in, bringing the sunshine and fresh air in with you. The bolt of electricity that hit me when our eyes met was completely out of the blue. I just stood there, frozen in place, as you took a seat at the counter and looked up at me expectantly.

Blessed Holy Mother, please keep me from making an idiot out of myself, even if I am a Protestant.

Those eyes. Good lord, your eyes are magnetic.

How long I stood there, holding the menu in my hand, I have no idea. But it was long enough to suddenly feel a damp warmth seep between my thighs. I had an abrupt, vivid mental picture of you taking me right there in front of everyone in the place.


The sudden order from my boss in the kitchen made me jump, drop the menu and give a slight mouse-like squeak.

“I’m on it,” I managed to croak as I stood up with the menu.

You seemed to be trying to keep back a smile; the corners of your mouth were twitching slightly. The movement called up an image in my mind of you sucking on one of my hard erect nipples. That’s when I realized that they were indeed hard and poking against my bra. Could you see them through my shirt, too?

I shook my head, squeezing my eyes shut and willed my body to return to normal. Yeah right. When I opened my eyes again, I somehow managed to hand over the menu and ask

“Would you like some coffee, sir?”

A broad smile spread across your face, but you shook your head no.


A small smirk. Again, a shake of the head to the negative.




The hamster in your brain must have died of a heart attack after it was all over because I could see the wheels in your head spinning out of control. I raised an eyebrow, waiting. How would you answer this one? In the end, you produced a small notepad and wrote:

“Coffee sounds safe. Caffeinated please.”

I left to go grab the coffee carafe and when I returned, you were just turning the mug at your spot over. You held it up for me, and out of habit, I grabbed just under the rim to steady it. The brief contact of our fingertips burned into my skin. I sucked in air sharply as I poured the scalding liquid, praying that it wouldn’t end up on the floor or me. You pulled the cup back towards yourself and I just couldn’t help but look at your face again.

You certainly are a beautiful piece of scenery.

It would appear that you’re used to being ogled over by every female within a 10 mile radius. You sat back in your chair, took a long pull off the cup and deliberately swallowed while looking at me.

I would have killed to be the coffee at that second.

“BUNNY, HIS FOOD! WHAT DOES HE WANT TO EAT??” came the shout from the kitchen yet again. I almost dropped the carafe but managed to hang on. This time, not only did you smile, but a chuckle escaped your parted lips. Up until then, I hadn’t heard a more beautiful sound in my life.

Food? Who can think about food at a time like this? Just let him bend me over the counter, hold me steady and….

My thoughts must have been written all over my face because I was brought back to reality when you tapped the order pad I was holding. Was I flushed? There must be a wet spot on my jeans; my underwear was soaked through. My nipples were standing at attention and just begging to be touched. The ragged breath I inhaled signaled that I was oxygen-deprived, which meant that I had been holding my breath the whole time.

You smiled as I tried to speak, failed, cleared my throat and had another go at this special talent called “talking.”

“Ahem. So…..what can I get for you to eat, sir,” I chirped.

I about melted into the floor when you raised your eyes up at me over the menu with a very knowing look. A fresh gush came out of my drenched pussy. My heart started to pound. You wrote out your order on your notepad and handed me the paper. Then you sat back in your chair and let your gaze roam over my form as I read it.

That look should have sent me scurrying into a corner. Instead of feeling like some slightly-overweight blob of insignificance, your gaze seemed to inject me with a sort of sexual confidence I only felt when nose-deep in a cheap romance novel. Riding this wave of sudden awareness I asked:

“You want a grapefruit or me for your side dish?”

Where on earth did that come from?

Obviously, you didn’t see that coming, either because dvd full porno you just about lost the mouthful of coffee you had just swigged. You did manage to choke it down, but you coughed slightly before you started to write.

Bunny, you have lost your freaking mind.

“I mean muesli. You know; cereal.”

Smooth. I stared at your fingers as you crossed out your original statement and began to write something new. Could you cradle me like you did that paper?

“Grapefruit. Excellent choice, sir.”

I ripped off the order and turned to place it in the window rack. My boss gave me a withering look. He couldn’t hear our one-sided conversation, not with all the clanging he does as the short-order cook, but it had taken way too long to get the order in. He was less than pleased.

“Take your 15 minute break, Bunny. Clear your head and come back ready to work.”

I’m sure you watched me physically deflate from that comment. When I turned around, you shot me a sympathetic smile before going back to writing in your notepad.

I left the building completely. Fresh air and removing myself from your gaze would do wonders for me and my state of mind. Walking around to the back of the building, I stopped in front of the picnic table placed outside for workers to eat at during nice weather. It was completely secluded from the road, the parking lot and the café windows. Not wanting to sit just yet, I placed my hands on my hips, closed me eyes, and tipped my head up to the sun. The heat from the rays felt so good on my skin. I let my thoughts wander back to you. Pretending you were kissing me, I gently licked my lips and sighed. A slight smile found its way to my face.

I could just imagine what your fingers would feel like stroking my face and sliding down my body. My breath quickened as my thoughts heated up. How would your hands feel on my bare flesh? My breasts tingled, my nipples were hard and aching, and my pussy began to pulse.

Who are you?

Who cares?

A soft groan escaped my lips as I pretended my hands were yours. Impulsively, one found its way to the junction of my legs. I could feel the moisture just start to dampen the outside of my jeans. My pussy was soaked through. I lifted me fingertips to my nose and inhaled. The musky aroma of my arousal was definite. Being secure in the fact that no one could see me, I was emboldened by the scent and my thoughts. I slid one hand down between the waist of my jeans and my bare skin. Keeping my eyes closed, I imagined your touch as my fingers reached the top of my slit. I was just about to touch the hood of my clit when I froze.

What the hell was that?

Before I could react further, I found myself encased in a pair of very strong arms. My senses were assaulted by a very masculine presence. My arousal immediately turned to fear as I began to struggle against the hold.

A hand wrapped around my mouth and one arm pinned me against the chest of whoever was behind me. I could feel the pronounced bulge of an erect cock digging into my hip. Whoever it was wasn’t much taller than me. Could I take him out? I twisted my head and tried to open my mouth enough to get my teeth around a finger and bite down. I could hear heavy breathing in my right ear as he tightened his hold at both points.

And that’s when you chuckled.

Oh. My. God.

I stopped moving and went completely still. Your scent surrounded me and another wave of arousal washed over me. God help me, I wanted you to take me right then and there. You released me and I found that I had to keep from flinging myself back at you. You shot me a look that stopped me dead in my tracks. Without a word, you handed me your ever-present notepad. On it you had written:

“You’re wrong, you know. I would give you a second glance on the street.”

My blood stopped moving in my veins.

Below it, you had also written this:

“‘I confess that: I didn’t really deserve his attention in the first place.’ How could you ever seriously think that?”

Holy crap. I still didn’t know who you were, but I knew where you were from. I had only written these things in one place. My mouth opened, but nothing came out. You took that opportunity to grab me, pull me close and kiss me soundly on the mouth. Your mouth tasted of coffee and the slight acidic bite of grapefruit. Your tongue swirled inside my mouth and I relaxed against the assault. Hands trapped my face against yours and it was all I could do to stay upright.

The picnic table edge ground into the back of my thighs. We were pressed up against the side and I abruptly sat down. The motion carried you between my legs and your cock was suddenly pushing up against my swollen pussy. The friction created by this made me moan into you. I tipped my head back as you continued to grind into me. I grabbed your ass and pulled you closer to me. Your mouth left mine and your hands lifted my shirt up.

The warmth from your mouth on my exposed breast made me gasp.

Suck harder. Please. I need you to take ensest porno more of me.

Your teeth grazed a nipple and I came closer to the edge of an orgasm.

Don’t stop.

Delicious shivers spread up and down my spine in time with your pelvic thrusts.

Without thinking I moved my hands to the front of your pants. I undid the clasp and pulled down the zipper. We were too close together to get my hands on you, so I pushed you back slightly. It was just enough room to pull down your waistband and watch a hard, erect cock spring up.

It was massive.

My eyes widened at the first sight and I felt my mouth water. That was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen.

When I looked back up at your face, I saw you smile at me. All I wanted was your prick in my mouth. It pulsed in my hand as I gently wrapped my fingers around it.

We switched places so you were the one leaning up against the table. Before I lowered my mouth on you, I looked up once more to see your head thrown back up to the sky. Licking my lips, I closed my eyes and inhaled your scent. The aroma of male arousal surrounded me. You smelled so good!

I wasn’t sure if you were one for being swallowed all at once, but I decided to enjoy every millimeter of you. Slowly I licked up and down the shaft. My saliva coated your penis and the stiffness only became more pronounced. The head bounced against my cheek when I worked my lips on the underside of the shaft. You were so hot. I could feel every vein against my tongue. Not wanting any part to feel neglected, I softly cupped your balls in my hands. They tightened at my touch. I began to massage them, feeling them roll between my fingertips.

Your cock jerked against my lips and I felt a moisture slide across my face. A pearl of pre-cum had slid out of the tip and onto me. Keeping my hands on your sack, I moved my lips to your head and gently guided them over so you were finally encased by me.

You tasted so sweet. The pre-cum started seeping out of you and onto my tongue. I swallowed several times and relished the taste.


A violent jerk of your erect cock broke my reverie. Sensing that you were climbing that ladder of desire on your own, I decided it was time to join you. I pushed my face forward and you were suddenly completely inside my mouth. I felt your head push against the back of my throat. It felt amazing to have your throbbing cock sliding between my lips, filling me up completely. I began to rhythmically suck your penis and you started thrusting into me. You let go of the table and grabbed at my hair. Your hands felt incredible, grasping at me, holding me to you.

I wanted you to press me into you; it felt so good to have you show me how you wanted it.

I ground my nose into your pelvis, trying to get as much of your shaft as possible into me. My teeth grazed the sides of your cock as you frantically thrust in and out of me. I made loud slurping sounds as the wet rod pistoned between my lips. The veins pulsed and all I could think about was making you cum in me.

Let me taste you. Please!

I resumed rubbing your balls. They were so hard, almost ready to explode. The desire to lick and nibble at them was almost overwhelming but it wasn’t enough to make me stop sucking your dick. I gently tugged on the skin and was rewarded by a gasp. My nails also lightly raked the skin and your balls tightened even further in response.

Are you close? Your motions grew jerkier; your breath was more ragged. I thought you were close.

Oh god, please cum in me!

Almost against my will, I let one hand drift away from your balls and slide back to my pussy. As hard as you are, and with as much pre-cum as you were letting loose in my mouth, my pussy is sopping wet. My jeans began to soak through and my fingers eagerly sought out my clit. I roughly massaged the nub between my legs and groaned around your shaft.

There is it. The hitch in your breathing. You were so close to cumming. It was only a matter of seconds before I get to taste you. Surround you while you shudder and release into me.

I rubbed myself again and the motion almost sent me over the brink. My mouth contracted around your cock while my pussy issued another wave of warmth. I sucked as hard as I could around you and I heard you groan.

A split second later I felt your cock spasm and I was rewarded with a mouthful of hot, gooey, sweet cum. You were actually so deeply buried in my mouth that the first wave shot directly down my throat. But the second and third shots landed on my tongue and I could savor the sensation and taste. Your fingers were still laced through my hair and my face was pressed against your skin. I willingly forced myself closer to your body and sucked up every bit of cum that erupted from your stiff cock. It may have been a soothing motion that you knowingly did, or it may just have been your hands contracting during the orgasm, but I felt your fingers rub against my scalp in a gentle motion.

God, that made me want to cum.

With fake agents porno your cock still in my mouth, I gently sucked it dry. Every last bit of cum that I could squeeze out of you slowly worked it way down my throat.


I took one last long lick up your shaft and gently kissed the tip. With a sigh, I sat back on my heels, looked up at you and swiped my lips with my fingers to gather up anything that may have oozed out.

I had assumed that you would be completely spent. Well, you know what happens when you assume, right? Yeah, that would be one way of describing the look I got from you. One second I was on my knees looking up at you and the next I found myself flat on my back on top of the table. Hands grabbed at my waistband, the zipper was down and cool air swirled around my damp skin. With my jeans shoved to my ankles I found myself completely bare in front of you.

Juices clung to my skin; pink lips pouted between my legs and I could smell my scent drift up towards the heavens. I looked toward my knees and saw….nothing.

But there you were.

Oh, you were licking me.

I felt your tongue slide over my pussy lips with gentle strokes. My clit twitched in anticipation. Your nose rested just underneath it. If you would only raise your head just a little more.


Oh god, you found my clit! Your warm lips clamped around it and you started to suck on it like it was the best thing you ever tasted.

Keep going!! Please don’t stop!

I could feel your breath play over my skin. I was so overheated, laying here in the sun with your head between my legs.

The more you sucked, the wetter I got.

Touch me, please. Oh god, I needed to feel you in me!

There was a slight pressure at the opening of my slit. It was exquisite how much I felt as you slowly slid a finger into my hot pussy. Then out.

In and out

In and out

Mmmmm, that felt so good. Don’t stop.

“Please don’t stop!”

A second finger glided past my lips and into my hole. Your mouth was still working my clit. I could feel expectation begin to coil up in my womb. You started to slide your fingers faster and faster, seeking to enter me even deeper than before.

Could you use another finger? Could I handle another one?

Oh god, yes! That was incredible!

I breathed harder.

My fingernails dug into the wooden table beneath me. I know the splinters had to be driving themselves into my skin. I didn’t even notice. All I cared about was your mouth and those three magical fingers driving into me.

“I want your cock! Please give me your cock!”

You chuckled and gave me one more hard suck on the clit. I almost cried when your fingers slid out of me, leaving me vacant.

You stood up between my legs. I could feel the head of your cock rubbing against my folds. You could have been leaving streaks of pre-cum on me, but I was too wet to really know for sure. You leaned over me and looked me in the eye. Then, grasping my shoulders, you pulled me into a sitting position. I scooted to the end of the table, letting my ass hang over the edge as much as possible without falling off. Keeping our eyes locked, I felt you move yourself to my waiting entrance. I grabbed onto the back of your head and groaned:

“Fuck me now. Please!”

And then you slammed your rod straight into me. I was so wet that you slid in up to your balls on the first thrust. I gasped against the feeling of fullness but kept looking you in the eyes.

Oh god that felt good!

Keep going! Fill me up. Grind into me. Please make me cum!

You started thrusting in and out of me. I couldn’t believe how this felt. My pussy grabbed at you, clinging to the sides of your cock, trying to keep you from slipping out. Almost instantly I felt an orgasm start building. Not so soon. I wanted to enjoy this! Make it last!

You lowered your face into my neck and gently bit at the side. One hand held me still and your thumb pressed into the base of my throat while your fingers wrapped around to the back of my neck. Your other hand pressed into my back, forcing my breasts into your chest.

I gasped, “Don’t stop. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..”

I raked my nails down your back as far as I can reach. You frantically pistoned in and out of my cunt. Were you close again, too?

My hips were moving in time with yours. I wrapped my legs around your waist trying to find the right angle that would drive you into me deeper. Whatever you did, I didn’t want you to stop thrusting.

“Oh god, I’m so close!”

My cunt desperately sought to keep you close. Spasms were building and wet, sloppy noises were coming from between my legs.

“Don’t stop. I’m almost there.”


You raised your head back up to mine, laced your fingers in my hair and softly groaned into my ear. The sound and the heat that came across my skin are enough.

“I’m cumming!”

You kept thrusting.


“Ohhhhhhh yessssssss!”

I felt you jerk one more time and my clenching pussy lips embraced your cock as you shot your seed deep into me. I milked you for all that I was worth. My cries mingled with your groan as I slipped over the edge. I gasped again as the shimmering sensation filled me up and my orgasm subsided.

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