I Need Sex

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“Arrgh,” I screamed as I entered my bedroom in the hotel, I didn’t need to be here, my company was going downhill fast, and I needed to be back home in Manchester to sort things out, that was while I still had a company to sort out. But here I was stuck in a hotel in Birmingham at the NEC, attending a conference and exhibition that at this moment in time I would do anything to avoid being at, but if I didn’t show up everyone would know something was wrong, the vultures would be out, picking over the pieces of my life and company, leaving me nothing to show for ten years of hard work and sacrifice.

Not only that, I was as horny as hell, I hadn’t had good sex for ages now, at least six months since the time I’d dumped my last boyfriend, no make that I hadn’t had any sex, full stop for ages, the sex with my ex hadn’t been that good anyway if I’m honest.

Fuck it I thought, I’m going to get laid, there must be plenty of horny reps and others ready and willing for some uncomplicated, no strings attached and easy sex. I knew I wanted some and I didn’t think I was going to be too choosy with whom it was with. If it was breathing, had two legs and a cock would do me just fine.

Mind made up, I took a long relaxing and invigorating shower and got ready, downing a couple of drinks from the mini-bar as I did. Loose-fitting mid blue silk blouse, no bra, for one thing my tits didn’t need one, smallish but firm and high sitting as they were; a mid-thigh length pleated skirt in white, that hugged my hips then flared out to sway as I walked; white panties covered my pussy, but they were so sheer and diaphanous that they didn’t leave much to the imagination; bare legs and dark blue shoes to match my blouse with four-inch heels to emphasise my shapely and toned legs.

A quick glance in the mirror as I left the room confirmed my choices, one hot lady, sexy and open for some fun, that’s not the only thing that would be open, I thought to myself with a giggle, shutting the door behind me.

I wanted to give the impression that I was available but not easy and desperate, even though I was. The thing is I was known by a lot of people here and I didn’t want any gossip floating about. The industry I work in is pretty close-knit and can be incestuous with people moving companies all the time and then back again. Head-hunting is rife and vicious.


“Losers! Total toss pots the pair of them. You can do much better than those two.” Startled I looked around to find out who had spoken, s the two men who were trying to chat me up went off to the loo.

A striking woman in her mid-thirties, about a year or two younger than me was the only other person in the bar. I had a feeling I should know her but didn’t. She was expensively, but understatedly dressed in a black skirt cut three inches above the knee and silk blouse in the same colour. A blouse that was tight, but not too tight. A couple of buttons were undone, giving just the merest hint at the adequate sized breasts beneath. I hadn’t taken any notice of her when I’d entered the bar sitting as she was in a dark corner, laptop open, giving off a vibe of do not approach me, a glass of red wine at the side of her laptop.

“I beg your pardon, were you speaking to me?” I snapped at her.

“Yes, and you are worth so much more than those two, God Jackie, are you that desperate?”

That worried me, I know the industry I work in is tight-knit and everyone knows almost everyone else, but I still couldn’t place her.

“Who the hell are you?” I demanded.

“Andi; Andrea Foster, and you are Jackie Smythe, boss of Smythe Electronics, and it’s my business to know all about the competition.”

Oh My God. Andi Foster worked for my chief competitor. Obviously, I’d heard about her but surprisingly had never met her until now. She was known to be a vicious, unscrupulous opponent in business, ambitious, very, very, intelligent and hard-working, and those were her weak points.

“Do you think we should be seen talking together?” I asked her. Even though I owned my own company and could speak to anyone I wished in a business environment without comment, being seen with Andi Foster would certainly get tongues wagging, probably the last thing my company needed right now.

“Why not, were just two women talking together, trying to keep the predators at bay,” said with a deep laugh that set my pulse racing, it was so sensuous. As was her deep melodious voice that seemed to drip honey and the promise of sex.

“Yes, but we’re not just two women are we, we are fierce rivals, or at least our companies are,” I replied. “And I’m sure that your boss wouldn’t be happy about you talking with me.” I was snapping at her, ill at ease, but I couldn’t say why.

“Surely the rumours aren’t that true, your business is in that much trouble?”

“NO!” I retorted too forcefully, “I’ve just had a shit day at this place and want a good fuck, and I’m not too particular who it’s with.”

Andi stared at me for a minute before smiling and said, “And which of those two losers is going to be the lucky guy then? As I said you are much too good for either canlı bahis of them or any of the rest of the no-hopers in this shitty place. Or are you that desperate you were even considering the two of them together. That’s the only way a woman like you would be satisfied with that pair of tossers.”

“Oh, and you know how?”

“Let’s just say I have a feeling. Look, I’m sorry I came on the wrong way Jackie, let’s just have a drink and a chat, just two women together, protecting each other. No business talk.”

“Andi, from what I’ve heard and know, you don’t need any protection.”

“In business no, but a woman alone with all these reps on the lookout for easy sex?” she let the question hang between us.

I smiled back at her, then ordered drinks for both of us and went to join her at her table. As we were sat chatting about this and that we were hit on a couple of times, but Andi shot the unwanted suitors down with a gentle but firm put down. She was cool and refined the way she did it, not upsetting the men, just making it plain neither of us was interested. But I had the impression that if any of them had pressed it she would have lost the thanks but no-thanks demeanour and turned hard.

She seemed soft and pleasant at first glance but I detected an undercurrent of steel that certainly went with her business reputation.

“Now Jackie, what I said before, about no business talk, I want to change that for just a second. I know your company is in the shit, in fact, it is likely to go bust in less than two months.”

I gasped at her inside knowledge of how bad my company’s situation really was. How did she know?

“Before you think you’ve got a leak, you haven’t, it’s my job to know things like that, and as I’m sure you’re aware I’m very, very good at my job.”

That was a fact, she is brilliant at what she does, and totally ruthless, I had to be careful of what I revealed to her. Then she shocked me by telling me everything that was wrong.

“I’m not admitting what you say is true, but how do you know it, and why are you telling me?”

“Simple, I can sort out your problems in about five seconds,” said with such self-confidence and poise.

“Oh enlighten me, and why should I, a: believe you and b: why would you tell me, wouldn’t it be better for you to tell Malcolm, put me out of business?”

“You’ll believe me because what I say is true and I’m not going to be working for Malcolm after tonight, I’ve had enough of him and his company, see.” At that she opened the laptop she had been working on and showed me an email setting out her resignation.

“Now, I need a job, how about this for an interview?” With that, she told me again what was wrong with my company and how it could be fixed.

“But why?” I stammered amazed at her knowledge and how obvious the fixes were when she explained them.

“Easy, the people who were trying to fix your problems are the ones causing them in the first case, but they are too close to see that. Look, Jackie, you can take my advice if you want it’s free, no strings attached, I’ve got no axe to grind, my present to you.”

“I’ll think about it, but deep down I’m sure you’re right and why should you give me a present?” Initially, she ignored my question, then replied.

“Well, that’s business sorted, can’t have you worried about that on a night out can we,” said with a deep-throated laugh, “Now about the sex you seem so desperate for,” Andi continued, looking at me in a differently now, “how open-minded are you, do you have any limits, do you like to experiment, are you willing to try something new, something different?”

Not knowing why I said it “I’m very open-minded and tonight I’m willing to try anything new. As you guessed I was contemplating let those two have me together. What have you got in mind,” I replied curiously. She was a confident woman, knowing what she wanted. In some ways, I felt intimidated by her, but in others intrigued, she was intelligent, pretty more than beautiful but with a certain earthy sexiness about her. I decide to take a chance, anything she came up with had to be better than what was on offer in the hotel.

“Oh, I know a little club that I think you would like, very exclusive, and anything goes, well for the open-minded that is. What do you say, fancy taking a chance, trying a new experience? It’s very exclusive and safe as I said.”

What the hell did she have in mind? “Why not, it’s got to be better than all these desperate losers, all desperate for a quick shag aren’t they,” I laughed, Andi, when she relaxed, was captivating.

“So were you when you walked in here,” she laughed.

“Touché! I still am, no, I’m not I want a good shag, why? You don’t plan on trying to seduce me do you, because I’m warning you, I’m not into girls.”

Andi smiled coyly and said, “We’ll see, just keep an open mind.”

We got a taxi into town which dropped us at a darkened building that seemed to be closed but Andi pressed on a hidden bell push and a spyhole was opened, quickly followed by the door and Andi was greeted like royalty as we entered a dark entrance hall that bahis siteleri I could see led to a dimly lit bar area.

We were soon at a table in a small secluded alcove of the bar, and, without ordering, drinks appeared.

“What the hell is going on here?” I asked.

Andi smiled and replied, “I’m very well known here, they know all of my tastes and cater to them. All of them, in every way.” Why did that last sentence make me apprehensive, but curious at the same time?

“Hi, who’s this pretty young thing, she’s new.” A stunning, tall, redhead said, talking to Andi, but looking at me intently, eyes devouring me, and boring into mine, stripping me naked under her penetrating gaze. I shivered in apprehension for some reason.

“Down, Nina, this is Jackie, yes she is new, and not for you.”

“You mean she’s a virgin?”

“I am not a virgin, what the hell do you mean,” I shot at her.

“Jackie, where Nina is concerned and virtually everyone else in this place, you are definitely a virgin,” said Andi.

What the hell did she mean? Then I looked around and realised that the place was full of women, and women only, no men. Women dancing with other women, drinking together as groups and especially pairs, holding hands leaning into each other, kissing even. Oh my God, this is a lesbian club, I’d been that wrapped up in Andi, talking with her, captivated, that I had failed to notice.

“Andi is this a…”

“Yes, it is.”

“But I thought you said you wanted sex, that we would go out and have some fun together, and I told you I’m not into girls?”

“I did and we will, but if you remember I also asked how open-minded you are, how adventurous, if you are willing to try something new? Well, this is new.”

The shock must have been clear to see on my face as Nina started to laugh.

With that Andi leant towards me, took hold of my chin and placed the most gentle and softest of kisses on my lips, just brushing hers against mine. It was a kiss that would change my life and outlook forever.

As our lips brushed against each other a jolt of electricity shot through my body. Shock, combined with fear. Fear of the unknown, and wonder, myriad questions running through my mind in milliseconds, faster than the fastest Cray supercomputer could calculate.

I’m not into women, never even thought about a lesbian relationship or encounter, never had that urge to experiment. I was strictly a man’s woman or plenty of men. But why not, why not try something new, my luck with men recently hadn’t been that great. And I desperately wanted some good sex, why not some new type of sex.

Andi had made no other move after her initial kiss, apart from placing her hand lightly on my knee, giving me time to take in what had happened, what the implications were, letting me decide if things would go any further, or end there and then, after one brief, not even sexual kiss. A kiss that was more sexual and promising for the lack of passion it expressed. But the intent, the invitation and promise of things to come was all there, implicit in its offering.

Nina was stood there looking at me fascinated to see what my reaction would be, but a look of understanding and happiness on her face, she could read the signs in me already, she knew what my reaction and answer would be, even before Andi, who was trying to seduce me did.

“Bye Nina,” I said as I leant over and kissed Andi back, equally soft and gentle, but with more passion and lasting longer, “You’ll have to teach me what to do, and Andi, be gentle with me, I mean emotionally not physically.”

“Later sweetie pie,” was her reply.

Andi’s soft, sweet breath wafted over my face as she kissed me again, this time I wouldn’t let her break the kiss, taking my time to savour it and the nectar-like sweet softness of her lips.

The kiss was like no other I had experienced, nothing like the kiss a man would give me. Softer more giving at first, but building ever so slowly in intensity and desire. My hand reached up to brush against her face as we kissed again, then, again and again, each kiss growing in passion and intensity, and lasting longer than the other. I had never kissed anyone with such passion and for such a length of time in a public place before.

I heard a sexy voice call out, “Get a bed you two, or let us all join in.” That broke the spell for us as Andi stood up, took me by the hand and led me onto the dance floor.

The music was loud, with a pounding baseline but slow in tempo, we folded into each other’s arms, bodies crushing and melding together until it seemed we were as one. Dance after dance passed, all of them slow and intense, but neither of us was aware of the music, we just held each other, swaying slowly to the music, kissing and softly caressing, hands moving slowly and exploring, but not probing. Bodies crushing against each other, boobs flattening together.

My panties were sopping wet by now and no overt sexual acts had taken place between us. Reluctantly I broke away from Andi, panting, “What happens now, how do we take this further?”

“You sure you want to, things bahis şirketleri will be different if we do, nothing will be the same for you again, ever, you can never go back.”

“Oh ‘the forbidden step’, as Mel C says in that song ‘Never be the same again,’? Yes, oh yes, I can’t stop now, I need to go through with this, and as you noticed I want sex tonight, why not a new kind, I am open-minded, just didn’t expect it to be like this. Do we go back to the hotel?”

Andi laughed. “No, there are rooms here we can use, we can’t afford to be seen together just yet, and Jackie, you do understand this is a one night fling. I’m not falling in love with you, this is no strings attached sex on a one-off basis, just like you were looking for earlier before we met, only with me not a quick hook up.”

“Well, if it’s just this one time it is a quick hook up isn’t it?” I quipped nervously as I nodded in compliance as Andi once again took my hand and led me through the club. This time to the back where there were doors off a long corridor, opening one she went in, pulling me after her.

“I’m a founder and VIP member here and have this room booked exclusively for whenever I’m in town,” she explained as she locked the door behind us, “don’t want anyone barging in and joining in, well just yet.” Smiling enigmatically.

When the door closed I knew I was committed now, things were going to go up a couple of levels of intensity, now was my final chance to say no, stop things. I had never contemplated sex with a woman before, I wasn’t anti or repulsed by the idea, it’s just something that had never crossed my mind, something I had never had the urge to explore.

Although we had been touching and caressing on the dance floor the touches had been innocent in many ways, hands just running over each other’s bodies rubbing backs and sides, with just the occasional soft almost unintentional brush of a hand on the side of a breast. The quick squeeze of a bum cheek.

Committing myself to fully explore the situation, I pulled Andi towards me and kissed her, tongue forcing its way into her mouth, finding her tongue and starting a wrestling match as each fought the other for dominance. A soft and incredibly sexy moan escaped Andi’s lips as I did so, reverberating and echoing in my mouth.

As earlier in the main room of the club our kisses continued long and hard, but this time with more intent and knowing what the eventual outcome would bring, gave them to my mind an even greater sexiness. That’s not to say I wasn’t apprehensive, I was.

Letting Andi take control now, letting her lead and teach me I surrendered to her as her hands became more possessive and demanding, running over my body, no pretence at avoiding my boobs, she took each in turn in her hands and gently squeezed and stroked them, soft caressing touches, driving my arousal higher and higher with each touch, and this was still outside my blouse.

My nipples had hardened at her first touch and I could feel her press on them with her palms. Then she bent her head and sucked on each one in turn, licking around them, still outside my blouse. The touch was incredible as her mouth had no direct contact with my skin, this seemed to stimulate me even more with the question of what it would feel like when my blouse was off.

Pulling away from me Andi slowly unbuttoned my blouse, staring into my eyes all the time, looking for any sign that I wanted her to stop. I didn’t want her to stop, I wanted her to do more and more, I wanted her to take me, posse me, dominate me.

My blouse fell to the floor and Andi then took up where she had left off, kissing and sucking on my boobs, nipping my nipples gently between her teeth, holding them as she pulled away, stretching them away from my boobs, then letting go as they sprang back.

Her hands hadn’t been idle all this time as I was aware that she was running them up and down my body, getting lower and lower until at last she was pushing one between us, into my groin, rubbing hard on my pussy.

Now it was my time to utter a moan, “Oh yes.” Andi continued to rub me as she kissed my face and the hollow in-between my neck and shoulders, a place that always gets me going, how did she know that was one spot that made me lose control. I reached behind me and slid the zip of my skirt down letting it fall to the floor, took hold of Andi’s hand and pushed it into my panties, crushing her fingers against my wet and dripping pussy, forcing her fingers inside me. My moan turned into a scream of pure delight at her touch. She rotated her fingers inside me, not rubbing as I had expected, at the same time her thumb rubbing on my clit. God this woman knew how to do things differently and correctly.

I was fully aroused now as Andi pushed me backwards onto the bed, stood over me and stripped her clothes off in quick, eager, movements, exposing her tight and firm body to my view. She had medium-sized boobs, about the same size as mine but her nipples were darker and had larger areolas. I let my eyes drift over her body dropping lower and lower, taking in the sight of her soft belly, and full hips, finally looking at her pussy, which was fully shaven, with big fleshy labia lips. I could see a minuscule amount of glistening on the inner when she reached down and spread them just slightly and for a brief second, tormenting me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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