Institutional Review Board Ch. 02

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Time no longer had meaning for Sammy. She simply moved from one torture to the next. She slept as much as she could, often to the drone of static pumped through her headphones. The static hurt her head, and made it hard to concentrate on anything, which helped her pass out.

No matter how much she hoped to stay asleep, she didn’t control that part of her life anymore. She was usually jolted awake as her suit stimulated her muscles, crashing back as she painfully flexed against her unyielding tomb. It never did it just once, but would let her relax before tensing up again. She could feel her throat tighten as if she were screaming, but with the tubes in her throat, there was no air to pass over her vocal cords.

Having her entire body painfully twitching was unpleasant, but she almost preferred it to being awoken by the vibrator. It would spin up rapidly to pull her out of her sleep, and then the headphones would switch to what Sammy referred to as her “mantra” when she could think.

“I am a slave, and I belong to Doctor Annette Barrows. I want nothing more than to be trained as she sees fit, and want to be punished until I perform correctly. I am her sex toy, her toilet, and her subservient bitch. I will assist in long term training. I will demand six months.”

The headphones would repeat this over and over, increasing the speed of the vibrator as her brain waves indicated she was paid attention. If she resisted, the vibrator would slow, and if it stopped, her air supply would be cut off. Sammy had passed out a number of times as she tried to understand the system. When the air returned, the entire process would repeat, with the vibrator jerking her back to life.

Eventually, she worked out that she was being conditioned to associate her mantra with sexual pleasure. She hated that, but had no option but to recite along in her head, and accept as the vibrator brought her to the brink of orgasm. It held her there, as she drilled the words into her own mind. Occasionally, it would push her over the edge, and keep going until Sammy could no longer think straight. However, far more often it would simply stop mid-sentence, switching off the vibrator and the static back on.

Even worse were the routines that she initially thought was a glitch. While the headphones repeated, it stopped and repeated the phrase, “her toilet.” As it looped, she felt a warm liquid pushing into her bladder. Just when she thought she would burst, it drained out, only for the filling sensation to repeat in both her bladder and her ass. This repeated over and over, until her bloated body felt trapped between the pressure inside and the restraints outside.

The mantra restarted from the beginning, leaving her full as the vibrator jiggled the liquid filling her. It did little to pleasure her, but did provide a gentle massage to soothe the cramping. When she had started to adjust to the situation, the mantra again stopped to loop on “her toilet”. The pressure released, with both her bladder and ass evacuating. Seconds later, she felt the tube in her nose vibrate as the liquid drained into her stomach. She shook as her stomach objected to this filthy meal, but nothing could stop the tube.

The vibrator drove to its highest pulse, forcing Sammy to orgasm repeatedly as the headphones reminded her of her place. “Her toilet, her toilet, her toilet, her toilet…”

“…to be trained-” the headphones cut off suddenly. Sammy struggled to remember what this meant, when she felt her body swing slightly. A few seconds later, she felt her body jerk upwards in short sudden bursts. She was swung again, and then her feet dropped, and she was nearly standing upright. She was shaken around, but within a short amount of time, her suit seemed to relax, and she once again had some movement. She tried to flex her knees, only to receive a sudden slap on the top of her head. She stayed still, but felt a comforting warmth slowly climb up her legs.

Outside, Dr. Barrows finished smoothing the solvent over Sammy’s body, letting the excess drip into the tub, and turned on the water. “This is another reason I wish they’d let me do longer treatments,” she muttered to herself, using a brush to loosen the glue that had trapped Sammy for so long. An hour later, she had freed Sammy from the outer sleepsack, which lied wadded up at the bottom of the tub. Sammy began to wiggle her arms and legs, which she again treated with a corrective slap. She picked up her control tablet, tapped a few buttons, and waited until the gas she had commanded had caused Sammy to sag limp.

She finished undressing and unplugging Sammy, filling the tub multiple times to flush out all of the mess. She then dragged Sammy out of the tub and across the lab, settling her on a short cot covered in a pile of towels. After getting her patient mostly dry, she tucked her in to stay warm.

Dr. Barrows sat down at her desk to finish her preliminary analysis presentation, adding the final health plots indicating that Samantha had been perfectly fine throughout the study. When bursa escort she heard a rustling, she walked over to see how Sammy was doing. “What kind of butterfly is going to come out of that cocoon?” she asked quietly.

The voice was enough to fully wake Sammy, whose eyes flew open before slamming immediately shut as the dim light of the lab overwhelmed them. Without thinking, she dropped out of the cot onto her knees, bending over to lay her forehead on her overlapping hands.

“I am a slave, and I belong to Doctor Annette Barrows. I want nothing more than to be trained as she sees fit, and want to be punished until I perform correctly. I am her sex toy, her toilet, and her subservient bitch. I will assist in long term training. I will demand six months.” The words poured from Sammy’s throat in a hoarse rasp.

“My, that is certainly a nice hello,” Annette said with a smirk. “Stand up. I want to see how you’re doing before taking you to the meeting.”

“I am a slave,” Sammy started again before feeling a hand on the back of her head.

“Then stand up, Slave. I gave you an order.” Sammy let the hand guide her upright, and felt it slide down her left arm as she stood. “That’s good. Muscle atrophy was my biggest concern. Are you lucid enough to carry a conversation?”

“Yes. Doctor?” Sammy’s mind filled with panic, concerned with not being a ‘subservient bitch.’ “Should I call you something else?”

“Doctor is perfectly fine for now,” Annette responded as she slid a pair of dark sunglasses onto Sammy’s face. “First, what is your name?”

“Samantha. Sammy,” she replied.

“You obviously know who I am. Do you remember what we’ve been doing?”

“Something to help people who have behavior issues? It’s a treatment for sick people?”

“And it seems to be good at making someone very ‘sick’ indeed. Not something we need bring up later today, right?”

Sammy couldn’t help stop the smile that crept across her face. “Yes, Doctor.”

“We’ll test the rest later, let’s get you dressed. You certainly made an enemy of your landlord, but I was able to retrieve most of your possessions.” Sammy followed over to a pile of cardboard boxes, into one of which her dresser and closet had been dumped into. “Pick something warm.”

Sammy dug through the box, pulling out a pair of black cable knit tights, two mismatched shoes, a cream sweater, and a turtleneck. Dr. Barrows dropped the shoes she’d worn into the lab a month ago next to the cot. “I think these will give a better impression than those.” Sammy dropped the shoes she’d found back into the box before digging a dark green skirt as well.

She presented herself to Dr. Barrows, who tugged a knit hat over Sammy’s bald head. “There will probably be questions about that, but don’t forget that you were the one to agree to it.” Sammy nodded as Annette turned to lead the way out of the lab.

“I’m sure you understand that we have a lot of questions for you this afternoon,” the elderly man said as Sammy sat down across from the panel. Sammy recognized the panel from before, but there were a row of chairs against the wall behind them that were filled.

“Yeah,” Sammy squeaked with a shrug.

“First up, let us extend our apology that you were evicted during your,” he paused and Sammy could see him searching for the right word, “during your treatment. Dr. Barrows assures us that your belongings are secure in the lab now, and that she’s dealt with any outstanding financial issues related to it.”

“‘S all fine,” Sammy replied, dropping her eyes to the floor.

“My question is what did you do for that month, as the paperwork indicates there was nothing wrong with you in the first place?” one of the men sitting against the wall nearly shouted.

“Mr. Williams,” the lady next to the old panel member started.

“Colonel Williams!” Colonel Williams responded angrily.

“Yes, fine, but you were granted permission to attend on the assumption that you would be silent, and if not that, that you would at least not badger someone who is fresh out of the…treatment,” she continued.

“And,” Dr. Barrows sharply started before Williams could say anything else, “if you had bothered to read the summary that I emailed you, you know that Samantha participated in an intensive learning scenario to demonstrate the basic principles of my method.”

“So what do you know now?” He asked Samantha as he crossed his arms.

Sammy felt her face grow red and hot as she realized she had no idea that she had learned anything.

“I’m sure someone /on the panel/,” Dr. Barrows emphasized, “can come up with a large number.”

“Three trillion,” the elderly man offered.

“Two, two, two, two, two, two, two,” Sammy’s mouth started spewing out.

“Samantha, stop,” Dr. Barrows commanded, and Sammy immediately went silent. “No, no. Some random number.”

“Three trillion, nine hundred twenty nine billion, three hundred two million, nine hundred and eighty two thousand, seven hundred and seventy-five,” the lady called out.

“Three, görükle escort five, five, seventeen, six thousand fifty three, and, um, five hundred and nine thousand, one hundred thirty seven,” Sammy replied as soon as the number finished.

“You see, Samantha now can provide the prime factorization for arbitrary numbers with almost no effort,” Dr. Barrows explained. “The algorithm she’s using also allows her to multiply large numbers as well.”

“Eight hundred and forty nine thousand, three hundred and thirteen times four hundred eighty three thousand eight hundred and twenty nine!” Colonel Williams barked out.

“Four hundred ten billion, nine hundred twenty two million, two hundred fifty nine thousand, four hundred seventy seven,” Sammy spat back. “Your second number is prime, so there’s that and the two factors of the first number, four hundred nineteen and two thousand twenty seven.”

“Is she right?” the elderly panel member turned back to ask, causing Williams to flush red.

“How should I fucking know!” he shouted back.

“I’m sure we can go over the transcript later to double check, but if she’s making them up, she’s doing a fantastic job,” quietly offered a man at the end of the panel closest to Dr. Barrows, as he held up his phone. “My calculator doesn’t give the digits below a thousand,” he explained.

“I think that shows both that the technique works, and that there is no physical impact of the project. I’m hoping that you’ll be willing to approve the extension, as well as the auxiliary program that was proposed in the appendix,” Dr. Barrows asserted.

There were murmurs as the panel whispered to each other, followed by a round of shrugs and nods. “It seems you’ve proven your point, so if you you’d like to continue, I think we’re interested in seeing what you can do,” the elderly man started

“So six months?” Sammy blurted out.

He turned to look at her. “Um, well, I was thinking another month extension was more in line with what our consensus was from our meeting yesterday.”

“But that’s not long enough!” Sammy said as she grew agitated.

“How about three months?” Dr. Barrows offered. “We can reassess then and try another three month extension.”

“I’m not sure,” the elderly man said. He looked over at Sammy, trying to understand the expression on her face. Notes were passed back and forth on the table, and after collecting them, he gave a shrug. “I’m not sure I’m happy with this, but it’s clear your hypothesis appears to be correct, and you have an enthusiastic assistant. Three plus three it is, with another of these meetings between the two.”

“And then six?” Sammy asked.

“That,” started one panel member who hadn’t spoken before, “that’d be more than a year wrapped up like that!”

Sammy had no way to stop the moan that escaped her, and hoped that it hadn’t sounded as inappropriate as it did to her. She blushed deeply, and dropped her head to look at the floor. “It’s relaxing!” she offered.

“It’s relaxing?” Dr. Barrows said as she closed the door to the lab.

Sammy shed her clothes into a pile as soon as the door had locked shut, and dropped back to her knees with her head on her hands. “I’m sorry, Doctor, and I failed to get six months!”

“Already so very well trained,” Annette said with a smile. “And what do you think we should do before getting you back into treatment tomorrow?”

“I want to be punished until I perform correctly!”

Annette slowly stripped her own clothes off before sitting down at her desk. “Oh? And how do you suggest we do that?”

“I am your sex toy!”

“Then come over here and demonstrate that,” Dr. Barrows said as she spread her legs. Sammy crawled over on her hands and knees, and buried her face between them, savoring as the silky warmth spread over her tongue.

Annette draped her legs over Sammy’s shoulders, using the leverage to ensure Sammy’s mouth was in the right position. “Look into my eyes,” she commanded in a breathy sigh, causing Sammy’s eyes to flash up. “Are you glad you signed up?” Sammy mumbled into her. “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Sammy whispered before returning her tongue to its mission.

“Are you saying that because you mean it or because I made you?”

“I don’t know, Doctor.”

“Shall we try an experiment to see? Open your mouth.” Sammy pulled back, and opened wide. Annette used her legs to pull her head back into place, and then released her bladder, listening to the sound of her pee splashing in Sammy’s mouth. She clenched, stopping the flow. “Swallow.” With two large gulps, Sammy did so.

“I am your toilet, Doctor,” she said, before latching her mouth back into position. They repeated this, with Sammy announcing her place until Annette was empty.

“Shall we go further?” Annette asked before shifting lower in the chair.

Sammy leaned in, put her lips against Annette’s anus, and kissed. “I…I don’t think I can, Doctor,” Sammy said as panic washed over her face. “Why can’t I?” Tears began escort bayan to roll down her cheeks.

Annette unwrapped her legs, and slid down to the floor in front of Sammy. “We’re working on very complicated emotions and trying to overcome very strong aversions. I’m surprised that you’ve come so far so fast. I selected for natural submission, so that helps. I guess it’s a good thing that we’re doing another three months, isn’t it?” Annette wiped the tears from Sammy’s face.

“Now, what should we do next?”

“I want to be punished until I perform correctly.”

“Very well, I think a nice spanking will help motivate you for next time, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Doctor!” Sammy said immediately.

Annette led Sammy over to one of the lab tables, and had her lean over it, gripping the far side of the edge. She gently repositioned Sammy’s head so her face was pointed to the left with her cheek pressed against the surface. She pulled a thin plastic meter stick from a cabinet, and showed it off. “Do you think this will work, Sammy?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“I want you to count them out.”

“One!” Sammy gasped out as whishing sound behind her bloomed into a painful sting across her ass. “Two!” she continued as the sting spread to a different location. “Three!” followed, as her upper thigh erupted. She felt a light sting as the edge of the stick played over her sopping slit.

“Enjoying yourself, aren’t you, Sammy?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Sammy replied with a blush.

“How many do you think you need to learn your lesson?”

“I don’t know, Doctor.”

“Let’s see if twenty will do it,” Annette said as she put another stripe across Sammy’s ass.


“No, dear. Start over. Those were just to gauge your reaction.” She watched as the new strike started to make diamond patterns on Sammy’s ass.

By the time Sammy had reached, “Eight!” Annette could see Sammy dripping down her thigh. At “Twelve!” Annette had to push her arm on Sammy’s lower back to keep her still as her legs shuttered beneath her.

“Well, precocious in many ways, aren’t you?”

“Y…yes, Doctor,” Sammy panted out.

“Then let’s finish,” Annette said as she unleashed a flurry of blows that Sammy stumbled her count through. Sammy clung to the bench as her spanking concluded, pulling her thighs together tightly.

“We have one more chore for this evening, and then I think we’ll go to sleep for the night.” When Sammy looked up at her worriedly, she continued, “Yes, Sammy, together.” She led Sammy over to the corner of the room where her tomb had been and handed her a long pry bar. Indicating a groove in the floor with her own bar, they slid a six feet by three feet chunk of the floor an inch towards the wall. “Push yours underneath,” Annette commanded as she walked to the other side. Sammy did so, feeling the concrete chunk rise slightly as she used her body to push her bar down. Annette then pushed the opposite side, and the slab slid free from the floor.

Sammy looked at the open space, seeing that the chamber that was revealed was filled with sand, other than a pipe in one corner. Annette handed her a shovel, and pointed at the hole. “I need you to dig about half of that out. Just pile on the floor there, that’ll be fine.”


“Do you remember the ‘auxiliary program’ that was brought up during the review? That is for,” Annette walked to her desk and opened a file folder, “Catherine, who apparently has been drinking heavily this semester. Unfortunately for her, she decided to stagger across campus last week before using the Dean of Students’ convertible to hold her vomit. The program is going to see if a week in the wall can help resolve some of her issues.”


“Because of that, you need to use the alternate storage location I had specially built.” Annette pointed at the sand filled box.


“Need to start digging if you want to get some sleep tonight. I have more results to summarize while you do that.”

Two hours later, Sammy’s body was aching as she stood in the hole shoveling. Annette came over, and used her meter stick to measure the depth. “I should have stopped you earlier, you’re about twenty centimeters deeper than you needed to go.” Sammy dropped down to sit on the edge of the pit and let the shovel slide to the side. “Come on, let’s get to bed, and you relax.” She waited until Sammy had laid in the bed, and then used her tablet to dial down the lights in the room, leaving the room lit only by the monitors connected to the computers.

Annette climbed into bed with Sammy, sliding over her before curling up as Sammy’s big spoon. “What do you think, Sammy?”

“About what, Doctor?”

“Did you enjoy digging your own grave? Knowing that each shovel of sand will be going back on top of you tomorrow? Holding you down as I rewire your brain again?” She slid a hand down Sammy’s body to find her crotch. “Oh, I think you must have,” she said as she worked her fingers around in the damp folds of skin. “What do you think you’ll feel, as I prepare Catherine right above you? You’ll be hidden away where no one can find you. Wrapped up, immobile, and trapped under steel reinforced concrete. Three months buried deep in the ground, with my making you even more my slave, my pet.”

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