Intruders in the Night

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Terry just wanted to sleep, but he couldn’t. He lay flat on his bed and he couldn’t even manage to close his eyes for an extended period of time. He checked the time on his smartphone. It was two-thirty in the morning. This sort of thing happened before. He would try to sleep, but his imagination would take hold of him and have him think of things that other young men would probably never think. Normally, he would resist his temptation and go to sleep. But seeing as how his parents were on vacation, he had the opportunity to enter the master bedroom and open that closet door. He would wear it without his parents knowing about it.

Terry turned his head to look out the window. The eighteen-year-old man could see the crescent moon had risen above the distant foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. He could imagine that the citizens of Claremont were resting comfortably in their own beds, and that he would be the select few in Southern California struggling to resist his true temptation in the night. He closed his eyes one more time before giving up. He sighed as he got out of bed and left his room. He parents’ own bedroom was located on the other end of the hallway. As soon as he entered the room, he turned on the lights and headed for the closet.

He opened the door, and there it was. He had found his mother’s pink dress hanging from the rail. He stared at it in silence. The pink dress included a sleeveless top, a tiny white belt for the waist, and a skirt that would have ended at the knees. Terry started to shiver. He touched the fabric with eager fingers. He had always wanted his fantasy to come true. And now that his parents stayed at a hotel in Hungary, he had no shame. Being the only child in the family added more positivity to this particular scenario.

Terry took the dress of the rail and laid it down on the king-sized bed. He took off his own clothes and grew very careful when sliding the dress right onto his slim and delicate exterior. It felt so soft against his skin. He looked into the mirror hanging on the wall. He almost gasped at the sight of him wearing his mother’s dress. He felt like he could cry. The pink dress seemed to fit him perfectly. He would be the type of person who had the right features. His blond hair, slim body, hairless legs, and overall innocuous demeanor made him smile. The sleeveless style and the skirt that ended at his knees was a blessing when matched with his appearance. Before he knew it, he began to feel like a female. He imagined himself as a damsel in distress before being rescued by another man. He felt weak in the knees. He desperately wanted to submit to a man who would be there at the right time.

He almost laughed. He should have worn the dress sooner, but doing it now was all that mattered. Now that he did it without shame, he wished that he would find someone who would appreciate his clandestine lifestyle. He could take a picture of himself and upload it on social media, but he still didn’t want anyone to find out what he had dreamed of ever since his mother bought the dress.

All of a sudden, Terry heard something from downstairs. It sounded like a faint thud, perhaps a book that fell to the floor. He immediately became suspicious. It could have been nothing, but he had to be sure. He left the master bedroom and stopped at the top of the stairs. He saw the light in the living room had been turned on. He distinctly remembered turning off all the lights on the first floor before going to bed. He now grew a little frightened. It would be likely that a burglar had entered the house.

He made sure that he didn’t make a sound when walking down the stairs with his bare feet. When he entered the living room, nothing looked out of place so far. It didn’t look as if someone had stolen anything. The curtains remained closed and the carpet had no shoeprints. That didn’t calm him down just yet. He decided to look elsewhere for any evidence of an intruder searching for precious items.

He went to see if he could find anyone in the kitchen. The lights remained off. He flicked the switch and checked everywhere. Then, he spotted it. The sliding patio door had been open halfway. He must have forgotten to lock it from the inside. His eyes widened. He began to tremble. He could feel goosebumps on his skin. He took a deep breath as he stood frozen at the fright that originated upstairs and expanded downstairs. He listened for any disturbance in the air. So far, everything went quiet again. He still had to make a quick decision. He remembered leaving his smartphone in his room. He turned around and ran for the stairs.

But before he could make it to the top, he gasped and stopped right at the first step. He looked up to see the intruder standing at the top of the stairs. Terry quickly felt vulnerable. He was terrified at the sight of this complete stranger who just entered the house. The burglar must have been in his early thirties, maybe slightly older. He had long black hair and muscular arms. He wore a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt. beyoğlu escort He carried a duffel bag in his hand. Terry wished that he could scream, but he was too scared to do so.

Instead, and ran back into the kitchen to escape through the open patio door. But someone else blocked his way, a second burglar stood in the kitchen and closed the patio door behind him. This one had brown hair and looked to be the same age as the one on the stairs.

He whispered with a menacing tone. “Where do you think you’re going?”

Terry felt powerless. He didn’t know how to react when seeing these two strangers in the house. He could hear someone from behind telling the other burglar to bring Terry into the living room.

The brown-haired burglar grabbed Terry by the arm and pulled him out of the kitchen. Terry didn’t struggle as he felt too afraid of what they would do if he tried to escape. He followed the burglar into the living room, where the other intruder dropped his duffel bag onto the carpet. Terry now found himself in the middle of the room with two older intruders staring straight at him with silent curiosity.

The brown-haired burglar asked the other, “So, Kirk, how do we handle this?”

Kirk looked down at Terry’s legs. “This is really interesting. Look at him, Dylan. He looks so gentle when he’s wearing something like that.”

Terry looked down to see that he had completely forgotten about the pink dress. Now, he felt more humiliated than frightened. He wished he had changed to his normal clothes as soon as he heard the thud from downstairs. He tried to calm himself down by taking deep breaths. But instead, the mood in his mind didn’t change. With two complete strangers looking right at him, his desperation relied on the fantasy that these two men would never exist.

A little smile formed on Kirk’s face. “I have to say…it really looks good on you.”

Terry was fairly shocked at the response. “Really?”

Kirk nodded. “What’s your name?”

“My name’s Terry.”

Kirk stepped closer. “Well, Terry, how do you feel when you wear that?”

“I feel…uh…”

He was struggling to find the right words. He couldn’t think straight when these two burglars had him surrounded.

“I…I feel like a woman.”

He could hear Dylan from behind chuckling in an almost mischievous tone. “That sounds about right to me.”

Kirk looked down at Terry’s legs yet again. “Tell me, are you scared?”

Terry had to be honest. “Yes, I am.”

Kirk whispered in his ear. “Don’t be.”

He touched Terry’s arm and slid his fingers across his skin. That made Terry almost gasp as it actually made him feel quite enthralled. It was almost as if he enjoyed the feeling of someone touching him like a true gentleman.

Kirk looked him straight in the eyes. “I’ll tell you what. We can’t really find anything to steal in this place. There is some pretty cheap shit around here. So, I guess we’ll just have to leave. You won’t find anything missing.”

Terry started to feel a little hope brewing from amidst the criminal intentions. “That’s good to know.”

“But we still have something else in mind.”

Kirk brought his hand down and touched the skirt. Having another’s man caressing Terry’s thigh brought an unexpected stimulation to the senses.

Kirk smiled. “You like that, don’t you?”

Terry showed his nervousness by bringing his fists up to his chest like a shy young woman. With a dress like this, he certainly did feel like a woman in trouble. He even gave a short whimper when Kirk touched him between his legs. Kirk grabbed his cock, which was still hidden underneath the fabric.

Terry gasped. “Oh…”

Kirk gave a squeeze. “We can’t leave just yet.”

Terry had his eyes wide open. “What do you mean?”

“We can’t leave when we’re just getting to know you.”

Terry’s cock started to grow in Kirk’s tight grip. “We need some quality time alone with you. You do as we say, and we will leave. You won’t see us again.”

Terry could feel the other burglar behind him as the latter grabbed him by the shoulders. Terry could feel Dylan’s lips touching his neck.

Terry shivered. He now realized what they really wanted. And the oddest thing about it was that Terry didn’t object. He was overwhelmed with how these two intruders found him appealing. The color and simplicity of the dress, as well as Terry’s vulnerability and fearful demeanor, must have made him a primary target. And he didn’t want it to stop. They were attracted to him, and he didn’t feel like pushing them away.

All of a sudden, Kirk gave him a kiss on the lips. His lips were warm and virile. Terry let it happen. It was strange, yet astonishing at the same time. For the first time, he let out a high-pitched moan, just like if he were a woman.

Kirk whispered, “I want to show you something.”

Dylan, from behind, wrapped his arms around Terry presumably to keep him from leaving and informing the authorities. But Terry didn’t do anything. sarıyer escort He just stood there with Dylan locked in his embrace. He could feel Dylan’s chest touching his back. Meanwhile, Kirk stepped back and took off his shoes before undoing his belt. Terry knew what lay ahead of him. Kirk unzipped his jeans before taking it and his boxer shorts off.

Kirk asked, “So do you like what you see?”

Terry looked down to see a long and thick cock between Kirk’s legs. The erection made Terry tingle from within.

“That looks amazing.”

Dylan whispered from behind. “Wait until you see mine.”

Terry could feel Dylan’s bulge, hidden in his own jeans, pressing against his lower end. Terry trembled in Dylan’s arms. He began to give a more girlish response.

“Oh, it feels so good.”

Dylan pressed his bulge even harder. “You know you want it. With a dress like this, it’s inevitable.”

“Yes, you’re right.”

Kirk took off his shirt and now he was completely naked. “Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to get on your knees.”

Dylan let Terry go and stepped back. Terry obeyed Kirk by getting down on his knees.

Kirk pointed at his dick. “And now, I want you to open your mouth.”

Terry already understood. He opened his mouth wide. He continued to feel like a helpless damsel in distress. He still brought his fists up to his chest like a female filled with fear.

Kirk chuckled. “Now that is a sight we want to see.”

He grabbed Terry by his hair and pulled him closer to his dick. Terry kept his mouth wide open as Kirk stuffed it with his own special monument. Terry now found himself being controlled by the burglars. The shock when having a long hard cock inside his mouth was instant. Kirk didn’t let go of his hair. He thrust his cock deeper inside Terry’s mouth while Dylan stood by his side and watched.

Terry looked up to see Kirk giving a very impish grin. The older man whispered, “Don’t fight it. Taste it and take it.”

Despite still being fearful of the presence of these two thieves, Terry couldn’t help but be astonished by the sheer length of the rock-hard cock. With the pink dress still on his body, this certainly made the mental transition from a man to a woman more likely. His wonder and terror blended almost without a misstep. He produced a more girlish behavior in front of Kirk and Dylan. He moaned in a more feminine manner as he continued to have a cock inserted deep in his mouth and even down his throat. At times, he had trouble breathing, but he was able to pull through and show Kirk what it was like to be a young man treating her man right.

Dylan took off his shoes. “I can’t just stand here. I got to join in.”

He pulled down his jeans and boxers and showed off his own erection, which was just several inches away from Terry’s face. Terry kept his eyes wide open as Dylan’s dick seemed just as long and hard as Kirk’s.

Kirk finally pulled his cock right out of the young man’s mouth. “Go ahead, Dylan. He’s a trooper on this one.”

“Oh, I can’t wait.”

Now, it had been Dylan’s turn to grab Terry’s hair and stuff his cock deep inside his mouth. Terry must have looked like a beautiful and delicate creature in that dress, because both burglars clearly demonstrated their unexpected appetite for an unexpected prey. He didn’t attempt to escape when Dylan occupied his mouth with his own infiltration. Both cocks felt warm and thick, and the taste caused a stirring sensation from within his heart and soul.

Terry wanted to prove himself. He swirled his tongue all around the dick’s veiny surface and made it wetter with his saliva.

Dylan had already realized it. “Oh, you’re good. Is this your first time?”

Terry couldn’t say anything because of the dick being pushed down his throat.

Kirk pointed at the coffee table. “Bring him here.”

Dylan pulled his cock out of Terry’s mouth and brought him to the coffee table. They pushed him down and had him place his hands on the horizontal surface while being bent over.

Kirk whispered, “You want our cocks, don’t you?”

Terry was so immersed in his new personality that he didn’t stop moaning and moving like a seductive female. “Oh, yes. I want your cocks inside me.”


Kirk pushed his cock inside the young man’s mouth again. Terry looked to the left to see Dylan going to stand behind him. He knew what was about to happen on the table. He could feel Dylan lifting up the skirt and sliding the tip of his spear across his skin. Terry waited for it. With such a monstrous weapon, he couldn’t resist.

Dylan grabbed him by the hips and began his eventual descent. He slid his hard cock inside Terry’s tight hole. Terry could feel it right away. He gasped even with a cock still lodged in his mouth. Both naked burglars did their duty well. They kept their cocks hard inside this delicate figure. They pushed hard to get a better reaction from him.

Dylan growled. “That’s right. You like it, don’t you?”

Terry maslak escort couldn’t believe it. In just one night, he found the right moment to wear his mother’s pink dress. And the intrigue reached new heights as soon as these two burglars stepped foot in this house and found an unexpected treat lying in wait from the second floor. What made it even weirder was the fact that he didn’t think of it as a huge loss to his dignity. Just the sight of these men and their dicks made him embrace his softer and more feminine side. He never knew the mentality of a damsel in distress until now. It may have not been perfect, but it was damn close.

Kirk and Dylan didn’t stop attacking both of his major orifices. They made it clear that he would have to enjoy this experience without anyone knowing about it. Terry almost fell off the coffee table because of their strong forward motions and had to grab hold of Kirk’s right thigh to keep a good balance. He let them know that he didn’t dwell in misery by continuing to keep his tone of voice in a womanly allure.

Dylan’s hips collided with Terry’s ass, which produced a loud and rhythmic smacking noise.

Kirk kept a firm grip of Terry’s hair. “We should turn you into an expert. You’re really good at taking it like a girl.”

Minutes passed, and nothing much had changed. Both burglars picked up speed, which gave Terry’s body more work for its perspiration and overall drive. Terry almost grew dizzy when being crammed in the middle of these two powerful beasts.

Kirk chuckled. “Here I come.”

Dylan added, “Same goes for me.”

They pushed their dicks deep inside him and stopped pounding him when their ejaculation came true. Terry almost screamed even with something big in his mouth. He could feel Kirk’s semen flooding all across his mouth.

Kirk looked down at him. “Don’t spit it out. Just swallow it. It’s good for you.”

Terry obeyed him. He consumed every ounce of his precious fluids. It was warm and tasted rather sugary. Until the last drop emerged from the tip, Terry managed to swallow all of it in just a matter of seconds. At the other end, he could feel Dylan’s own juices filling him in the ass. When Dylan pulled his dick out, most of the thick cum spilled out of the hole and landed on the floor.

Terry finally managed to breathe fully again. He felt speechless. This had been the first time he had been fucked in the mouth and ass by other men. He didn’t cry, nor did he call for help. He actually enjoyed it. It felt even better while wearing the dress. He imagined being a woman from start to finish. With a good imagination, he at least tolerated this unusual experience.

He could hear Kirk say, “We’re not done yet.”

Dylan replied, “It feels good down here. You got to try it out like I did.”

“Sounds good.”

Kirk and Dylan traded places. Now, Terry had a clear view of Dylan’s cock while it was Kirk’s turn to grab him by the hips and thrust his still-erect dick inside Terry’s wet ass.

They started all over again. They invaded Terry’s body from both ends and repeated their powerful movements. Terry, now accustomed to the taste of warm cum, anticipated the taste of Dylan’s own. Both men showed no signs of fatigue as the speed and strength of their movements remained the same.

Dylan made it clear that his next ejaculation would arrive soon. “Oh, that’s right. Take my dick. It’s good for you, and you know it.”

Kirk added, “I’m so glad we picked this house. This little man is a fucking treasure.”

He wasn’t really wrong. Terry, after the sudden fright of having intruders in this house, found no reason to inform the authorities. With two dicks deep inside him, he embraced his naughty side even more and took his time pleasing these complete strangers with his feminine appeal.

Dylan whispered, “I’m going to remember this for the rest of my life.”

Terry lost track of time. He couldn’t tell whether ten or twenty minutes had passed. Either way, he knew that the second eruption would take place from within his body. After swallowing it and having it spill out of his ass, nothing frightened him or shocked him anymore. He just wanted more of the same from Kirk and Dylan. Their swift movements didn’t cease just yet. Terry didn’t say anything. He moaned like a woman as the cock in his mouth reached down his throat. He received the same incredible feelings as before. He found the cocks inside him to be absolutely beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Such excitement just had to be felt at this night.

A few more minutes had passed, and Kirk and Dylan finally reached the end of their adventure. More and more of their special ingredients invaded Terry’s tight space. The young man swallowed Dylan’s cum and welcomed Kirk’s second ejaculation inside his ass.

Terry felt absolutely exhausted. As soon as Kirk and Dylan pulled their cocks out of him, he fell to the floor and lay in silence. A little bit of the cum had landed on the pink dress, but that didn’t matter to Terry. He looked up to see Kirk and Dylan hovering over him. Kirk’s dick, which was right above Terry’s face, still had cum dripping out of it. It landed on Terry’s cheek and forehead. Terry didn’t brush them off as he lay still.

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