Intrusion Ch. 02

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Work lasted forever, every moment ticking by in frustrated torment. Taylor stewed with agitation and barely bothered to be polite to the many customers that approached him. His entire body ached, the turtleneck he wore rubbed against the bruise on his neck and the chastity device tugged around his cock in a way that made it impossible to ignore. It seemed to take eons but finally the hands of the clock swung towards one o’clock and he slipped from the till, heading towards the office.

“Don’t suppose I can convince you to cover part of Ellis’ shift?” The manager asked as Taylor slipped his work vest off and slid his I.D. card through the machine to clock out.

“Sorry James, I have to run to class.” Taylor said with impatience, though he kept his voice respectful. His hand shook and he slipped the card into his jacket pocket to hide the tremors.

“Yeah I know, getting an edu-mah-cation and all that.” James teased and nodded in understanding. He waved the younger man out of the room though his gaze followed him till he disappeared and a knowing smile curved across his lips as he noted the slight limp.

Taylor nearly bolted out of the store towards his car. There, behind the tinted windows and with the engine running, he unzipped his pants. A whimper escaped him as his fingers brushed his confined cock. The device was tight against his flesh, the metal cold against his balls and penis. It had been there since that morning, a steady source of agony throughout the long work day.

His fingers brushed the exposed flesh, expression full of a somewhat morbid curiosity. He winced as his cock reacted by pressing against its cage. His tongue flicked out and licked across his lips. Another stroke sent his whole body shuddering.

He hardly had time to fully explore the thing that bound his penis. Class began in a half an hour and he had already failed that particular course once, no way would he be taking it again even if it he did need it for his degree. He slipped his hand from around his cock and zipped himself back up again, revving the engine and heading from the parking lot.

Once in class he sat with rapt attention, even managed to take his mind off of his cock to write notes. Though that distraction didn’t last long; Professor Drey gave him a look, dark eyes roving over his body in a way that had Taylor’s penis fighting against the restraints. He closed his eyes, thinking of anything un-sexual to tame himself. The rest of the lecture was a blur of technical terms and senseless diagrams.

“Mr. Cole, please stay after class.”

Taylor nodded and ceased the motion to gather up his backpack. He settled atop his desk and watched as the professor paced from the blackboard to close and lock the door as the last of the other students left.

Drey walked over to the younger man, his dark eyes glinting and a sly smile crossing his lips. “So, did you have fun this morning?”

“You’re a jackass.” Taylor claimed and reached up to lift the collar of his turtleneck. “I’m going to have to wear ridiculous things while this heals.”

Professor Drey’s eyes traced the marks and he flicked his tongue out over his lips. “Why hide them? It’ll let your boss, let everyone know who you belong to.”

Taylor shivered at the ravenous expression on the other’s face. “James knows I’m yours.”

“He doesn’t keep his eyes to himself,” the professor retorted possessively. He slipped his arm around the younger man’s waist and bent so his breath blew hot on his cheek. “Now, is our game this morning going on the list of things we can do again?”

Taylor shuddered, eyes dilating as the memories of the morning spent helplessly at the professor’s mercy flashed through his head. He leaned into Drey’s taller frame. They made a stunning pair. Taylor was shorter and slim, with blond curls that were a bit too long and expressive blue yes. Professor Drey was taller with a sturdier build; his eyes were near black and his dark brown hair cropped short enough to hide its natural wave.

“Is silence a no?” The professor prompted and nipped his jaw, stealing his mind back from its wanderings.

“It was scary. Not in an ‘I never want to do it again’ way, but…I want to try it when I can hear you counting.” It comforted him, knowing the number of seconds they had agreed on and counting them off alongside the professor’s voice. He had tried counting to himself in the silence, but without Drey’s voice he had constantly counted too fast. Even though he did not doubt the professor’s carefulness, the resulting panic had kept him from completely immersing himself in the experience.

Drey nuzzled him, lips brushing the bruises on his neck. “You agreed to sensory deprivation as part of this week’s games.”

“I know, but for the list. I don’t like being unable to breath when I can’t listen to you.”

“Fair enough.” The professor nodded in acknowledgment. He tilted the younger man’s head and captured his lips, chuckling against Taylor’s mouth when he sucked on his tongue. Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort As they pulled apart he gently chided, “you have other classes you should be getting to.”

Taylor sighed, and then looked towards his crotch. “What about…?”

“You want it off?” Drey asked.

“It’s sore.” Taylor pouted, and then gasped when the professor captured his mouth again and bit down on his bottom lip. Drey’s hand elicited a groan from him as he cupped the bulge in his jeans, and then another sounded in the classroom as the button released and the zipper lowered.

“I can loosen it,” the professor offered, his eyes danced as he took in the sight of Taylor’s tender cock locked up in the device. He slid his hand over it, grinning as the young man arched against him. “But how will you pay for the mercy?”

Taylor’s tongue wet his lips. “I can pay for it tonight, when you ‘sneak’ in again,” he offered.

“Oh?” Drey spoke distractedly as his fingers worked at the combination lock on the device. “We already have a rather busy schedule planned.”

Taylor gave a breathy laugh, moaning aloud as some of the pressure on his cock relented. “I’m sure you can find the time to put my mouth to good use.”

Drey’s drew his hand out of Taylor’s pants, raising his thumb to Taylor’s lips. He grinned when the younger man’s tongue eagerly laved the digit. “You are an irresistible cocksucker.”

“Damn straight.”

Drey pushed him from the desk and smacked his ass. “Now get to class.”

Taylor fixed his clothes back on and hastened to obey. Even loosened, the device still made his cock throb. He was far too distracted to pay attention in his next two classes, but thankfully they were the type that provided the lectures online afterward. Later, he spent most of the drive home imagining what would be done to him later that night. Even after he stopped at Subway for dinner, he barely tasted the food.

He kicked off his shoes as he entered his home. The apartment was as he had left it that morning, except for the duffel-bag on the counter and note on the fridge. A ladybug magnet that looked utterly out of place held the note there. Taylor picked it up and read it quietly aloud to himself.

“If you want the device off go to your room. Put on the mask and handcuffs and kneel on the floor.”

It jarred him slightly. While it was the professor’s handwriting it did not have his voice. Drey liked to be specific, always controlling the minute details. Being vague and anonymous was part of their current series of games. The young man used the magnet to stick the note back on the fridge, gathered the mask and handcuffs from the duffel, and then slipped his jacket and shirt off as he headed to the bedroom. He stripped away his jeans as well and crawled onto the bed.

He took a few breaths, getting into character before putting the mask on. He did not know who the ‘intruder’ was; he had not spent the last year and a half in a relationship with him. He focused on that, until he almost believed it. Once the mask slipped on, he clasped the handcuffs around his wrists and settled onto his knees.

For the longest time stillness reigned in the apartment, the silence stretching throughout the rooms. Taylor scoffed impatiently and shifted in the cuffs, how long was he supposed to wait? He was stupid to place himself in this position, especially after the event of the night before proved the stranger had no mercy. However, it was the only way to get the painful chastity device off. He didn’t dare try to cut through the rings, what if he accidentally sliced through his prick? He did have the option of getting help, but the young man knew he couldn’t stand the humiliation that choice would cause him.

Finally a hint of movement came from the other room, the faintest sound of footsteps and of the duffel-bag being retrieved from the kitchen. Taylor held his breath, listening carefully. He stamped down the anticipation in his mind and he twitched fearfully as the bed dipped beneath a new weight. Chains jangled softly nearby. “Please don’t do this,” he said, and then frowned slightly before speaking again in a tone that was properly pleading. “Just take it off and let me go, you have to realize that you won’t get away with this.”

The intruder surveyed his captive, smirking at the supplication of the younger man. He shifted the chain again so that the links clinked against each other, making Taylor shiver and lean away. He opened the collar linked to the chain and reached up to touch the soft leather to the younger man’s throat.

Taylor jolted and tried to scramble backwards, a foolish and desperate attempt at escape. The intruder caught his bound wrists and roughly jerked him back into a kneeling position. With one hand he gripped a handful of his blond hair and held his head still so that the collar could be slid on him. It hung loose, lower around his neck than the bruise from the previous night. The chain that dangled from contrasted with his pale skin and he shivered as the links grazed his chest.

The stranger stroked him, exploring the skin that had been bared for him. He tugged Taylor forward by the chain each time he shifted away. The young man remained skittish beneath the caresses, whimpering as the intruder bent down and took his left nipple in his mouth. The dark eyes man nipped the small nub and earned a cry as he pinched the right one with his thumb and forefinger.

Once his teeth left a charming mark on the skin he sat up. With a smirk he shoved Taylor down, so his chest pressed against his legs and his head was against the sheets. He ran a hand over his back, petting him like a timid animal. He massaged the captive from the shoulders to his lower back, waiting until he sighed and relaxed despite himself. Then he retrieved another object from his bag of tricks.

Taylor moaned as something large and smooth trailed along his buttocks, teasing the line between his cheeks. He spoke up, “no, don’t. It won’t fit. Please.” His begging was ignored as the plug pressed to his hole. It was slick with some oily liquid that warmed against his skin and shot heat coiling inside of him. It slid in with ease, the hefty shape of it swallowed by his ass. He panted against the bed sheets, trembling as his body became accustomed to the intruding object. Before he got used to it a yelp was surprised from him, fists clenching as the plug hummed and seemed to come to life. He writhed, straining against the steady hands that rolled him onto his back.

His caged cock was unstrapped and a palm caressed along it. Behind the mask Taylor closed his eyes; he did not want to enjoy this. He whimpered as the plug thrummed inside him and his penis, tender though it was, surged to meet the fingers that fondled its length. He pressed against the hand, gasping out moans and arching against the bed. “Please,” he gasped out, and had to bite his lips to enforce silence on himself.

Only once his dick got hard and twitched with keen interest did the intruder halt his ministrations and flick the controls of the plug so the vibrations lessened. He pinched the head of the cock with his fingers and grinned as Taylor hollered.

He stood up and left the captive on the bed as he went to the kitchen. The stranger retrieved the tote that was under the sink, as well as a bag of ice from the freezer. He set the tote beside the bed as he reentered, and the ice he poured into it. He then turned his attention back to the young man that lay powerless on the sheets.

Taylor groaned as his feet were grabbed and his legs were pulled straight. Cuffs were wrapped snug around his ankles and hooked to the bed posts. He gasped as knuckles pressed against the ball of his foot and coughed back a laugh as fingers stroked his toes. The touch retracted as something else was grabbed from the duffel-bag.

The intruder took aim and the cane snapped against the bottom of his captive’s left foot. The younger man jerked against the bed sheets, pulling against the bonds on his ankles as the same treatment was given to his right foot, and again on his left.

“Four.” Taylor choked out as pain shot through his right foot.

The caning paused and Drey studied him for a moment with dark eyes. Then he started again, obliging with the request that had not been directly voiced and not letting the interruption disrupt their game. Snap went the cane, “five,” snap, “six.”

Taylor moaned and tilted his head to muffle himself against the sheets. His eyes were squeezed shut behind the mask, his attention focused on the voice that counted out each merciless stroke of the cane. A little bit of his resistance was chipped away with each strike, until he had to constantly recall himself that he was supposed to be resisting the urge to yield to the blows. His feet ached beneath the torment; each blow stung the callused skin that was still incredibly sensitive. Work tomorrow would be interesting, standing at the till on feet that would be a constant reminder of the activity.

Snap, “twenty-seven,” snap, “twenty-eight.”

Taylor breathed, expectancy coiling in his chest. The steady whack of the cane ceased at thirty and he moaned as fingers ran along the underside of his hot heels and tortured toes. There was a gentle touch of lips against the arch of his right foot, teeth nipping the pad before his big toe was taken into the stranger’s mouth. The digit was laved and Taylor’s cock pulsed in time with each insistent suck.

The stranger slipped the toe from his mouth, leaving it wet with saliva. He took a thin bit of cordage that was tied with slip knots on each end. One knot was wound around each of the big toes and he undid the cuffs on Taylor’s ankles. He tugged the feet together, holding them still as he further secured the big toes to each other.

The young man gave a soft yelp as he was pulled by the toes to the side of the bed, his legs dangling off the side.

The intruder reached for the tote. By then some of the ice had melted into a mixture of chilled water. He pulled Taylor’s feet into the cold and pressed on his knees when the younger man tried to wrench away.

The water was both soothing and torture on his feet, the ice cubes that remained floating around each appendage and searing against his warm skin. The young man did not notice as a pillow was placed beneath his shoulders, though he took note as his head was tilted back. The stranger kept one hand on his knee to keep his feet still as he circled around him and knelt beside his shoulders.

Taylor licked his lips as he heard the zip of the intruder’s jeans, and smelt the musk of the cock before it was pressed to his mouth. It was large but not monstrous and his tongue laved the head eagerly before he reminded himself of the game. He closed his eyes behind the mask and let his jaw be pressed open as he focused on the character he was supposed to be playing. It was hard to choke when he was so good at swallowing, hard to twist his head away when he knew how perfectly it would fit down his throat.

The dark eyed stranger grazed his fingers up the insides of the younger man’s thighs, cupping his balls. He positioned his hips and started to rock his hips and fuck the captive’s mouth, roughly squeezing Taylor’s cock in time with each movement. The younger man moaned against the motions and gave up trying to escape the penis that slid repeatedly passed his lips.

Eventually the wetness and the heat of Taylor’s mouth enticed the intruder to fuck his throat faster, gripping him by the hair to hold him in position. His balls pressed against the younger man’s nose as he took the entire penis into his mouth and throat.

Taylor swallowed the sperm that spurted into his mouth, gasping a few gulps of air as the cock slipped from his lips. His own hips thrust into the hand stroking him, an orgasm building in his balls to shoot though his penis and across his thighs.

The stranger traced his forefinger through the trail of semen, scooping it up and then pressing his index finger to Taylor’s lips. The captive’s tongue flicked out and tasted the cum, then again once the older man wiped the rest of the semen from his legs.

The younger man gave only a cursory moan of protest as he was manhandled. His feet, reddened by the caning and the chilled water, were extracted from the tote and wiped dry with the sheets. The intruder then stretched his trembling legs up so that he was folded in half with his knees to his chest and his calves above his head. With a clank of chain the ankle cuffs were joined to his collar and he was bound in that vulnerable position with genitals and buttocks exposed.

Fingers worked at the plug that still filled his ass, viciously pressing it in so that it hit places inside that tingled and sent a dizzying mixture of pain and pleasure shooting though him. He thrust back onto it, though his position offered little leverage.

The intruder pulled on the plug, pausing with it halfway out so that the bulged end stretched his captive’s hole. Then he shoved it back in, flipping the switch and listening to the younger man whimper while it worked inside him. He fucked him with the plug, relentlessly forcing Taylor to accept it. Dark eyes glanced over to his duffel and the stranger wished he had bothered to bring something bigger. He slipped his hand around the captive’s semi-erect penis and leaned over.

Taylor moaned as the hot mouth closed over the head of his dick. His cock was sore, but with that tongue teasing the slit at the tip and the pressure of the plug on his prostate his balls were soon insisting that it was time to cum again. Semen drenched fingers were once more offered to him and he sucked them into his mouth, swallowing the salty substance.

The intruder tugged again at the plug, this time it fell out with a faint popping noise. His thumb replaced it in the hole, twisting against the ring of muscle and eliciting a cry from the young man. He scooted up further on the bed and pressed the tip of his cock to the hole, listening with an amused smile to the halfhearted protests of the captive.

“No.” Taylor gasped out, unable to brace himself against the sheets with all his limbs bound before him. “Not again. Please don’t put your_.”

The protests cut off in a groan as the stranger thrust forward. It was not as painful tonight, since the plug had stretched him out beforehand, but Taylor was still vocal as he moved. He fucked the younger man as he had the night before, using his hole mercilessly and shoving into him so that his balls slapped against his ass. He was hard inside Taylor, but not quite ready to cum until after he’d spent a good while pounding into the helpless body.

He pulled out, stroking himself. The intruder reached over and clasped one of the captive’s nipples. Cum shot out of him at the yelp he extracted as he twisted the nub. Some of the sperm splattered onto Taylor’s mask, the rest landing on his folded body. It took a while before all of it could be wiped up and fed to the younger man. Then the intruder unhooked his captive’s legs and laid him out across the sheets.

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