Jail Time Ch. 01

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I was spending a couple of weeks in the county jail waiting for trial for a little misunderstanding over the ownership of a car.

The first couple of days weren’t too bad. There were 16 cells on my floor, and 5 guys serving short time.

I was starting to get pretty horny, and that was it easy to take care of, but still not really all that satisfying. I wanted some pussy.

Well after 3 days I got moved to another floor where there were more men, with more jail time. Now they were younger guys, and some black guys who didn’t seem to think much of whiteys. They were serving a year or more in there, and were more hard core.

Well that Friday night after working in the laundry all day, I was in the shower room, getting ready to relive some hornyness, when 2 black guys came in.

At first they didn’t notice I all ready had a hard on, but shortly, one of them said, “Hey look little whitey is getting all horny looking at our bigger, black cocks.”

I didn’t say anything but they came over, looking me up and down, and waved their equipment as they started to get hard.

“How would you like some of this boy?” one of them said.

I said I didn’t want anything from them but they just kept standing by me.

They told me to be a good boy and not even think about calling a guard. They said that the guard would only ignore us or, maybe even join in with his night stick.

Then one of them told me to just get down on my knees, and start sucking it,

“After all you wouldn’t want to have a slip and fall accident here it the showers with all this slippery tile, would you?”

By now my cock was rock hard and they told me that I was obviously turned on by their superiority.

To tell the truth I was scared to death, my stomach was flipping over, but also horny izmit escort bayan and oddly turned on. In one way, there was no way

I wanted to suck those cocks, and in another, I wanted too, but I knew there was no way out, and I was going to suck on some hard black cock.

At that moment another guy walked into the shower area.

They turned around and told him, “Get the HELL OUT!” It was almost funny the way he turned tail and left.

Then they turned their attention back to me and said “GET ON YOUR KNEES NOW!”

I quickly sank to my knees, and there, in front of my face, were 2 very nice, very large, hard black cocks right in front of my face.

One of them, Mike took a step forward, and his cock headed right for my mouth. I just opened up and he stuck it in and said, “Now suck, suck my cock, and give me some good white head.”

The other one Louis, just watched and stroked his cock. Mike jammed his cock back to my throat, I did try to swallow it, but it was too thick, his cock gagged me, my mouth filled with drool and it dribbled out of my lips.

I thought I better do a good job with my mouth and keep them happy.

I moved my head back and forth and sucked hard on that cock.

“OH yeah he is into it man, not a bad cocksucker, we’ll have fun with this punk.”

That made my blood run a little cold, my stomach flipped again, but my little white cock remained rock hard.

I sucked as best as I could, I sucked on Mike’s cock, hoping to please him and get this over with. Then Louis said, “Bring him back to our cell, I want some of that ass.”

I shook my head no and tried to pull off of Mikes cock, but that got me a good hard slap to my face. It brought tears to my eyes. I really knew then, that I was in for it.

Mike pulled me off izmit eve gelen escort his cock and grabbed my by the neck and said “Up boy.” I got to my feet and they led me down the hall to their cell. We were all naked and made a good site for the others. A few of the other inmates laughed and made a couple of rude remarks, there was no going to be no help for me.

In the cell my mouth was redirected to Mike’s cock and I started sucking as I was positioned on the bed, ass up. Louis moved in behind me and took some soap and lubed his cock and my asshole. As I continued to suck on Mike’s big hard cock, Louis probed my ass with his finger.

Then Louis put his cock-head up to my asshole. He started pushing in. I had never had anything up there before and it hurt, but soon he was in and it hurt less. Then Louis started fucking in and out, which started moving my mouth on Mike’s cock. Louis was in deep now and now Mike’s cock was going into my throat.

I was gaging and drooling and trying to cough, which, along with tears coming from my eyes, they found quite amusing.

I tried to pull my head off of Mike’s hard cock, but as soon as I would get up to the head, he pushed my mouth back down his hard cock. My mouth was now just a hole to be used, used for the pleasure of his cock.

Louis reached around and felt my cock, and said “The little bitch is real hard, he must really like this.” and gave my balls a squeeze.

I was afraid I might come if Louis played with me very much, and knew that was the last thing I should ever do. At least being horny was making my mouth and ass rape tolerable. Then Mike started to move my head and combining it with thrusts of his cock into my mouth. He was moaning and groaning and I knew soon I was going to have a load izmit otele gelen escort of cum shot into my mouth. He moved fast then slow with that big cock, hitting my throat and pulling almost all the way out, then he gave some short strokes, just in the back of my mouth and into my throat.

Louis said, “YEAH give it to him, I’m getting close too, fuck this bitch.”

Mike said, “You better swallow this all boy, and be thankful I’m giving you my come.”

Louis was pushing deep into my ass, the pain wasn’t as much now, and he started to groan. His cock moved in and out and then a short wiggling motion, then he said,

“I should pull this out and shoot it in the bitch’s mouth too.”

GOD I didn’t want that.

Mike now pumped my mouth hard and groaned and pumped and then, he held my head still and said “Suck that cock, go on suck it, love it take this spunk. OH OH AHH YES.”

Then a gob of his spunk shot into my mouth and another, I tried to swallow it, but with a big black cock in mouth, and spunk shooting all around it, I had a real hard time swallowing.

His cock pistoned in and out spreading his cum all around in my mouth and drooling out onto the bed.

Just then Louis shot a load into my ass. Mike pulled out of my mouth and kind of rolled over and my face went down to the bunk.

I was crying. The humiliation of being raped at both ends and, knowing that everyone, including the guards knew was almost more than I could stand. But I had to stand it.

Louis pulled out of my ass and stepped back. I just stayed in position.

Louis told me to whack off my little pee pee. My hand went to my cock, and in 3 strokes I shot off a load, as I did, Louis told me “Catch it and eat it boy.”

I caught it, and brought it to my mouth and licked it up.

Then Louis told me to get the hell out of their cell, but to come back tomorrow for some more. After that, they had me each day until I left. A couple of times they sold me to other inmates for their pleasure. I actually got to like it.

I liked sucking cock and getting a cock in my ass.

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