Jaut Another Day In The Life Of…

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As luck would have it I received a call from my Doctors office, telling me to be at the hospital for a C-scan Thursday evening. I had been having a problem with my ribs for over a year and finally someone was going to look at it. The hospital is a busy place and they keep the Imaging Diagnostics clinic open 7 days a week trying to keep up. My appointment was for 8 PM which worked out well for me since I had to work that day and it was an hour travel each way.

Thursday came along and Cynthia my submissive girlfriend wanted to come along for the ride. We got there and went down to the clinic to register. The nurse took all the info, told me that we would be about half an hour late getting in because of an emergency due to a road accident. I shrugged and said no problem, understanding the situation.

The nurse took me over to the waiting change area and told us to have a seat and wait, and when ready she would inform us so I could change into the customary robe.

Looking around the seating area, we were isolated, although we could see the hallway if anyone walked by. The change rooms lined up beside us were nothing but small cubicles with a curtain. Inside there was a small locker and a chair.

I was watching the news when Cynthia gave me that look, the look that says she is bored and about to take us to a new adventure in our sex life.

“Master, I am bored.” She stated. I simply smiled at her, saying czech couples porno nothing. Cynthia gave me a devilish grin, grabbed my hands saying ” I always wanted to do something in these places but my ex was too prudish.”

Well that is something Cynthia has never accused me of, and I let her lead me into the change room.

I allowed myself to be guided into sitting in the chair and Cyn just grabbed a couple of the gowns and kneeled before me. Before I could protest, she pushed me back further, unzipping me, and proceeded to feast on my semi hard cock.

Now if there is one thing this girl loves more than sucking cock, she loves to suck it from a soft state, letting her be totally responsible for making it hard. She said the feeling of power as it grows in her mouth is absolutely wild for a woman, so who was I to deny my slut some pleasure.

I settled in for some dangerous fun, letting her glide her wet tongue up and down the shaft, sticking it up under the foreskin and around the glans. Damn she was proficient and was not long before I was rigid.

Her one hand explored the large vein on the bottom side of the shaft, pulsing it, her other hand caressing by swollen balls. Before long her mouth slowly covered the head, caving in her beautiful cheeks to apply just the right amount of pressure, allowing some spit to run out the corners of her mouth for lubrication. Damn she is a great czech estrogenolit porno messy cocksucker, the best kind, getting lost in our pleasures.

I tried to reach down and grab her hard nipples that were definitely popping through her tight shirt. Cynthia would have none of it, and for some reason I let her assume control, which is a rarity for us. She looked up and smiled saying no time; we had to be done before the nurse came back. With that she returned to engulf the fucking piece of meat down her throat, sucking hard, pumping my cockmeat as if she had not had a cock in her mouth in months. Now this is not the case, she sucks me every day, but maybe the situation and ambience just drove her more wild and insatiable for her creamy load. Whatever the case, I could not deny the little slut her meal.

Damn, I had to have some control, I cannot just ejaculate from a blow job, I need something more, so I stood up, allowing my pants to fall, and making sure if anyone did walk past the curtain, they would have no choice but to know what was happening. Something about the danger of almost getting caught drives me insane with lust.

I grabbed her by the head and I began to face fuck my little love slave, thrusting my prick deep into her mouth, the sound of her gagging and choking only spurring me on. There was spit flying out of her mouth as I rammed it in back and forth, her eyes bulging czech first video porno with each deep stroke. I closed my eyes and imagined me telling her, that if I wanted to twist those little hard nipples off in that room, who the fuck was she to say no or stop me. Normally I would have and that just would have made her cunt wetter and wanting for rougher treatment, but better judgment overtook me considering the situation.

As her head bobbed up and down with my vigorous assistance, she began moaning, drooling, which only served to excite me more. She applied more pressure with her lips, cheeks and tongue, my cock now twitching and throbbing with every thrust, my grip on her head and in her hair not allowing her any air to breathe.

I could feel my nuts beginning to swell, the hot jism starting to creep up the shaft, and before I could warn her, I filled her mouth with hot thick cream. Try as she could she had to pull it back out and three large spurts covered her beautiful face. Her eyes nose and chin were completely splattered with my load.

Cynthia looked up at me and smiled, asking me if my little girl pleased her Master, and with exasperated breath, I said most definitely.

My sexy slut stood up, grabbing a tissue and we opened the curtain just as the nurse appeared. Cynthis just smiled as she wiped the cum from her face and licked her fingers clean.

The nurse blushing said “For the record, the sitting area is monitored by cameras.”

I looked up and sure enough there it was in the upper corner, so they had to have seen us enter the cubicle.

I smiled at her and with a wink, followed her to my exam, her smiling all the way.

I hope my next hospital visit is just as enjoyable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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