Katy’s Hershey Highway

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“Hi, Jared. This is Katy. You know, it’s that time of the month again.”

He already knew what time of the month it was but he was very happy to get the reminder. “I’m glad to hear that,” he answered. “This time of the month is my favorite.”

He really meant that. Being hung rather less than average, Jared was one of Katy’s favorite boytoys but not because of the massive size of his cock. She likes big, hard schlongs in her pussy and mouth but, when she’s in her period as she was then and horny for something else, she calls on him as she had done that Saturday morning.

The invitation continued. “So, come on over in about an hour and I’ll have everything ready. I hope you haven’t done anything naughty today.”

Jared knew what she meant, and he assured his caller he had neither fucked anybody nor masturbated that day or the previous night. He finds it worth his while to remember approximately when Katy would be in her menses because those would be the days when he got the best sex of his life from her.

“I haven’t done anything naughty today. I’m saving that for when I’m with you.”

Katy laughed at that. “That’s good, because you’ve got the perfect tool to take care of what I need.”

They hung up and, less than half an hour later, Jared was ringing the doorbell of her apartment. He heard a soft rattling as she opened the peep hole in the door so she could verify her visitor. What Katy wanted was sex with him and she wanted to be sure nobody but the man she awaited got into the apartment and saw her state of dishabille. After a few more seconds, the door swung open and he walked into the room. When he heard the door close behind him, he turned to gaze upon the woman who had invited him over to share her bed in the way she wanted. Katy was wearing nothing but panties under a yellow terrycloth robe which was open in the front, putting her big, luscious breasts and sexily plump belly prominently on display.

Besides her gorgeous figure, Katy has a pretty face, with long, dark brown hair green eyes and a clear complexion. Her smile is beautiful too, and was almost bisecting her face as she thought of the thrills that lay ahead of her and the young man who was ogling her. Although not much to look at, with a slight paunch and thinning brown hair, he had the virtue of being willing to do what she wanted in bed, which more than made up for any shortcomings.

He took one of the twin beauties in either hand and started to lick the nipples, which were already erect but she stopped him after less than a minute. “That’s nice but let’s take a shower first,” she said with a lewd grin on her face. “You know what I want to do after that.”

Jared was 100% in favor of that idea, not for the sake of cleanliness but for what he knew would happen during the shower and after they finished. He let Katy lead him to the bedroom, where she tossed her robe on a chair beside the bed, and to the shower which included a spray attachment for the best rinsing. While the water was warming up, Jared removed all his clothing and Katy carefully peeled off her panties. Under them she was wearing a tampon and she would replace it as soon as they finished scrubbing each other.

Once under the needle spray, she washed his back and front, paying special attention to his cock, which was hard by then. After finishing, she kissed the head and admired its rather small size because it was perfect for what she wanted. He washed her front, carefully rinsing her breasts and kissing the erect nipples as he finished with the precious nubbins. When she turned her back to him, their shower was about to become really interesting. Her back and shoulders were routine and when he finished washing her there, he knelt behind her to scrub her legs, both the front and back. While still kneeling, he looked to gaze raptly at her jutting ass with the perfect hemispheres.

There is a grab bar attached to the wall and, after her legs had been washed, Katy reached out, took hold of it and bent forward with her back arched. Jared soaped up the wash cloth and started washing her voluptuous ass, especially including where her cheeks curve back around and under to merge with her thighs. After finishing with the parts of Katy’s sexy body that are beautiful and normally on display, he started on her less visible part, which was the main reason they were in the shower together.

He was on his knees to facilitate the washing but it could just as well have been because he was worshipping the succulent naked flesh in front of him. With the outer part clean, he began gently laving the damask insides of her ass cheeks, smiling at the contented sounds she emitted. After carefully washing both insides, he gently soaped up her adorable rosebud and the puckering that surrounded it. Using one finger covered by the washcloth, he carefully soaped her there then removed the hose and nozzle from where they were hanging and directed the spray of warm water on the sudsy area, making sure to rinse off everything that didn’t belong almanbahis şikayet there.

He was almost done but the most important part still lay ahead and that was the part of the shower with Jared that Katy loved the most. She took a fresh grip on the grab bar, spread her feet and bowed her back to help him do the best job he could in addition to providing the most pleasure to him and herself. Katy quivered in joy when she felt his soapy finger eased inside her ass and gently moved around. When the warm water spray was used again, to rinse off that most intimate part of her body, she knew the shower was over and the pink place that most interested Jared was as clean as he could get it.

There were two warm, extra-large towels waiting for them and they quickly dried each other off, after which Katy changed her tampon. When she was ready, the eager pair hurried over to the bed, which she had prepared for them by removing everything but the bottom sheet and some pillows. All of them had been changed by Katy that morning in anticipation of their sexual romp. She climbed onto the bed first and pulled some pillows under her while getting to her knees in the middle. Jared joined her on to the bed, knelt behind her and placed his hands on her hips, partly to let her know he was in place and partly to help part the gorgeous hemispheres of her ass.

After he did that, Katy reached back and spread her ass cheeks. Seconds later, she felt a wet object, which she knew was Jared’s tongue, starting at the base of her spine and licking the inner surface of her left cheek. Katy shivered in delight at this unique sensation and wiggled her ass to encourage him to continue what he had started.

He needed no encouragement for Jared relished the sensation of the satiny skin under his tongue. Moving slowly, he licked all the way down, skirting the puckered area in order to save the best part for last. His tongue meandered around that part and back up the following side until he reached the end of her spine. By that time, Katy’s beautiful ass was squirming in joy and she was starting to fuck herself back against the face that was giving her so much fun.

“I really love the way you do that,” she told him. Keep licking me like that. Keep licking my ass.”

Jared was having a great time too and it got even better when his questing tongue licked downward on the inside of the cheek he had started on, covering as thoroughly as he could the white puckered part. He took longer there than he had on his mouth’s first circuit of Katy’s ass because it was more fun for both of them. By the time he reached his starting point again, she was almost sobbing in joy and her ass was fucking harder against his mouth.

Katy knew the best part was next and she wanted to enjoy it to the maximum. “Play with my clit,” she urged him. “Make me come.” She spread her knees slightly farther apart and leaned forward so her arms were wrapped around a pillow. From the new position, her ass was presented better to Jared’s mouth and Katy knew she was less likely to fall over once she started coming.

Jared knew the lubricating juices she was producing were being soaked up by her tampon so he stopped what he was doing and licked his fingers. Reaching around Katy’s hip, he found her clit, which was engorged with her lust, and carefully squeezed the precious morsel between two folds of her inner lips. With that taken care of, he started gently stroking the swollen morsel up and down before returning his mouth to the place where he would give the most pleasure to himself and to the woman who had summoned him that morning.

Starting from there, Jared licked slowly downward, flipping the tip of his eager tongue up and down until he felt the puckered skin, with the erotic texture of crushed velvet, that immediately surrounded her rosebud. He spread Katy’s cheeks as far as he could and pressed his face in more closely so his tongue could fully caress the lovely pink hole.

“Yes! Yes! That’s the place,” Katy urged him. “Stick your tongue in me.”

Her body was writhing in bliss and her sobs and whimpers of joy were louder and continuous. Jared knew the only thing keeping her upright were his arms around her hips and his face so firmly held between her ass cheeks. Even if she did topple over, which she often did at such times, they were in the middle of the bed and he would stay with her and neither of them would be hurt by the fall.

Although he couldn’t squeeze hiss tongue into the tight hole, Jared whipped the giver of pleasure up and down and from side to side as he fondled her clit and Katy steadily drew closer to coming. Abruptly, she cried out loudly and incoherently as her climax began to inundate her. Jared didn’t stop what he was doing or make any other change except to press his face more snugly between her cheeks and lick even faster. The fingers holding her clit moved more rapidly too, stroking back and forth in the same tempo as his tongue was moving on her ass.

In the throes of her climax, almanbahis canlı casino Katy’s movements became wilder and more erratic. She thrust her knees down into the mattress while her body yawed from side to side and she rammed her ass back against the face of the man who was doing such a superb job of licking her. Her voice was almost as active as her body, as the sexy brunette yawed from side to side and jammed her ass against the man behind her, as if trying to draw his face into the place receiving all the many delights he was giving her.

“Yes!” she cried out again as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Her back arched, ramming her ass against Jared’s face before starting to fall forward He kept his tongue in place and continued licking the adorable pink hole until Katy was sprawled on top of the mattress, with her hips resting atop the pillow. She was in a perfect position for what was going to happen next.

Jared got off the bed and went to the bathroom to get a damp towel and to the dresser drawer where he knew Katy kept supplies for her active sex life. He removed the bottle of lubricant and one of the smallest condoms, which he rolled onto his cock, and returned to the bed where he was awaited. Katy felt the movement of the mattress when he climbed back on and turned to look at Jared. When she saw his hard cock encased in latex, a lascivious grin creased her face because she was fully aware of what would be happening next.

“That was fabulous, Jared, just like it always is. But, I see you’re all ready for something better.” Having said that, she turned onto her belly and reached back to spread her cheeks again, ready for the very welcome intruder.

Jared reached into the lovely ravine and used his fingers and a thumb to pry open the edges of the tight pink hole he would be fucking. When Katy felt what he was doing, she spread her cheeks farther and arched her back to help him. She felt the tip of the squeeze bottle being insinuated into her and, seconds later, the gush of the cool oily fluid. Her body writhed in joy, partly over what was happening and partly in anticipation of would start to happen to her in the next few minutes.

Katy’s next thrill was the sensation of a finger being thrust into the oily hole and moved around to spread the lube. “Oooo, that feels good,” she murmured to the man kneeling beside her.

“It’ll get a lot better.”

She knew it would and that would happen in no more than a few seconds. The bed shifted as Jared moved over to be between her legs and gently placed his other hand on her hip. She continued holding her cheeks apart and felt him gently kiss either of her big, white cheeks, followed by something hard, which she knew to be the head of his cock, being pressed against the small opening being created. There was a sudden, insignificant burst of pain, which evolved immediately into pure pleasure as the hard object gained entrance to her ass.

Before Jared inserted his cock into the place that he knew wanted it, he gazed at Katy’s ass. Although he had just finished licking the insides of her cheeks, the large, white buttocks were also worthy of his admiration. Impulsively, he leaned forward and kissed both of the beauties before centering his cock on the oily pink hole which he knew to be eminently fuckable. With one firm thrust, the head wedged its way in, evoking a soft squeal of joy from the hotty.

With another thrust, Jared’s cock burst through the sphincter, stretching Katy the way she loved being stretched. She drew her breath in sharply between her teeth and arched her back again to give him a better target. He took advantage of her eagerness and thrust forward again, plunging almost an inch of his cock into Katy’s enticing ass.

“Take your time,” she admonished him. “We’ve got all day.”

Jared knew that and he took his time as requested. Until the first tryst with Katy, he had never expected to ever have sex with anybody as beautiful and sensuous and he didn’t want to lose a good thing. Best of all, he had always been an ardent admirer of female derrieres and Katy was blessed with the most gorgeous one he had ever seen. Jared especially loves licking the hot brunette’s ass while she writhes in the pleasure it gives her and the ensuing fucking her in the same place is the best sex he has ever even heard of.

Katy has thoughts about Jared that are similar. She is an extremely sensuous woman and wants to have sex, one way or another, every day. While in her menses, as she was that day, she is especially horny. The first time she tried anal sex, it was with one of her well-hung boyfriends but the dumb oaf refused to lick her ass, even following a shower, and his cock was so big it gave her much more pain than pleasure. She considers herself lucky to have found Jared, a man who treats her and her ass the way she likes being treated.

Just then he was easing his cock into the lovely place where it was so welcome. Every firm thrust drove it in more deeply and was met with a moan of exquisite almanbahis casino pleasure and encouragement to keep doing it. His shaft was embedded deeply enough he no longer needed to guide it or to hold her open so he removed his hands, wiped them on the damp towel and placed them on either of her hips. The soft, smooth flesh felt wonderful to him and he would be able to pull back on them for leverage as he thrust his cock forward.

Besides the pillow nestled under her hips, which was raising her ass for better penetration, Katy reached toward the head of the bed to grab another which she would hug while being pleasured. With one more thrust, she felt Jared’s cock burrowing into her as his hands pulled back on her hips, ramming his cock the rest of the way into her ass. Although relatively small, the stiff organ was thick enough to stretch her sphincter and long enough to expand the adjacent channel. As they lay in that position, Katy felt waves of joy throbbing out from its presence and saturating her entire body.

“Oh, my god, that feels fabulous,” she whispered.

“I’m glad. It feels great to me too.”

Their coupling soon started feeling better to both of them. Jared placed his hands on her shoulders and slowly drew his cock back until the just the head was still inside her, paused and plowed it in again. Katy moaned and sobbed and whimpered in bliss from the intense pleasure she was receiving. The stroke didn’t end until she could feel Jared’s curly brown pubic hair brushing the sensitive insides of her ass cheeks. She reached back and spread the precious hemispheres farther, in hopes of getting another fraction of an inch of rigid flesh inside her needy ass.

The next stroke was identical, as were the many that followed – long and slow and deep. Katy’s knees were thrusting back and forth under the happy couple from the excruciating pleasure and her whole body was writhing in joy. She could feel another climax building up inside her body but she knew she would not come from the fucking alone, great as it was. She also knew what to do about that.

“Let me get up on my knees, Jared. You can play with my clit and it’ll be even more fun for both of us.”

He knew she was right so, after driving his cock all the way into her ass, he moved his hands to pull up on Katy’s hips and help her get into the position she wanted. She pushed up with her hands and, when they were ready to resume, she was on her hands and knees and he was right behind her, also kneeling, with his hands on her hips and his cock buried in her ass. They stayed that way for a few minutes, reveling in the delight they were feeling and whispering to one another of how fantastic their fucking was.

But it got much better when Jared pulled his cock back and rammed it forward again. Katy felt the welcome intruder surging into her ass and fucked back to meet him. They both moaned in bliss as the fronts of his thighs pressed against the backs of hers and his pubic hair tickled the insides of her cheeks again. They stayed like that for a few seconds and their next stroke was even better.

Their coupling kept getting better and better. Katy’s hips were swaying from side to side in time with their combined strokes and her upper body was rising and falling as she thrust her ass back to meet Jared’s deep thrusts. She was close to coming and he knew it so he started doing two other things he knew she especially likes. He gripped her hip more tightly and reached around her body with his left hand. As he had before, Jared held Katy’s precious swollen clit between his fingers and thumb and started to stroke up and down.

“That’s the way,” she urged him. “Play with my clit.”

He did, and he also stopped thrusting his cock into her ass, staying upright on his knees. On the next stroke, Jared did not plunge his shaft back into her ass and she smiled lasciviously and took over the pace. When he felt Katy impaling herself, he drove his cock forward and their bodies came together with a soft “smack” accompanies by moans of bliss from both their throats. She continued like that, for that is her favorite way to be fucked in the ass.

Over and over, the excited brunette rocked back and forth, taking every inch of Jared’s cock into her ass, so deep she could actually feel his pubic hair tickling the velvety pink ring around the well-stretched opening. Every thrust she made back to meet Jared was matched by his fondling her swollen clit and she could feel her orgasm building rapidly. He was getting closer to coming too but he very much wanted Katy to come first. The onset of that glorious moment was getting closer, he knew, because of the way her whole body was thrashing in front of him and her knees were driving down into the mattress.

“Keep fucking me! Make me come!” As if to emphasize what she wanted, Katy started jamming her ass faster against Jared and her movements became even wilder and more erratic.

He said nothing because he wanted the same thing and was on the verge of his climax. Katy beat him to it, though, and sang out ecstatically as her orgasm started to overwhelm her body. Seconds later, she cried out more joyously and loudly as she climaxed, jamming her ass against the man whose fingers and cock had brought her to that monumental event.

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