Knocking You Up

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It was like this every month, you made me wait for days before you became fertile, teasing me for hours on end until your body was ready to breed. We knew it was risky, but at this point neither of us cared, you could already be pregnant for all we know. But on this day I knew I’d be coming home to you and would be granted my release. I rushed home, my balls aching, my sack hanging heavily between my legs. It bounced off of my legs as I power walk up the driveway, reminding me with every step my task for this evening. For the last few days you had tortured me, forcing me to stand as you edge my swollen cock, some days you would blindfold me, others you would bind my hands. You found that when you allowed me to finally cum I would repay your dominance almost threefold and you relished the feeling of being brutally fucked senseless, to you it was like an investment.

On my way to the door I recall the cruelty I have endured over the last 48 hours, your oily hands that brushed over my aching prick, barely stimulating me as you fill my balls with your prize, storing load after load so that when I am finally given the chance I will flood your womb with my potent seed. This image drives me as I practically break down the door, my prey can no longer hide and judging by the smell in the air you’ve been craving this for hours now. As I rush up the stairs to our bed the aroma grows stronger, the familiar scent of heat and passion filling my nostrils and fogging my mind with a single purpose. As soon as you come into view your deviance is evident, sitting spread eagle at the head of the bed your eyes misted with lust as you toy with yourself, your fertile cunt swollen and pink, dripping with your juices.

I can only imagine the things that have crossed your mind to create such a mess, your slutty hole leaking it’s creamy nectar staining the sheets beneath you as you rub your engorged button in anticipation of being inseminated by me. You stare me down as I walk towards you, I take in the sight, your wide hips perfect for birthing my children, your ample breasts jumping and bouncing between your arms as you flick back and forth. Your frustration mounts as time goes on and you no longer orgasm from this alone, you need to be filled with cum, that and only that can bring you satisfaction now. Your face is flushed, your long blonde hair a mess, strands fall this way and that, the shining mane stretching down your back, begging to be pulled. I stand at the foot of the bed, my business malatya escort wear growing tighter by the second, each breath nearly choking me as my chest rises in the slim fit button down. The snaking bulge in my trousers travels further down my thigh, you watch as I undo my necktie, tossing it aside before undoing each fastening that now traps me within this professional look.

Opening my shirt slowly I reveal my firm chest, my lean body comes to a point in my hips where my belt now imprisons your tool. I throw down the business and begin to let loose the animal, as my belt tinkles undone you squirm, your rising heat spreading as you know you are now seconds away from receiving my cock. I slide down my bottoms, kicking off my shoes and slipping off my socks until I am naked save for a pair of jet black briefs. They bulge around my swelling member, my full sack stretching the limits of their support as the burning in my groin turns me into a primal man once again.

This month would be no different to the last and we both knew that as soon as you are fertilised the only thing that would change is that then every day would be like this. Your eyes fix to my crotch as I peel off the thick dark fabric, my cock hangs between my thighs, dropping free and bouncing with the weight of my thick member. You did your research when you chose me to be your stud, you did a lot of it and by the end of the tests I was by far the best. The most stamina you’d ever seen with a load larger than all the others, my creamy white seed was thick and heavy, every hole it was let loose in was sealed shut as an ocean of sperm sought out every target they could. My body was desirable for breeding, my wide shoulders and broad back gave me natural strength that was meant for fucking and my large equipment was just a bonus, although you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t a factor when you selected me.

Still not completely hard my shaft swings as I step towards the bed, the veiny tool thickening to an impressive girth, it begins to point higher and higher, firming up as it inches closer to your wanting pussy. You bite your lip as I crawl across the bed, kneeling between your legs with my prick hardening fast, your devilish grin goes unnoticed as my lustful stare lingers on your parted lips. I reach down and scoop up a wad of your creamy juice, my rough fingers teasing your entrance as you moan for me to get going. I smear the slick white over my stiff tool, the bulbous head flared and maltepe escort leaking steadily, mixing our fluids in preparation for our carnal love making. I growl softly as I lower the round tip to part your swollen lips, the pink folds of your sex enveloping me as I push my way into your body.

I met little resistance, despite the size of my pulsing knob I slide into your wet cunt effortlessly. As I sink my cock deeper into the walls of your womanhood we groan in unison, the sensation we have both craved for hours finally washes over our bodies. My long shaft pulls apart your insides, each ridge and vein tugging at the nerves that rest deep within you, your head throws back as I fill you, your mind races at the feeling of being pushed to your limits. I grunt as I thrust the last inch into your dripping hole, the familiar touch of your cervix meets the tip of my cock as I plunge myself to the depths of your cunt, your back arches suddenly, your body quakes beneath me as a wave of pleasure pours over you. I hold myself deep within you, waiting for you to come to your senses before I really get going.

As you return to earth I grab your hair, cupping your head in my palm as I stare into your eyes. My hips push against you, my free hand reaching under your back, trapping you in my grasp. I start to pound at you, the hard head of my thick prick slipping past your cervix until it rests in your fornice. Your pussy milks me, each thrust drags my cock through the wet grip of your labia and the head of my cock is caressed by the smooth velvet skin that surrounds it. I am led over you now, my grunts of pleasure whispered into your ear as I pin you down with my body, fucking you with purpose as your squeals of delight echo off the walls of our room. From within you feel my thick rod pulsing and swelling gently, my balls slapping your ass with less and less force with each passing moment. After the torture you have inflicted over the last few days you can hardly be surprised, you know what will surely happen soon but you couldn’t care less. The thought only makes you wetter as your pussy gushes around my veiny member, a frothy mess of white forming around your hole, dripping down between your ass cheeks and coating my heavy orbs.

My mind is a blur, the sensation of your cunt dominates my thoughts as the aching in my groin burns with need. My cock twitches as I grow nearer to my release, I know what I desire and I am confident in my ability. Soon your mamak escort womb will be flooded with my searing hot load and my eagerness to cum drives me to fuck you harder. I sit up a little, my hand wraps around your throat and my other reaches for your bouncing breast, I apply a little pressure as I throw myself at your hips. My raging tool glides in and out of your sloppy hole as I restrict your air supply, my other hand pulls at your nipple, twisting the stiff little nub until you screech in ecstacy. You could have been cumming again for all I knew, in that moment I had one goal and the finish line was in sight.

Then I feel it. The tightening as my whole body tenses, letting me know the time has come. My swollen balls lifting under my rigid shaft as they prepare to let loose the torrent of baby batter that has been building up. My mouth breaks a slight grin as my brain tingles in readiness, my whole being knows that it is about to fulfill its purpose. My flared head spews pre cum, the channel slick and wide, meant for one thing. My rod stiffens, becoming like diamond as it reaches its fullest size, the extra girth makes you roar as it spreads your pussy apart. You look right at me, knowing what is about to happen your eyes shut as you take in the moment.

You feel it soon after, the warmth of my erupting tool as it pours the contents of my sack into your waiting womb. Instantly you have another orgasm, the knowledge that I am currently breeding you proves too much as you quiver and scream with lust. I keep thrusting, my laboured breathing punctuates each shot of my potent seed. The thick wads of cum splash against your cervix, your orgasm making it twitch and open, drinking my semen with eagerness as I inseminate your fertile cunt. My cock tenses with each stream of my load as it shoots from deep within my balls, I growl with delight as my sticky sea of sperm finds its way into your ovaries. I rest for a second as the final pumps of my prick deposit the last of my load.

Regaining my composure I pull myself from inside you, my semi hard member dragging it’s way out of the clutches of your sex. As it drops from your spent hole it leaves you open and gaping slightly, the pink flesh surrounding the entrance glistens, still coated with your juices. The opening is brimming with my cum, the thick seed clings to every square inch of your insides. The copious nectar is so viscous that it barely drips out of you and you can feel the hot sea of spunk that now occupies your womb as my sperm travel deep into your body. I lay next to you, catching my breath as we relax and enjoy the afterglow of our session. We will need the energy, when you’re this fertile I’ll be filling you up at least twice a day and I can’t wait for you to be pregnant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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