Ladies Network Ch. 02

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Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.

It was Friday, the day Penny was to go into city centre Sydney to get her dress altered so it would fit perfectly for the gala “Ladies Network” party scheduled for Saturday evening at the elegant, five-star Galileo Observatory Hotel and Restaurant located on Kent Street. The Galileo is recognized for its fine, traditional French cuisine with the delights of tantalizing Japanese influence.

It is richly appointed with antiques, fine tapestries, and polished walnut furniture that is crowned in the centre of the room by a magnificent antique crystal, six-arm chandelier that is suspended above a mahogany pedestal table while the colonial-style sash windows, framed by exquisite Fortuny silk curtains, afford charming views of the historic streetscape of Miller’s Point.

Nothing but the very best would do for the “Ladies Network” whose members included some of the wealthiest and most prestigious ladies of Sydney who found social and sexual pleasure with one another. For their annual gala event the Organizing Committee had rented the entire restaurant for the evening so whatever was said or done was said or done in their collective privacy.

Early Friday morning before the rising of the sun while twilight shades of the coming dawn cast phantom silhouettes throughout Penny’s bedroom, she had lain beneath the silk sheets with two, fluffy, goose down pillows propping her head comfortably while images of what had happened in Miss Jones’ office with the Headmistress Rhoda and her private secretary and assistant Kiko played in her mind as if she were watching a lesbian porno video.

The images of their sexual tryst the morning when Penny had been seduced by Headmistress Rhoda as a way of settling her daughters Penelope’s and Pamela’s tuition that brought her into the fold of the “Ladies Network” were as vivid and sexually arousing as the day it happened. These erotic images caused Penny to toss beneath the top sheet with renewed sexual hunger. So sensually aroused was she, Penny slid her hands beneath the sheet until she brought them onto her breasts where she massaged her taut, hard nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, creating exquisite pleasure to course throughout her naked body.

Penny had closed her eyes in order to give full attention to the rising sexual sensations she was feeling, and as she did so, Penny left her breasts and lightly slid her hands down her sides, over her puffy abdomen with its puckered bellybutton, and down between her legs where she let her fingers explore through her heavy, black, pubic hair until she slid her fingers over her already aroused clit that was blood-engorged, hard, and sensitive to her touch. Penny let the first two fingers of her right hand continue to play with her vibrating clit while sliding her first two fingers of her left hand between her legs where she slowly spread her labia that by now were quite wet. Penny felt the wetness surrounding her vaginal opening tucked beneath her vulva, and when her fingers reached her vagina, Penny slowly circled it, getting them all wet with her lubricant, before she gently inserted them and thrust them as deeply into her vaginal canal as she could.

“Oooooooo, god,” Penny sighed in hushed tones. “How wonderful this feels. I love how wet my pussy gets when I become so sexually aroused.”

As Penny wallowed in the throes of her sensual finger-play inside her wet and expanding vagina, her sexual arousal heightened as the vivid images of Rhoda’s and Kiko’s making love with her illuminated her inner being, causing her to thrust her hips up from the mattress to press her pussy and fingers together as tightly as she could.

Deep moans of pure sexual pleasure escaped between Penny’s half-parted lips that she had been licking with her tongue as she finger-fucked herself, bringing her closer and closer to having the orgasm she was working towards with un-erring pleasure. Penny was no stranger to self-love, especially since her husband Zorba had died years ago at the early age of forty-eight, leaving her a widow and mother of two daughters when she was but twenty-eight.

Penny humped her fingers with her pussy, legs spread wide, ass firmly pressed to the mattress, and her feet likewise since she had bent her knees to afford herself the greatest amount of leverage for her fucking rhythm as she possibly could.

“Yessssssssssssss, I can feel it coming,” Penny hissed aloud, its softness echoing throughout her bedroom.

Penny felt her inner thighs begin to tremble with sexual energy that needed released from her pent-up desires to cum.

“Oh, my yes,” sighed Penny as she felt her face flush with a pre-orgasmic rush of desire and her stomach gently churn with carnal anticipation. “I’m cumming. Cumming.”

As Penny’s first clitoral vibrations centered on the vortex of her genitals, she thrust her hips hard against her fingers to make the contact Ankara bayan escort even more intense as she lost control of her bodily fluids and her warm, clear ejaculate shot out of her vagina, shooting spray all over her hand and onto the sheets. With her second convulsive ejaculation, Penny’s urethra opened, and a hard, steady stream of more clear liquid shot forth to accompany her vaginal geyser.

Penny clamped her thighs together onto her hand as she marveled at the intensity of her orgasm, but then, Penny was the kind of woman whose orgasms tried to curl her toes and tightened her abdominal muscles as her vaginal sheath squeezed tightly around her embedded fingers. Even so, Penny pushed the pads of her fingers hard against the soft, spongy area where her G-Spot was to intensify the orgasmic sensations coursing throughout her body that was by then shuddering with her sexual energy having been released in a deluge of her ejaculate.

Penny wallowed in the throes of her sexual hunger and its ultimate release with her orgasm. It seemed as if she were on a never-ending climactic roller coaster ride as her body trembled in time with the steady rhythm of her orgasmic crescendo, gasping as she was for air as she worked to bring her physical and emotional self under control.

However, it took a few minutes that seemed to go on forever before Penny felt as if she were back in control of her thoughts and bodily functions. Once she had reached the summit just before her orgasm erupted deep from within, Penny’s body had no choice but to give in to the unleashed sexual energy that took her body on a free-falling roller coaster ride that only slowed down as her body gradually came to rest, her ass on the mattress, her left hand grabbing onto her left breast with its hard, protruding nipple that stuck out between her spread fingers and her right hand pressed against her pussy that by now was thoroughly drenched with her love juices.

With her heart rate returning to normal and her breathing more or less under control, Penny gently spread her legs and slid her wet fingers out of her vagina, bringing them up to her mouth so she could suck on them and clean them of her delicious pussy cream and wet ejaculate. They had an aromatic sweet taste to them, and Penny reveled in the aftermath of her orgasm that left her feeling weak and sexually satiated.

Penny dreamily sighed her pleasure with the sound softly vibrating around her fingers that she still was sucking on after her orgasm had come to its inevitable climax.

“Oh, my, my. That was wonderful,” Penny thought with a gentle smile on her face. “I didn’t know I was that horny when I awakened this morning. Alot had to do with all those images I recalled from my seduction by Rhoda and Kiko. I don’t recall ever being that sexually turned on and satisfied in my whole life even with Zorba, but then most men, if not all, are so much in a hurry to get their rocks off, rolling over and wanting to go to sleep while leaving the woman frustrated and sexually unfulfilled. It just must be in their nature.

Women on the other hand are more deliberately intense on sharing pleasure and helping one another enjoy the foreplay and the sex until both have achieved full orgasm(s), and then there is the snuggling afterwards, something most men shy away from once their hard cocks become flaccid. Their passion just seems to die along with their erections. Nature surely played a bad trick on human sexuality by making the wants and needs of males and females so different and all too often so far apart and withdrawn for complete, mutual satisfaction.

As Penny pondered these thoughts, her body had cooled down and her sweat had dried in the early morning breeze wafting through her slightly open window off the balcony. She opened her eyes and looked at the clock on the nightstand beside her bed.

“Oh, my, it’s almost eight o’clock. I’d better get up, shower and dress, and get some breakfast since my dress altering appointment is at 10:00 a.m., and it will take me about a half hour to get there. And I hate being late for anything,” Penny moaned as her thoughts wandered through her post-orgasmic brain.

After brushing her teeth and taking a final look in the mirror to make sure her make-up and clothes were on just right, Penny went down to the garage, pressed the button to open the garage door, got into her Jaguar, and headed for city centre Sydney and Zambesi at 8 Cross Street DOUBLE BAY, the quintessential store for those who seek true individuality and a current take on personalized styling. It was here Penny was to have her evening dress fitted and altered for the “Ladies Network” gala event at Galileo.

When Penny pulled up in front of the dress boutique, a parking valet came forward to open her door and help her out so she could enter the store immediately while he parked her auto. He handed her a white token with the Number 8 on it that she put into her small handbag.

“Ah, lucky 8,” thought Escort bayan Ankara Penny when she saw the number on her token. “In Asian belief number 8 is the luckiest number because its shape resembles that of the sign for ‘infinity’ and suggests the yin and the yang, the female and the male, joined together to make a whole. Hope this means I’ll have a good day.”

Upon entering the boutique Penny was immediately greeted by an attractive, young woman who was not only drop-dead gorgeous but who had a body that would stop traffic and turn people’s heads, both women and men. She stood about five feet six inches; had luxurious golden hair whose sheen caught the diffused light shining down from the recessed lighting; and big, sparkling blue eyes with the darkest pupils and equally dark, curled eyelashes that immediately bore into Penny and held her undivided attention. She had a classic heart-shaped face with a straight nose whose nostril flared ever so slightly and puffy, luscious lips accentuated with pink lip Gloss. Her face seemed flawless.

However, as beautiful as she was, Penny’s eyes could not help lowering to her bust line where her full, firm, round breasts pushed out against her pale blue blouse that almost matched the colour of her eyes. Her blouse was so tight the outline of her nipples shown through the almost shear material. It fit tightly as if tailored to fit her form which it most likely was since this was a specialty dress boutique that catered to personalized styling. It was tucked into her dark, Navy blue skirt that came to mid-thigh, showing off her long, black nylon covered, well-shaped legs that ended at her dainty feet inside a pair of Navy blue Patten Leather heels. The muscular shape of her legs showed that she worked out to keep herself in such good form.

While Penny was captivated by the look of the young sales girl, she, too, had been studying Penny’s body with her penetrating eyes, noticing her large, full breasts and equally full, rounded hips that gave Penny that full-figure, hourglass look, what is often called the Rubenesque look after the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens who stylized the female body as voluptuous.

Breaking the stare between the sales girl and Penny, the sales girl softly cleared her throat and said, “Good morning. It’s almost ten o’clock, so you must be Mrs. Kasantzakis. You’re right on time.”

Having been brought back to reality, Penny looked up into the eyes of the sales girl and said warmly, “Oh, please, do call me Penny. I’m a widow and don’t use my married name much anymore. Besides, so many have a problem pronouncing my late husband’s last name; although, you pronounced it quite correctly.”

The sales girl smiled pleasingly at Penny and said, “All right then, Penny it is. I’m Amanda. Please follow me. I’ll take you to the back and introduce you to the owner who always takes a special interest in women who are members of the ‘Ladies Network’ which I see you are from the ankle bracelet with the rainbow.”

Penny didn’t miss the knowing smile on Amanda’s face as she turned to lead the way, and Penny didn’t miss the sexy walk of Amanda as her ass cheeks rose up and down beneath her tight skirt. Looking from her well-formed ass, down her shapely legs, to her feet, Penny also didn’t fail to notice that Amanda, too, had the same kind of ankle bracelet on her right ankle. This made Penny smile since she now knew something very personal about this gorgeous woman whom she had just met minutes ago. She was a sister of the Network.

By the time all this registered in Penny’s head, Amanda slowed her walk and was coming to a halt when she heard her say, “Ms. Atkinson, this is our ten o’clock appointment, Penny.”

Ms. Atkinson looked up from behind her chrome desk with its beveled glass top to meet Penny and to give her an instant appraisal, something she had learned to do over the course of her years of experience working with women and women’s clothing.

She smiled warmly at Penny as she stood up to greet her, her right hand extended.

“Well, I must say, Penny, you are punctual. In fact, you’re a few minutes early. I like that in a woman,” said Ms. Atkinson. “Since Amanda already introduced you by your first name, assuming that is your preference since none of our staff would presume to use a client’s first name without first being asked to do so, you may call me by my first name, Emily. It’s a family name handed down from generation to generation to the first girl baby. I’m happy to make your acquaintance.”

Penny blushed from the immediate candor of Emily, but she was pleased nevertheless to have broken the ice so casually, especially since she would be the one fitting her with a new evening dress and, in so doing, seeing her down to her under garments that consisted of a black bra; black panties; and black, thigh high nylons. Seldom did Penny wear a slip. She liked as much freedom beneath her skirt or dress as modesty permitted.

“Well, Penny, tell me, do Bayan escort Ankara you have something in mind as far as style and colour are concerned?” asked Emily.

“No, not really. Just having been invited a few days ago, I have no idea what most of the women will be wearing,” Penny replied honestly.

“Well, Luv, it all boils down to personal taste, and, in case you don’t know, we here at Zambesi pride ourselves on personalized styling. So, it’s a matter of what you like and prefer,” said Emily in her professional voice.

“Maybe you can show me some styles you think will be appropriate for such an occasion, and I can select one from them,” Penny suggested.

Emily smiled knowingly and said, “I’ll be more than happy to do so, Penny. Come to the racks with me and let me show you what we have. Of course, we can make changes to suit your individual taste and figure. That’s the reason you are here for a selection and fitting.”

Emily led Penny further back in the store, and Amanda followed behind, now she taking note of the fullness of Penny’s round, firm ass moving beneath her skirt. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation.

Emily and Amanda took their time showing Penny different styles of evening dresses until Penny spoke up, “Wait, I think I like that strapless one that will fit snugly around my waist with the skirt outlining the contours of my hips and thighs.”

Emily and Amanda smiled at one another with Penny’s choice, visualizing her wearing it and how it was going to accentuate Penny’s voluptuous frame.

“Do you have a specific colour in mind, Penny?” asked Emily.

“Well, I do like red. It goes well with my olive skin and dark, black hair,” said Penny.

“Right you are,” agreed Emily, looking at Amanda for her reaction.

“Yes, by all means, red suits you quite well, Penny. You’ll look absolutely stunning,” added Amanda.

“Well, that being settled, let’s see, you wear a size 16, Penny?” Emily asked as if she already knew the answer.

Penny smiled somewhat surprised.

“How did you know, Emily?” Penny asked.

“When you’ve been in the business as long as I have, Luv, it becomes a sixth sense when it comes to figuring out what size dress a woman wears, or your can call it professional luck,” Emily chuckled softly.

“Oh, I was just surprised,” said Penny.

Emily returned Penny’s smile and said as she took the red evening gown into her hand, “That being settled, we need to go back to one of the dressing rooms to begin the fitting and to see what alterations need to be made, if any, so the dress fits you perfectly and shows off your gorgeous body to its fullest perfection. Oh, yes, do you mind if Amanda comes with us? She usually helps me with the fittings. Sometimes it takes two pairs of hands and four eyes to make sure everything looks all right and falls into place.”

Penny looked at Emily and then at Amanda who was smiling at her.

“Well, no, I don’t mind if Amanda comes with us to the dressing room for the fitting,” Penny said. “I’m here to do your bidding.”

Emily and Amanda looked knowingly at one another upon Penny’s last statement, “I’m here to do your bidding.”

Little did Penny know at the time what she had just said played right into Emily’s and Amanda’s plans for her before the day was over.

With the very thought of Amanda being in the same room with her and Emily, especially in such small quarters as a dressing room, Penny’s heart skipped a beat, and she took in a couple of deep breaths to control her breathing.

Quite pleased with the way things were going thus far, Emily said as she turned to lead the way back to the dressing rooms with Amanda following behind Penny, “That’s fine, Penny. Come with me then.”

When they passed through the doorway that separated the main store from the dressing rooms, Penny was surprised to find it so spacious.

“My, the dressing room is much bigger than I imagined it would be,” Penny said to Emily.

“Well, Luv, we want our clients to be comfortable and feel at ease, not claustrophobic. Besides, the rooms need to be big in order to accommodate the three of us,” said Emily as she led Penny to the dressing room at the far end even though the other dressing rooms were empty at the time, but Penny gave it no thought. She just followed Emily.

Emily stopped, opened the door, and held it open for Penny to enter with herself following behind her and Amanda walking behind Emily. She then closed the door behind them all and locked it from the inside.

Penny looked around the dressing room with more than amazement. For a dressing room it was not only big. It was huge, having a cushioned sofa against the back wall and a chair angled to its left. Mirrors were on every wall as well as on the ceiling, making the room look even bigger than it was. With all the mirrors Penny looked around and could see her reflection from every angle, side to side and even top to bottom since there were angled mirrors at floor level that allowed one to see an almost up-skirt view.

“My, this is amazing, Emily,” said Penny.

“We like it, Penny. The room serves us well for all we need and want to do,” Emily answered somewhat slyly. “Doesn’t it Amanda?”

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