Lazing Naked on a Sunny Day

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*Note: This is my first Literotica story and it is also my submission it for the Nude Day Story Contest 2009. I would love any and all feedback. Votes are always appreciated. Thanks!


Oh thank God, I thought as I ran back up the stairs to my room, tugging my t-shirt off as I made the assent. According to her note, my housemate was going to be gone all day. She also said that a friend of hers was stopping by to do something, but not until later. Perfect. I had the next twelve or so hours to myself to do whatever I wanted. And I knew what I wanted to do.

Gripping my shirt in one hand I undid the button of my pants with the other. There was no way that I was going to spend this hot and humid DC summer day clothed. Absolutely not. With my roommate out all day, I could indulge my nudist tendencies all over the house and that was exactly what I planned on doing.

I reached my bedroom, threw my shirt on the floor and tugged my pants off. Next came my bra and panties in a heap somewhere near the laundry basket. I jumped and lay down on my bed, enjoying the freedom of my naked body on top of my soft comforter. This was delicious. I love the feeling of warm air on my skin; not having to cover myself and not having to worry about others being surprised if they found me. Naked and warm? I was in my element and I knew that this was going to be a perfect day.

I put on some music and got comfortable on top of my bed. I thought about what I should do: read my latest book, which was really quite good, or quell my guilt for waking too late to exercise. My box of vibrators under the bed did call to me as a means of speeding up my heartbeat and qualifying as my cardio, but I thought that I should at least attempt to make something of the day. So I started reading.

Attempted, really. The music, one of my favorite bands, was serenading me about putting hands down panties and I just could not focus on the words on the page. All I could think of was how much I missed the feel of fingers sliding down my stomach, sometimes tantalizingly slowly and sometimes necessarily fast, to cup my mound and, finally, touch my clit, sending electric impulses simultaneously down my pussy and up my spine. Shit, I was wet. There goes the reading.

I admit, it had been quite a long time and I just did not know who was going to break this dry spell. No men at work caught my eye and I did not want to pick someone up at a bar. I couldn’t bring myself to start internet dating after some of the stories I had heard from my girlfriends. What I really wanted was to meet a friend of a friend. You know, one of those easy starts where you meet someone at a party, they’re hot, you start flirting and the next minute you’re up against a wall.

Well that was not going to happen on my naked summer day. I might as well take care of myself while I was already so wet. I reached under my bed and pulled out the box. It had vibrators, textured cock rings, and lube that I used for my different moods. Sometimes I never knew what I would eventually like to use.

Today I started with my hand, slowly tracing the line down my stomach, above my mound and to my clit. I made lazy circles, getting my fingers wet in my pussy and working on my hood, while I surveyed my toy options.

I looked at the thick, purple vibrator, thinking of how much I liked to use it by turning it on and just lightly touching my clit, waiting until I was wet enough to cover it in my juices and then shove it in my pussy.

Or I could use my smaller, textured vibrator. This one pulsed faster and I loved to tease my clit with it. I loved feeling the ridges just under my hood, rubbing the entire vibrator against all the sensitive spots on my clit until I came.

I could rub myself with one of the cock rings, which were so soft. The pink one was my most basic: all the little nubs were the same size. The purple one, though, had plenty of variety and was meant for both my clit and my ass. I loved holding them and then humping my own hand until I was so wet that I came.

I had to admit, sometimes when I used just the little vibe or the cock rings, I missed having a girth inside me. And when I used the big vibe, I missed the texture on my clit. I often solved this predicament by cheating and using multiple toys. I loved fucking my pussy with the purple vibe, while teasing my clit with the textured one. I would cum on my knees with my face and chest on the mattress, moving my body up and down on the purple vibe while holding the textured one against my humping clit.

Even though I love how my cunt clenches and soaks the toys at the same time when I fuck myself like this, I know that I’d rather have a living person under me. What I needed was a living, throbbing cock willing to piston in and out of me while its owner used his hands on my clit, tits, ass and hips. Maybe the owner would even be a good conversationalist.

Well since that wasn’t going to happen this morning, I might as well start with my hands and canlı bahis let them wander with my thoughts. My pussy was already soaked since I had been working on my clit in small, light circles. It was ready for the purple vibe, but I thought that I would stick with my hands. I wanted to remember what the human touch felt like on my body, so I dipped a finger into my pussy.

I love the warm, wet, inviting feeling of my cunt when it knows that we are just getting started. It felt so good that I needed to put a second finger inside. As my right hand filled me up I let my left hand roam to my clit and, after dipping inside my pussy for lube, start rubbing in tantalizingly slow circles.

My thoughts drifted to an ex who, while currently a complete ass-hole, had the tongue and hands of a god. His tongue always felt simultaneously rough and soft on my clit. He loved tasting me and could eat me for hours.

I loved it most when he made a point with his tongue and licked me, sometimes slowly from the base of my slit to the top of my clit or sometimes quickly side to side on my hood. Jesus, he could always make me come, screaming his name.

The best, though, was when he put two fingers inside me while he licked me. That’s what I was thinking of now. My two fingers, like his, pumping deep into my cunt while my other fingers rubbed my clit like his tongue used to swipe across it. It felt so fucking good and I could feel my pussy muscles clenching against my hand, sucking it in and fucking it. But it wasn’t enough. I needed something else, maybe something bigger, to push me over the edge.

Slightly frustrated I took my hand from my pussy. I was reaching for one of the vibrators when I just had to taste myself. Bringing my hand up to my mouth, I licked my fingers and sucked off my juices. With my wet hand I touched my nipple. I teased it with the same small circles I used on my clit until it was hard. Squeezing gently, I felt a moan rise out of me.

I whimpered when my hand left my nipple, knowing that it still wanted attention, but that my pussy needed more. I reached for the purple vibe, convinced that having it inside my cunt would make me come. I brought it to my lips and licked just the tip. I could taste myself on it and moaned loudly before putting the whole thing in my mouth. I felt it touch the back of my throat and I turned it on.

I quickly moved the vibe down to my slit and rubbed as much of my juices on the shaft as I could. I wanted it to be nice and wet before I put it inside me because I knew that I was just going to go wild. I put the tip at the entrance of my pussy with one hand and held myself open with the other. I licked my lips and pushed.

I heard my guttural moan as I pushed the head in. I held it there for a few moments while I adjusted to its size and as my other hand returned to my now more sensitive clit. I jumped and whimpered as I touched the tender flesh and prepared myself for more. A desperate noise rose again from my throat as I pushed the vibe all the way into my already aching cunt.

Slowly, I began a rhythm where I pushed the vibe inside my pussy while rubbing my clit under the hood. Then I pulled the vibe out and soothed the hood down. I teased myself, playing a game to see how much I could take, knowing that I would become louder and louder the whole time.

My pussy tightened around the vibrator and my clit throbbed. I could feel the friction of my hand on my clit, the size of the vibe in my cunt, the bed beneath my arched back, and the sweat on my skin. Everything felt good and I was so close, but also on the line. Then, even though I didn’t stop, I realized that the arching back, the moaning, the vibrations and the circles were just not enough. My hands were not enough.

Fuck. I wanted badly to come, but I was building up and getting frustrated all at the same time. I was beyond the point of no return and I had no idea what was going to send me over the edge. Then I heard it, choked and husky.

“Oh shit.”

I opened my eyes and saw Cory, Eliza’s friend, standing in the doorway of my room. I hadn’t closed the door because I wasn’t expecting anyone. Shit! He had clearly seen what I was doing. It would have been hard for him not to, I was sprawled on my back with a vibrator in my cunt. I looked at him looking at me and I could not read the expression on his face. We were both frozen in our places and I felt the panic rising.

“What the fuck, Cory?! What are you doing here?”

“Um…getting Eliza’s computer. She gave me the spare keys so I could come by and fix it while she was gone.”

Great explanation, but it didn’t compel him to move. He just stood in his place, staring at me. Once I realized what I must have looked like, I began looking for something with which to cover myself. I had no such luck as I was on top of the comforter and there were no easily accessible sheets or pillows. I did the only thing I could think of: I closed my legs, turned off the vibrator, and began turning bahis siteleri away from him.

“Shit, Cory, why are you still-“


What was he saying? My back was turned to him and I glanced at him over my shoulder.


He cleared his throat.

“Don’t stop…what you were doing…just because…of me.”

Was he kidding? I started inching towards the edge of the bed with as much dignity as I could muster.

“Please don’t stop touching yourself…that was so hot…I want to watch you.”

One glance over my shoulder and I could see the desire in his eyes. I didn’t know what to think, but I felt something.

“You want to watch me?”

If he answered, I could not hear him. I saw him nod. Jesus. I felt naked and shocked, and incredibly turned on. I still wanted to come so badly, but I wasn’t sure what I should do. He suddenly stepped closer to the bed.


I could hear the pleading in his voice; its aural intensity matching the throb of my pussy.

“Um, ok…”

Dazed, I began to turn back toward him so I could lie on my back. I saw him looking at the vibrator that was still inside me. I looked away and almost blushed…almost.

“Touch yourself for me Sarah. Please make yourself come.”

I could hear the strain in his voice. I nodded and turned the vibrator back on. We both gasped as I started the vibrator and moved my hand to my clit. I was still on the edge, but I would need to build some of it back up. He moved still closer to the bed, but, sensing my hesitancy, did not sit. I began again, slowly, with the vibrator and my hand. Now, though, my eyes were open and staring at him, not closed.

I could see him looking at me: first, intensely at my pussy. But then his eyes began to wander. He looked at my legs as they trembled and my tits as they shook. He looked at my hips and stomach, and finally at my face. Under his extreme scrutiny, understanding that he wanted to watch me cum, I got very wet.

I allowed myself to go faster than I had before, since everything was different now. I felt the furious movement of my hand on my clit and the vibrator pistoning in and out of me as I wondered what, exactly, I was doing. Part of me was confused: he was gorgeous, but this was so unlike me. Part of me understood completely: he was gorgeous and I had not come with another person in a long, long time. Regardless of what I was thinking, I simply continued touching myself.

He watched me as I finally gained a quick rhythm. He said nothing and did nothing, only watched and listened as I began arching my back and moaning. Despite all of my hard and fast efforts, though, nothing more was happening. I just stayed on that edge; all worked up and no closer to cumming.

He must have sensed my frustrations as I felt him sit on the edge of the bed. I was so far gone, working so fast and hard, that I could not have moved away from him if I’d wanted to. He looked at me.

“Cum, baby.” he whispered. “I want you to cum.”

I just looked at him. I was already trying so hard and nothing was happening.

“You are so hot. I want to see you cum.”

I felt so frustrated. My pussy throbbed. My clit tingled. And still I couldn’t cum. I couldn’t do it on my own and here was another whole person asking me to do it for him. This was enough. Even though I was working on myself furiously, I stopped completely, removed the vibrator, and let out a huge sigh.

“It’s not going to happen right now.” I began to sit up.

“Sarah, wait.” He put his big hand on my leg. “You can cum, don’t let my being here stop you.”

I looked at him incredulously. Did he honestly think I wasn’t cumming because he was here? I was already naked and very turned on. Did he really think that my lack of orgasm was because of him?

“It has nothing to do with you, Cory. It’s just…that…”

“It’s been a while for me, too.”

I looked at him. I could tell that he wanted. He was yearning for something. Judging by the look in his eyes, it had something to do with me.

“Sarah…let me help you.”

What? I looked back at him and said nothing. He still had his hand on my leg. He really could tell that it had been a while. I knew by looking at him.

“Lean back. Touch yourself, just with your fingers.”

I looked at him, sensing his own desire, and decided to go for it. Why not? I took a deep breath and lay back down. I brought my hand first to my tits and then trailed it down my stomach. I hesitated and looked at Cory before tentatively touching my clit. I licked my lips, trailed my fingers through my slit and brought the wetness back to my clit.

“Good girl.” he whispered.

I felt his hand heavy on my leg, kneading the muscles there as I kneaded myself.

“I know you can do it. Just touch yourself. Touch yourself and cum.”

I swirled my fingers on my clit, feeling the intense sensation of another person’s warmth near me. Our hands felt electric bahis şirketleri on my body and yet it was his stare that inflamed my pussy. I almost couldn’t take him looking at me. It was so erotic; forbidden and enjoyable at the same time. I had to plunge two fingers into my gaping cunt. We both moaned.

“Fuck, that’s hot…Don’t stop.”

I could hardly catch my breath as I pushed a third finger into my pussy, all the while feeling the electric jolt of my other fingers on my clit.


I could feel my g-spot, my clenching pussy and my clit, all on fire, wet and ready for release. I just needed a little something more. But could I do it? Opening my eyes, I saw Cory above me.



“Touch me…my tits…please.”

He barely stifled a moan as he lay down next to me. He pulled my thigh over his legs and continued his tantalizing touch on my inner thigh while reaching over and touching my nipple. I whimpered as he teased the normally smooth flesh into a tight bud. I knew that I had to taste his hand.

“Put your fingers in my mouth.”

He obeyed, gasping as I took them entirely into my mouth; gently sucking and carefully licking them until they were wet enough.

“Don’t stop, keep touching me.”

He grabbed my nipple with his wet hand and squeezed hard. I knew it was only a matter of time. My cunt demanded more and I opened my legs even wider to accept my fourth digit. I swirled my juices all over my clit as he roughly grasped both my tit and my thigh. I could feel us moving the bed below me and hear all of our noises. As I arched my back, he pulled my body towards his. He hands were as rough on my flesh as mine were, but it wasn’t until I felt his gentle tongue on my neck that I exploded.

“Holy fuck!”

I came loudly, jerking my body within his grasp. I could feel my cunt clenching around my deeply embedded fingers and the juices leaking out of me. He continued to squeeze me close to his warm body; rough with his hands, but gentle with his tongue. He became more gentle as I came down from the high; my body moving more and more slowly until I finally let out one last gasp and collapsed against him. I felt completely drained.

When I finally garnered up the energy, I took my hands away from my pussy and turned my head towards him, looking him in the eye.


“Fuck, Sarah, that was amazing.”

As my breathing came back to normal, I realized that I didn’t know what to say. He looked at me so intensely, as if he almost wanted to say something. But nothing came out. I relaxed against him, not entirely sure what to make of this amazing experience. It has felt so good. Here was a friend that I had looked at, but never considered touching. And he just made me cum. Hard.

I looked at him again.


He kissed my temple, then pulled away and looked at me. I could see him thinking, wanting. He looked in my eyes and towards my lips. He came closer and then I was kissing him: my pussy-scented hand on his neck, pulling him toward me. He grabbed for my body, our mouths opening, our tongues licking each other. I pulled his tongue into my mouth and sucked. He moaned and nibbled on my bottom lip. I whimpered. He pulled away. Confused I began to question him.

“Sarah…don’t move. I will be right back, I promise.

With that he stood up, surveyed my sweat-covered body, leaned down, kissed me, and left the room. I could hear him running down the stairs and opening the front door. I heard it slam shut. I closed my eyes and wondered what I had just gotten myself into.


When he first left, I found myself giggling, covering my face with my hands and wondering what had just happened. I had cum with a gorgeous man who literally just walked into my room, lay down on the bed and agreed to pleasure me. This didn’t happen to real people. And if it did, it never included their friend’s gorgeous friends. That was the most incredible part. Cory really was incredibly attractive. He had known Eliza from some volunteer program that they’d done together in college and I had known him by association for years. Of course I had noticed him: he was too hot to overlook. But I never thought he would look back at me.

I continued to lie on my big bed as my afterglow began to wane. I looked around the room and realized that I was alone. I listened for someone in the house, but there was no one there. Perhaps Cory hadn’t really noticed me after all. Perhaps he has simply walked in on the situation and just could not stop himself from touching a sexually frustrated, naked woman. Perhaps he left in such a hurry to go home and take care of himself or, worse, to pick up someone else, take her home, and fuck her until his own release.

I was inundated with all of these horrible thoughts when I heard the front door slam open, then shut, and someone running up the stairs. In the next moment Cory was standing in the doorway without a shirt on, holding a bottle of lube in one hand and a large box of condoms in the other. It really was a spectacular sight. I laughed.


“What are you doing?”

“I figured we’d need condoms and lube, so I went out and bought some.”

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