“Like Mother . . . ” Ch. 02

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After a long afternoon of power shopping, Randi, Andrea and their daughters sat outside Smith& Wollensky’s enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and some liquid refreshment.

“What are you girls up for this evening?” Randi asked as she sipped her Chardonnay.

“Um . . . I thought we could see a movie.” Katie responded, her eyes catching her friend’s to make sure she was in on their plan.

“A movie? . . . Well, I guess that would be okay . . . but I thought we could all go out for dinner.” Andrea interjected.

Andrea Laine was one of Randi’s closest friends. In her mid-forties, she had a slender, sexy build and her plastic surgeon had done such impressive job on her tits that Randi had insisted on using him herself.

She wore her long, brown hair below her neck, then cut at a downward angle well past her shoulders. Her beautiful green eyes shined brightly above her high cheekbones and pouty lips.

Catching her friend’s knowing glance, Abby Laine chimed in. “You guys go ahead . . . We were hoping to catch The Soloist. It might be over kind of late . . . but I was thinking that we might go to the Melting Pot afterwards for some dessert.”

Abby and Katie were the mirror images of their sexy mothers. Well past their 18th birthday, both were stunningly beautiful with Abby’s young, full breasts the equal of her mother’s expensive enhancements. Katie, on the other hand, could not compete with her mother in that department, since her surgery, but her breasts were pert and pretty.

Randi tried to act disappointed that the younger girls wanted to make separate plans, put quickly voiced her approval, recognizing the opening that it gave her and Andrea.

“Well okay . . . But I want you girls to call me the minute the movie is over so we know what your plans are . . . Deal?”


Andrea and Randi shared a spacious suite just down the hall from and identical suite which the girls occupied. Randi was using a thin applicator brush to apply a thick layer of shiny gloss to her luscious lips as Andrea transferred the contents of her purse to a tiny shoulder bag.

Randi looked wonderfully slutty in a tight black halter mini-dress that exposed an obscene amount of her ample cleavage, the hem ending just below her tight butt cheeks. Her slender legs were set off by a pair of strappy sandals with a 5 inch heel.

“That’s odd.” Andrea was saying as she dug through her purse. “I can’t seem to find my cigarettes. I hope I didn’t leave them somewhere at home where Scott might find them.”

Andrea looked elegant in a white long-sleeved french cuff shirt that she was wearing with a dark blue pair of tight, straight leg jeans and a pair of platform slides with a 4 inch heel. She was wearing a light brown eye-shadow with just a hint of glitter, her lips glistening in a lovely pinkish shade of wet looking gloss.

“That’s okay . . . I’ve got mine . . . We’d better get going.” Randi told her as she dropped the tube of gloss into her purse, using just the tip of her french-manicured fingernail to push a long strand of her platinum side band away from her face. “Unfortunately, we don’t have much time.”

The two sexy cougars had decided that they were going to pick one lucky boy back to the suite to share. They wanted to make sure that he was all used up and out the door before their daughters got back. It was going on 7:30 and they figured they had until just after midnight to get their fill.

Andrea slung her purse over her shoulder, smiling in anticipation of the hunt, and followed her friend to the door.


Abby and Katie waited anxiously outside the hotel as they waited for their mothers to leave. Katie had on a tight mesh top while Abby wore a white camisole top, each wearing a tight pair of jeans that showed off their hard, young bodies. They held their breath when they spotted their mothers leaving, exhaling as they moved out of sight.

Jesus, Katie!” Abby grinned. ” I know your mom’s a beautiful woman and all . . . but sometimes she dresses like a hooker!”

Katie laughed in response, pulling her cell phone out of her jeans. “I know what your saying . . . But let’s be real. You don’t think she got those new boobs and didn’t want to be noticed, do you? Your mom’s the same way. There’s no telling what they’ve got planned . . . Everyone has their secrets.” she added.

Abby nodded as she pulled a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s out of her purse.”You’re right about that. I found these in my mom’s purse . . . I didn’t even know that she smoked.”

Abby flipped the top of the hard pack, offering one to her friend. Katie pulled one of the long, white cigarettes out and flipped it between her fingers as Abby removed one for herself.

“Hey.” Katie said suddenly into her phone. “They’re gone . . . Okay . . . We’ll meet at our room . . . 352 . . . Right.”

Katie pushed the cell back into he jeans and brought the cigarette to her lips, leaning forward slightly bringing its tip to the lighter Abby had sparked. She Escort Esenyurt drew deeply and released a thin stream, watching as Abby lit hers.

“I know what you mean. I found my mom’s birth control pills zipped away in a side pocket of her purse.”

“So . . . What’s odd about that?” Abby asked, tapping an ash before taking a drag.

“What’s odd is that my dad had a vasectomy ten years ago. You think she’s just being extra careful?” Katie saw the doubt on her friend’s face.

“C’mon Abby. You’ve seen the way guys look at our moms. They enjoy being looked at that way.” she said emphatically. “You don’t think there’s at least a chance that they might hook-up tonight?”

“I don’t know . . . ” Abby responded, not entirely buying into her friends suspicion.

“Abby . . . You know it goes on all the time in Middleton. What makes our families any different? My mom goes out alot by herself . . . I bet your mom does too. And you know she travels all the time . . . I don’t know . . . It would not be a shock to find out that she is cheating on my dad.”

Katie took a last, long drag on he cigarette and dropped it to the sidewalk, crushing it with her foot as she exhaled.

“Let’s go.” she told her friend before she could form a response. “They’ll be here soon!”

Abby and Katie had drawn quite a crowd of admirers as they shopped earlier in the day. Two boys, in particular, were the most persistent. They were wearing dark blue Pickerington Panther T-shirts and were clearly jocks. Although they were only 19, they had the confidence of much older young men which intrigued the girls.

Trae was bigger than Katie’s boyfriend Dan, and his blonde hair was cut close to his scalp. He had a friendly smile and his deep green eyes sparkled with mischief. Brady was even cuter, with long brown hair and extremely kissable lips. Abby thought that he looked like the bad boy from the Friday Night Lights TV show. A bit shorter than Trae, he had the deep V-shape of an athlete, his biceps bulging in his tight T-shirt.

After they had run into them at Hollister, the girls decided that if they saw them again that they would invite them up to their room, if they were sure that their mothers were gone. Not too suprisingly, the girls saw them again at Starbuck’s and plans were made. The girls figured they would have to kick them out by midnight before they checked in with their parents, pretending to be just getting in from the movie.


Randi and Andrea first stopped at the Martini Park to have a drink. Although the two sexy MILFs got plenty of attention there, the crowd there was mainly in their thirties, a little too old for their discriminating tastes.

They found a much younger crowd at Bar Louie and very quickly identified several promising candidates.

Randi was sitting at a table outside, a tiny gold lighter placed on top of the distinctive green and white pack of cigarettes in front of her, sipping a wonderful Sirah. Her slender legs were crossed, her short skirt had slid up exposing a generous amount of thigh, her tiny spike-heeled foot pointed up into the air.

She put her glass down and was reaching for her cigarettes when she spotted Andrea coming back towards the table with a gorgeous young man in tow. Andrea’s eyes were open wide in mock amazement, her shiny painted lips pursed. As she got closer, she mouthed silently “Oh my God!!”, a wide grin on her face.

After the cougars had selected a small group of potential bed partners, Andrea arranged to take each of them into the ladies room. In the limited privacy of one of the stalls, Andrea got a first hand view of what each of them were packing. Although they were all well hung, the ladies had a sixth sense about this sort of thing, the last boy was the clear winner. Of course, there were really no losers that evening since Andrea had given each the top candidates a juicy blow job before leaving the powder room.

Randi tilted her chin and exhaled a long, thin stream, her elbow propped on the side of the table. Andrea made the introductions as she pulled one of Randi’s cigarettes out of the pack.

“Randi . . . This is Austin. I explained to him what we were interested in and he assures me that he can accomodate us!!” Andrea told her, a sexy glint in her eye.

Randi offered her hand as Andrea lit her cigarette, studying the young man who stood in front of her.

He looked to be about 6’2″ with broad shoulders tapering to a slim waist. He had long, black wavy hair that he wore past his shoulders, piercing dark eyes and finely chiseled features. He was sporting a soul patch below his full lower lip, and Randi had to admit that it looked very good on him.

He explained that he had just graduated from college with a degree in design and had taken a job with a large firm downtown.

As they chatted, Randi was impressed with his confidence; he was very comfortable in their company, and she couldn’t wait a second longer to get him back to their suite to taste what Andrea Etiler escort had already sampled.

Randi took a deep drag, tapping an ash as she exhaled. A killer smile formed on her wetly shining lips. She locked her cool blue eyes on the sexy stud and asked seductively:

“Well . . . What are we waiting for?!!”


Abby had paired up with Trae and quickly stripped his clothes off him. They were both naked, lying on one of the beds as the dark-haired girl swirled her tongue around the crown of his hard cock. Abby was stealing glances over at her friend who was kneeling in front of Brady, his cock buried deep into her mouth.

It was rumored that Katie had lost her virginity to an older man and that he had instructed on all matters of sex and lust. Abby never asked Katie if there was any truth to the sory, figuring her friend would tell her if she felt it was any of her business.

Abby knew that Katie had a reputation for extraordinary oral technique and as she watched , she realized that this reputation was well earned.

Katie’s tongue danced along Brady’s long shaft, tickling the sensitive underside, before taking the length of his cock back into her mouth. Abby could see the tip of her friend’s tongue peeking out as she slid more of his cock past her lips, her cheeks hollowed. Her head bobbed for several strokes before she pulled away, pointing his cock up as she leaned in further to lick and kiss his tight ball sack, causing a low moan to slip from Brady’s mouth. Katie smiled at his reaction before sucking one of his fat balls into her eager mouth.

Abby tried to incorporate a few of Katie’s tricks into her own performance, and was rewarded when Trae gasped “Oh shit! . . . That feels great!”, his hand on the back of her head, his ass pushing down into the mattress.

Katie had just the head of Brady’s fat cock in her mouth, sucking him hard. She cupped his balls with one hand and briskly stroked his wetly shining shaft. She wasn’t going to let him cum in her mouth, but wanted to bring him to the brink, knowing that her first fuck would likely be rough and hard.

Brady groaned when she pulled her lips from his cock, but when Katie scooted onto the bed and spread her legs, he quickly mounted her, driving his aching cock deep into her wet pussy and began fucking her with long, hard strokes. Katie’s hands slid down from his shoulders to his thrusting ass cheeks, loving the sensation of his heavily muscled body pounding her, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to hold back for long.

Abby swung her leg over the top of Trae and reached down between her thighs, grabbing his thick cock and bringing it to her moist pussy slit. As she settled down over him, she leaned forward slightly so she could rub her swollen clit against him as she rolled her ass, his cock buried deep inside her. Trae reached up to grab her heavy breasts, taking a hard nipple into his mouth as she began to ride him, her eyes shut, mouth open, her long, brown hair falling down over her beautiful face.


Andrea was standing behind Austin rubbing her big boobs against his back as she reached around him to massage his thick chest muscles, rolling a hard nipple between her fingers.

Randi was on her knees in front of him softly kissing his flat stomach, running her tongue lightly along the tiny valleys between the muscles of his six pack, as she gently squeezed the obscenely fat package bulging against the material of his shorts.

Austin looked like a Calvin Klein model, standing between the two sexy soccer moms, his athletic body clad only in a pair of gray boxer briefs.

Leaning lower, Randi grabbed a tiny fold of his underwear between her teeth and slowly peeled them down, exposing his trimmed pubic bush, her eyes smoldering with lust as she looked up at the young man. She arched her eyebrows excitedly and pulled his boxers lower until his fat cock sprung free.

Andrea quickly reached down to grab his long pole, the diamonds in her wedding bands glittering as she slowly stroked him, her hand unable to go completely around his girth.

Holding his stiff rod so that it stood straight out in front of him, Andrea smiled lewdly as she watched Randi stretch her mouth open as wide as she could and ease the plum-sized head of his cock past her lips. Randi’s head bobbed back and forth as she slowly worked more of his young meat into the warm, wetness of her mouth, her hands resting lightly on his thick thighs.

“MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!’ Randi moaned, savoring his taste as she eased more of his long shaft into her mouth, trying to take as much as she could down her throat. An accomplished cocksucker, she hoped she was up for the challenge which his impressive manhood presented.

As Randi sucked Austin’s dick, Andrea pushed her full breasts against his muscular back, reaching for his chin, she gently pulled his head back over her shoulder so she could softly kiss him. Their tongues dueled as her hands glided softly of over the smooth skin Eyüp escort bayan of toned body.

After several glorious minutes, Randi pulled her lips from his cock with an audible pop, looking at it lovingly as she held it in her hands. Andrea directed Austin to a chair next to the bed and as he sat down, she joined Randi on her knees at his feet. Andrea took his hard cock into her mouth and began to slowly bob her head up and down. Leaning lower, Randi tickled his fat ball sack with the tip of her tongue before sucking one of his egg-sized nuts into her mouth.

Austin arched his head back, his mouth open as the two Middleton MILFs worked him over. Randi raised her head level to Andrea’s, and when she allowed his cock to slide from her lips, she and Randi shared a deep french kiss, before Randi took him eagerly back into her mouth.

Randi’s cheeks hollowed as she sucked just the fat helmet of his dick, while Andrea ran her tongue briskly up and down his thick shaft, cupping his balls in her hands.

Later, after the three of them moved to one of the beds, Andrea was crouched on her knees, lustily sucking Austin’s pole as Randi straddled his face, his tongue buried deep in her steaming pussy. Randi rolled her hips over his face, loving the sensation of his soul patch rubbing against her swollen clit.

“Ooohhh . . . Fuck Baby! . . . God that feels so good!!! . . . Aaaaahhhhh . . . Jesus!!” Randi moaned, her eyes lidded with lust.

When Austin suddenly shifted beneath her, directing her to slide further down his body, Randi grinned, recognizing that the young stud was finally going to fuck her. She got on her hands and knees, straddling him, her deep blue eyes flashing behind her dark, smoky eye shadow, her platinum tresses framing her sexy face. Austin reached up to take her heavy breasts in his hands, his thumbs brushing over her hard nipples.

Andrea grabbed his thick pole and directed it at Randi’s wet slit, watching intently as the fat crown pushed through her pussy lips and disappeared into her slick tunnel.

Randi began to slowly ride his cock while Andrea dragged her tongue tantalizingly over his long shaft as Austin began to fuck her friend. Andrea tickled his heavy ball sack with her long, red fingernails as she slid her lips around the base of dick. Randi raised her ass until just the head of his cock was still buried within her, allowing Andrea to spread her taut butt cheeks, her tongue teasing the puckered ring of Randi’s cute little ass.

Randi shivered and then began to drive her ass down urgently over Austin’s cock, her pussy tingling in excitement, her big boobs jiggling erotically from the effort.

“Fuck me Baby!!! . . . Your cock is so fucking big!!!! . . . I love it . . . so . . . fucking much!!!! Aahhhhhhhh . . . Gawd Babee!!!!”

Randi moaned as she felt her orgasm begin to build, her heart racing, her breath ragged.

Austin’s hands were thrown back next to his head with Randi’s fingers intertwined with his, Randi lowered her lips to his and as her tongue pushed into her mouth, her body exploded in ectasy.


Brady was giving Abby a good hard fucking. The dark-haired vixen had her legs up over his broad shoulders as he thrust deeply into her tight pussy, the bed sheet below them soaked with her juices.

The young jock had plenty of stamina and he drove his cock ruthlessly into the hard-bodied girl, the headboard beating a steady rhythm against the hotel wall.

Abby began to moan and threw her arms around his bull neck, raising her head off the bed, her lips seeking his. Brady stopped his thrusting to return her hot kisses, her youthful breasts pressed against his deep chest.

Brady pulled back, allowing Abby to swing her legs off his shoulders, and then leaned back into her, his lips crushing hers. He began to fuck her more slowly and Abby wrapped her slender legs around his waist, grinding her hips against his as she sucked on his tongue.

Trae had Katie on her hands and knees, fucking her doggie-style. He had already cum in her once and he was amazed at her sexual prowess. Although he had been with plenty of high school girls, and a few of their mothers, Trae could not remember fucking anyone who seemed to like it as much, or who needed it more. The beautiful blonde was nearly insatiable, even after he and his buddy had given her some serious long dicking.

Katie drove her tight, little ass back to meet Trae’s thrusts, her tiny breasts swinging lewdly beneath her, panting, her eyes were screwed shut.

When he eyes popped open, she was initially startled by their image in the large mirror above the hotel dresser. For an instant, it appeared to Katie that it was her mother being roughly fucked from behind by a strapping young man.

From the time Katie matured into a young woman, she constantly heard how much she looked like her mom. She was always flattered by the comparision, given her mother’s stunning appearance and seemingly ageless features.

However, one of Katie’s admirers had seemed almost obsessed with the similarities between mother and daughter and Katie actively cultivated his fascination by mimicing her mother’s make-up and style, even copying her smoky eye shadow and shiny lip gloss and wearing sexy high heels when she would secretly slip away to meet with him.

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