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This is straight up fetish nastiness, along the lines of “Margery” and “Maddy”. There is no sensitive story telling. In fact, there’s nothing redeeming here whatsoever. There is nothing remotely realistic here, despite there being several autobiographical ideas in this. But still:

There’s piss and poop in this story. Don’t read further if toilet slavery bothers you.

There’s “forced” creampie eating in this story. Don’t read further if bisexual elements bother you.

There’s cheating. Don’t read further if infidelity bothers you.

Finally, there’s pidgin English used. If your sensibilities require perfect grammar, please pass on this story. But having lived among and known real people who form the base of some of the characters, this is how English is parsed and spoken in some parts of the world.

For the two of you that still want to read this, you still have a chance to close this before I offend even you.

Still here? OK. Have at it then. All characters are represented to be over 18 years of age.


My girlfriend called out from the computer room, where she was browsing Facebook, “Honey, I get message from Ling that she is come to town. She can stay with us while she here?”

This struck me as a little strange as Ling and my girlfriend, Tai, were frenemies under normal conditions. They were both in their early twenties, both came from the same country and competed over many different things after meeting in their new country including, at one time, me. A few years back during a month-long break when Tai went back home to visit her family, Ling made herself very available to me, and dropped several hints that I would greatly enjoy the experience. I politely refused, never mentioned anything about the incidents to Tai so nothing ever came of it. But I had the feeling that there was a bruised ego on Ling’s part that she could not get what she wanted. Ling had returned back to her home country, where she had met a new guy. Apparently she was doing well.

“Um,” I called out to her “I guess that’s OK. Does she have an agenda?” Whoops. Bad phrasing on my part, and I winced.

“What?” Tai understood English well enough but sometimes the nuance and subtext of the language escaped her.

“Sorry dear, I mean does she have a plan of things she wants to see and do while she’s here?” I tried again. I rousted myself from the couch and walked towards the room where she was typing.

“She say that boyfriend buy nail salon near here and she visit. Same boyfriend get her job interview here and she want to see friend. She not stay long. Maybe one week,” Tai said, turning briefly towards me as I stood in the door way.

“Wow. Nice boyfriend to have. I don’t have a problem with it if you don’t. Do you have a problem with it?” I asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“No, I OK,” Tai said flatly before turning back to the screen. Being a benevolent hostess was part of the competition, I guess.

Once she set her mind to something, Tai was persistent to the end. I paused for a second before she nodded and then I returned to the couch. Over the coming days, aside from minor housekeeping details we really did not speak much about the coming guest until her arrival. We had a guest bedroom, and the common bath, so Ling would have her own space away from the master suite we shared. Ling could shuttle from room to bath with a towel or robe as needed.

One day, there was a commotion when the doorbell rang, and once the door opened, high pitched squealing followed by rapid-fire dialog in their native tongue, which I had never bothered to learn. I heard a suitcase land in the foyer and made my way out to greet our guest.

I paused momentarily as a rounded the corner to say hello. Ling had added some highlights to her lustrous black hair and her face had filled in a little bit, but the biggest change was about twelve inches lower. Straining within her shirt looked to be a huge DD-cup, up from the A/B she was before and her hips and legs and ass were noticeably more muscular in the short skirt she was wearing. Her bustline was enhanced, clearly, but whether the rest was exercise or just natural maturing, she looked gorgeous and glamorous; immaculate manicures and pedicures and a sharp sense of style. I don’t think either one of them noticed my hesitation as I moved forward to greet Ling with a hand shake. She comfortably opened her arms and I bent over to carefully embrace her. If I showed too much emotion, I’d never hear the end of it from Tai.

“Hi Ling, it’s great to see you again,” I said pulling back. “You look great.” Her eyes twinkled at the compliment. She seemed genuinely thrilled.

“Thank you,” she said. “Thank you for visit. You both very nice for this.” Her voice was still girlishly high pitched and had a stronger accent than Tai’s. I took a handle of her bag and brought it to the guest room, while I let the ladies chat together.

The night was mainly the two of them talking with an niğde escort occasional question or comment to me, as they inspected the house, for Tai to show off her prosperity and then they retired to the kitchen where they snacked on fruit. I left them alone so that I wouldn’t be caught overtly staring at how hot my girlfriend’s friend had become.

Tai and I had more energetic sex than usual that night; and I hardly think that was coincidence. Afterward, I went to the kitchen for a glass of water for each of us, and her soft whimpering from the guest room; Ling was getting her own freak on. Not many Asian girls will admit to masturbating, so for one to be more vocal about it, she was either very liberal, or, more likely in my opinion, she was too lost in her own feelings to care.

I returned home from work the next day to find Tai still in class, but Ling fluttering around the kitchen after spending a day at the pool. Her tanned skin was flawless and she hadn’t bothered to cover up the one-piece bathing suit that seemed like it was sized for a ten-year old. She was absolutely stunning; plump, firm tits with deep cleavage, and her ass looked like a casual athlete’s, taut and shaped with a generous jiggle that I would’ve paid to explore further. That ass tapered into trim legs with surprisingly powerful looking calves.

I raised my eyes to find her watching me watch her with a wry smile, which I returned before stealing a diced pepper from the prepped pile she was going to stir fry. She playfully swatted at my hand and I quickly exited without ever taking my sunglasses off, all the better to hide my suddenly eager and roaming eyes. I changed out of my work clothes and hid in the bedroom until my girl returned home. By then Ling had covered up considerably more.

After dinner Tai and I watched a DVD, while Ling went out with friends on the town. When Tai tired early, I finished the rest of the movie before retiring myself. In the last 15 minutes, Ling breezed back in, a bit tipsy, and deposited herself next to me on the couch. I could smell the alcohol on her, strong enough for such a petite frame. She proceeded to talk over the movie and bring me up to speed on gossip which I neither understood nor cared about, but it all seemed important to her, so I listened; we were considerate hosts, and all. She gradually collapsed against me while talking; an intimacy I was not particularly comfortable with but it seemed rude to interrupt her. The angle it provided me to look down her dress was luscious, and I felt my erection responding firmly.

As she talked on, she kicked off her platform shoes and extended her legs, then flexing her toes, each one capped with a patterned, shining polish while she chatted on about nothing. I admit it: I stared and was hypnotized and felt my rod become uncomfortably hard. If Ling noticed, she didn’t give any obvious signs

“So, what I do to get job?” she asked, turning her head up towards mine, and bringing me back to the here and now. I was caught staring at those cute toes and my mind raced to try to pretend I knew what she was talking about, besides being a pervert and a lousy boyfriend.

“Well, Ling, if you really want the job you will need to impress the boss on the interview. I’ve noticed that when I’ve interviewed good candidates, they try to take matters in hand and control the interviewer almost. Once you get that interviewer in your grip, you don’t let go until you’ve got the job.” Well, it sounded good at the time, and frankly, being put on the spot like that, I doubted I could get much better. But apparently Ling thought it was valuable, because she beamed that high-watt smile and agreed with me. She pushed herself upright with her hand on my thigh, just missing my obvious hard-on and stood, excusing herself and heading off to bed. I realized that her jeans looked like they were painted on and rode low enough so I could see the whale-tail underwear peeking out. The globes of her ass swayed rhythmically as she headed off to bed. This was going to be a long visit.

The next afternoon, I returned home to an empty house, or what I thought was empty. I put my bag aside and began taking off my shoes when I heard Ling shout from the guest bathroom. “Dave? You there? Help me please!” Despite her plea, it didn’t sound urgent, so I dropped my remaining shoe and walked over to help. She was in the bathroom with the door closed, so I knocked and asked if she was OK. The door opened a crack and Ling’s face appeared, cringing. “I sorry but I break toilet”. I could hear the toilet running as she opened the door just wide enough to let me in. She was fully dressed, but seemed embarrassed. Indeed, the water was filling the bowl, but it was clear with just a few pieces of toilet paper swirling around. The smell was fiercely pungent however; Ling clearly had some rank gas. For some reason I still cannot explain, I inhaled deeply and audibly. I could tell Ling was suddenly staring at me from the corner of my eye. nişantaşı escort

I clumsily tried to recover, saying “Oh, that’s OK. Old place, bad plumbing,” and removed the cistern lid. The ball float valve was loose, so I would need to repair it. I tightened it by hand but it would likely leak again the next time it was flushed until I could get the parts from the hardware store across town, and I wouldn’t be able to get to that until the weekend. I told her as much and she again apologized for breaking the toilet. I insisted that she did no such thing and I apologized for inconveniencing her and said that it would happen again, but I would be happy to repair it for her. She looked at me for a moment before smiling and going back to her room.

I cooked dinner and Tai was washing up after in the kitchen while I sat on the couch working on a presentation for work on my laptop. Ling came into the room, dressed in a snug knit miniskirt and low-cut top which clung to her fabulous rack. She wasn’t wearing a bra, but her breasts firmly stretched the fabric taut. In her hand was a pair of serious heels. She told me she was going out with friends but would be back later.

She showed me new hands. “I have business now. Do nail. Mani and pedi.” She wiggled both to show me. “Have small shop and get small money while getting new job. Boyfriend say in case cannot pass interview. Hire girls Vietnam. Best for nails. See?” Long artful nails alternated in a frosted gold and brown on both hands and feet. It was actually quite impressive.

“Beautiful,” I nodded. “Why those colors? Does that mean anything?”

She grinned slyly. “Cannot tell you. Special. Maybe show you later!” her mischievous grin was so damn sexy.

I told her to have fun and went back to typing. Ling called out to Tai, who just called back briefly. Ling stopped to put on her shoes at the door. I looked up to see her bend at the waist to secure the straps, giving me a direct view of that amazing ass, which was completely exposed by the skirt riding up. A bra wasn’t the only thing Ling wasn’t wearing underneath her outfit; her athletic legs were slightly spread, opening her gloriously round glutes just enough that I thought I could see her plump labia topped by a little brown star.

Ling was staring directly at me from her bent over position, again watching me watch her. She smirked but made no attempt to cover herself as she then slowly resumed strapping on her shoe and pausing a few times for good measure, before shifting her weight to the other leg, spreading her cheeks further, and securing the other heel. I felt a huge rush of blood rush to my face and then to my crotch, and fumbled with the keyboard on my computer. She stood, put her hand on the door, and I looked up again, to see her wink at me, blow a sensuous kiss from her pouting pink lips, then walk out the door. My cock throbbed.

Tai and I watched another movie on the couch, but she fidgeted. When I asked her what was wrong, she asked “Do you love me?” And I replied that of course I did. “Do you think I should get implants?”

“For your boobs?” I asked.

“Of course!” she said, as if I were stupid. “Ling say she get them and she very happy with them.”

OK, this was obviously eating at her since Ling arrived, and I needed to be careful. With Ling’s erotic peepshow earlier still fresh in my mind, I said “Honey, I love you as is. Ling is Ling, and you need to make choices for you. If you think that this is something that you really want to do, I will ask that you do some research first about what can go wrong and what it costs. Then we can talk about it, OK?” She nodded her head and went back to paying attention to the movie. Now. It was my turn to become preoccupied.

I hoped that was politically neutral enough to not push her one way or the other. Truth be told, I was always a tit man, and while I did love Tai, ever since Ling’s arrival, I was practically going out of my mind with lust for her lithe, buxom body. Tai was right to feel insecure around a woman like that. Of course, I could never say anything like that to her, but this visit had really shown that Ling was now in a league beyond Tai.

By the end of the movie, Tai was snoozing, so I gently woke her and she sleepily went off to bed. I shut the TV off and broke out my computer and continued my work, while I heard her wash up and turn off the light. My mind went back to Ling and her show earlier, which kept distracting me from work.

I was close to shutting down for the night when Ling opened the door and came in. She smirked at me on the couch and without saying a word, turned to close the door gently while aiming her ass at me and with a couple quick tugs she pulled her skirt over her hips and completely exposed her ass. Looking over her shoulder and placing her hands at her waist, she slid them down to those cheeks and spread them wide then letting them snap back closed before ankara olgun escort beginning a slow, teasing bend and a drawn-out display of unbuckling her shoes while watching me from upside down. I was totally enraptured with the show and stared openly with my mouth slightly open, dumb with lust. Ling’s pussy lips were puffy and visibly damp. Once the first shoe was off, Ling stayed bent and ran one hand down the split of her pussy, with two long nailed fingers probing and then disappearing inside her hot hole to explore for a few seconds.

She stood up and sucked her juices off her fingers before bending back over to attend to the other shoe. I was beside myself and might have even moaned audibly. After the buckles and straps were loose on number two, her fingers disappeared again, but when she stood this time, she walked over to me, her skirt still around her waist. She was completely hairless, and her mons was tidy and smooth.

“Ling,” I began, slurred with lust. She shushed me with her wet fingers, wiping them on my lips before putting them into my mouth for me to clean. Which I did, without thinking or hesitating. She walked away and went to her bedroom, the door clicking shut.

I was embarrassed and ashamed at what had just happened in my own house. It was one thing to think about fooling around on Tai, it was another to do it. And with her friend? How awful.

I sat and thought, lost for a few minutes, until I was disturbed by Ling again. This time she was in a nightshirt that was stretched nearly paper-thin over her jugs and ending just slightly longer than the skirt she had just worn. She began “I need you” and I stood straight up, my erection pulling my own pubic hairs, and I found myself wincing again. “… to fix toilet.” she finished, and my embarrassment doubled, if that’s possible, but her wicked grin showed that this was the desired reaction she was after. I adjusted myself slightly and then followed her to the bathroom.

Turns out she hadn’t used the toilet yet but wanted me ready to help. “I go now,” she grinned, and closed the door in my face. I stood there listening to her piss for a minute, followed by a wait. I heard a soft grunt and then a splash of water. Still I stood there, dazed, with my horniness simmering while I wanted so much to open the door and have my way with this tiny sex pot.

The toilet flushed and the door opened and again, Ling’s strong fecal stink was thick in the air, but instead of embarrassment, she smirked at me and let me in. I popped the tank lid and fiddled with the float and the tank filled normally then stopped. I replaced the lid and moved to walk away but Ling put her fingers out and gently traced them down my chest. Long bladed nails lightly scratched at me. “So helpful toilet. Good night.” And she walked past me and closed her bedroom door. I returned back to the couch, pulled up some porn on my computer and jerked myself to a potent cum before slouching off to bed myself.

I rose early and showered and dressed for work. Eating a quick breakfast, I heard Tai turn the shower on in our room, and then Ling came back around the corner and asked me for more toilet help. Her hair was slightly tousled and she had no makeup on but she was still so sexy in my eyes. “I already go,” she said helpfully. I followed her to the bathroom and then she flushed a bowl full of golden urine, musky and ripe. I did my trick and smiled warmly. Proud of her merciless teasing of me, Ling wished me a good day as I walked out towards the door.

Work was a bitch, with several urgent issues I needed to attend to. Topping it off with my thoughts of Ling constantly intruding any time I had more than a few seconds of peace meant I got nothing done. I was drained emotionally by the end of the day, but my pent-up sexual frustration practically made my skin prickle with electricity.

I got home, half expecting to have my nemesis ready to taunt and tempt me anew. Instead Tai alone was home, early for once and cooking a spicy fish stew in the kitchen. I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck.

“Hi honey,” she said, stirring the pot on the stove. “Can you do dishes? I finish soon and we eat.”

“Just us?” I asked, as neutrally as I could.

“Yes. She at interview and home later,” Tai sniffed. Taking the bait, I asked if anything was wrong. The response was a few muttered words in her language which I couldn’t understand but were spit out with venom, followed by “Ling act very important and that she more successful than me. I important too, right honey?”

I walked right into that one. I assured her that I Ioved her and was proud that she was choosing her career through careful study. I left out that Ling was truly exceptional and would have the world handed to her and, based on what I had seen on this trip, she would use her body and sex appeal and indeed become more important and successful than Tai if she chose to.

She seemed cheered by my encouragement while I thanked a few deities silently and changed into casual clothes for dinner before joining by girlfriend for a great meal. I washed up while Tai changed to head out to a study group for one of her classes. She looked tired and I felt bad for her, but she assured me she was going close by and would only be an hour or so.

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