Lisa’s Summer Vacation Ch. 05

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Everyone’s over 18, blah, blah, etc… BTW, this story will be infinitely more enjoyable if you read the other chapters first.

Sally Reynolds, a suitcase in one hand and a roller tote dragging behind her, tripped over two boxes inconveniently placed across the entryway to her dorm room. As she lifted her head from the floor she quickly realized that the two boxes which were so inconveniently placed for her represented but the tip of the iceberg before her. She got up and carefully climbed over a stack of Hartman totes and three stacks of boxes to behold her roommate puzzling over her bed which was filled with at least thirty pair of designer 3-5” pumps.

Lisa laughed as she realized Sally was staring at her. She held up the pair in her hands for Sally to see, “Jimmy Choo’s, like ‘em?”

Sally was able to close her open mouth long enough to mutter, “Yeah, what are you crazy? What is all this anyway?”

“My booty.”

“No, your booty’s those lumps attached to the top of your legs.”

Lisa grinned, “No, this is my booty, my loot, my ill-gotten gains, they’re some of my rewards of sin!” She snorted. “You should see the stuff I sent home. I figure it’ll take me all year to integrate my new clothes into the stuff my Mom’s already seen. I figure she might start to question if I went out and bought forty new outfits.

I’m tired, let’s go get something to eat.”

“Where? The Union doesn’t open ‘til Thursday.”

“I’ll drive us over to Donatello’s.”

“Special occasion?”

Lisa grinned again. “No, I wanted to show off my new ride, come on.”

The two girls walked across the street to Lisa’s garage. As she pressed the remote the door lifted revealing her new red 430 Ferrari Spyder Sally exclaimed, “Oh my God, Lisa, where on earth did you get that?”

“Like I said Sal, the wages of sin pay pretty well.”

“I knew I’d made the right choice not wearing panties today. I want to feel that leather against my bare cheeks. Now tell me how your summer vacation went and don’t leave anything out.”

Lisa gunned the engine as she tore out into traffic and headed toward the highway.
“Okay, first thing is you were right; Marjorie’s a pretty neat lady but I think you’re probably wrong; I still maintain I’m smarter than she is.”

“Conceded, go on.”

“We landed in Miami where we boarded the biggest privately owned ship I’ve ever seen. The host and two of the guests had their wives along and they were all players along with six of us ‘hired help’. It was our job to be available to whoever wanted us for the entire cruise.”

Sally jumped in. “So how was the first night? Who got your cherry?”

Lisa laughed. “Well I guess that depends on how you’re counting. Rick Denton’s was the first cock in my pussy but his wife Liz had already been there with her tongue. That first time I wound up pulling a train of fourteen guys and two women.”

“It took sixteen people to pop your cherry?” Sally’s mouth dropped open. “Only you babe!”

“I know it sounds horrible but the way the Dentons did it it came out pretty romantic! I had a ball… pun intended.”

Sally laughed, “Still sounds scary to me and I’ve been sexually active for five years. Anyway, I’m interrupting, go on.”

“Okay, so the cruise lasted for nine days and at dinner each day they gave out trophies to the best slut of the day before. Nine presents and nine statuettes called ‘Golden Whores’… I won all nine days awards including presents like diamond stud earrings, this watch, and a bunch of other stuff. This car was like a bonus present for sweeping all the Golden Whore awards.” Lisa giggled, “They really liked me.

After I left the ship in Venezuela I flew to Bermuda. I’d been hired by this couple to introduce their eighteen-year-old son to the proper way to treat a pussy.”

“They hired you to screw their son?”

“Not just screw but the whole package; how to be a good lover who’s not only a great lay but a guy who knows how to treat a lady. I think I did pretty well, too.
After that cruise they dropped me in Monaco after sailing the Italian and French Rivieras. It was the client in Monaco who bought me most of my designer clothes and shoes but the very first night he traded me to a French guy who wound up flying me on his G5 to Bellagio where he was involved in some big business deal.

So in addition to fucking him, I was supposed to be a deal sweetener. They had me fuck the business advisor they were negotiating with. Bellagio was wild! not only was I there with Philippe, but the Dentons delivered my car to me there. Then the young guy from the schooner whose cherry I’d popped also tracked me down so not counting any sex with the business dudes I still had five friends staying in my suite, so I didn’t have any lack of partners.”

Sally took a while to respond. “Wow!

Wow!” She shook her head, “Well at least you got to go to Lake Como like you wanted.” Sally chuckled. ataşehir escort “Weren’t you a little scared you’d run into your folks? I can’t imagine even your ability to explain your way out of that one.”

Lisa bowed her head as low as she could without losing sight of the road before her. “Remember I said I fucked the business manager Philippe was negotiating with?”


“That was my Dad.”

Sally’s eyes became the size of saucers. “You had sex with your father?”

“Just once…
Just once, but it was kinda great.”

Sally was still staring. “Like I said, Wow!”

“I know!

Oh and one other thing you should know, I’ve got a boyfriend now. He’ll probably be crashing with us every so often.”

“A boyfriend, huh? Well you haven’t had time to meet anyone new so I assume your new BF is a former client, the kid from the yacht?”

“Yeah, his name is Jason and he’ll be here tomorrow. If it’s too weird his staying with us we can get a room at the Nathan Hale.”

“After the number of times you pretended to be asleep while Frankie and I were enjoying a fuckathon? Not likely!

Besides, I can’t wait to meet him. Although I’d love to hear more about the boyfriend, let’s get back to your Dad. Have you wanted him for a long time?”

Lisa cast Sally a sidelong smirk. “No, I never even considered it before. It sort of just happened but I know you’ve wanted to jump him since last year.”

“Shut up! You knew? Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“I figured it’d be more fun watching you work it out on your own. I wouldn’t have objected if you’d wanted to try.”

“What about your Mom?”

Lisa chuckled, “Nah, you’ve got no shot at having sex with her, she doesn’t even screw my father anymore.”

“Cute, Lisa! When is he coming up to visit next?”

Lisa looked pensive for a moment. “What a cool idea! Sally you’re a genius! He was going to borrow a neighbor’s truck one of these days and come up to take these boxes home and store them in the maid’s storage area until I could assimilate them into my closet. I could have him come up tomorrow and we could take both the guys to dinner at the Altnaveigh Inn.”

“I’ll call and book both rooms. They only have two rooms for overnight guests.”

“Why book both? We’ll probably only need one.”

Sally shook her head, “Think Lisa, they’re double occupancy rooms and why invite any additional attention in little old Storrs? Besides, I might be interested in some sleep at some point.”

“Good thinking. If that’s where we’re eating, I already know I’ll be ordering the Filet Mignon with the Wellington Foie Gras.”

Jason showed up just after noon and Lisa had gone to the package store for more tape. Sally let him in. “So you’re the new BF.”

“Guilty and I hear I have you to thank for it.”

Sally looked quizzical. “Me, how so?”

“Lisa said she had planned on taking some summer classes until you convinced her to contact the agency and become a prostitute for the summer. If you hadn’t done that, I never would have met her, so thanks!”

“Who’d a thunk it? Yenta by hooker! I should start a dating service.”

“Sorry but they already have them. They’re called escort services and most of their girls don’t get happily married.”

“Says you! Lisa’s happy now and she’s always gonna be happy.”

“Yeah she is. That’s part of what I love about her; she’s happy and she’s guileless and honest. You’d think she’d be vulnerable and maybe she is but I know she somehow fosters a felling of protectiveness in all her lovers. I’m lucky to even be on the list.”

Sally walked over and hugged Jason. “”Not according to her, Jase. She considers herself to be the lucky one.

But I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that you had such a great teacher in your ‘Women 101’ class.”

At that point the door opened and Lisa entered to the sight of Sally wrapped tightly in Jason’s arms. “God, Sally can’t I just run to the store without you trying to pirate my boyfriend? Just because a person’s got a dick doesn’t mean you have to take it for a ride!”

Sally released Jason as she shrugged and patted his ass, “Can’t blame a girl for trying.”

Lisa quickly filled the vacancy in Jason’s arms. “I’ll forgive you if you get lost for a while. Jase and I have some catching up to do.”

“Oh well, if I must… greedy bitch!” She grabbed a jacket and was about to add something but realized that the lovers lips were already locked.

They lay on the bed and for the next twenty minutes the most aggressive act either of them performed was to lightly graze their fingertips over each other’s faces, arms, shoulders and backs. Even their kisses were like gossamer traces which wouldn’t have set a meadow’s dandelion seeds to flight. The near silence magnified the harsh sound of Lisa’s zipper as Jason’s hand slid into the rear of her panties. He only caressed her bottom for moments before realizing kadıköy escort that he couldn’t do it gently within the confines of her tight jeans so he rose to his knees and pulled off first her shoes, then her denims. As the material slid across her thighs and down to her calves his tongue followed the path. When the pants hit the floor he began caressing each of her toes with his tongue and mouth.

Jason responded to the hint when Lisa tugged at his belt by moving his hips around toward her face. She undid his belt and unzipped his fly but needed Jason to help by lifting his hips. He helped.

Not wanting to disturb the flavor of the moment, Lisa did nothing beyond rub her lips gently over every inch of Jason’s flesh that she could reach without moving. Her right cheek began to feel the boy’s plumbing do what plumbing does and as the penis filled it began to throb against her cheek demanding attention. She opened her mouth and allowed it entry, but made no attempt to suck it. Lisa wondered how long it would take before Jason escalated their pace of lovemaking. She assumed it wouldn’t take long but she didn’t want to be the one to crack first so she just contented herself with holding it between her lips.

Minute after minute passed but Jason seemed content gently kissing and stroking everything from her toes to the top of her mons. It seemed that the only thing stopping him from extending his lips’ territory to her navel was the lack of flexibility in his spine. Lisa felt her own self control slipping away as she began swirling her tongue around the head of Jason’s cock. She finally broke down. All self control lost she began aggressively deep throating him.

Jason chuckled as he reached for her hips and pilled Lisa on top of him. Just before his tongue entered her pussy he passed judgment on her lack of control.
“ Lightweight. ”

Lisa removed his schlong just long enough to respond.
“Fuck you!”


“Fuck you!”


“Fuck you!”

That’s what you’re here for wench! Now get back to work.

Lisa grinned sheepishly. “Yes Sir.”

Lisa was lying in Jason’s arms when her Blackberry began insistently ringing. “We’re not done yet Sally. I’m about to give Jason an encore.”

“Okay, but I think you might want to get up soon. I’m on my way back from the Union and your Dad just passed me in a blue truck. I’d say you’ve got four minutes, tops.”

“Shit, he’s early! Catch up with him if you can and try to slow him up.” She jumped out of bed and urged Jason. “Quick Jason, my Dad’s three or four minutes away.”

“Mr. Hill! How’ve you been?” Sally could see Lisa’s Dad struggling to remember her name. “Sally, Sally Lincoln, Lisa’s roommate.”

“Of course, Sally, so good to see you again.”

“I came down to show you the best place to park the truck for easier loading. It’s around the other side of the building. I’ll show you.”

Sally delayed Arthur enough so that when they entered the girl’s room Lisa had had time to become presentable and curl up in a chair with a textbook. Jason dropped by about five minutes later and after the introductions were completed the two men loaded the boxes and bags into the truck while Lisa and Sally began to dress for dinner.

The Altnaveigh Inn is a restored 18th century former private home with an incredible menu. While Arthur was perusing the wine list he said to Jason, “So Jason, I hear you’re in love with a hooker.”

The table erupted with thirty seconds of tumultuous silence before Lisa finally cracked and began giggling. Jason had been trying to project an aura of composure but unfortunately he had a mouth full of Cabernet which was now leaking out of either corner of his mouth as it streaked its way down his chin Jason looked down at his plate as he finally was able to swallow. “I guess that’s true Mr. Hill; all I know is that I consider myself stupid lucky to have gotten her affection in the first place.”

Arthur raised his glass to propose a toast. “I’ve always loved my daughter. She’s been the most important person in my life since the day Barney the purple T-rex frightened her. Twenty million kids fell in love with that fuzzy beast but he scared the daylights out of my daughter. I came home from work one day to find her sitting in the hall patiently waiting for me. She jumped up and took my hand and maneuvered me into this big chair in the den. She crawled into my lap and told me that she’d figured out what I was for. Mommy took care of her all day but that my job was to protect her from Barney and all the other ‘scaries’. She hugged me and I was forever lost. When she grew older and didn’t need me I sort of lost track of her but now that I’ve rediscovered her I’ll never let that happen again. To my Lisa.”

Everyone else at the table joined in the toast. “To Lisa.”

Lisa stood and raised what was left in her wine glass toward her father. “Just so bostancı escort bayan you know, I never stopped needing you.” She leaned over and kissed her Dad across the table. His hand went to the back of her neck as his tongue quickly slipped into her mouth before he released her from the kiss.

Sally leaned over to her right. “My turn.” She kissed a thoroughly startled Arthur who quickly got into the concept and kissed her back. Jason and Lisa leaned their heads together as they held hands under the table.

Wine became port with desert, which became several rounds of ‘that reminds me of’ shooters. Sally was chewing on Arthur’s ear when she whispered, “I think I should show you to your room and teach you how to turn down the covers.”

She turned to the table, “Hey guys, I’m going to teach Arthur how to fold sheets.”

Lisa piped up, “Well then Jason needs to come to help turn the key in the lock and I need to help in case his fly should fall open.”

Arthur grabbed the check and the four of them headed up the sweeping staircase toward the only two guestrooms in the Inn. Lisa noticed that her Dad was holding hands with her roommate.

As Sally entered the room she felt the zipper on the back of her dress begin to fall to where it ended at the crack of her ass. She wore no underwear so the process of undressing took very little time. Arthur was behind her kissing the nape of her neck as his hands explored her body.

Jason whispered in Lisa’s ear. She nodded and said, in the general direction of her Dad and Sally, “We’ll go next door to give you some privacy. Leave the door unlocked and we’ll be back later.”

Sally just mumbled, “See you.” Arthur’s tongue was exploring her right ear as his fingers tweaked her nipples. She turned in his arms and began undressing him. When she lowered herself to her knees to untie his All-Stars she felt his phallus tapping her cheek. After he stepped out his last remaining clothes she took his cock in her hand and led him to the bed.

As they lay face to face Arthur began kissing his way around Sally’s entire face. She said, “I’ve wanted this since you first dropped Lisa off for school last year.”

Arthur paused, “I remember picking up on that vibe but dismissing it as a mistake on my part.” He stroked her outer lips before inserting two fingers. “After all, you were only a child like my daughter.” He removed the fingers and inserted the tip of his cock.

Sally tightly grabbed his ass and yanked him into her. “Same girl, same itchy pussy, you wasted what could have been a fun year Mr. Hill.”

“Since I’m inside you I think you can call me Arthur.”

Sally grabbed her own feet and spread her legs as wide as she could as he increased the pace of his pounding. “Whatever… you… say… Mister… Hill.”

Quite a while later there was a gentle knocking on Sally’s door. She called out, “Come on in if you’re Lisa or Jason, everyone else go away.”

Lisa and Jason, bundled in thick terrycloth robes, entered to find Arthur still pounding Sally doggy-style. Lisa asked, “You guys are still at it? We’re heading down to the bar.”

Sally looked over and said, “Dressed like that?”

“Nah, we’ll get dressed. As a matter of fact there’s something going on at the Kappa house if you’d rather.”

“No, let’s stick to the public bars. I don’t want some horny sorority girl trying to steal this guy from me.” At this point Sally’s conversation turned into a series of little high-pitched squeaks as she built toward yet another orgasm.

“Take really good care of my Daddy, Wench!”

“Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, yesss…”

The bar was in keeping with its 1730’s heritage and the table Lisa and Jason sat at tolerated the carved initials of countless UConn students of prior graduating classes. Lisa seemed deep in thought when Jason interrupted, “I really don’t mind, you know.”

Lisa looked up with a puzzled furrow in her brow. She tilted her head without speaking.

Jason smiled. “You’re trying to find a way to ask me if it’s all right if you spend the rest of the night in your Dad’s room. You want to be with him but you’re afraid I’ll think it weird.”

Lisa’s jaw dropped. It took her twenty seconds to respond. She reached out and held both his hands. “You really are the most amazing man! Jason, when we left Italy I knew I loved being with you but I wasn’t really sure that I totally loved you. Each hour I’m with you though…”

Jason laughed as he leaned across the table and kissed her forehead. “Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out. See, I already know you love me. And although I also know you love Rick and Bruce and all your other fuck buddies, I’m equally aware that for some reason you’ve chosen to put a capital L in front of the love you feel for me. You’re just not too used to the concept. I love you and I trust you and I deeply believe in your goodness. Any time you want, go have fun and fuck your Dad.” He held the back of his hand across his brow, feigning sorrow. “I guess I’ll just have to make do with Sally to comfort me.”
They were still gazing into each other’s eyes, holding hands in silence, their beers untouched, when twenty minutes later Sally and Arthur arrived.

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