Little Black Dress

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I waited anxiously just as he had requested. Lying on the living room couch, with the soft sounds of moaning coming from the gay porn playing on the TV. I laid still, quiet, eyes closed and I was dressed just as he had requested. Wearing my full uniform, the white shirt and colored tie, my navy blue pants were held tight with a black belt. I wore black socks underneath black boots.

My heart raced as the moment drew near. Twice I had let this man in my house after long internet chats. Both times I was very drunk and too horny for my own good. Each occasion he snuck in quiet to find me passed out in my bed dressed as he wanted. Once wearing just jeans and absolutely no underwear to speak off underneath. The other occasion he asked that I wear nothing but a towel, and both times were wonderful. I kept my head covered under a blanket and pillow. On both occasions I woke to his touch, stroking my hard cock before slipping it into his mouth. I came quickly the first time, and he vanished. The second time he snuck in and worked my cock with expert care before eventually twisting me up on top where I slid in and out of his mouth as his hands kneaded my ass till I let loose with a shot of cum which he eagerly swallowed. And again, as I had asked he quickly got up and left.

Since those times we chatted regularly on the internet. Then through text messages, and several times we talked nastily to each other over the phone. There were many fantasies shared, and much cum dispensed thinking of the naughty thoughts and staring at pics of each other. It was this night he told me he would entering a drag contest that I knew I needed to see him, live and in person. He spoke of the black dress he would wear for the contest. He shaved his legs completely in preparation and the thought consumed me. I knew he would win, and he did. I knew I would need a private show and he eagerly agreed.

Tonight was the night, my girlfriend was out of town and he would be mine. I gave him my new address. I asked him to shave freshly, to wear his sexy black dress, and begged him to purchase a pair of silver panties to wear underneath. I pictured it and each time my cock grew hard. In return, he asked that I wear my uniform which made him so happy. And I had to promise that this time, I would enter him. I would feel deep inside his tight ass. I would wait on the couch for him, and he would undress me slowly before I would do anything.

Any minute now, he would be entering my apartment. I had left my truck open, and my house keys laying on the back seat. Underneath them, was a note with my apartment number listed. I tried to doze off so he could take me by surprise, but my mind would not let sleep come easily. Then I heard the outer door open, he was close. I listened above the moans of the TV, and heard keys make contact with my lock. The door began to open, light filled the room briefly before the door shut. The only light now came from the candles I had lit in preparation.

My eyes scanned the scene, he stood taller than I had imagined. In my mind, he had been a bit more feminine. I could see his shoulders were broader than I had thought, and the black spaghetti straps sat comfortably on them. His legs were long, and lean and from what I could tell very smooth. My breathing was quick and shallow and I could hear his in much the same way. With a soft moan from his lips he approached where I lay. I kept my eyes closed, as he kneeled on the floor in front of my out stretched body.

Without warning his lips made contact with mine, I had not anticipated that and his tongue slipped across my lips parting them slightly. Then they quickly moved down my neck escort bahçelievler and his hands went to work. My tie was untied and slung to the floor, before the buttons from my shirt began to be undone from the top down. “you are so sexy,’ he whispered gently.

I had not bothered to wear an undershirt and as the buttons were opened his lips moved down each one. With every inch of skin exposed kisses were placed. The shirt was complexly opened and his lips moved over my chest with great care and not a spot was missed. His lips and tongue worked one nipple then the other with gentle bites he alternated back and forth. He moved quickly and within a matter of seconds he was behind me and propping me up as he slipped into a seating position. I faced the wall and felt his hands reach around and pull the shirt from the front to the back over my arms. My upper body was completely exposed and he began to kiss very wetly over my shoulders and neck. His hands began to massage my shoulders and inadvertently a moan escaped my mouth. Then he pulled me back and laid my head in his lap, as his right arm worked my chest and his left stroked my hair.

I looked up and could see his chin and his eyes focused on his hand moving down toward the belt buckle that helped hide what he wanted so badly. As he unbuckled it his left hand found its way to my lips as he slid his finger over my lips. Still with one hand he expertly undid the button of my pants and my cock strained badly to be touched. He knew to tease, he stopped just an inch down with my zipper and grabbed my cock through the fabric making me moan at which point the slipped his finger into my mouth. I could feel his cock on the back of my head briefly before he sat me back up. With gentle force, he pushed me the other way positioning my feet in his lap where he untied my boots. Then came my socks, and again I was surprised as he took my big toe into his mouth. It was a feeling I was unfamiliar with and caused a slight giggle. He worked each toe on each foot and rubbed the sole of my foot across the bulge under the tight dress. When it seemed neither of us could take the anticipation anymore, he moved for the pants. The zipper was pulled all the way down. And he slipped me out of the pants effortlessly. The only thing separating him from his prize was my black boxer briefs. He crawled on top of my legs and grabbed the waist band with his teeth. His hands slid up my legs to the band on either side and simultaneously he began to slip the briefs down my legs freeing my rock hard dick.

I was amazed as I thought of myself laying there, completely naked waiting for his next movement. I felt his tongue slide up my inner legs and his hands slip behind my legs where they took a firm hold of my ass. He squeezed my ass hard as he wrapped his soft lips over the head of my dick. I moaned loudly as he worked the shaft with his mouth. He took its entire seven inches into his throat and the feeling was amazing. One hand came around and began to pump the shaft as his mouth pulled back for some air. He had been sucking so ferociously that he needed a breath. Quickly his tongue went back to my cock. Licking it, then moving to my balls which he had always wanted to suck. He had promised to put both of them in his mouth, and that’s what he did. My balls were engulfed by his mouth and his tongue worked each one. I was so close to cumming, and I moaned softly letting him know it was close. His mouth let my balls slip out, and his hand moved toward my chest leaving me wanting more.

“No, no, no, sexy. Not yet, you know where I want it.” His hands found mine, and he pulled me up to a escort balgat sitting position. Then he stood up in front of me, his back to me. And he began to move as if he was on stage at the drag contest. His hips gyrated as his ass moved in front of me. He danced seductively. Then he slid his hands down his sides down to his hips. They paused there for a minute, and he lifted the short dress up just to where I might see what was underneath. But he dropped them back down his legs touching his feet. His lean tall body bent completely over. “you want my ass don’t you master?

“Very much”

“Very much, what?”

“Yes slut, I want your ass, and I want it now.”

“Oh, yes master. It is yours”

His hands moved up again, and this time he pulled the dress up enough for me to see the silver panties I had asked for. A thong, the silver silk sat between his smooth ass cheeks. I reached forward and grabbed the strings over his hips, and I began to pull them down. My hands slid them down over his shaved legs, and I stared at his ass. “get it ready slut”

He moved to the coffee table where I had a bottle of lube waiting. As I had fantasized, he got to his knees in front of me, and with one hand he began to apply the lube to his anxious asshole. Working the clear liquid over the hole with his finger gently circling. Then the finger made its way into the dark space where I would soon enter. I watched his asshole engulf his finger. He spun around and crawled toward my cock where he once again swallowed it whole. His eyes looking up at me as his finger continued to fuck his tight ass preparing it for my waiting cock. Then his lubed hand moved to my dick where he spread the lube across my cock.

He rose to his feet and turned around with his ass covered by the dress. He lifted it up, and began to move closer to my hard dick. With more sexy movements he inched closer to his prize. He spread his ass cheeks exposing the glistening hole. And then moved it right above my waiting hardness. “It’s for you my master, may I have your cock?”

I made a noise to say yes, and he began to sit. I felt the tight asshole make contact with my dick, and he made a quick move and I felt my cock head pop gently into the warm space. The tightness surrounded my hard cock. I felt the warmth of his body as he slowly sank a bit at a time. From his mouth escaped a loud moan, he had waited so patiently for so long for this exact moment and from the rhythm of his breathing I knew it was worth it for him and me both. My hands moved up and gripped the v that formed from his legs meeting his abdomen.

I didn’t put any pressure on him, just let him move at his own pace and let his tight hole adjust to the length and width of my swollen cock. Deliberately and slowly he took my cock. His tight ass felt so good working its way down further and further till his ass cheeks met my thighs. When I was fully inside him he just sat still with a loud breath escaping his lips. He began to rock back and forth, just getting warmed up. I had to focus so hard not to just unload my massive load into his awaiting ass. I wanted to fuck him till he came. I fought back the first urge to cum, and began to rock in time with his motions. His ass had fully adjusted to my hard intruder and I began to make deeper and longer strokes. With force, I raised us both off the couch, with him still impaled on my hardness, I lowered him to the floor where he rested on all fours as I began to pound in and out. The lubrication from the bottle as well as his own began to make a wonderful sound in time with my penetrations. He moaned loudly with each inward push, and I began escort batıkent to pull back out and hold it for several seconds before slamming it home. He was in ecstasy. My hands moved from his hips around to get a hold of his hard cock. I had never felt any other than my own. It felt hard, but spongy and I tried to hold it as I would my own. Gently, I grasped it and as I fucked his ass his cock slipped in and out of my hand. He was trying to meet each push with a push back of his own. We were perfectly in tune and the urge was getting to be too much. He must have sensed it as he leaned forward far enough that my wet cock was out of his ass.

He rolled on the floor lifting his long smooth leg and sliding it across my chest. He was straddled around me and I assumed he wanted me to fuck him in a missionary style. But his hands reached around my waist and pulled me up the length of his body. My cock was above his mouth, and he took it back inside for a minute. He sucked the juices from my cock, then took it out. He urged me to move even higher. My balls were on his eyes when I felt his tongue make contact with my ass. His lips made a seal around my asshole and his tongue flicked all around the sensitive nerve endings of my asshole. It was a sensation unlike any I had experienced. I knew I wanted him to feel as I did. So I got up which made him make a sad sigh, he must have thought I didn’t like it. How wrong he was. I spun around and let him back at my ass, while my head bent down.

My mouth was inches from his cock, he had not anticipated that I would taste his cock. But I lowered my lips to his waiting cock. I had no idea what to do, so I just let my mouth explore. He was totally surprised but began to lick my ass greedily. His cock was very wide, and I put the head in my mouth. I could feel precum on my tongue. It was warm and felt good, just like it did the time I drained it from a condom he had left me. I couldn’t get much into my mouth, but I tried hard as I was overcome with what he was doing to me. I let his cock rub across my chin as I licked his smooth balls. My hand grasped them, and I lifted them out of my way. There was his ass, I let my tongue move down to it. It was so wet, I began to lick it just as I did my girls pussy. I ate his ass with a force. I entered it, I let the wetness get all over my face. We were moaning so loud into each others assholes. The vibration his voice caused was even more pleasure. We were lost in the pleasure, and I was so close to cumming. I pulled back, and again let his cock feel the warmth of my mouth. With no warning, I was stunned when I felt a rush of liquid enter my mouth. It was thick, and there was so much flowing into me, I tried to swallow as some of the white substance dripped from my mouth. I held what I could in my mouth.

I got off of him, and repositioned myself. I lowered my lips above his. And as his mouth opened I let his cum drip into his mouth. He took it all from me and we kissed letting it slide all over. With that, I let my cock rub past his, dropping lower and again I put my cock to his asshole. With no trouble I found myself back in his warm body. I knew I would not be lasting long, and I began to fuck him so hard. His smooth legs climbed up my chest and I looked deep in his eyes as I invaded his ass with a great force. It was time, I needed to cum. “where do you want it slut?”

“Please master, cum on my face!” he replied.

I pulled out of his tightness, and quickly got above his face. I let loose with a stream of cum that shot across his lips, up onto his nose. Three more streams emerged from my head, and I dripped it all over as he moaned uncontrollably. “please feed it to me,”

I did as I was asked. I ran my finger through it and into his mouth. Then I licked it from his face and let him taste me off my tongue. I cleaned his face and let him drink every drop. We collapsed into a sweaty sticky mess, and just laid there until we regained strength.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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