Live on Me Pt. 05

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Hello readers!

This is the final part of Live on Me. I hope you have enjoyed the series so far, and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This passion project has brought me so much joy and been quite a ride for me. I quit my harrowing day job, and now I’ve been putting a lot of time into writing!

I hope you enjoy the conclusion of the story and keep your eyes out for more stories in the future!

EmpressKrystal, aka Evelyn Krystal


It had been three months since I moved in with Jessica, and as the trees began to turn auburn and crimson, we both felt change in the air. Our lazy and loving summer was coming to a close, and time eased our hearts into a bittersweet acceptance.

“Good morning, Jessica!” I yelled across the yard to her. She wiped the sleep and haze from her eyes as she stepped out onto the porch in her pajamas. The clouds hung low and dark, small drops of rain falling in a light mist. For some, they must have felt sorrow with the rain, but the rain helped bring out worlds together.

“Geez, how can you be so energetic? Do you realize how early it is?” she yawned, stretching her arms and making her way over to me.

“Because it’s one in the afternoon and the weather is perfect for you to come help me move these plants inside!” I giggled, running over to her and hugging her close. My denim overalls had already been stained from dozens of days in the dirt, and not even that could stop her from accepting my affection.

Jessica smiled, her heart warmed by the joy in my smile. I led her by the hand to the garden space where I had planted a multitude of flowers, herbs, and greenery. Nearby were dozens of plastic pots waiting to be filled with soil and brought inside so each and every plant could survive the winter to come. Ivy was creeping up the fence, painting sections in dark greens and reds.

“It’s a big project, but together we can get it done before dinner I think,” I said, getting down on my hands and knees and digging up a merigold that I had planted to keep away pests. Jessica smiled and joined me after picking up a spare trowel. My newfound optimism was starting to rub off on her.

With her help, I managed to get all the plants into their own pots and into the house, but we weren’t fast enough to avoid the heavy rain that fell on us near the end. We revelled in the feeling of being drenched to the bone, running and laughing through the walls of water with plants in tow. When the last plant made it safely inside, our soaked bodies embraced and we gently kissed one another as rain audibly fell onto the roof above. Our lips held on to one another, knowing that there could only be so many more kisses left before we would be taken apart.

“Let’s get you warmed up, I’d hate for you to catch a cold right before your big trip,” Jessica purred, taking my hand and leading me to her room. She undressed with me, barely able to keep her hands and lips away from my skin as we laughed.

Somehow we managed to get to the shower and we let the warm water remove the biting chill of the fall rain, but not without things getting steamy, and not just because of the shower. We kissed and held our bodies together, the giggles fading out and being replaced by small moans and desperate clutches. Our hair splayed out in messy rivers of water, our faces hidden within.

“Oh Layna, do you really have to go?” Jessica asked, her sadness breaking through her strong and possessive facade. I felt guilty, but the plans were already set.

“I really do, Jessica. I want to go and learn new things and meet new people. I need to see the world outside of my anxious little bubble,” I managed between the pleasure from Jessica’s touch. She held me tight in the warm stream of water, not to gain control, but rather in a gentle attempt to keep it for as long as possible. I made no attempt to push her away. In this moment, we weren’t Jessica the scientist and Layna the girl seeking herself. We were Jessica the dominant predator, and Layna, the submissive prey. We were lovers.

“But all the way to London for two years?” she groaned. I had felt the dull pain of knowing we would part for days now, but I couldn’t imagine the pain she felt letting me go.

“Don’t think you can convince me to stay when I’m turned on like this,” I replied, trying to lighten the mood and get back at her with kisses and affection. Our passion sparked and Jessica pushed me against the shower wall, holding my hands above my head and groping my chest. Her lips locked with mine and my moans were let loose, echoing around us. She moved her hand from my bare breast to my throat and pulled her lips away, her eyes glinting with possessive energy.

“I know I have to let you go, but I am going to clutch onto you till the last moment. Tomorrow you’ll be off on your own, but today, you’re mine.” She growled, smiling her devilishly dominant smile and pushing her leg between my thighs. I gasped in pleasure, my hands releasing from her grasp and clutching her to my body.

No matter how much I knew I needed Bostancı Türbanlı Escort to go and live my life, Jessica would always know exactly how to make me submit to her and fall into the depths of pleasure. For now, I wanted to indulge in it for as long as I could.

She began to grind into me, kissing and sucking at my neck without letting herself puncture the skin. She left hickies up and down my neck and chest, surely so that anyone I met for the next week would know I was taken. Her selfish wish to keep me here warmed my heart, and my throbbing sex rose with desire. Without a word, she enveloped me inside of her and I bit my lip to stifle the screams of ecstasy threatening to escape.

She giggled and kissed at my lips, working to break me open, moans spilling out like I had become a pressurized canister of lust. The thought of this possibly being the last time to be this close with Jessica only heightened my feelings for her in that moment.

Jessica gyrated against me, sliding my cock in and out of her soft, loving pussy until I was unable to hold myself up and began to slip down the wall of the shower. She caught me and lowered me down to the floor, crawling on top of me and slipping me back inside of her. As I looked up at her body, bent over in pleasure as she rode my shaft, I couldn’t help myself and pulled her down to kiss me. As we moaned into each other, she moved faster and harder, lifting herself up and letting her body drop down onto me, her ass slapping against my thighs. Her breasts shook in time with mine, and I could feel her muscles starting to clench and spasm with her orgasm.

“I love you… so much Layna…” She moaned, as her body fell onto mine. Water sprayed down on her back, and her hair resembled fiery waters of passion falling down around our faces.

“I love you too, Jessica. Don’t ever forget it,” I moaned, my hips pushing up into her as her orgasm subsided. She began to slowly move herself against me, coaxing out my orgasm with her love and affection.

“Never forget how much I love you, and want you, and crave you,” she begged, her pleasure tinged with sadness.

“I promise, Jessica, I’ll always remember,” I moaned, feeling my orgasm begin to build within me. I focused on her loving gaze and each movement she made. Her beauty pleased the eye, but her craving and affection was always what sent me over the top.

“That’s a good girl,” she purred into my ear, feeling that I was close. “Come inside of me, my precious kitten. Let me feel your love.”

With such simple words, I launched over the edge, clutching her to me. I revelled in the feeling of being wanted. It was what I always craved, but before long, I would remember to stumble out of my submissive stupor and do what I needed to do.

Jessica turned off the shower and carried me out to the bedroom where she dried me off, making sure to touch every inch of my body. She smiled the whole time, memorizing every curve. After she dried herself off, she snuggled with me for a while, I rested my head in the crook of her shoulder, my hand gently kneading at her breast. Our legs intertwined as she gently stroked my body and planted kisses on my head

“These moments are more precious to me than anything else,” Jessica whispered.

“I wish I could snuggle with you for the rest of the day…” I sighed and looked up at her. “But I need to make sure I packed everything and all the plants get put in the right place,” I groaned. Jessica tried to keep me there with her just a little longer, holding me in her grasp and pouting.

“Can I at least get five more minutes, Layna? Please?” she begged as I started to break free of her clutches. She rolled her way on top of me and buried her face in my chest. I couldn’t resist her plea, so I held her as she had her moment to indulge herself one last time.

Soon enough, I was dressed again in a pair of casual jeans and a t-shirt and moving plants around the house to make sure they had the optimal lighting. Many of the plants went into my room so that they could bask in the sun for most of the day and Jessica wouldn’t have to deal with the abundance of light. The room looked like a plant sanctuary more than a bedroom by the time I was done, with the only reminders of the room’s prior use being the lamp, the dresser full of clothes Jessica had for me when I moved in, and the closet full of history.

It felt nice to leave behind all of these plants. They were like living parts of myself that could remind her of my stay.

“You’ve only been here for a little over three months, and you’ve already brightened up the place so much…” Jessica sighed, admiring my work as she walked through the house, her fall dress flowing around her. In her room, Layna had hung some english ivy pots from the ceiling and placed a few spider plants on the window sills. On the wall beside the ivy, Jessica and I had almost a dozen framed pictures of the two of us together. I hoped that when Jessica woke up in the mornings, she would see our smiles in the photos Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort and remember how lovely our time together was. She approached the wall and smiled as she looked at all the pictures.

“This one has to be my favorite,” Jessica said, pulling one of the frames from it’s hook and holding it up. It was a picture of us both at the beach in the late evening as the sun was setting. I remembered how uptight and nervous she was about going out to the beach before dark, but once the sun dipped low, I could tell she was so glad to be there. Even in the picture, her smile was so bright as she laughed and held my hand.

“You just like this one because I wore that bikini you begged me to model for you,” I teased, poking at her side and making her squirm in ticklish delight.

“Hey, you’re the one that went to the beach with it on instead of just modeling it at home! You wanted me to ogle at you out there!” she replied, her hands reaching for my tummy to tickle me to the floor. We wrestled on the floor, laughing like school girls. Of course, Jessica could pin me and I would stand no chance, but she played along as we rolled and yelled. Slowly but surely, it turned into both of us kissing between waves of laughter until we heard the doorbell ring, snapping us back to some sense of reality.

I managed to make it to the door first to find Sarah waiting for me with a gift bag.

“Hey, come on in,” I said, waving her along, my breathing heavy. She nearly burst out laughing when she saw how messy my hair was.

“Geez Layna, I hope I didn’t disturb your goodbye sex.”

“I swear we were just wrestling!” I exclaimed, my face burning. Sarah’s laughs couldn’t be stopped any longer and she barely managed to hand off her present before laughing her way onto the couch.

“Yeah right,” she teased. After trying to defend myself to no avail, Jessica came out looking a little more put together and greeted Sarah as I used my phone’s front facing camera to try and straighten up my hair.

“Hey Layna, do you want a glass of wine with Sarah while she is here?” Jessica asked before making her way into the kitchen.

“Yeah, but not too much, I have to drive us to the airport in a little over an hour,” I called back, giving up on my hair for now and trying to calm myself.

“Ahhh Jessica, always such a gracious host. I can definitely see why you fell for her so hard,” Sarah continued her teasing. It wasn’t the first time she had come to visit me and Jessica, but the other times had been strictly for business. Sarah and Jessica hadn’t clued me in on the details, but Jessica assured me that it wasn’t anything to worry about.

Jessica brought in three glasses of red wine and sat beside me, taking a generous sip from her glass. Normally she only got herself a glass to not stand out with others and she would barely touch it. Shaking off that weird feeling, I gently nursed on mine, trying not to reel back from the bite of it too much. I still hadn’t quite acquired a taste for wine after all these years.

“So, Layna, what are you going to do with your first couple days in London?” Sarah asked, leaning toward me and pulling up popular tourist attractions. “Maybe you can go to the British Museum? Or see Buckingham Palace? Ohhhh, or maybe you wanna go shopping in Soho! It says here that they have some fantastic sex shops there!”

“Oh geez, I haven’t planned to do anything that serious!” I said, waving my hands up in defense. “I mostly just want to walk around and get to see the area in general. I think that going wherever my heart wants will be the most pleasant for me.”

Sarah, ever the organized trip advisor, scolded me for my lack of planning, saying I would never get to see the coolest parts of the city unless I planned ahead. Jessica giggled to herself as she watched Sarah dig into me.

Soon enough, the conversation shifted, and I found myself thinking about the last few months and how I had gotten to this point.

I found myself writing a lot ever since I started to work on myself, and as I searched for possible jobs or opportunities, I kept coming back to the idea of traveling. So, after some research and some long hours trying to fight back my anxieties, I finally applied to study writing and literature abroad in London. I was accepted, and with Jessica’s help, I managed to pull together the funds to make it happen. I knew she was sad to see me go, and I knew that she would likely need a new roommate or partner, but being able to study abroad and carve my own path made me feel a deep sense of joy. Not from someone else, but from myself. It had been so long since I last felt a deep set excitement and joy like this, and I wanted to run after it. It felt so surreal to be here. I never would have imagined doing this three or four months ago.

“So, Layna, are you going to open your gift now?” Sarah asked, pulling me back into the conversation.

“Oh, yes! I would love to. But you really didn’t have to get me anything,” I said as I picked up the bag and Bostancı Ucuz Escort removed the tissue paper. As I reached in, I found a small box, and I opened it to find a silver necklace with a locket hanging from it. A red gem was nestled into the center of the front, and a bird in flight was engraved on the back. I pressed a small button on the side of the locket and it opened up to a picture of Sarah on one side, and Jessica on the other. They were both smiling.

“I hope this will help you remember to keep in touch while you’re out there, Layna,” Jessica said, wrapping her arm around my shoulder.

“And know that we love and support you! Always!” Sarah exclaimed, giving me a playful punch on the shoulder.

I couldn’t find the words to express how special this gift felt. I was so glad to have both of them in my life.


Jessica and I said goodbye to Sarah as she headed out and back to her place to get some work done. She was always as busy as a bee, but managed to find time to be the best friend I could ask for.

“How much time do you have Layna? Enough to come downstairs with me?” she asked, making her way to the basement door.

“Yeah, I’ve got about half an hour or so. What’s up?”

“I want to show you something really quick.”

She was acting as cool as ever as she made her way down the stairs and slipped her jacket on. I followed her down and to her lab table. She pulled a vial from a rack and showed it to me. It was a dark red liquid, labeled “Synth O-“.

“Do you remember a month ago when I asked to take some of your blood to test your blood type and possibly use it for experimentation?” Jessica asked, letting me hold the vial and twist it in my fingers.

“I do remember, but I honestly thought you were just going to save it for a rainy day when you missed me,” I giggled, handing the vial back to her.

“Hey, I’m not that desperate!” She retorted, playfully pointing at me and shaking her head.

“I don’t know, you do like my blood a lot,” I teased. She blushed. She had drunk one, but she didn’t want me to know.

“Anyway, my point being, I’ve had some time to run some tests, and your blood type is O-. That means that you could donate blood to anyone, regardless of their blood type,” she explained. The information felt familiar, but over all my years, I never for the life of me remembered what my blood type was.

“That’s actually really cool…” I muttered, suddenly feeling like I should have donated blood when I was given the chance for all these years. “But, wait, why is it labeled as synth. Did you copy my blood or something?”

“Well,” Jessica thought aloud. “I wouldn’t say I copied it, more so that I was able to use small amounts of your blood in a concoction to create a synthetic food for myself.” She held up her wine glass and took another drink, finishing it.

“No wonder you were drinking with us!” I exclaimed, giving Jessica a hug. “I’m so happy for you! Now, while I’m gone, you’ll have a little part of me to feed on all the time!” Jessica smiled and held me.

“Yeah, it turns out that the secret ingredient to the mix was your blood. The type and sweetness were what I needed to make my body accept it. I won’t have enough to last me hundreds of years or anything, but I do hope that it will last me until you get back.”

“Well, on a similar note… I do want to talk to you about something…” I admitted, pulling away and fidgeting with my hands. I knew I needed to tell her this, but I worried about how it would affect her. Jessica waited patiently for me to continue.

I remembered that I couldn’t read her mind, and I couldn’t control her reaction. I just had to tell her and let it be what it would be. I needed to make sure we talked this through, not only for her sake, but for mine.

“When I go, I don’t want to feel held back or restrained. I want to be able to enjoy my trip and let it take me wherever it takes me, you know?” I said, too nervous to say exactly what I felt like I should say.

“Layna, don’t worry. I want you to find yourself and grow, so by no means should you feel held back. As much as I want to hold you here with me, I know I need to let you go, because I love you,” she replied, closing the gap between us and enveloping my nervousness into her arms.

“You won’t be upset if I meet someone there and want to date them? Or if I don’t call you every single day?” I asked, hugging her back. The last thing I wanted was for this trip to break us apart forever.

“If someone catches your fancy, follow your heart. I’ll be cheering you on and supporting you from here, no matter where things take you. Call when you can, and don’t let it keep you from going out there and enjoying life,” she smiled with a hint of sadness. It wasn’t the sadness of losing a loved one, but rather the sadness of seeing a loved one fly from the nest. I felt that sadness too, but I knew it was merely temporary. A small price to pay for finding the happiness within myself that I always needed.

“That reminds me! Before you go, we need to get your bracelet off,” Jessica remembered, taking my hand and leading me to her computer desk. I had honestly forgotten that the bracelet was part of our relationship. She reached in her desk drawer and pulled out a dark grey key, the same shape as my golden key that I had hung around my neck every day.

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