Locker Room Shower Appointment

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Note: Surprisingly this is a true story that happened to me in my senior year of high school. After reading submissions on this site I was in awe at how my personal experiences were so similar.

My name is Zach. I’m an 18-year-old Senior at a pretty large high school in Northern Virginia. This is a relatively liberal area but I still was not comfortable coming out to anyone that I was gay. I wasn’t the stereotypical gay man. I was pretty involved in sports and I was really fit. A six-pack like mine would be the kind I lusted for in the bodies of my school mates.

I’ve been on the football team and the soccer team since junior high. After my freshman year I decided I preferred the bodies of the sexy men on the swim team. So I joined the swim team too. By now I had been working out four times a week and had a striking swimmer’s body that couldn’t even hold a candle to that of a special teammate of mine.

His is Chad. He was probably the third best swimmer on the team and had the cutest baby face you have ever seen. I had my eye on him ever since freshman year. He had dark black hair that was always ornately gelled up above his beautiful face. He has brown eyes, and deep dimples that sunk into his full cheeks; all of which made me lust for him. His face was always covered slightly with some short black stubble that was like a perfectly shaven eternal five-o’clock shadow. He had bulging pecks that rose through his Abercrombie shirts and large biceps.

Anyway, one day after practice for swimming before he left the pool he had a heated argument with his girlfriend. I saw him raising his voice and looking even more attractive form being angry. I quickly ran into the showers escort bahçelievler so I could get in early and sneak looks at all the perfectly formed bodies. I stepped into the communal showers and stood under my own shower head, waiting for Chad to walk in. Luckily, all the other showers were taken so Chad had to come to the one right next to mine. He had already stripped down to his clean-shaven naked self. He was hanging his head low and didn’t say a word. He turned on the shower and began soaping up, rubbing suds first on his stomach, his fingers running over the individual muscles of his abdominals. I was gazing so heavily I stopped washing. I caught myself and turned away so as not to be caught.

The next time I turned to look at this sexy hunk of flesh, I saw something I have only dreamed of. He was partly washing his cock and partly pleasuring himself. Some time had passed since he first walked in and no one but the two of us were left in the shower. He obviously didn’t know I was watching him because he inconspicuously began to finger his asshole with his middle finger. All this action caused my cock to slowly swell. I couldn’t let him see my throbbing member but I also couldn’t jerk my head away because he would notice. I lowered my head to a beautiful scenic view of his hard quads. The muscles were subsequently contracting and relaxing as if he was trying to show himself off. By now my cock was fully hardened and my thick 8 inches were standing straight up to my belly-button.

I couldn’t help but look to see his face and enjoy the look of pleasure on him. On my way up his body I noticed his cock was just as hard as mine. His was actually escort balgat longer than mine with a bout the same thickness. I made my way past his hard nipples and saw his face. His mouth was open revealing a beautiful pleasure filled smile filled with gorgeous white teeth. His eyes were closed, often like mine do when I’m masturbating. Suddenly he let out a small but noticeable moan of joy then opened his eyes; I’m guessing out of embarrassment that maybe someone heard him. Our eyes met and he smiled at me and said, “Just letting of a little steam, ya know?”

I replied, “I understand, girlfriends just cause more stress than they’re worth.” I noticed his middle finger was still plugged in his white ass. To reassure him not to be embarrassed I said, “I’ve done that before, especially after losing a meet.” He let out a laugh of relief and turned his body the other direction. I walked up behind him and my impatient cock rubbed up against his two rock hard cheeks. He did say anything so I reached around and grabbed his cock and began massaging it. Finally he turned around and looked into my eyes. Then he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in closer for a kiss. I let go of his dick and wrapped my arms around his body. I lifted up his legs and pulled his closer to me as I took him over to a wall. I propped him up against the wall and slid my cock under him and into the entrance of his ass. He loudly moaned, “Oh! Put it in. I want you to fuck me!”

With the two showers still running I put him on the floor on top of a nearby towel and laid him on his back. I promptly grabbed my cock and guided it into his asshole. I lifted his legs onto my shoulders and began escort batıkent slowly thrusting. I mad my way in and out faster as we went along. I leaned forward and began sucking his dick. I would pump hard into his ass and then take a huge lunge forward so his dick would go deeper into my mouth. I couldn’t believe I was actually man handling the straightest guy in school and he was enjoying it! His forehead started wrinkling while he had his eyes closed and started moaning louder and yelling that he was going to cum. I looked up and saw his beautiful vulnerable eyes staring back and then felt his warm creamy cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed it and was about to pull of when I felt more globs coming out and filling my mouth. Finally after he surrendered himself to me, I was close to cumming. I made a last few hard pumps that made little drops of cum squirt out of his shaft. I screamed and pulled out to cum all over his chest and across his defined six-pack. At least two tablespoons of cum shot out. It was quickly washed away from the shower water. The constant pumping took so much out of me that I had to lie down next to him. Both of our chests were rising up and sinking down synchronized with our heavy gasps for air. I could tell he enjoyed that as much as I did. We got up and went to our lockers to get dressed. Before I stepped into the hallway leading to the exit he came up to me and grabbed me with his hands on either side of my face and gave me the most intimate kiss I have ever had in my whole life or that I will ever have. He grabbed my hand and we walked out of the locker room holding hands. He grabbed for the doorknob on the door that led to the parking lot when we heard a loud stern voice behind us shout, “That was quite a show you boys put on in there!” We turned back to see the smirk on our swim coach’s face standing with his arms crossed. He looked like he wanted more than an explanation. I looked to Chad’s face and I felt like this was going to be a long night.

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