Long Day At Work

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I walked in the door and sighed. Another long day at work. I need to relax a little before I go to bed. I stretch as I head to the bathroom. I turn on the water and adjust it to perfection. I drop in some bath oil beads and go to heat some water for tea.

After I get my tea ready, I return to the bathroom. The water is halfway up the tub by now. I slip off my high heels wiggling my toes as I do. I sit on the side of the tub and slide my pantyhose off. I take time to massage my pretty feet. I work my thumbs into the pads as I moan in pleasure. I unbutton my pink silk blouse, feeling it caress my skin as I let it slip to the floor. I unzip my black leather skirt. I let it fall and step out of it. I am standing in only my white lace bra and my white thong.

I lean over and turn the water off. My butt is up in the air as I do. I think about how much fun it would be if you were right behind me. I stand up and unhook my bra. I slide it off like I would to tease you letting just a little skin show isveçbahis at a time. Finally my large breasts are free. I massage them a little before taking my nipples between my fingers. While I squeeze and pull on my hard nipples, I think about your sexy voice. I sigh wishing you were here. I place my hands on the sides of my thong and slowly slide them down. Using my hands to caress my body as I do.

I grab my glass of tea and step into the hot bath water. I slide down so that the water covers most of my body. I sip on my tea as I soak for awhile. Then I set the glass on the floor and slowly start lathering up my body. Taking time to gently caress every part of my skin. Fondling my breasts as I soap them up. Thinking about how goo your mouth feels as you suck my nipples. I wash my way down my stomach, letting my hand slide slowly between my legs. I take my time lathering my pussy. Then I slide lower in the water rinsing off.

I stand in the tub as water cascades off my body. I unstop the tub and isveçbahis giriş let it start to drain. I grab my terrycloth towel and gently start drying off. I take extra time drying my pussy. I rub the lips through the towel, enjoying the feeling of arousal that is building. I take my glass and drop it off in the kitchen on my way to my bed room. I love the feel of the cooler air hitting my warm skin as I walk naked through my house.

I lay down on my bed and think about the last time we were together. How good it felt to be in your strong arms. Remembering how sexy you look as you cum inside my tight pussy. I can feel the moisture begin to seep between my legs. I spread my legs wide apart. I start at my shoulders and run my hands over my bare skin. Stopping to squeeze my breasts. Then I pull on my nipples and twist them a little. I let my hands slide down my stomach. Gliding down my legs to my pussy. I gently start rubbing my pussy lips. They are swollen with excitement.

I spread my lips open isveçbahis yeni giriş revealing my pink clit. I slide my inside and start rubbing my clit. It gets harder the more I rub. I can feel it swelling under my finger. Soon it unhoods itself. It is so big now and very smooth. It is also wet. I slide my finger down to my cunt. I let it slip inside and get wet. I pull my finger out and suck my juice off. I taste so sweet. I think about all the times I have tasted myself on your lips as we kiss after you have gone down on me.

I grab my dildo and start sucking on it. It feels so good in my mouth, just like your cock does. After I get it nice and wet I slide it in my wet pussy. I start fucking my pussy moaning as I do. Wishing it was your cock in me. I start rubbing my clit as my dildo slides in and out of my tight hole. I start ramming my pussy as I feel my orgasm building. I rub my clit faster and harder as I think about your cock throbbing deep inside me. Finally I can hold back no longer and I cum hard. My juices flooding the dildo as they have done to your cock. My body rocks in the pleasure of my orgasm. I feel all the tension float away. I bring my dildo to my lips and I suck it clean before falling into a satisfied sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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