Long Distance Story Ch. 01

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This isn’t one of my greatest stories, but enjoy it nevertheless!


So you’re at home, you’ve just come back from work, and nobody’s home, so you go upstairs and collapse onto your bed. You lie there for a while then decide you should probably go have a shower after working all day. So you strip off your clothes, and get into the shower. Just as you step out of the shower, the doorbell rings. You think to yourself, who’s that? Everyone’s away for the weekend and I’m not expecting any guests… but you grab your towel, and run downstairs, still dripping water from your body.

You open the door, and almost collapse in shock. Standing in front of you, all the way from across the pond (can you guess it yet?) is me. I push you backwards into the house kick the door shut, grab you and kiss you passionately, no tongue, just a hard passionate kiss. As I release the kiss, and release you, you take a step backwards to stop yourself falling over, your eyes closed and your lips pouting, still savoring the lips pressed against yours.

You eventually open your eyes and start to speak, but no words escape your mouth. I grab you by the hand and lead you upstairs to a bedroom, where I promptly lay you down on the bed. Still no words have been spoken, and the tension in the air is incredible. A thousand thoughts are running through your head, and your body feels like its on fire as the blood rushes through your body. Maltepe Escort You feel a strange tingling, and realize that it’s actually just the fact that you’re very horny from the kiss and suddenly realize your nipples are erect. But you see me taking off my shirt and realize this is just going to make things better.

As you see the shirt slip of my body, you sit up and kiss my smooth flat stomach, and start to undo my jeans, pulling them down my legs. Realizing you’re still only wearing a towel, you open it up and lay it aside on the bed. Your glistening wet body shines under the sun from the window, and your smooth curves are made even more prominent by the shadows its rays cast. I slowly start to crawl onto the bed, trying to take in as much of your body as I can with my eyes.

As I crawl up the bed I start to kiss your legs, working my way slowly up from the knees, kissing along the inside of your thighs. As I reach the centre of your body I don’t kiss your pussy, just teasing you for what’s to come. Then I carry on up your body, kissing softly, slowly and flicking my tongue across your skin with every kiss. I kiss past your smooth sexy stomach, up through the centre of your breasts and reach your neck, kissing every so softly and sucking gently with every kiss, as you lean your head back to let me kiss your neck.

Your body bucks as my kisses send shivers through your body. I kiss Maltepe Escort Bayan my way slowly up your neck, and up to your mouth, grabbing you and pulling you close as I kiss your mouth, so that you feel my rock hard cock against your wet naked body. Your already wet pussy quivers in anticipation as our tongues’ duel in our mouths. I slide my hands around from stroking your back to caress your nipples, kissing my way down to the other nipple, and I start to flick my tongue across it, making you let a moan escape. I slide my hand slowly down from your ample breasts down your stomach to your pussy, where I start to run them round the edge of your wet pussy lips. I slowly slide one finger into your pussy, just under the lips, sliding it gently round the edge of your pussy, and you start pushing your hips towards it wanting me to slide it inside you.

I start to slide a second finger around your pussy, all the while kissing down your chest and stomach, then suddenly thrust both fingers deep into your pussy, curling them upwards so that I can reach deeper and catch your g-spot on the way out. Your body jumps up when I thrust and you let out a deep sexy moan, as I start to pump my fingers in and out of your pussy. Just as you think you’re in heaven already I kiss your pussy, and start to flick my tongue across your clit, slowly and steady, but getting faster with every flick. My curling fingers Escort Maltepe on your g-spot and my tongue on your clit soon bring you to the brink of orgasm, but just before you explode I jump up and point my long, rock hard cock at your pussy and thrust it forward…

I drive my cock deep and hard into your tight but dripping clit, making you scream out loud in orgasm. Your tight wet pink pussy walls clench around my dick pulling it deeper inside you with every thrust. Your body aches with pleasure from your orgasm, but cries out for more and more pleasure, and suddenly you grab my shoulders and spin me over, rolling on top, and dropping down hard on my dick, rotating your hips so that my cock goes deeper and harder than ever. Your tight cunt squeezes around my cock, begging to be filled with its hot juice, and you thrust your hips back and forth, up and down, across my dick, and the sight of me squirming and the sound of me moaning in pleasure from your incredible pussy make you thrust even harder.

Just as you feel my cock start to quiver, ready to come, you pull back, rotating slowly, leaning forward to kiss my neck and slowly kissing down my chest with your hand now on my dick instead of your pussy. Stroking it slowly and sucking gently on the tip you tease me, right on the brink of exploding, but not letting me. Soon your pussy is calling for cock again, and my cock is begging to explode, so you jump on top of me, sliding straight onto my cock and riding me hard, fast, deep, and with more thrust than before. Your pussy squeezes around my cock in orgasm, making my cock go over the top, and explode hot juice deep inside your orgasmic pussy while thrusting hard back and forth deep inside you…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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