Luca and the Long, Hard Summer

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It had been three weeks of travelling now, and Luca was ready to burst. As an 18 year old, with a healthy sex drive, he’d been jacking off most days since he’d hit puberty. Sometimes more than once. But for the past three weeks, he’d been on a family holiday. His best friend Thomas had come too, but they had to sleep in the annex with his sister, which meant no talking after 10pm, and absolutely no alone time.

The last time he’d busted his nut was in the shower on the morning they’d left, and every day he gone without since then had only made him hornier. The showers at the park were very public, and even the sound of soaping up echoed throughout the tiled room. The sound of rubbing one out would be obvious to everyone in earshot, not to mention that the showers were the type that drained through an open pipe along the wall that ran through every shower before emptying into a singular drain at the end of the room. Having his spunk take a scenic tour of every shower stall in the room was not something he thought he could live down.

And so, he’d spent three weeks trying to pretend he wasn’t desperately horny. As well as trying to come up with ways he could be alone long enough to jerk out a quick one.

He’d tried going to the toilet block in the middle of the night, but his mum had caught him leaving and insisted on a buddy system for midnight toilet runs – for safety. He’d tried sneaking off around the rocks at the beach, but the walking path was too close. He’d tried stroking one out while swimming in the ocean, and despite the cold, he’d gotten agonizingly close a few times. But each time he’d felt his balls tightening with that delicious feeling, a wave had come, making him duck below the surface and steady himself with both hands, or Thomas had swam up close to him to chat.

He was at his wit’s end. Every nerve was extra sensitive. Even shaking after taking a piss was hazardous, and putting on trousers was mildly arousing. Sometimes he could forget it for hours on end. Other times, he felt like a throbbing cock with a person attached. The all-consuming lust was distracting at best, and painful and alienating at worst.

But this morning, something had woken him up. He could hear the morning creatures start to stir outside the annex, and a dim light outside threw everything in the tent into silhouette. But it wasn’t the dawn that awoke him; or the drip of condensation from the canvas roof. Next to him, Thomas was making tiny shifting sounds, his breathing fast but muffled. Luca saw the blanket rising and falling at his waist in rapid motion. With his own morning erection poking into the side of his mattress enticingly, Luca knew exactly what Thomas was doing. It seemed he wasn’t alone in his frustration after all. But this was not the time or the place to be indulging it.

“Hey,” he whispered into the quiet of the tent. The tiny movements stopped, and he heard Thomas curse and breathe out a very shaky breath.

“What?” he whispered back. As if he didn’t know ‘what’.

Luca pointed over at his sister sleeping on the other side of Thomas. She was a light sleeper at the best of times. His unfortunate erection pressed more firmly into the mattress as he leaned forward to point. A slow accidental thrust that sparked a jolt of pleasure along his glans. Fucking hell he was horny. He could almost get off from that.

He heard a frustrated sigh from Thomas, and his sleeping bag made an angry sound as he turned onto his side to face him.

“I’m fucking dying here, Lucky,” he breathed and squirmed a bit. He must have been close to nutting when he’d been interrupted. Luca nodded down at his own aching problem and agreed.

“I know how you feel,” he said. “But not with my sister here you fucktard.” Thomas’ silhouette breathed a heavy sigh, that he took for resignation. But then he shifted closer.

“Where then?” came the question, close enough that Luca could taste his breath. “I know you’re as hard up for it as me,” he whispered. Luca couldn’t argue with that – not when he could feel the slick of precum on his boxers where his glans teased against the material. When he was in this state, he could nut in under a minute with barely any stimulation. He could almost set a timer by it. But dikmen escort bayan he’d been looking for a place all holiday. There was nowhere.

“Just try to go back to sleep,” he whispered, knowing there wasn’t much chance of that happening now. Truth was, finding Thomas with his hands on himself had only increased his lust. Not that he had a thing for his best friend – who was a guy, and definitely not a girl. Not that it mattered. He was just not into guys. It was just that suddenly, he realised that he was not the only one. Thomas had been having the same, massively frustrating problem that he had. He needed to cum. Badly. Excruciatingly badly.

“I can’t,” Thomas finally replied. “I’m too…ramped up. Sure we can’t just go to the loos?”

Luca twitched in his pyjama bottoms. He could feel his pulse amplify in his cock. They could go in the buddy system, and no one was likely to be there at this time of day. The idea of beating it in the cubicle next to Thomas was an exciting one. Not because he’d next to Thomas, but because he’d actually get the orgasm he’d been aching for, for the past three weeks.

“Ok,” he answered, hardly believing himself. They should really be trying to go to back to sleep. But his cock was starved for attention – practically weeping in his underwear from loneliness. Or horniness. No big difference, really.

“Really?” Thomas whispered, and Luca felt his breath on his lips again. His erection dribbled another pearl of precum to his pants. If he didn’t go to the toilet, he might just cum from nothing at all, and wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

“Let’s go,” he affirmed, and fought his way free of his sleeping bag. He heard Thomas doing the same next to him, and caught a glimpse in silhouette of his tented pyjama bottoms. Impressive. It looked as desperate as he felt.

A sleepy yawn sounded from the other side of the tent. “Are you going to the toilets?” his sister’s voice was loud among the dawn chorus. He saw Thomas freeze at the sound before quickly bunching his sleeping bag around his waist. So casual.

“Can I come too?” she asked. “I don’t wanna wake Mum.”

Luca bent over, partially to hide his anatomy and partially to avoid hitting his head on the wet roof of the tent. He swallowed his disappointment. His erection remained, but his lust fled for the horizon. Frustration was worthless where sisters were concerned.

“Sure, Nim. Get your shoes on. We’ll wait for you outside.”

Luca unzipped the door while bent over at the waist, and stepped outside. He saw Thomas catch on, and copy his actions. As soon as he was outside, he flipped his hard-on into the waistband of his pyjamas and pulled his top down as far as it would go. Next to him, Thomas was doing the same, with a pained expression.

“Fuck,” he mouthed at Luca. And if he took a little longer to adjust himself than absolutely necessary, Luca certainly didn’t notice. The now familiar feeling of disappointed lust throbbed deep in his balls. He definitely wouldn’t be cumming in under a minute now – if at all today. Luca and Thomas gave each other the once over, and the all clear signal a few seconds before his sisters foot poked outside the door looking for it’s shoe. Luca toed it towards her, and waited for the rest of her to emerge.

She looked bedraggled and inattentive in her half-asleep state. That was for the best. The less she noticed, the better. Thomas still looked antsy as they set out, their feet crunching on the gravel of the camp ground road. They parted ways at the toilet block, and Thomas and him entered the men’s side.

“Think we’ve got time?” Thomas asked quietly, stepping from foot to foot with nervous energy. His black eyes held an element of desperation as he adjusted himself yet again, licking his parted lips. Luca’s prick suddenly regained interest in the whole affair, throbbing out a ‘yes’ in Morse code against the waistband of his pants. Maybe they could…

Then two things happened. The toilet from the other side of the amenities block flushed, meaning Nim was finished, and a whistling man strode in with a towel and toiletries bag. He gave them a nod as he passed to the shower cubicles, and Luca nodded awkwardly back. Thomas’ elvankent escort bayan frustration was palpable, and infectious. Luca’s cock continued to pulse painfully in his underwear, glans chafing against his waistband like a punishment for getting his hopes up. He looked at Thomas, who looked almost beside himself, and shook his head. Thomas winced in pain as he cupped his groin.

“Blueballs?” he mouthed, and Thomas nodded. He grimaced in sympathy.

“You done, Luca?” he heard Nim call from outside. His erection gave one last pitiful twitch before it accepted its fate.

“Yeah, we’re done. Be out in a second,” he replied. “You ok?” he mouthed at Thomas, who was still gripping his balls. He got a tight nod by way of an answer, and watched as his friend pulled himself upright and put on an expression that didn’t look like someone had just punched him in the kidneys.

Then they walked out together, erections in tow. Dawn was advancing quickly as they walked back to the tent. It gave Luca an idea. Nim kicked off her shoes first, and disappeared inside, but Luca nudged Thomas’ arm before he could do the same.

“Hey, wanna go watch the sunrise from the beach?” His eyes asked a different question. Thomas’ carefully blank look gave way to a grin.

“Yeah,” he replied. “Sounds great.”

Luca silently fist-bumped his friend and he stuck his head inside the tent.

“Nim, Thom and I are going to watch the sunrise. Can you let Mum and Ma know when they wake up?”

That should do it. Definitely not an invitation. He got a sleepy ‘kay’ from inside the tent, and heard the rustling of sleeping bags as he closed the zip. He shot one look at Thomas, and then they legged it towards the dunes.

Sand flicked up their pant legs as they ran down between the dunes until they found a quiet and secluded spot. The waves crashed in the background, and the sky was turning pink as the sun made an appearance.

“Fuck!” exclaimed Thomas as they caught their breath. “I thought we were done for sure!” He laughed. “You have no fucking idea how long I’ve been trying to have one off while I’ve been here.”

Luca grinned and shook his head. “Probably about as long as I’ve been trying.” He palmed himself through his pyjama pants, shifting the waistband off of his sensitive bits.

“I almost creamed my pants on that horse ride. The lump on the front of the saddle -“

“The pommel,” Luca interjected.

“The pommel thing,” Thomas flopped down on the dunes. “I was basically humping it the entire ride. Felt like I was violating the horse somehow, or I definitely would have jizzed.” He threw back his head and laughed, his hands already groping the prominent bulge in his shorts. Luca laughed with him, his eyes looking anywhere but at Thomas’ hands, which were now sneaking down the inside of his pants. His cock was raging in his pyjama bottoms. This was it. He was finally free to give himself some attention.

He shoved his hands down his pants, echoing Thomas’ movements, and squeezed his desperate cock, stroking up and over the sensitive head. He heard Thomas groan to his left, and the small,slick sounds of flesh stroking flesh. He sped up his movements to match the sound. Fuck.

Delicious tension pooled in his groin, gathering and rising like a wave ready to crash. Finally. Finally he was going to cum, and my god it was going to be good. He couldn’t help but let out a series of small, humming moans as each stroke brought him closer to shooting three weeks worth of cum all over the sand. He looked up and saw Thomas on his knees, eyes scrunched closed and black hair hanging over his face. His lips were contorted in pleasure so urgent that it looked like pain as the head of his cock disappeared in and out of his fist, faster and faster. He looked like he was about to erupt. Fuck that’s hot.

“What are you boys doing?!” the shout came from the top of the dune. Luca dropped his dick like he’d been fisting hot coals, and threw a startled look at the ridge. In the red of the rising sun he could just pick out the uniform of a park ranger. They must have followed their footprints over the fence of the reserve.


Apparently Thomas had seen her emek escort bayan too, because he was stuffing his stiff cock back into his shorts and scrambling up the side of the dune. Luca flung himself up the shifting sand behind him, his erection dragging awkwardly on his hastily arranged trousers.

“This is protected nesting land!” came the shout from behind them, but it was further away than before. Apparently lust made you fast. Or maybe that was shock. They crested the ridge and skidded down the other side into the parking lot, sprinting into the camp grounds. He had no idea if the ranger was following, but he didn’t want to slow down and find out.

“The tent,” Thomas gasped beside him, and veered off between the caravans, out of view of the dunes. Luca followed him, his erection bouncing with every step. They doubled back and weaved through the camp site like horny ninjas, trying to throw off the scent until they finally stopped outside their annex. He could hear Nim snoring from outside. With a a quick glance to confirm that ‘yes, they were really giving up for the day’, they kicked off their shoes and crawled inside.

In the darkened tent, Luca could barely make out Nim. His sister was stretched out diagonally across the mattresses, taking up two thirds of the tent, and lying half on top of Thomas’ sleeping bag. Thomas and him crouched down into the remaining third and looked at each other as if to say “what now?”

Thomas gave his sleeping bag a tentative tug, and Nim snorted in her sleep. He left it where it was. Luca shrugged and lifted his own sleeping bag, miming unzipping it. Thomas made a face, but nodded. They weren’t going to be able to complete their objective today, so they may as well get some sleep.

Luca unzipped the sleeping bag as quietly as he could – that is to say – not very quietly, and laid it out over their sandy legs. There was barely enough room to squish both of them in the space that Nim had left, but they tried. Luca wriggled down the mattress, trying to keep a friendly distance from Thomas. Thomas struggled to pull the edge of the sleeping bag over his arse, so it wasn’t hanging out the side. Luca could see him pressing his lips together in frustration as he fought with the material. Eventually he just shifted closer, until his was hip to hip with Luca.

Their abandoned erections pressed together. Both of them jolted in surprise, causing Thomas’ arse to break free of the sleeping bag yet again, and Luca’s to press against the dampened side of the tent. Thomas gave an amused huff. With a dare in his eye, he slowly shifted his hips forward again, and left them there, his arms holding the blanket open. Luca took a bracing breath before doing the same. This time, Thomas’ cock pressed into his hip, and Luca’s into Thomas’ thigh. He tried to ignore the swelling feeling as more blood tried to enter. Then Thomas shifted forwards a little more. Just a little thrust. Just a little more pressure against his touch-starved appendage. Just a few more minutes of breathing in Thomas’ air and he would die a happy little death.

Then Thomas leaned forward and kissed him. Just a tiny peck, the barest touch of wetted lips to his before he grinned and pulled the sleeping bag up over Luca’s face in embarrassment. But his arms settled around his shoulders, and their whole bodies were pressed against each other. Luca stayed there underneath the blanket, red-faced, dumbfounded and bursting at the seams with unspent desire.

What the fuck just happened? Did his best friend just kiss him? Did he just kiss Thomas?

The pleasure in his groin pulsed fiercely against Thomas’ thigh as he inadvertently ground his hips forward into Thomas’ thigh minutely. He could feel Thomas’ hard prick poking into his belly as his friend squirmed against him before settling. Luca wanted to thrust into him until he came in rivers, but he stayed as still as he could. Thomas had probably just made a mistake with the kiss. Or maybe it was just lust. Shared lust. Shared, unfulfilled lust. Yeah, that was it. Just two, incredibly horny guy friends conspiring to get off however they could. Totally fine.

Thomas’ arms tightened around him, and despite every part of his body wanting to explode from three weeks of intense denial, he eventually fell asleep. Thomas rested his chin on a blanket-covered head, his face flushed with arousal and the realization that he’d just kissed his best friend. As his eyes drifted closed and his breathing slowed, there was only one thought on his mind.

He wanted to do it again.

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