Lynette , Dave

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Lynette is nervous, she’s about to meet the man she’s been flirting with over sms for the past two weeks. Will he like her or has he had second thoughts?

She had decided on a motel room, quiet and discreet. No one will hear what he or she is chatting about. She could feel her tummy turning as she waited. Was this the right decision? Maybe she should have worn panties.

Dave too was nervous. He hoped that she wasn’t some weirdo and that she would be as nice as the messages that she sends. She seemed a sweet and caring person and he wonders why her husband is treating her bad.

He stopped at the motel and walked to find door number thirteen. She heard the steps and waited in anticipation. He knocked and she told him to come in, he entered the room and saw her sitting on the bed. Fuck she was gorgeous. Man, o man, she thought he is even better looking that she had imagined. They got the pleasantries out of the way and started to chat.

His eyes kept going down to her breasts. He could see them pressing against her top as if they wanted to escape. He was more than willing to help them out. As she moved he caught a glimpse between her legs and to his surprise she had no panties on. He also saw no hair. She shaven, and before he knew it he was getting a hard on.

She saw the bulge grow in his pants and smiled. Leaning forward she unzipped him and started to play with his cock. She tickled his balls and he was enjoying it. He took of her top and undid her bra. Two breasts were staring him in the eye and took one in the mouth as he toyed with the other. He slipped his hand up her thigh and underneath her skirt; probing gently he found the crease between her lips. She parted her legs to allow him access and warm slippery heat enveloped his fingers as they slipped into her moist cunt. She moaned quietly, feeling the firm pressure of his fingers as they entered her. He took a wet finger and rubbed it onto her clit. He could feel it growing beneath his finger as he heard her breath quicken. She stood without removing his fingers from inside her, removed her skirt and stood before him in there in all her naked glory. He marveled as he looked at her. Man her husband is an asshole.

Regretfully removing his fingers from where they were stimulating her sweet pussy, Dave undressed, picked her up and carried her to the bed. Lying her down, he kissed her mouth and moved down, spending time on her tits and nipples, she loved it. She took his dick in her hands and gently stroked it, while he was playing with her nipples. She slid one hand under his balls and gently squeezed them. He groaned from the pleasure, her hands were giving him.

He moved from her tits down her belly, over the mound of her clean-shaven pussy. He licked his way around her pussy and slowly pendik escort moved his tongue between her lips, she was wet and she tasted wonderful. She lifted her knees high and allowed them to fall apart, opening her throbbing snatch to his teasing tongue. He licked further down, and inserted his tongue into her wet warm cunt. His cock was going crazy, and he could feel his pre-cum dripping on his leg.

He started flicking her clit with his tongue; sucking on it he could hear her soft moans. While licking her clit, he inserted a finger into her sweet pussy, and started fingering her, slowly in and out, she found his rhythm and moved with him, thrusting her hips against him in time to his insertions. While he was fingering her and licking her clit, he used his other hand to gently rub her ass, gently probing for, and finding her little pink asshole. Using a wet finger, he circled the sensitive entrance, preparing it to except a finger. She felt this strange sensation as he increased the pressure in the centre of the tight entrance and gasped as she felt him enter her rectum. At first she wanted to stop him but the thrilling sensations of his tongue on her clit and his fingers inside her cunt and now the intrusion of his finger in her ass was just too much. She lifted her legs higher and reaching down took her buttocks in her hands and opened herself to him.

Dave’s wet finger entered her anus with ease as she relaxed and accepted the intrusion. The warm, firm grip of her sphincter closed around him as he inserted his finger. She groaned and he felt her ass and cunt clamp down on his fingers as he continued licking her clit, she knew she was going to come soon; she could feel her body stiffening up. Dave tickled the inside of her pussy and it felt like she wanted to pee, his finger in her ass felt soooo nice and she knew it was too late to stop him. She came in his mouth, a warm squish of sweet juices flooded his mouth and he loved the taste of her. It just made his cock go crazier. He withdrew slowly from her, and lay on his back on the bed. Lynette climbed on top of him, straddling him. He lifted her up gently; she reached between their legs and guided the tip of his cock between her swollen cunt lips. She felt him at the tight opening of her vulva and, sitting down, let his cock slide gently into her pussy.

Suddenly the door opened and Lynette’s best friend, Candy came in, she had no idea what her friend was up to but she wanted to fuck Lynette. As she stepped into the room she had got a glimpse of Lynette bending forward with this guy’s cock in her cunt, the lips wrapped tightly around his thick pole. Without saying a word candy strode toward the bed, as she went she stripped off her shirt and skirt. Arriving at the bed she hastily removed her bra and maltepe escort stepped out of her panties. Dave couldn’t believe his eyes. These two women obviously knew each other and the new one was a stunner as well. Smaller tits than Lynette, perky and firm with a flat belly leading to a thin strip of black pubic fluff over smooth shaven cunt lips. Her clitoris was the biggest Dave had ever seen. It protruded from between her lips like a miniature cock, the pink hood looking like a foreskin. Mesmerized, Dave lay there with his cock throbbing deep inside Lynette as she turned and kissed the new girl, their tongues entwined. They had had sex many times before and sharing a new man would spice things up.

Lynette began to ride Dave’s cock, sliding his shaft slowly in and out of her wet snatch, As she kissed Candy she took her hand and guided it between her legs until Candy’s fingers closed around Dave’s pole, as Lynette retracted Dave’s cock from within her, so Candy followed her friend’s tight pussy upwards along the length until she felt Dave’s mushroom head begin to stretch Lynette’s hole open to allow it to pop out. At that point Lynette sat down again and took Dave’s tool back inside her, pushing Candy’s hand downwards until she felt his soft balls under her fingers. Lynette repeated this over and over as the two women kissed. Dave reached up and played Lynette’s tits, teasing her nipples with his strong fingers, using his hands on her. Feeling her wet warm pussy, together with the other girls hand around his dick, he knew it was not going to take long before he was going to come, they were driving him over the edge. Candy leant forward and, pushing Dave’s hands aside, started to lick Lynette’s breasts, feeling her nipples beneath her lips. Lynette pulled Dave from inside her and laid on the bed next to him, she then pulled Candy on top of her into a sixty-nine with Candy’s ass in the air, Lynette began licking Candy’s huge erection. Reaching around her thighs, Lynette took hold of the top of Candy’s thighs and buttocks and spread them wide. Dave could see the pink slit of her cunt open, revealing the small opening inside and he also saw the tightly puckered light brown ring of her exposed rectum.

Lynette sucked hard on Candy’s clitoris, making it grow even bigger. She ran her tongue along the juicy valley between Candy’s lips to the sweet pink hole and drove her tongue into it. Dave was enjoying the view as the girls sucked each other’s pussies. He moved around to position himself behind Candy who looked up briefly to tell him to please fuck her in the ass.

Hearing her friends instructions to Dave, Lynette slipped her middle finger deep into Candy’s pussy, fingering her rapidly in and out, coating her digit in Candy’s slippery lubricant. Before kartal escort Dave could position himself to place his cock against Candy’s ass, Lynette quickly pulled her finger from Candy’s cunt and placed the tip on Candy’s tight back door. Candy moaned into Lynette’s pussy as the finger slowly entered her rectum. Lynette looked up at Dave from between Candy’s legs and smiled. She pressed her finger deep into her friend’s ass, moving it in and out, preparing it for his large knob.

As Lynette removed her finger from Candy’s sphincter and replaced her hand on Candy’s buttock, holding her open for him, Dave placed the small opening at the tip of his cock in the centre of Candy’s warm asshole. The tip of his cock was coated in a generous layer of Lynette’s pussy juice and his own pre-cum so as he applied forward pressure to his cock Candy began to open and allow the insertion of his shaft. He felt the moment his head penetrated her rectum and the ring closed tightly around his knob and he sighed. Slowly he entered her further, careful not to hurt her. To his surprise Candy suddenly pushed her hips back against his cock and forced his swollen member to slide easily into her back tunnel.

Candy had her mouth over Lynette’s open cunt and was sucking on her clit, reaching around she parted Lynette’s lips and slid a finger deep into her pussy. Lynette began to buck her hips like a wild thing, fucking her clit into Candy’s mouth while Candy finger fucked her hole. Lynette moved her hand slightly and pushed one of her fingers into her friends open pussy, just below where she could see Dave’s thick rod stretching her rectum, sliding in and out. The two girls began to fuck wildly, Candy’s ass held Dave tightly and he could fell her rectum squeezing and releasing his cock as he began pounding in and out of her.

Dave sensed the two girls beginning to cum and he thrust his cock as deep up Candy’s ass as he could and waited. A second or two later he felt Candy cum on his cock as she clenched closed and it felt as if a vise had closed around his shaft. He heard her cum in Lynette’s mouth as a liquid squirt emitted from below his balls and he saw Lynette return the favour as Candy removed her probing finger and covered Lynette’s hole with her mouth. It was enough, Dave’s hips bucked forward again but Candy’s rectum was clamped so tightly around his cock that Dave could not push any deeper, he felt the rush of the first jet of white hot semen leave his knob and shoot deep into Candy, it was closely followed by numerous shots of high velocity sperm which were also deposited inside Candy’s rectum.

It was a while before Candy relaxed enough to allow Dave to withdraw from inside her. The three of them lay there feeling the waves of ecstasy flow over them. Dave held both in his arms. Lynette stood up to take a shower and Candy followed. He stood up to see what they were doing and saw that they were bathing each other. Candy started to softly nibble Lynette on her nipple and he watched the two at it again. He decided to join them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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