Makin’ It Even Pt. 01

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My sister and I hugged and kissed our parents goodbye at about 7 AM, both anxious to have the house to ourselves for a week. They were going with some friends on a cruise around the Caribbean, and it was perfect timing because they were starting to grate on my nerves a little.

See, I had just started college and even though I was still living in my parent’s house, I was freely independent. A job, a car, and a steady school schedule filled up most of my days pretty fast, and it always annoyed me when my parents would try to control where I go and what I do. My sister, Julie, was in her junior year at the same university, and she was wholly her own person, perhaps more so than me. To be honest, I don’t know why she still stays here – probably an attachment thing or something. Either way, having a free week to ourselves sounded like heaven. I had some school work to do, but I took off work for most of it so I can have time to enjoy it.

Almost as soon as my parents left, my sister went off to the gym, her favorite place on earth. She always went early in the morning so this was no surprise, but I thought at the least she’d wanna spend some time alone in the house for a few minutes for first.

“I’ll be back in about two hours.” she said as she descended down the stairs towards the front door in an outfit I’d never seen before. She usually wore a neon green or yellow jogging bra and grey yoga pants that hugged her legs and ass so tightly I can almost she her muscle outlines. Today, a pink and orange crop top and the tiniest yoga shorts I’d ever laid eyes on. In fact, I doubted if they could even be classified as shorts. They certainly did a hell of a job of showing off my sister’s legs, which over the last few months had started to become more and more defined and muscular with every trip to the gym.

“Jeez, can even those even be classified as shorts? I can almost see your naughty bits.” I blurted out from the other side of the room.

“I’m spending all day today on the treadmill.” she replied and she stepped into her shoes while tying her blonde hair back in a ponytail. “I’m tired of sweating in those shorts and having them get stuck to my ass.”

I had no response.

“See ya later!”

And she left.

I spend most of the next 2 hours or so going through my normal routine: eating breakfast, watching some TV, attempting to get some school work done, and then fuckin’ around on the computer doing whatever. In some ways, not going to work was boring, but I was sure I’d find a way to occupy myself in this huge house all by myself.

I decided after a while to take a dip in the pool. We were going to be closing it up soon since fall was just around the corner, so there was no better time than now to make the most of it. And I did. Relaxing and swimming around in the clear, cold water was a perfect way to start the week. The sun was blaring (it had to be at least 90) and it was the opportunity.

After a while, I suspected my sister would be home soon, which I was glad for because, as much as we bicker at each other sometimes, I really think we do enjoy each other’s company. Being a couple years older than me, she kind of helped raise me when I was really young when our parents would go out. She certainly was a big help getting me through my last year of high school and into college. It’s always nice having her around.

Speak of the devil – I was right. I couldn’t have been in the pool 15 minutes before my sister walked into the back yard through the back patio door. She was wearing her favorite black bikini, which had orange and yellow sun shapes on the breasts, and little palm trees all over the bottom. She also had on sunglasses, and was holding a pretty thick book in one hand and a bottle of sun tan lotion in the other.

“Greetings!” I said as she came into view through my wet hair falling in front of my face.

“Hi. I thought I’d find you out here.”

“Yeah. I wanna make the best out of the pool before dad closes it up in a few weeks. How was the gym?”

“Shitty. The treadmill I was using broke, and I didn’t get to do any of the exercises I wanted to.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah, so I’m just gonna come out here and tan for a little bit.”

I resumed swimming. Julie sat down in her tanning chair and started rubbing sun tan lotion on her arms and legs. Every time I came up from the water I stared at her. I had seen her do that about a hundred times, but something about the way she did it today was oddly…sensual. When she applied it to her inner thighs near her groin, I felt kind of naughty. I had to go back underwater to stop myself from looking.

Obviously my sister was always a rather attractive woman, but I had never been aroused by her before. I had even seen her coming out of the shower in a towel, and walking around in bra and panties, but somehow I just never thought anything of it. I don’t know if it’s the fact the we’re alone now, but there’s something particularly sexual about the way she looks today. Even just seeing her merter escort in that black bikini put a weird feeling in me, like I was seeing it for the first time, when in fact I had seen it more than a number of times before.

I resumed swimming.

I came up from the water to see her lying on her back reading her book – The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith. Nothing I had ever heard of. The summer heat beamed down violently on her legs and torso, giving her skin a nice sun-like glow. It was kind of mesmerizing.

Before I could go back under the water again, I heard her call for me.

“Hey, bro.”

I looked up. “What’s up?”

“Can you do me a favor and put sun tan lotion on my back? I can’t reach.”


I got rather excited.

I made my way out of the pool, did best to immediately dry my self off with my towel and pulled up a longue chair next to hers.

She handed me the bottle. “Here”.

She closed her book with a marker on the page, undid the back of her bikini top, and held the front of it to her chest so it wouldn’t fall off as she rolled over to her back. Suddenly, her bare back was on display.

“Thanks so much.” she blurted out.

I wasn’t sure where to start. “How much?” I asked.

“Oh. Load that shit up. I don’t wanna have my back be not as tan as the rest of my body.”

“Sounds reasonable.”

I squirted a huge glob onto my hands and rubbed them together. Slowly, then, I started mushing it around my sister’s back as she continued reading her book in the downward position.

I noticed how toned her back had become. Muscles had started to stand out more – not in the way of someone like a bodybuilder or a model, but rather a simple start to respectable fit shape. A shape that, as I rubbed my hands all over it, was starting to get me more aroused. Aroused, and a little bit confused. It wasn’t as if I had never touched a girl in this way before. I’d had my fair share of girlfriends in the past, and I wasn’t a total virgin. But something about rubbing lotion all over my sister’s back, in particular, just…got me going.

“Do you want your legs too?” I decided to ask.

“Oh, yes please. If you’re offering.”

I allowed myself some more lotion. This was a very full bottle.

I moved my chair down towards her legs and began rubbing it in there too. The back of her legs were unbelievably smooth – like a fine marble countertop. The higher up I went on her legs, the more aroused I became. I had begun to get a little bit of a hard on, in fact. I’d hoped that if it showed up through my swim trunks, Julie wouldn’t notice.

“Make sure you cover my legs really good. One of my biggest pet peeves is in uneven tan.” she said.

I begun to notice how of much her buttcheeks were hanging out of her bikini bottoms. I think it was the fact that she was lying on her stomach that caused so much of it to shift. Whatever it was, I was very close to my sister’s ass. As I continued rubbing the lotion in, I wondered if I could touch it without her taking notice. I gave myself a little more lotion as an excuse. I slowly begun rubbing in it from the back of her knee up the very bottom of her ass cheeks. I grazed them with my thumb. It felt wonderful. All I did was breeze over them gently for a moment, but I felt a surge of naughty experimentation flow over me. I did it a few more times to make it seem like I was applying lotion there. She didn’t say a word.

This would’ve been a perfect opportunity to try to advance this further, but I decided if I was gonna head down this road, I’d have to take it slow.

I backed off.

“Okay, looks like that’s probably enough”.

“Thanks a lot, little bro”.

“You’re welcome!”

I started gathering my things. I threw my towel over my shoulder, ready to head back inside. “I touched your butt a few times by accident. Sorry about that.” I said out loud without thinking.

She chuckled. “Haha, that’s alright. I didn’t even notice. I’m sure you’ll be okay”.

I laughed back.

“Thanks again.” I heard her say as I walked back inside.

I thought about what happened a lot that morning when I was in bed that night. I started playing with myself remembering the feeling of my thumbs grazing over my sister’s buttocks. I was hoping very badly that it would happen again tomorrow.

When it became tomorrow, I was anxious. I went through my daily routine again and my sister went through hers. She went off the gym again, a little later than yesterday, but wearing the same skimpy outfit. Fingers crossed she decides she needs to tan more when she gets back.

Evidently, she came back around noon. She started doing some stuff around the house – laundry, cleaning, other boring stuff. She was wearing normal clothes, too – jeans shorts and t-shirt. How disappointing.

However, lo and behold…a few hours later, she walked slowly down the stairs in that same black bikini with the same book, sunglasses, nişantaşı escort and bottle of lotion.

“Tanning again? You were out there for a long time yesterday.” I said in surprise.

“I know. I guess it just relaxes me. Also, it finally gives me an excuse to read this book for my essay.”

I stared again at her plump behind as she walked past, went outside, and assumed her normal position on the tanning chair. I stared again at her plump behind as she walked past.

I waited a few minutes so I wouldn’t seem like I was following her. Then I moved casually onto the deck. What was my excuse? I’ll think when I get out there.

I opened the sliding door and stepped out. I was barefoot.

“Are either of my flip-flops out here? I swore I took them in yesterday but now I can’t find them.”

Her book to her face, she looked over at me. “What do they look like?”

“I dunno, they’re just red flip flops.”

“Okay. If I see them I’ll let you know.”

“Sweet. Thanks”.

I turned to go back in side, disappointed at our lackluster conversation.

“Hey, actually, before you back inside, can you put sun tan lotion on my legs and back again? You lathered me up pretty good yesterday.”

It worked after all.

“Yeah, no problem.” I replied and found the familiar chair.

She handed me the bottle of lotion again and I got started, running my slippery fingers all over her back and smooth legs. She seemed content, and so was I. I glazed her cheeks a few times again before I had an idea. A super risky, potentially dangerous idea, but an idea nonetheless.

“Hey, sis.”

“What’s up?” she didn’t look back at me. She was glued to her book.

“Well I remember what you were saying yesterday about how much you hate an uneven tan.”


“Well, I was thinking…if you want your tan to be truly even, you should do your entire backside, instead of just your back and your legs, no?”

There was a pause. A long, nervous one.

A giggle.

“Heh, you mean my butt? I suppose that makes sense. It isn’t like I haven’t done it before anyway.”

She arched her back up and reached back behind her to undo the ties to her bikini bottoms. I got a huge glance of sideboob when she arched her back up, but as she returned to her previous position, a looked back down…and there it was. My beautiful older sister’s bare ass was right in front of me. Better yet, I was about to rub my hands all over it. My heart beating fast, and the blood in my body was rushing downward. It was so plump and perfectly round.

“Not too much san tan lotion there, though. Be careful. I don’t want my ass to be sticky all day.” she exclaimed suddenly.

“I’ll do my best.”

I squeezed some more lotion onto my hands from the bottle. Not too much this time. I got ready.

I stared down at the beautiful round mounds before. I rubbed my hands together, and looked back over at my sister again. She was still glued to her book. Gently, I laid my hands upon my sister’s own ass cheeks and began rubbing the sun tan lotion in. The feeling was spectacular. Like squeezing a pillow with a warm, freshly washed pillowcase on it. Every now and then, I’d run my fingers up and down her crack. In spite of everything else, it was honestly astonishing that she was even allowing me to do this, so I was going to get as much of it as I could for as long as I could.

“A little more?” I asked.

“Yeah, but just a little bit.”

I applied some more lotion. Gradually, I started squeezing and pinching the cheeks as I was rubbing. It must have felt natural, because she didn’t move a muscle. Every second that I was rubbing my hands all over this beautiful ass in front of me, I was reminded more and more that it belonged to my sister, and gradually, this made me more and more aroused. My erection was growing. Thankfully I was wearing real shorts this time, so it couldn’t be noticed.

The lotion was all settled in. I had hoped my sister wouldn’t notice, but she did. I had to stop.

“Okay, that should be good now.” she said.


I backed away, wiping what lotion was left on my hands off on my shorts.

“Thanks.” she said.

“You’re very welcome. I hope it wasn’t weird having your brother touch all over your butt like that”.

“You know, that’s what I initially thought, but it actually felt kinda good. I was actually really enjoying it. It was kind of like a massage. Maybe you should do that every time I come out here.”

“Sure whatever you want, sis” I replied happily, looking calm and collected, but on the inside my heart was beating like a stampede of antelopes. I needed a way to keep this going.

I walked back inside, excited and horny. What was the next step? I made myself a sandwich to bide some time. Just I finished it up, an idea came to me.

I ran upstairs to my bedroom and hurriedly put on my swim trunks. Somehow they were still ortaköy escort a little damp from yesterday’s swim, but I was willing to deal with it. I grabbed my iPod and headphones.

On my way back outside, I tried with every fiber of my being to act casual, and not like I was the slowly becoming the horniest person on the planet. My sister jerked her head towards me as I stepped out through the sliding door wearing only my bathing suit. Her shiny, plump ass was still on full display, glistening in the sun’s rays.

“Are you joining me?” she asked.

“Yep. It’s way too hot in that house so I figure I might as well take advantage of the heat as get some sun too.”

“Sound about right.”

“Plus I haven’t gotten a good bronze in a while. Looking at how tan you’re getting kind of made me jealous.”

She laughed.

“Can I borrow your lotion?” I prompted.

“Sure. Here”.

She handed me the bottle, and I applied it to my arms, legs and torso in standard fashion. Every one a while I would look up at my sister’s bare ass and admire it. I wanted to touch it again.

I walked over the shed on the other side of the yard and managed to find the other tanning chair. It probably hadn’t used in years, but miraculously it was still pretty clean. I placed it next to my sister’s and laid down next to her. I can see why she likes this spot. The sun is blazing when you’re facing it directly.

We both laid there on our respective chairs in silence for a few minutes. She read her book and I listened to my iPod – probably a little too loudly, as she seemed to look over at me every few time a song would get to an intense part. Now, it was time.

I took my headphones out. “Hey, sis.”


“I hate to interrupt your reading, but since I put sun tan lotion on your back today and yesterday, can you do it for me? Similarly, I can’t reach.”

“Sure! Tie me back up.”

I retied her bikini top and bottoms for her, and laid down on my stomach. “Thanks, Julie” I said.

She sat up on her chair next to me and started rubbing the lotion on my back. Somehow it felt kind of cold on my back, but I didn’t mind. It felt really nice on my legs too.

Then, I decided to take the leap. “Hey sis, would you mind doing my whole backside too? I keep remembering what you said about tans being uneven. I don’t think I want that either.”

“Sure, that’d be fine. But your bathing suit doesn’t have straps like mine does.”

I didn’t think of that. “That’s true. Never mind then”.

“I mean…I don’t mind, I guess. It’s not that weird, really, as long as you don’t mind. It’s just sun tan lotion anyway. And it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“I suppose you’re right. Take ’em off”.

“You did help me after all, too, so it’s only fair.”

I slumped my backside upwards and started sliding my swim trunks further away from my waist. My sister helped me slide them off my feet and they fell to the ground near the end of the chair. Finally, I was buck naked not even a foot away from my sister, who was about to rub her hands all over me. Thankfully, my erection had died down to about a half-chub, but I can feel it getting stronger. As I layed back down on my stomach, my cock and balls naturally were on display below my ass, kind of smushed together. Knowing that my sister was looking at them began to turn me on in a way nothing else ever had before. I was kind of loving it.

“Heh. Your ass is small.” my sister commented as she started rubbing lotion together in her hands.

“Maybe your ass is big.”

“I know my ass is big, but yours is still small.”

“Okay. One day we’re gonna stand side by side by the bathroom and compare. I know my ass isn’t that small.”

“Haha, no it’s pretty small.” she chuckled back wittfully.

I had no response as I felt her lotion-covered hands start to move all over my buttocks. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Just 48 hours ago we were bickering about some nonsense like regular siblings, and now I’m naked, and her hands are all over me. She started rubbing from the back of my knees up to my butt. It felt really good, I must say.

“You’re right, this does kind of feel like a massage.” I commented.

She said nothing, but continued rubbing lotion onto my ass enthusiastically. Suddenly now, within an instant, I realized that I had a full hard-on and that it was pointing outwards from underneath my scrotum, resting on the chair. There was absolutely no way she didn’t notice. And her hands were so close to it.

She kept on with her upwards motion of rubbing from my knee to my butt, and a little on my back. She paused for a second to put some more lotion on her hands, then suddenly, my balls felt a little bit of a touch as she went downward again. I knew what had happened, and I almost came right then and there.

My sister gasped. “Oh god, I got some on your balls my accident. I didn’t mean to do that. I’m very sorry!”

I laughed, trying my hardest to maintain my casual demeanor, despite my raging hard-on.

I was silent for a moment, but then I thought about it.

“I mean, my balls are out in the sun just as much as everything else. You might as well get ’em while you’re down there, if you don’t mind. Oh, and make sure when you put it on my butt make sure you get in near the crack please.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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