Maya Liberated Ch. 03

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Maya had designed the dance costume herself and also suggested most of the dance moves. She had on shorts made entirely of tiny beads. Inside she wore a net thong, which showed through the beads because of its bright orange colour. She wore a cut out top, which hung over her boobs and revealed the lower curves of her boobs. There were four other dancers. All wore side-tie thongs. Two were men and two women. The four were topless.

The four dancers commenced the dance. Their dance routine was set to foot tapping music. After the first few individual steps, the women dancers pirouetted their way into the arms of the male dancers. The music changed to a slow beat, allowing the dancers to exchange hot kisses and then continued with the male dancers’ mouths latched to the nipples of the female dancers, first one tit, then the other. Breaking free the women turned around and presented their butt cracks to their partners, who held them by their hips and thrust their crotches against the cracks. Thrusting and pushing to the music, the females leaned against their partners, raising their arms. Their partners obliged by moving their hands to their boobs and started pressing, caressing and pinching them, all to the dance beat.

At this juncture, the music stopped and amidst fanfare and a throbbing spotlight, Maya made a grand entry. She had donned antalya escort a shiny halter garment covering her front body. She danced to the music, which had restarted, managing to exchange kisses with the female dancers. Licking their tits, which were presented to her on the palms of the male dancers, she quickly released her front garment’s halter knot.

She turned her backside to the video camera and danced to the music beat, shaking her booty at it. All the dancers now came closer to Maya and with a flourish the male dancers released their partners. The females moved back, allowing Maya to move between the male dancers. She spread out her arms towards both of them, juggling and shaking her boobs.

The two dancers gyrated their way towards Maya’s outstretched arms and went into her embrace kissing her alternately and her boobs through the cut-out. She turned to face one of the dancers and the other one came in behind her. They danced close to each other. Both dancers were now grinding their taut crotches against Maya’s body; her pussy in front and her butt at the back. She danced and wriggled and put up both her arms. The dancers eased her out of the cut-out top exposing her tits as the video camera came in close to record this sequence.

The video camera moved to the female dancers. Each untied the others thong and kemer escort danced out of them, to be fully nude. One of them snaked down the other woman’s body licking and caressing. As she rose back the other dancer repeated the move. Dancing and moving slowly apart they embraced the male dancers from the back, on either side. The five of them were now jammed together. Slowly, the females caressed the sides of their partners in front with their palms and moving downwards untied the knots of their thongs, pulling them behind and out. Their penises came free, the females fingered their balls and then holding the penises rubbed them against Maya’s butt cleft on one side and the other rubbed it on her pussy slit. The camera zoomed in on this action as they repeated it.

Maya’s face showed her ecstasy and she unclipped the bead shorts on either side and pushed it down. The male dancers undid the knots of her thong and pulled and tore it apart. Their penises were now rubbing against her nude body. They slowly danced apart. The male dancers turned towards their partners and lowered them to the floor. Moving to the beat, they held themselves just above their bodies. Maya had knelt down with the nude couples on either side of her. Her hand was busy rubbing her clit and fingers moving into her pussy.

The konyaaltı escort male dancers slowly inserted their penises into the waiting pussy below. The video camera, again, coming in for a real close-up. The beat increased in tempo and so did the action on the ground. In and out, in and out thrust the penises in sync with the beat. So did Maya’s fingers and the beat reached a crescendo and stopped as Maya let out a wail as she fingered herself to an orgasm. The male dancers had pulled out their penises and almost together let go of their cum on the female body in front. The video camera zoomed out on this scene.

The emails raved about this video when it reached the subscribers but groaned in disappointment when just before the next video item an announcement informed that Maya would now be seen only after a year.

Maya watched the video with Tanya and Rima. Both were excited and hugged and kissed Maya on her performance. Maya was more excited as her liberation to full womanhood was fast approaching. Her twentieth birthday was only a few days away and the promised grand fuck with a live penis was awaited eagerly by her. Whose penis it would be, was a secret guarded closely by Tanya and Rima. The change from her previous birthday was that this was scheduled for the night on the eve of her birthday. Her birthday would be celebrated with the release of this video at a party. The party invitees included all of Rima and Tanya’s swinger friends as also a select few from Maya’s friends who were already into group sex. The whole do was expected to be spread over the weekend with a grand sex orgy at Rima’s place.

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