Mexican She-Male Ch. 01

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This is a true story that happened to me when I was stationed with the Army in El Paso Texas. After entering the military straight out of high-school, I was far from being a virgin but was somewhat uneducated about sex. Once when I was out at the adult book stores in El Paso I stepped into a video booth and saw my first movie featuring a she- male.

Actually the scene involved two she-males and they were fucking the shit out of some guy. He was on his hands and knees with about a nine inch black cock being rammed up his ass, while an oriental lady with an equally large cock was forcing hers down his throat. My eyes were riveted to the screen. I had never seen anything like it before and I just couldn’t bring myself to change the channel. I sat on the bench in the booth and watched these two beautiful creatures take this gay through all the paces. They pounded his ass and mouth from virtually every conceivable position.

As I sat stroking my cock and watching the movie and older man entered my booth. He glanced briefly at the screen, smiled and dropped to his knees in front of me. I was going to tell him, “no thank you.”

Until that moment I had never touched or been touched by another man, but the images on the screen had me so worked up that I figured, “what the hell.” I had experienced many clumsy blow jobs from girls in high school but this guy obviously took a lot of pride in what he was doing. While the black she-male on the screen was forcing her huge cock into the white guys mouth on the screen, this man was sucking and swallowing all eight inches of my cock. I had never had anyone get all of my cock into their mouth and throat before and this anonymous stranger was taking all of mine with every downward plunge of his head.

It didn’t take me long with the images on the screen and the sensations I was feeling on my cock to experience the most incredible orgasm I had ever felt. Just as the two she-males on the screen started painting the guys face with what looked to be about a quart of cum, my own cock started sending spurt after spurt into the man’s mouth and throat.

Incredibly, my new friend seemed to enjoy my orgasm as much as I did. Instead of slowing or pulling away, his pace actually increased and he seemed to actually be trying to suck my balls up through my cock. As my orgasm subsided, my cock became tender and I had actually force his head away from my cock. At that point the man kissed the head of my spent penis and thanked me. I couldn’t believe it. He was thanking me, thanking me for letting him give me the blow job of all blow jobs.

After that day I couldn’t get my mind off of the movie I had watched or the incredible blow job I had received from a complete stranger. I was relatively lucky with the ladies and every time I would find myself in bed with one I would fantasize about the beautiful she-males I had seen in the movie or the older man sucking my cock. I wasn’t interested in returning the favor, but I couldn’t get over how incredible that blow job had been. Now, the thought of Kartal Ukraynalı Escort sucking one of the she-males I had seen in the movie greatly aroused me. I could just imagine myself on my knees looking up at a beautiful body as I sucked her cock into my mouth. Little did I know in a couple of months I would have that opportunity.

One of the advantages of being stationed in El Paso is its proximity to the Mexican border. Myself and many of my Army buddies would frequently cross the border to party and chase pussy. It was on was of these trips that got my opportunity to experience sex with a drop dead gorgeous she-male named Marie. Two of my Army buddies and myself were in a disco in Mexico when I first met her. I was standing at the bar ordering a round when she walked to the bar and stood beside me waiting to order for herself. I am just under six foot and although she was wearing four inch heals I was still taller than her by about two inches.

Her long black hair was combed in a way that let several strands cascade over her shoulders and onto the cleavage she was showing in her low-cut dress. I asked her if I could buy her a drink and her huge brown eyes lit up as she favored me with the most incredible smile I have ever seen. We hit it off instantly and spent the rest of the night dancing and conversing. My friends had long since left when I asked her if she would like to get a room.

At this question Marie frowned and I was terribly concerned that I might have been moving to quickly. It was at this point that she told me she wanted to spend the night with me but was concerned that I wouldn’t want to see her again if we slept together. I tried to reassure her that I was attracted to in more than just the physical sense and I couldn’t imagine myself settling for just one night with her. Reluctantly she agreed to take me back to her place.

As soon as we got through her door I was kissing her and holding her close to me. Her breasts were crushed to my chest and our tongues were battling with each other for room in the other’s mouth. Abruptly, she pushed herself back from me and stated, “You still have know idea what you are getting yourself into.” She told me to sit on the couch and watch her undress and if still wanted to stay she would be delighted, but if I chose to leave she would understand.

I sat on her sofa and watched as first the most perfect set of breasts I had ever seen came into view. I found out later they were 36C’s. Each was topped with a dark brown nipple, about the diameter of a dime and still out about a half an inch. As she undressed, my cock was throbbing in pants and it seemed to take forever for every inch of her lovely brown flesh to come into view. She turned her back to me and let her dress fall to the floor, revealing a lovely light brown ass and beautiful legs incased in stockings up her mid-thigh. At this point she looked over her should and told me, “Now is your moment of truth.”

When she turned to face me my jaw nearly hit the floor. She had a cock. Kartal Üniversiteli Escort It was uncut and in its rigid state it was only slightly smaller than mine. The truth is it was about seven inches but much larger than mine in width. I didn’t realize how long I stared her penis, but when I looked back to her face I could tell she was very nervous and waiting for a reply from me. I looked her in the eyes and told her that I thought she was incredible and I had hoped to me a girl like someday. With this her face lit up with a little girl smile and she came to me on the sofa.

Once again, our bodies were fused to each other as we kissed. I felt her throbbing erection crushed between the two of us. My own erection was becoming painful in the confines of my pants. She then led me by my hand to her bedroom which was softly lit by candle and moonlight coming in through the large bay window. She told me that I had seen everything she had to offer and now it was turn to “bare all.” It took me only seconds to shed my clothes and join her on the bed. Now as we kissed our cocks were rubbing each other and I could feel her rock hard nipples poking against my chest. As I started to work my lips down her body she groaned and kept thrusting her cock against first my stomach then my chest.

As I kept kissing my way down to her lower stomach I finally reached the point where I felt her cock bump my chin. I could feel the presence of pre cum and knew she was as excited as I was. Then I took the plunge. I opened my mouth took as much of her cock as I could in one lunge. I was surprised at how hot and spongy it felt in my mouth. I could taste the slightly bitter precum on the back of tongue. It wasn’t bad though, just slightly bitter. I loved looking up the length of her body and watching her face as I moved my mouth up and down her rigid cock. When I pushed a finger up into very tight ass it sent her over the edge and she flooded my mouth and throat with her cum. I gagged as I struggled to keep pace with her and swallow her load but still I refused to let her escape my sucking mouth. Finally the jets of cum subsided to a mere trickle then finally stopped and removed her cock from my mouth and gently licked it clean.

I then moved up and kissed Marie as she lay there with her eyes closed and beautiful smile on her face. As we kissed Marie lovingly licked the seed that leaked from around my mouth during her orgasm. To my surprise I could feel her cock growing to life again against my hip. Marie told me I had given her an incredible orgasm and genuinely seemed shocked when I told her that was my first time. As we lay kissing her caresses became more and more persistent and she pushed me onto my back. She told me to stay where I was and she would be right back.

When she returned to the bedroom she told me, “Although I’d love to suck you until you can’t cum anymore, first I’m going to ride you. After that, when you’re good and relaxed I’m going take your cherry.” From the look on my she could tell I was scared. I had Kartal Vip Escort never had more than a finger up my ass and I now face the prospect of being impaled on a very sizable cock. I also knew I would never forgive myself if left without trying it. Marie then told me, “Just relax, by the time you leave here you’ll be begging me for my cock in any hole I want to put it in.”

With that she came over and straddled me. Slowly, very slowly she eased herself down on my rigid member. I knew I would not last long and she seemed to sense it also. When she had my cock all the way up her beautiful brown ass she just held herself in that position trying to keep from triggering my inevitable orgasm. She told me I felt huge in her ass as I fondled her breasts and told I would not be able to last long in her tight ass. Then she started to raise herself up slowly only to throw herself back down on my cock. It only took a few strokes to set me off and she settled on my cock and milked me with her ass muscles. As my come was almost forcibly withdrawn I felt as if I might pass out. The time Marie kept encouraging me to give everything I had.

When Marie withdrew her self from my spent member she said, “Great cock now let try that ass of yours.” She told me, “This is going to hurt. I want it to, but before I’m done you’ll be begging me to fuck you harder.” She then handed me a pillow and said bite on this until you get use to it.

With very little preamble she lubed her cock, placed my legs on her shoulders and started to guide her penis to my virgin anus. When I felt the tip touch my opening I reflexively twitched but Marie applied pressure until I felt the head enter me. God it hurt like hell. But Marie didn’t quite pushing until she buried to her balls in me. I had tears in my eyes as I looked up at her smiling face. Marie then said, “Try to relax honey. I’m going to fuck you until I pound the cum out of you.” She then started to saw in and out of my ass at a very slow but steady pace. True to her word the pain slowly began to subside and was replaced by a warm full feeling. Marie quickened her pace when she saw me relax and I began moving to meet her thrusts. Her cock was rubbing my prostate and a drop of pre-cum soon turned into a puddle landing just below my navel.

I reached to stroke my own cock but Marie batted my hand away telling me to relax and let “it” happen. I wasn’t sure what “it” was but I knew the sensations of having that beautiful she-male pounding into me were nearly overwhelming. Then “it” happened. Without even touching my cock I started cumming. First two long rope of cum sprayed up onto my face. Then several lesser spurts landed on my chest and stomach. Each spurt matched the tempo of Marie’s pounding into my ass. My orgasm set Marie off as she started flooding my bowels with her hot load.

Then she released my legs from her shoulders and fell forward with her cock still buried in me. As I lay panting and catching my breath, Marie started kissing the cum off of my face and sharing it with me in long sticky kisses. I couldn’t believe how sexy it felt to feel the cum drying between our two bodies as we kissed. Eventually, I felt her softened penis slide from my cum filled ass, as she lifted herself off of me to lay down beside me. I slept that night holding her close to me with my face nuzzled in her hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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