Mid Summer Day Dream

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There is a private lake up north of where I live, set back in the hill country that I had heard stories about and always dreamed of fishing. Today was my chance and I was taking it. An old friend had built a place on the lake and I had ran into him at the local cafe. He was in town on business and was eating lunch.

To make a longer story short, I asked about the fishing on the lake and he invited me up for the next Saturday to find out for myself. So now I’m on the road with my boat on behind the truck and a mug of coffee in my hand. I figured on being there at daylight.

The sun was just starting to color the horizon as I punched in the code to open the front gate to his place. A short drive later, I took the second right and followed it down to a boat launch ramp and boathouse. I made a circle and backed my boat down to the edge of the water.

As I got out of the truck, my friend stood up on the patio above the ramp. “Good morning,” he called out as he did.

“And a good morning to you. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day,” I said as I came around the truck.

He was coming down the steps. I stopped and looked at him hard. He was dressed in a business suit. I had on shorts and a t-shirt. “I didn’t know this was going to be a formal fishing trip.”

“Sorry about this but I have a meeting to attend, some heads to roll, and a few nuts to crack.”

“Sounds like fun.” John owned a couple of construction companies and an interest in an oil company or two. He was quite well to do, as they say.

He grinned. “You go on and fish. You’ll have the lake to yourself, pretty much.”

“Did someone say fishing?” A female voice asked from the patio.

I looked up to see a sleepy looking young woman in a ducky covered bathrobe, and fuzzy slippers. I didn’t have a clue who she was.

John laughed and shook his head. “Clyde, meet my middle daughter, Tina. She might not look it at the moment but she is fishing crazy.”

“Any fishing nut is a friend of mine,” I said as I gave her a wave.

“Since you’re not going, can I go?” She asked her father.

He looked around at me. “Hey, I was going to fish with you and she’s a heck of a lot cuter,” I said with a grin.

He chuckled and shook his head. Looking around at his daughter. “You better put a rush on or he’ll leave without you.”

She was gone like a shot and John laughed as he turned back to me. “She’s a good kid, even if she is a little scatter brained. On this one minute and onto something else the next.”

“All kids are like that,” I reassured him. “Even us when we were young.”

“Yeah, but she’s almost twenty.”

“In that case, I’m glad I’m not you,” I said with a grin.

He chuckled and turned around to go back up the steps. “I need more coffee. Have fun and don’t drown her. I don’t have any insurance on her anymore.”

“Maybe you should tell her the same thing,” I said as he reached the top of the steps. He just waved over his shoulder.


I had the boat launched and tied to the dock with the motor warming when Tina appeared again. Tight white shorts, white tennis shoes, a light blue t-shirt, and an Aggie ball cap changed her appearance totally. Now she looked the part of the athletic young woman she was. As she bounced down the steps, my eyes instantly focused on the bouncing going on in the front of her t-shirt. She was one healthy young woman, I must say.

“Let me grab a couple of rods and my tackle box and I’ll be right with you,” she said as she trotted over to the front of the boathouse.

All I could do was nodded as I watched her breasts sway under that t-shirt. Her nipples were making moving tents as they moved to and fro. As she went into the boathouse I shook myself. “She’s half your age,” I whispered to myself. Myself didn’t seem to care in the least.

When she came out of the boathouse, she had two nice rods in one hand and a large tackle box in the other. She walked over to and then out onto the dock. I took the tackle box from her and sat it next to the driver’s console. She stepped down into the boat and laid the rods on the front deck.

“How well do you know this lake? This is my first time here,” I said as she turned and sat down on the edge of the front casting deck.

“I’ve fished it several times with dad and I’ve explored on my own. There is a creek channel down that way with a timber flat on one side that produces some good fish early.”

“If you’ll get the bow rope, we’ll head that way,” I said. “You are now officially the guide for this trip. You can show me around.”

She smiled as she got up to get the rope. “Some of the things I could show you,” she said with her back to me that hid a grin.

My eyes were on the tight shorts stretched over her shapely ass as she bent to get the rope. There was a hint of a camel toe where her thighs met. I was already seeing some amazing sights, I can tell you, but probably not her.

When she moved back and sat down beside me, I backed the boat out and away from the dock. There were some ataşehir escort bayan scattered cypress trees between open water and us. I idled the boat along until we were clear of them. Once in the open she pointed out a row of widely spaced pilings leading off in both directions.

She pointed to the left. “Stay on the outside of those pilings. They mark the closest to shore the water skiers and speedboats can go fast. Inside them is a no wake zone.”

“Do you have a lot of speedboats and water skiers here?”

“Only on certain weekends during the summer. The rest of the time it is fairly quiet.”

I turned the wheel left and sped up. When I got parallel with the pilings, I sped up until we were on plane. The lake was mirror smooth, the four-stroke motor was quiet enough you could hear the hiss of the water along the hull.

“Hey, I like this boat,” she said with a grin. “It’s not real fast but it sure is quiet.”

I grinned as I pushed the throttle forward. I had only been cruising at half speed. The boat jumped forward and Tina laughed as she reached up and grabbed her ball cap. “I think I spoke too soon. I got to get me one of these.”

We had covered a half a mile or so when Tina said, “Those trees sticking out up ahead. Pull in on this side of them.”

I stopped the boat well short of the thicker stand of cypress trees coming out off a point of land. You could tell the water got deeper as the trees got smaller and younger. “Now this is my kind of place. I was raised fishing cypress trees,” I said as I shut the motor off.

Tina stood up, got her rods, and moved to the rear casting deck. “I catch fish off the cypress trees but they are always in weird spots.”

“That’s because you don’t understand cypress trees. You’re fishing the tree and not the rings of roots that surround it. The roots grow out and then up into the water. Then another ring forms, as the tree gets older. There can be dozens of them on big old trees. The fish will lay between these rings to feed.”

She looked thoughtful and then said, “That sounds reasonable. I had noticed the roots but never knew they were in rings.”

“Early and late always fish the sides where there will be the most shade between the root rings.” I told her as I opened the rod box under the front deck and pulled out two rods. One had a top water bait on and the other a shallow running twitch type crank bait.

I moved to the front deck and lowed the trolling motor. As I took a seat in the chair, I made a long cast toward the shortest and smallest cypress tree. I reeled in the slack and just as the lure moved, I gave it a sharp jerk. It put out a fan shaped spray of water and made a hissing sound.

“Hey, that sounds and looks like shade hitting the surface,” Tina said.

I jerked the lure again and it exploded. I set the hook on a fat bass and grinned. “It sure does.” I told her as I fought the fish.

She laughed. “Smart ass,” she said as she cast a willow leaf spinner bait toward the same tree.


I had caught four nice fish by the time she landed a small one. As she tossed the fish back she asked, “You wouldn’t have another one of those lures would you?”

I turned around and opened a storage locker in the deck. I pulled out a bag and took a flat box out of it. I selected a lure like mine and held it out toward her. “I never leave home without a dozen or so.”

She moved forward and took the lure. As she looked at it she said, “From the way the fish are hitting it, I can see why.” Then she frowned. “It’s a popper with the lower lips shaved off.”

“Correct. It’s called a Pop R and probably the most closely guarded secret in bass fishing. The company quit making them at one time and there were riots.”

She chuckled as she moved up to the back deck. “Riots huh. All I want to do is start a bass riot.”

I made a cast toward the next tree toward shore. “That will do it,” I said as I jerked the bait. It exploded and I set the hook but the fish wasn’t there. I reeled in quickly and laid that rod down. I picked the other one up and cast the minnow shaped crank bait a little past where the bass had hit the top water bait.

“Why did you change baits?” Tina asked with confusion evident n her voice.

I twitched the bait once and it dove under a few inches. I twitched it again with the same result. As it came back to the surface, I started to reel quickly and the lure dived deeper and wiggled from side to side. There was a big swirl and I set the hook on a large fish. “That is the reason,” I said as the drag on my reel sang.

She nodded. “Works for me and I don’t think you’re a novice at this game.”

I horsed on the fish as he made a run for the trees. He turned and I crank furiously to keep the slack out of my line as he headed for deeper water. As I caught up with him and applied pressure to the rod, I replied, “I used to make my living tournament fishing.”

“That sounds like a fun way to make a living.”

“It can be or rather it used to be,” I said escort kadıköy as the fish started up slowly.

“What do you mean, it used to be?”

The fish rolled on the surface and then turned on his side. I moved to the edge of the deck and leaned down. I led the fish over toward the boat with the rod in one hand as I leaned down and grabbed him by the bottom lip. As I leaned back I raise a fat six-pound bass up in the air.

“Nice fish,” Tina said.

“Thanks,” I replied. I got all three hooks free from his large mouth. I held the fish up and looked him over.

“Health,” I said as I dropped him back in the lake.

Tina made a cast toward the opposite side of the tree where I had hooked the big bass. She jerked the bait and it made a bubbly sound. “Hey, this one doesn’t do like yours.”

“Reel the slack in and then jerk just as the lure starts to move.” I told her.

She did as I said and was rewarded with the spray and hiss. “There are tricks to everything.”

I nodded as I check to see if my line was frayed. It was good so I cast back toward the tree. Tina worked the lure again and then a third time. It exploded and she had a fat three-pound fish on. “Alright!” she yelled as she muscled the fish in.

“Work him easier. Let him wear himself out. Less chance of him coming off and it’ll make him easier to land,” I coached her.

She backed off the pressure on the rod and a minute later had him lipped and in the boat “He sure didn’t splash around as much when I lifted him up.”

“He was tired and out of fight.”

She nodded as she got the hook out of his mouth. She looked him over and then dropped him back in the lake. “A pretty fish.”

“Five of those each day for three days will win most tournaments.”

“So why did you quit?”

“A new lake nearly every weekend for nine months out of the year. Bad restaurant food, crowded motels, too little sleep, too much driving through the night. It wears you down over time. Then there are sponsors to keep happy and promoters are even worse. The politics are a nightmare. I finally had enough.”

“I guess I can understand that but I sure would like to try it.”

“Every fishing nut would,” I said as I worked my lure.


I lost count of the bass we caught and released but it was a good number just on that one point alone. As we moved into the creek, I changed the Pop R out for a green frog. I worked that along the cypress trees along the shoreline and made an occasional cast to the stump beds on the opposite side.

Tina stayed with the Pop R and caught a half dozen fish. I only caught one but it was another one in the six-pound plus range. The creek was narrowing and the sun was getting up, the heat rising. “Know where there are any more points with cypress trees or a deep shaded creek?” I asked as I laid my rod down.

She looked thoughtful for a moment and then shook her head. “No points like this one but I do know a good wide deep creek.”

“Then it’s time to move,” I said as I stowed the tackle bag and strapped my rods down. I turned the boat around toward the open lake and raised the trolling motor.

Tina strapped her rods down and moved down to sit beside me as I started the outboard. As I idled toward the row of pilings, she asked, “Why did you change over to the frog?”

“Force of habit. After you get five fair fish and they are nice but less than four pounds, you change it up to find larger fish to cull the five you are allowed. You caught more fish than me by using the same lure but I caught one much bigger. A money fish, they call it.”

She nodded. “I’m learning a lot,” she said with a grin. “I wonder what dad would say if I decided to try fishing for money.”

“Knowing your dad, he’d encourage you and give me a dirty look,” I said with a grin.

We reached the pilings and she pointed left again. “That way about a mile.”

The lake wasn’t wide but it was long. We were headed toward the dam end of the lake and deeper water. The wind was up just enough to put a slight chop on the surface. I ran a little above three quarter throttle and that smoothed the chop out nicely.

Tina pointed to the mouth of a creek and I turned that way and slowed. I hadn’t seen or heard another boat all morning and had only seen half a dozen houses on the far side of the lake. None on this side.

“This lake sure is deserted,” I said with a glance at the young woman next to me.

“Most of the homes here are weekend getaway places. There are only about four families that live here year round like we do. Two of them are up this creek.”

I nodded and shut off the motor as we neared the entrance to the creek. The left bank was shallow and moss covered but the right hand one looked like a straight drop off with large willow trees lining it. Some of the willows leaned out over the water and provided shade.

“Not bad,” I said as I stood up.

Tina stood up beside me and stretched her arms up over her head and twisted her upper body back and forth. I watched maltepe escort her beasts move under the tight t-shirt out of the corner of my eye. As she lowered her arms she grinned and asked, “How do you like the scenery?”

My head swiveled as I wondered which scenery she was speaking of. The grin on her face made me look at the front of her t-shirt. Her nipples made tents in the cloth. “Uh, lovely, just lovely,” I said as I looked away.

She laughed and turned to step across the seats and up onto the back deck. “When I’m by myself fishing, I usually fish topless or even naked.”

“Be still my heart,” I said as I turned to look at her.

“I wonder how that would go over in a tournament?”

“You would get plenty of spectators and camera time but none of the video would reach the TV shows,” I told her with a grin.

She shrugged. “The spectators would be enough,” she said and then shivered hard. “You might have noticed that I’m somewhat of an exhibitionist.”

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it, I always say. And if you enjoy flaunting it, do it often.”

“I enjoy it believe me. I enjoy teasing also,” she said as she pulled the bottom of her t-shirt up and then rolled it up until it was right at the bottom of her breasts. She had a nice tan on her flat belly and a small bead in a piercing at the top edge of her navel.

“Nice, very nice,” I said as my eyes wandered openly over the exposed skin.

“I have an old t-shirt that I’ve cut off at the bottom of my breasts that teases better. The bottom curve of each breast shows as I move. If I raise my arms over my head, it only covers from my nipples up.”

“Too bad you didn’t wear it but then again, my lure would have been in most of the cypress trees instead of in the water,” I replied with a grin.

“Daddy was still around or I would have.”

“Yeah, I don’t think he would have approved of you showing off for a dirty old man like me.”

Tina laughed. “You’re not that old and you have a nice way of looking at me without leering.”

I chuckled. “That short shirt would have made me drool a lot, believe me. Not a pretty sight.”

She grinned and reached down to unbutton the top of her shorts. A V of skin showed pointing down toward her sex. I licked my lips and she pulled the zipper down a couple of inches. When she locked the zipper and moved her hand away, the top swell of her mound was visible. There wasn’t a hair in sight.

“Now we’re getting into drool territory,” I said as I stared at the open part of the shorts.

“And if I’m not careful, I’ll have a wet spot in these shorts,” she said with a grin as she shifted her hips back and forth. The tight shorts never moved.

My eyes shifted up to her face and then back down to the front of the shorts. “Since you have dark hair, I assume you shaved it off?”

“It was dark enough to show a shadow through these shorts. Anyway, no hair means more shows when I do flash. I can be so forgetful about panties when I wear short skirts.”

I nodded and then looked up at her face again. “Your dad seems to think you are scatter brained but I see a young woman with her own plan.”

She grinned broadly. “You’re smarter than I originally thought.”

“Now about this fishing naked thing you like….” I said with a grin of my own.

Tina laughed and bent to un-strap her rods.

My eyes were on the curve of her ass and the way her breasts moved as she bent over. I wondered briefly what her ass would look like naked and how much of her breasts would be exposed in that cut off shirt.

“Maybe later,” she whispered as she straightened up.

I sighed and shook my head as I climbed up on the front deck. “It’s always later somewhere.”


We fished the mouth of the creek and then up into it. I divided my attention between casting and watching Tina. Where earlier her knees had remained together most of the time, now they were spread wide. The camel toe of her sex was displayed nicely and the open zipper kept getting more open all the time. A good portion of her mound was exposed.

I had changed to a plastic worm and was now feeling the lure instead of having to watch it. She had done the same. We had caught dozens of fish, including another one above six pounds. She caught that one. I had my eyes on her as she did. She used my advice from earlier about working the fish slower.

She got down on both knee when the fish gave up and she went to grab it. Her knees were spread wide and her butt up in the air. I groaned softly as I thought of her in that position naked. Then I smiled as I saw the wet spot in the cloth covering the lower part of her sex.

She lifted the bass and looked at me over her shoulder. “Nice fish and an even nicer wet spot,” I told her.

She grinned as she got the hook out of the fish’s mouth. “It’s your fault. I keep feeling your eyes on me and it feel so good.”

“What would you say if I said that was the second time I’ve tried to visualize you naked?”

She shivered hard and dropped the fish overboard. “You would have seen everything with me on my knees like that.”

“Especially how wet you were,” I said to add fuel to her fire.

She whimpered softly and bent back over. She spent a long time washing her hands before she looked around at me. “I’m even wetter now.”

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