Midtown Memoirs Ch. 03

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Previously in Midtown Memoirs:

Today has already been an “All-Time Best” starting with a killer blowjob from Lisa on the ride to work, and then fucking Sumi, our sexy little voyeur, senseless at her spa. Now I’ve still got to figure out how to bring Lisa and Sumi together for a threesome and decide to ask my buddy Jim for some advice at our favorite after-work bar.

Sitting at the corner, I’ve already started on my first martini of the evening when my buddy Jim walks in and takes a seat next to me. Melanie, our favorite bartender, a voluptuous auburn-haired glamazon, brings over one for him as well.

“Wow, now that’s service, but what if I wanted something else?” Jim asks.

I quickly tell him that he’s too predictable, especially after work, so I took the liberty of pre-ordering and kept his chilled until he arrived. After a quick “salud” we begin to imbibe in our $12 drinks and make our way to one of the booths, taking in the local “scenery.”

I tell Jim about the day’s events so far, to which he immediately scoffs at and says, “Bravo Sierra, dude.” So I take out Sumi’s note and pass it to him across the table. He looks at it and begins shaking his head.

“Yo. You’ve got to be the luckiest sonofabitch ever,” he exclaims, raising his glass, “because you don’t even try and end up stepping in shit.”

I have to retort the fact that Lisa was weeks of hard work and patience, while Sumi was pure luck. Besides, he is not unlucky in the lady department either. Whether it’s at a sporting event, out at a bar, or just walking on the street, he’s been able to strike up a conversation with beautiful women and end up with their numbers or more often, in their pants.

I try to explain my predicament about not knowing how to include Lisa, a girl I really don’t know except for what she’s told me on the bus, into a three-way with Sumi, but Jim is slightly distracted by what, or I should really say, who, is coming on stage.

It was his favorite, “Chrystal” and she is just his type, a hot, brown-hair, brown-eyed Latina with a big, firm rack, a super-thin waist, nice child-bearing hips and an ass that goes “POW!” The only thing keeping her from being totally nude was a piece of string disguised as a bikini bottom. She knows all the right moves to make while on stage and on the pole. I’d personally like to see her on my pole, but she was all Jim’s.

After her set, she arrives at our table, sitting down and making some chit-chat with Jim. Seeing her up-close was even more breathtaking. She is the total package, a body built for nothing more than fucking. A waitress comes up and brings two more martinis over to us just as an announcement from the DJ mentions that a new girl is making her debut. Chrystal breaks from her conversation with Jim to quickly tell us both that “Tawny” is a well-known dancer visiting from California and is a “super hot blonde with a special talent” to which Jim replies, “blondes are more his type, while as for me, I like the exotic brunettes” and he begins to rub Chrystal’s round ass. With their attention focused back on each other, I decide to check Tawny out.

The music starts playing, and Tawny comes out from behind the curtain to start her set. All I can say is that I do not remember anything going on around me for the next 4 minutes. She was supermodel-hot with a tight body, perfect tits, apple-shaped ass and the most genuinely beautiful face I’ve ever seen. And shit, does she know how to work the crowd. Although I really don’t consider myself to have a “type” I certainly love the fitness-model body and natural blonde hair of this gorgeous specimen, but what the hell is her special talent?

After a little while, I get up from the booth and casually approach the stage with a $50 bill in front of me. She instantly sees it and works her way towards me. I fold the bill length-wise and place it in my mouth, hoping that she would lean in and squeeze her tits together grabbing the bill, while giving me a nice up-close look at those cans, a classic move. Instead, she completely surprises me by sitting down at the edge of the stage, lying back and spreading her shapely legs and then placing them behind her head like a Tyson chicken. Her G-string, which was barely covering anything to begin with, begins to part her luscious lips for some nice camel-toe action. She takes her fingers and lifts the string flossing her swollen cunt and begins rubbing her clit in small circles, finally inserting a digit deep into her pussy. My dick instantly springs to attention antalya escort like a Marine at 0500. I just continue to stare at her beautiful box when she slips her finger out and brings it up to her mouth. After licking it clean, she gives me the “come hither” finger curl as she goes back to rubbing her clit with one hand, while holding the g-string up with her other.

I could see her getting off, although with her legs pinned behind her head, she was having a difficult time moving her hips. As I stare at her delicious hole, I start to see a massive moisture build-up and begin to work my way on my hands and knees toward her. She is shaking uncontrollably now as I get about a foot from her peach. Taking the bill out of my mouth, I reach in and place the bill underneath her raised G-string and slide it upwards on her bare pelvis, making sure I rub her juicy slit with a thumb. As I begin to move backwards, still on my hands and knees, she finally begins to finger herself with one hand and rubbing her hard clit with the other. I can barely understand her when she says, “Here it comes sweetie. Oooooooh… Mmmmm… Yeesssssssssssssss!” And with that, her pussy erupted and shot what seemed like a gallon of warm juice 3 feet into the air, not only hitting me square in the face, but it arcing over head. Her orgasm is so hard her entire body starts to shake violently as she nearly passes out on stage, her pussy pulsating as the last drops of juice ooze out of her slit. I’m soaked now, but with the sweetest smelling and most delicious bodily fluid I’ve ever tasted. I quickly move up and begin quickly licking her dripping honey pot bringing her back to life. She suddenly awakens and comes back to reality. She then removes her legs from behind her head, stands up, takes a bow and begins to collect her things.

A bouncer comes over looking pissed off, but after checking to see if Tawny was alright, firmly escorts me back to my booth where Jim is laughing and clapping hysterically and Chrystal is screaming. The bouncer whispers in my ear, “Watch it man, none of that out here. After you get cleaned up, Tawny would like to see you in private.” Finally coming back to the world of the living, I begin to hear the entire bar cheering and the DJ saying, “Whoaaaa! Give it up for Tawny an’ her squirtin’ pussy, yo! How’s that for a spe-cial talent?!” The waitress had already brought over a couple of bar-towels and I begin to dry my hair, face and shirt.

“Dude, you were caught in a tsunami of pussy juice! Holy shit that was fucking awesome” Jim continues as Chrystal stands up.

“Yeah, that made me so hot, how about that private dance, baby?” Chrystal asks as she leads Jim away.

I was still trying to digest everything that just happened, but my dick was telling me not to bother and get my ass back there to see Tawny. I finished drying off and downed the rest of my drink and make my way towards where the VIP rooms are.

A different bouncer tells me she’s in Room 6 and removes the velvet rope blocking off the area. I was about to pull some cash, but the bouncer said it was taken care of. Still, I tipped him a $20 spot. “Thanks… have fun,” was his reply.

As I begin to work my way past all the rooms, I see that Room 6 is one of those with a door. Some of the rooms don’t have doors and are semi-private, meaning more than 1 couch dance could be going on at the same time. And the couches are only couches in the academic sense; they had cushions and were once meant to be sat on. But the private rooms have doors that locked and nice comfortable leather couches. The only things making them not completely private are the CCTV cameras to make sure the girls are safe and to dissuade the uneducated customer from any hanky-panky.

Passing by Room 5, I notice it’s open, and end up doing a double take as I peek in and see Jim fucking Chrystal really hard from behind. Her tits are like big, bouncing balls, as Jim pulls her dark silky hair with one hand and while he spanks her ass with the other. They both seem to catch me peeking at the same time and as a result, begin fucking each other harder and rougher. Chrystal sits up slightly and squeezes her luscious melons as Jim keeps plowing into her snatch. They are now going buck wild with Chrystal slamming hard against Jim’s deep thrusts. He begins building up more speed and I can hear his balls smacking into Chrystal like a boxer on a speed-bag. Watching these two fuck is bringing my dick to attention, and I snap out of my voyeuristic trance as I remember I have kemer escort to meet Tawny. Just as I begin closing the door for them, they both scream in animalistic ecstasy as Jim pulls out and arcs several thick ropes of splooge all over Chrystal’s writhing back and ass. I give him a “thumbs up” and close the door.

Finally, I make my way down and knock at Room 6. A woman answers that it’s open. I enter the room and see Tawny, sitting on the leather couch in a different outfit than before. She’s dressed in a sexy, white lace bra, demi-style, with white thigh-high stockings. I immediately notice that she’s not wearing panties as she sits with her legs spread wide while she rubs her pussy bare pussy.

“Come on in, sweetie” she said sensuously, as she pats the area of the couch next to her. I walk over and sit next to her, and place my hand on her thigh, rubbing it softly. She smelled incredible and was a “Perfect 10” if I ever saw one. She stops rubbing herself and shifts her position to face me, then continues rubbing her little nub. I introduce myself and grab her free hand and kiss it gently. She smiles and then without warning pushes me back into the couch, straddling me in the process, and plants a deep kiss on my lips. My cock instantly springs to life as her moist tongue probes my mouth. She moans in satisfaction and then breaks our embrace. I am at a loss for words, but talking was the last thing on either of our minds.

With the gracefulness of a feline, she takes off pants and eyes my stiff rod pointing towards her. Without any delay, she slides down between my legs and begins licking my cock, sending a chill down my spine. I gently push her hair back from her face as her mouth completely engulfs my dick, bringing my head deep into her throat. To say it felt awesome was an understatement. Tawny continues sucking and licking my tool with passion, all the while cupping and gently massaging my sack and taint. I could feel my eruption building, and pulled her head off my cock saying, “Not yet.”

“I want more of that delicious juice of yours,” I say, as I kick off my pants from around my ankles and push her down on the couch.

“Mmmmmm… there’s a whole lot more for you, baby” she replies as she grabs both legs and spreads them, keeping them completely straight, giving me a fantastic view of her juicy cunt. The white stockings were a fabulous addition and only bring my level of excitement even higher.

I begin by licking my finger and gently rubbing her expanding clit in small circles. Her eyes close and she begins to buck her hips slightly. While rubbing her clit I start to lick the sides around her labia, coming closer and closer to her actual lips, which were soaking wet by now. As I remove my finger from her clit, I quickly begin to lick her pussy in earnest, grabbing her from under her ass and lifting her lower body up with her legs still spread wide. She tastes like fresh morning dew, covered in sweet, sweet nectar and I can’t get enough. I begin to tongue-fuck her as I rub her slippery sauce with a finger and begin playing around her backdoor. Her continued moaning gives me the green light as I stop tonguing her pussy and go straight for her ass, licking both together in long strokes. Finally, I insert my tongue into her warm, tight bung as I start finger-banging her twat with quick, fast strokes. Her moaning is getting louder and her hips are gyrating faster as she begins to scream. It’s at this point when my face is caught in a wave of pussy juice shooting out of her box like a fire hose.

“Damn, this is too much,” I say to myself as I sit up, my face dripping with her warm, sweet juices, and see Tawny writhing in pleasure. She comes back from her orgasmic trance and yells, “FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEE PLEEEEEZE! Mmmmmmm… I need your cock in me NOW!!!!”

Never to leave a woman begging, I sit down next to her as she gets up and mounts my rod, sliding it in with ease. I don’t think I’ve ever felt something so wet in my life. She begins grinding her body into mine. As I suck on her perfect tits, I grab her thin, tight waist with my hands giving me some good leverage when I slam into her. Her pussy was magnificent, wet and tight and pulsating. She continues grinding her hips making sure my cock is going nice and deep with each stroke. Then she switches to some reverse-cowgirl and leans back on me, continuing her rhythmic dance of lust. We are joined together, belly-to-back, with me grabbing her tits and sucking her neck as she concentrates on konyaaltı escort hammering down on my cock. She begins riding me harder and goes into her orgasmic trance again, her eyes rolling back into her head and her body vibrating violently. She screams again as she slips off my cock and gushes more juice all over my cock and balls. At this point I can not take much more. “I’m getting close,” I whisper in her ear.

Back to reality, she quickly gets off of me and kneels back down between my legs and goes back to sucking my cock, licking the head and deep throating me to the point of gagging. One of her fingers, lubed from her own juices, probes at my ass while my balls begin to tighten. She never lets up her fervent sucking as her finger continues to rub my sphincter, something that I would never expect to turn me on. Right before the moment of truth she slides her finger into my ass and begins pressing hard on my prostate. My legs tighten up and my body shakes as my cock unleashes a massive load of cum into her mouth. There is just too much to handle and she takes her mouth off, while ropes of hot, sticky jizz shoot all over her face and head. My body’s spasms start to slow and my grunts turn into an uncontrollable giggle, caused by the raw strength of that blinding orgasm and the pleasures still attacking my now deflating cock. I open my eyes and Tawny is licking my shaft and head clean. Smiling and moaning in pure pleasure.

She reaches for a couple of towels and we spend the next several minutes cleaning ourselves and the couch up as best as possible. Between her juices and my load, it seems like a futile gesture. After wiping up the best we can, I get dressed and stand there, holding Tawny in my arms.

“That was fucking amazing,” I say as I rub her cheek.

She smiles back and replies, “Back at you, sweetie. Your load was gigantic.”

“I guess we make a pretty good team,” I add, continuing to look at her beautiful face and eyes.

I give her a little spank and then start to pull out some money. She pushes my hand back and says that she’s the one who should be paying. Although that would be kind of cool, I still have to at least tip her, so I pull out three Benjamin’s and slide it into her bra. She looks down and shakes her head as if saying it wasn’t necessary, but I can see she really appreciates it. I kiss her gently and go to leave when she asks, “Have you ever thought about doing adult films?”

I laugh and thank her for the compliment but she was dead serious.

“Your cumshot was so thick and huge, that you’d make some real good money just on that alone, plus you are a great fuck” she says. Grabbing onto my bicep she comments, “you have an average body, and that can easily be improved, but you have a confidence about you that most guys don’t have” she continues, “plus you’d be able to fuck hot porn sluts like me all the time.”

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. “You do porn?” I ask.

“I’m visiting from California, I work the dance circuit across the country to promote myself and to make extra cash, but I also do adult films, most recently they’ve all had to do with my special, um, talent” she explains.

I explain that I already make 6-figures at my real job, and ask whether I could I make more money than that doing porn? She explains that guys don’t usually make much, unless they do gay porn (I don’t think so!), or have some kind of talent or benefit to bring to the table, either an incredibly large or long cock, or massive money-shots. I fit into the latter category, but I still have never considered doing adult films.

She asks for two business cards, and I write my cell phone number on the back of one, while she writes hers on the back of the other.

“Give me a call if you ever want to fuck again, no questions, no strings, and no money this time,” she says. To which I respond, “Unless I start charging now,” which made us both laugh.

We both leave Room 6, hell, it should be called Room Sex, and I make my way back to the booth where Jim is finishing another martini and looking relaxed, but bored. Just one look at my disheveled appearance makes him close his eyes and shake his head in disbelief. “You hungry,” I ask him. He responds with a resounding “No… Can we get out of here now before I go broke?” Finally, we settle our drink bill with Melanie and leave, with us both summarizing our experiences in the VIP Rooms. “You lucky prick,” Jim said as I casually remind him that he fucked Chrystal’s brains out tonight. With a smile on both our faces we head off for home.

Later, as I’m nearly asleep on the quiet bus ride home, I remember that I never got any ideas from Jim about what to do about Lisa and Sumi, but at this point, after the day and evening I just had, I could worry about that tomorrow.

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