Missing a Man’s Touch

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This story is my first story submission ever, I hope you all enjoyed it. I am hoping to write many more stories in the future but do not expect anything so soon. This story also has a taboo vibe so do not get offended with it. I do not know if anyone will read this but if you do make sure to relax and enjoy 🙂

(I would also watch out for errors. I hope there is not many or hardly any because no one will be reviewing this for me except the people who read this)

all persons in this story are above the age of 18

I never liked the winter because all it meant for me was three long months of colds, the cold, and sitting inside with space-heaters and a couple of blankets just to make sure I do not freeze to death. The spring, summer, and fall on the other hand were just perfect to me. I liked to go outside during this time because each season had something I enjoyed. The spring brought new life, the summer brought days of warm weather and chances to wear my new bikinis, while the fall let me choose to wear tights, sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, or anything I really wanted if the day was right. All the winter brought was snow, and snow means it is cold, and I hate the cold.

The upside to me spending most of my time indoors was the fact that if I had any hobbies that did not involve sports, like softball or tennis, I could have all day and night to practice them. The one thing that I can say I am actually good at is the ukulele. I have been playing it for as long as I could remember. Granted the first two years were just me mindlessly strumming it in hopes that it sounded good but after I matured a little bit I got serious about it. I even remember getting a new ukulele for my 14th birthday.

Even now I was bored of playing it, and my dad was sick of it. He told me that I needed to get out of the house and play with friends.

“And risk getting the flu?” – I asked

“No, just get out of the house, go drive somewhere, go to a friends house, do anything. I just don’t wanna hear that damn guitar being strummed one more time.” – He said half-heartedly.

“Dad, how long have I been playing that damned thing and you still don’t know the name of it?” – I added.

He laughed and said that it was driving him crazy and he could no longer think straight. But to make him happy I decided to see if he wanted to do anything.

See, I was not the only one house-ridden. My dad was in the house as much as I was and that was all day. He works from home during the winter-months because he is a landscaper and does not see much work during this time. My mom had a really fun job that required her to travel a lot and take pictures. She was a Nature Photographer, the name is self explanatory. She travels out of the country where her trips are funded by many companies and people to take pictures of landscapes, animals, towns, even small villages in the Africas. But because of this she is not home as often as a kid my age would have liked and I seriously lacked a mother figure. The great thing about her job is she had some of her work published in National GeoGraphic. Which made me excited because I had bragging rights in school when I was little. But nonetheless my dad and I seriously missed her a lot.

Speaking of my mom, her and I look like twins. She looked eldest but if you put us side by side and said we were twins I bet some would believe it. I had her curls, her figure, and her smile. I had my father’s eyes though, green. My mom is what you would call a MILF, and she definitely got the attention. Anywhere from restaurants to the grocery store all eyes were on her. I noticed as I got older and started to look like her that some eyes were on me as well. I liked the attention but my mom was the star of the show.

I guess having a pretty mom and a handsome dad would almost guarantee a beautiful offspring. But even though I looked like my mom, my dad was not something to glance down at. He got the stares from all the women just like my mom did from the guys. It was almost destined that they were together solely on looks. I loved them both and I was always grateful that these were my parents.


Sitting in the house waiting for the car to warm up my dad asked if I was ready to go. Him and I thought it would be best to get out of the house for a day or two so we would not go crazy. We suggested to go to a hotel/spa called the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge In London.

It was a three hour drive but was worth the trip. This was a four-star hotel that had a spa, swimming pool, and a resort close by that was also indoors. I mentioned that I never got a chance to wear my swimming suits around this time of year but this was my chance. I was so happy to get out of the house and finally go swimming and relax in a hot-tub again.

But now as we were closing in on the hotel I could see how immaculate this canlı bahis place really was. The white building with a whole outside panel of windows to peer inside, a chandelier that was so big that people in a neighboring building would hear it if it fell, and beautiful decor in the inside that just screamed the word “fancy” to me.

See, as both of my parents worked well-paying jobs, we had the money to do what we liked and go to places that were quite expensive. Even though I like to stay humble I know we have a nice house and have money. Even though we may not be rich, we are definitely comfortable.

Unloading the little amount of things we brought with us, we headed inside to the front desk.

“Uh hello, we would like one room for the two of us.” – my dad told the receptionist at the desk.

“Ooh what a cute couple!” – she exclaimed.

“What n-” – He began to say but was abruptly cut off.

“Would you two like our honeymoon suite? We have a sale happening, each night is twenty-five percent off and the room service is free. You two don’t wanna miss it.” – She said

“I think you have the wrong idea. – I said. But I looked over to my dad and he looked like he was seriously thinking this through.

“Twenty-five percent did you say?” – he asked.


“Well, sign us up.” – my dad grabbed my shoulder as he said this and pulled me closer. We both started laughing and the receptionist look so happy.

“Your room will be on the top floor and the number is U-11. Please wait one second while I find your key.” – she said.

After receiving the key and the warm welcome we made our way to the elevator. My dad told me that this place must be really good for the amount it is for the night. As the elevator climbed higher and higher we heard the ding. We walked to the end of the wallway and opened the door.

Good, good was an understatement. This room was beautiful and unique. The walls, the paintings, marble floors, and everything else that says lavish was all here. There was nothing wrong with this room except…

“Uh dad, there is only one bed.” – I said.

“Oh, I did not even think of that. I can sleep on the couch if you want. We are only here for a couple of days. – He said.

Knowing my dad had a bad back from landscaping there was no way I could accept. I told him that I will take the couch but he obviously denied that as well.

“Well we are only here for three days and we will hardly be in here so we can just share it.” – I said.

He agreed and after doing the little unpacking we had to do we were both on our way to getting ready to go swimming. The bathroom was also an issue due to the clear glass wall you could see into. Luckily there was a button to make it opaque. This place truly was amazing.

As we both were finding our swimming apparel through our strewn bags we both agreed to take turns in the bathroom. As my dad said he was going to quickly shave in there and then change so he said I could go first.

“No, it is alright, just go ahead.” – I said.

After a few minutes my dad came out looking the same other than his apparel. He had no shirt on, blue swimming trunks, and he was wearing sandals.

“Hey dad, weren’t you supposed to shave.” – I asked.

His face got red and did not act like he heard the question. Thinking back on what I just said I think I understood why he was so embarrassed. I mean it is not weird shaving “down there” but he was my dad and that made us both a little uncomfortable.

“Well… I am heading down to the pool. Meet ya there.” – He said.

“Oh dad, I thought I would go to the spa actually.” – I told him.

“Oh that is fine, well have fun and we can meet up here later to go to dinner. Just make sure to be back here by seven-ish.” – he told me.

I thought seven gave me enough time to go to the spa and check out the other parts of the hotel and resort. I was very happy to spend time with my dad here and could not wait for dinner. I knew he would not hold back on where we ate.

As he was leaving I told him I will see him later and gave him a half hug as we left. Retrieving my bikini from my bag I noticed that I did not grab the right bottom piece and in fact grabbed a thong that happened to match my top piece colour. I was so dumb to not have checked but we were rushing to get here because of the long drive.

I knew I could not wear this down the hallway so I was going to have to put a towel around my waist. As I went to the bathroom to change I realized I could just do it in the room. I removed my sweatshirt, t-shirt, and then unhooked my bra. I stared at my breasts in the big mirror opposite the bed and I got to see my whole figure. My breasts were a little bigger than most girls at my school and were very perky from wearing sports bras. Granted I was still young but they were very well rounded and perky.

I thought how cute I would look in that thong and my top and thought how I wish someone were bahis siteleri here to admire me. I have had a few boyfriends in school so far but none are even worth noting. I have been single for a little over a year now and felt a little sad no one was here to admire me. And then, very suddenly I thought of my dad admiring me. I thought about how handsome he was and how I looked like my mom. I wanted him to look at me while I was here without a top and in a thong.

I instantly threw that thought out of my mind and shuddered at my own head. “How could I even think of a thing like that.” But as I was still undressing and getting into my bikini I pondered on that over and over, each time I told myself to stop just as quickly as I was thinking of these thoughts.

When I was done I didn’t even look in the mirror knowing those thoughts would reenter my mind so I just got a hotel towel and wrapped it around my waist. I headed out of the door and made my way down to the spa. I did not bring my phone because I had nowhere to put it and knew I would not be needing it anyways.

As I turned the corner and headed to the elevator I noticed a few kids who looked a few years younger than me stop their horse-playing and stop to stare at me. I knew my face was getting red so I just hurried to the elevator. “Damn teenagers.” I thought. I was still a kid as well. I always thought you are a “kid” until you are at least twenty-one.I still had two years until I was twenty-one and could stop classifying myself as a kid. But as I entered the elevator I was no longer hot and bothered by the event that just happened and clicked the button to the floor the spa was on, the second to last floor.

When the doors opened I walked out and saw all the people coming and going from the spa, the gym, the pool, and all of the other places this hotel had to offer. The sign to the spa said you had to be 18 years or older. I knew that they would not check for an I.D but if they did I would have to go back to the room to retrieve mine.

I entered the hot and stifling room and was greeted by a masseur who told me to follow him to a room in the hallway. This whole place was a sauna due to the steam and it felt really good because it was a different vibe to the whole snowy and cold weather outside. The man was very cute and I was hoping he was my masseur and to my surprise we entered the room and he closed the door behind him.

“Have you ever had a massage here before?” – he asked me.

“I have not.” – I replied.

“Well you can wear what you have on or you can get undressed and you will be covered in our towels while I massage you.” – he told me.

At this point I was very hot and not just due to the steamy room. I felt butterflies in my stomach for a brief second and got a little worked up under my towel.

“I… I will um undress.” – I stammered.

“Okay, I will be right outside. You can tell me when you are ready by knocking on the door or telling me.” – He left and I was very excited and thought I may have a chance with this guy but I knew many girls probably thought this way and I shutdown this idea by thinking about how he would probably get fired and knowing he would not even consider or risk his job. I was still extremely horny and still wanted to give him a little show so I made sure to fully undress and make the towels provided ride high on my thighs and breasts so he could easily see my vagina.

I told him I was ready verbally by walking to the door so when I walked back he would see my breasts as I was lying back down. I noticed he did not stare and didn’t even take a glance as I was lying back down. The more and more I thought about it he probably saw hundreds of girls while doing this job and just didn’t get excited by it. Kind of like doctors who see lots of patients naked.

I still thought of all the scenarios in my head and still thought of the possibilities. I was going to try and get lucky with this guy. Even though I knew it probably might not happen.

As soon as he put the oil on my back and legs I instantly got really horny and realized how much I missed a man’s touch. I soon thought how sad that was because this guy was only doing this for his job and money. My mind started to ponder on my dad again but quickly shot those down even though it was hard because I am so worked up from all that has happened so far.

The massage felt really good and the only thing I could think about was him getting to my legs and thighs. I had my eyes closed while he worked on my back with his fingers pushing and rotating across my back and neck. The closer he got to my butt the more wet I got. I wanted him to push and knead it but I knew that he would not unless I said something. When he was just above my rear he conveniently asked if it felt alright. It was convenient for me not him but this was my chance.

My throat got dry and my vagina muscles twitched but I was able to say “Ye… Yes it feels wo… wonderful. Can you go a little lower.” bahis şirketleri I managed to say.

I felt his hands get to the border of the towel really close to my cheeks and he asked, “Here?”

“Uh yeah, and keep going lower on the way down.” – I told him.

His hands kneaded all the way down until it started getting noticeably fleshy and I knew he knew he was massaging the beginning of my butt.

“Is it okay if you move the towel down some for me to continue?” – he said.

I knew I needed to do it because there was probably some rule for him moving it without consent or something along the lines of that. I was so horny and knew this was my chance so instead of moving it down a little I just raised myself up with my knees and unfolded it so my bare bum and vagina were no longer covered and layed back down on top of it.

I felt the hesitation in the air but he did what I asked and started massaging my butt. It really wasn’t my whole butt it was just the beginning of it but that did not bother me. I was so happy to get a man’s touch and this was all I needed. But once he started getting more to the center he stopped himself from getting carried away and told me if that was good.

I realized he had no real interest in me and was just doing his job. This made me feel really embarrassed because I just pondered on how I acted and knew I was being really inappropriate.

“Yeah that was good, I think I… I think I should go now. I am supposed to be back at my room soon anyway.” – I said not wanting to meet his eyes with mine because of how I acted.

He let me change and even though my attempt to get lucky with him was unsuccessful I was still really horny and I knew I probably would be all night unless I masturbated. I thought about my dad and I knew I could not get into bed with him being this horny because if I act this way it will ruin our relationship and could make us really uncomfortable to be next to each other for the rest of our lives. But then a thought striked my mind, what if he was also horny and is thinking exactly what I am thinking at this moment?

Thinking about this while dressing I knew I wanted my dad, not because I was scared, or because I am sad, no. I wanted my dad because I wanted to fuck him. I wanted to fuck my dad. He was handsome, caring, and I knew he was missing my mother too. This meant he was probably masturbating while she was away on her trips and this is making me really wet. I know it is messed up but I really need a man in my life and he is perfect.


This new idea made me tingle every time I thought of it. My dad really was perfect. He was handsome, tall, had a cute smile, bright green eyes, and was very fit for his age. To make sure I knew he had the same feelings towards me I thought I should make sure he caught me in my thong which was really easy to do because when I did not bring my phone I also forgot my room key. This all fell into play because I can wait outside the room in my thong and wait for him to show up. I was very excited about all this and made my way up to the room.

By the time I got there I read the big numbers on the digital clocks around the hotel, 6:53 they read. I waited outside of the room with my towel around my waist so I could drop it once we were inside, I would have had the towel off but I did not want someone to see me in a thong.

Once I saw him rounding the corner I checked the clock, 7:04. His presence made my heart leap into my throat. He was wet and that made him look so much more handsome. Because he was wet I noticed how his trunks were clinging to his body and I could see an outline of his penis. Even though it looked to be soft it was still pretty big. His muscles also looked really good due to the wetness of his body. When he approached me he asked…


“Hey, you forget the room key?” – he laughed and so did I.

“Yeah, I wasn’t waiting here long though. I just got back from the spa.” – I told him.

“Oh yeah? How was it?” – he asked sincere.

“It was pretty hot in there but it felt amazing, way better than all of this cold weather.” – I added.

He walked around me to access the door and unlocked it. I felt a rush of cold air from our room and it felt so nice. Even though outside was cold, our room felt very nice due to me being in a sauna. I could tell my dad was cold though due to his goosebumps and I noticed his nipples get erect. I got more wet just staring at him.

As we walked in I made sure to walk in front of him so he would see me in my thong once I dropped my towel. I was super nervous but I did it and I heard a gasp from behind me.

“Kennedy, what do you think you’re wearing!” – he exclaimed.

“Oh, sorry dad but I accidently brought this instead of my bottom piece by accident. See how it matches?” – I turned around in circles so he could see all of me.

“Ken.. woah… Uh Kennedy I should not be seeing you in that.” – he managed to say.

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